The MARK of our Father and the MARK of the Beast!



           In this message I want to begin by talking about the MARK of our Father. You see, the devil is a counterfeiter and wants to copy our Father. The Father wants to MARK His people and so does Satan. The book of Revelation is not about the Antichrist but is about Yahshua (Jesus). Rev. 1 v. 1 identifies that the book is about the revelation of Yahshua. So, the MARK of the Beast in Chapter 13 v. 16-18 is a copy of how the Father wants to mark His people. In Ezekiel Chapter 8 the Father shows Ezekiel a hole in the wall which shows some things that are happening in His SANCTUARY. He saw images of animals painted on the wall, then woman weeping for Tammuz and then about 25 men worshipping the sun. The Father was really upset. These things are happening in His churches now. So many pastors are teaching that the Holy Spirit is a bird (dove). The word says the Father pointed out to John the Baptist who was baptizing Yahshua, that He was the Messiah by His Spirit coming down so gently on the head of Yahshua by a light or glow. Read my book on the bottom of my message page “Is the Trinity really a mystery.” The book shows that the Trinity is the Father revealing Himself as the Father, in His son and as the Holy Spirit. The word says that the Father is Spirit and that He is holy and that there is only one Spirit so He has to be the Holy Spirit (Jn. 17:11, 4:24 and Ephesians 4: 24.) These are three manifestations of the Father. There is only one throne and One sitting on the throne Revelation 4 v.2. Tammuz was the son of Seminaris a pagan queen. She was married to Nimrod who died and she had a child by someone else and said that Nimrod (Baal) must be a god, as he came back and fathered the child. So she considered herself to be the Mother of God and Tammuz the Son of God. This teaching was brought by the early Catholic Church into “Christianity” as Mary being the “Mother of God.” Tammuz was killed and the people mourned for 40 days. He was killed by a wild pig (so many Catholics have “ham” on “Easter”) and this is where the Catholic Church gets “Lent,” which is 40 days before “Easter.” The people in Babylon wore a “T” on their garments for Tammuz and this is where the “cross” became a symbol of what Yahshua was supposedly crucified on. In reality, He was hung on a tree (1 Peter 2:24.) The cross has always been a pagan symbol. The men worshiping the sun is a type of people believing what the Catholic Church said that Sunday replaced the Sabbath as the “Lord’s Day.” The Father is really upset about these things happening in so many churches today. The Father told an angel in Ezekiel 9 v. 4-7 that he should MARK everyone who was crying out against all the abominations that I just talked about- are you included? Also, He told the angel to kill all the others young and old and begin at His sanctuary! Are you included? You see this was not a physical mark that the Father put on His people, nor is the mark of the beast a physical mark.

                 Let’s go to Revelation Chapter 13. In v. 16, 17 the Antichrist causes people to get a mark in their right hand or in their forehead and that nobody could buy or sell save that they had the MARK, the name of the beast or the number of his name. (Some have studied the oldest manuscripts and have determined that the number of the beast is 616 not 666. 616 adds up to 13 which is a number that the Freemasons use.) The term “buy or sell” does not refer to food or goods. It is a spiritual surrendering to either Satan or the Father. In buying something for money or barter the buyer gives something to the seller and the seller gives something back. To receive the MARK of the Father one has to surrender ALL to the Father and He gives us eternal life, power and blessings. The same holds true with Satan. To receive his MARK one has to surrender all to him and he promises to give something in return, which he never delivers, other than power and money. Most people who serve in politics are in the office for POWER and MONEY, not to help the people who put them there. They promise so much about the time of the reelection, but once it’s over they do nothing. The power and money they get never brings joy, but sorrow. When the Father blesses there is no sorrow, but joy. The MARK of Satan leads to a name written on their foreheads. This is a copy of what the Father does to us that have surrendered all to Him, as recorded in Rev. Chapter 14 v. 1. The 144,000, which is not an accurate number but a symbolic number that is divisible by 12 which is a number of completion, all have their Father’s Name written on their foreheads.  7,000 times in the King James Version the translators put the word LORD instead of Yahweh which is the Father’s Name. The word LORD comes from Baal. "Baalzebub or Beelzebub" means the “Lord of the Flies” (Please see my message on the “Origin of Names” on my message page.) Yahweh sounds so strange to so many people because of this “delusion” of omitting His Name. Yahweh means that “I AM THAT I AM” Yahweh is an active verb not a noun. When you use the Name of Yahweh He actively moves on your behalf. Yahshua means Yahweh is our Saviour. Yahshua is the Father in a body, not the second person of the Trinity. This is why Yahshua said that He has come in His Father’s name (John 5 v. 43). The Name YAH is the family Name. Yahshua is His Son. There is so much power when one uses the Name Yahweh or Yahshua! What other name could the Father have? Wonderful, Counselor, the Almighty, etc are all titles. “Jehovah” is a 15th century word. “Hovah” means “wicked, ruin, mischief, etc.” (See the Strong’s Concordance # 1942, 1943. You don’t want to call the Father wicked. Do you?

