6:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M. - First Watch of the Night

                                                                A Sample Prayer


A Time of Quiet Reflection

Yahshua used the Evening Watch to go aside and pray (Matthew 14:15-23).

Yahshua also healed many sick people during this time (Mark 1:32; Luke 4:40). This watch is usually for those who have a strong apostolic calling and anointing to break strongholds and walls. This watch is for seasoned believers who are determined to do mighty things with boldness in Yahweh.


Period for covenant renewal with the Father

Through Yahshua, we have a Covenant with Yahweh. In this watch, we can ask Yahweh to manifest the blessings of His Covenant into our lives. This is also a time to release judgment on the wicked and decree into the new day Yahweh’s blessings upon our life, family, and other people, as He leads. Whatever happens during the day is determined to a large extent by what is done during the night. The evening is the “foundation” of night and the beginning of the watches. People involved in the occult say that they begin their active witchcraft at midnight. If we begin to pray strategically during this watch with the Father’s leading, we can prevent the kingdom of darkness from releasing curses on the new day.


Prayer decrees for this prayer watch: Father, in the name of Yahshua,