                To receive the MARK of the Father one has to surrender all to him, which includes the flesh. In Romans 8 v. 13, the word says that we need to the let the Spirit mortify the deeds of the flesh so we can be conformed to the image of Yahshua (v. 29.) When we do this, the fruit of the Spirit is developed in us –love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance -Galatians 5 v. 22-23. We become more like Yahshua. This is the only way to get to heaven as the flesh is our biggest enemy, not Satan. The only access that Satan has is in the flesh. Paul said that the things he wants to do he doesn’t, but he does the things that he doesn’t want to do. (Romans 7 v. 15-25.)

                To surrender all to Yahweh, one has to study everything that they believe concerning the Father and make sure of their origin. For example, the holidays that most people celebrate – Christmas (birth of the sun-god), Easter (started by worshipping the goddess Astharte by killing children and putting their blood on eggs), Halloween (enough said), New Years day –a time of revelry and drunkenness, when in reality the New Year starts on Nissan 1 which is around April or May) See my Message on “the Correct New Year.” Also, most people celebrate Valentine’s Day a day where “Cupid”, who is a demon that wants to give some people a heart attack. All these holidays are Satan oriented and when one celebrates them Satan has access to their homes and lives, in general. Dec. 25, Oct. 31, Jan. 1 are all Satanic High Days where he wants to kill children. Most people celebrate these “holidays” because they don’t want to “upset” their kids! The same with believing that Sunday is the Lord’s Day (see my message on “The Importance of the Sabbath.” on the “Message” page.)

               Also, when one has beer, wine and alcohol in their house, the devil has complete access to their houses and lives. This also includes drinking these things. When one drinks these alcoholic beverages, they are pouring an evil spirit into their bodies! The stores call them beer, wine and “spirits.” Evil spirits come into their lives. Yahshua never changed water into wine, as most people know it (See my message on “Wine is a Mocker.”

               So, to receive the MARK of the Father or the MARK of Satan one has to offer themselves “COMPLETLY” to one or the other and to receive the rewards from the Father or the curses from Satan. The MARK of the Father protects from anything that is not of Him-plague, sickness etc. An example of this is in the book of Genesis Chapter 4 v. 14, 15- After Cain killed Abel, Abel’s blood was crying out from the ground. Before this, Cain brought a sacrifice of some vegetables while Abel brought an animal from his flock v. 3-5. The Father was pleased with Abel’s offering but not with Cain’s. The Father marked Cain so no body could kill him (v.15). You see, the Father wanted Cain to kill Abel to show the importance of the blood of a man, pointing to Yahshua’s blood being shed for us. The proof of this is contained in 2 Peter 2 v. 5 where it mentions that Noah was the “eighth person.” Counting from Cain, Noah was the tenth, but counting from Seth’s son Enos, Noah is the eighth. From Seth’s son Enos, people started calling on the Name of the Lord - Yahweh (4 v. 26). After Enos, the first, came Cainan the second (5 v. 6), Mahalaleel the third (v12), Jared the fourth (v. 15), Enoch the fifth (v. 18), Methuselah the sixth (v.21), Lamech the seventh (v.25) and then Noah the eighth (v.29). You see, the Father started counting from Seth and wiped out what Cain did to Abel (to prove a point about the future sacrifice of His Son – Yahshua).  Surrender all to the Father and He will MARK and protect you. Then and only then, can you truly say that “no weapon formed against you shall prosper.” After you repent and surrender all to the Father, turn your salvation over to the Father and let Him correct you along the way and get you ready for heaven. Be completely honest with Him. When, not if, He points out something in your life that needs to be changed, let Him have His way. Don’t argue with Him. You can’t “rebuke” the Father out of your life. He will work on that area of your life, until He gets what He wants! When one receives the Mark of the Father they become part of the “Remnant.”  Remember, the road to heaven is straight and narrow and few are found on it, but the road to hell is wide and many are found on it (Matthew 7 v. 14). Some always want to be around and included in the “majority.” They feel comfortable in a ‘big church” assuming that so many can’t be wrong.  The choice is up to you! Who are you going to serve wholly - Satan or the Father. Don’t stay in the middle! The time is short!


                           Please share this message with others so they pass it on. It is a very important message in these “Last Days.”