The Fire of the Father? - (Corona Virus)                                                   


                         In Rev. Chapter 9 v.1-12, the fifth angel sounded and locusts came out of the bottomless pit. These locusts were commanded not to touch the ones who had the seal of the Father on their foreheads (v 4). Theses locusts were to torment some people on the earth for five months (v. 5). These locusts are described in v. 6-10. They are shaped like animals. The ChineseZodiac, known as Sheng Xiao, is based on a twelve-year cycle, each year in that cycle related to an animal sign. These signs in order are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. It is calculated according toChinese lunar calendar. I believe that the Father is revealing the source of this plague and that is China. This plague may only last five months ( It started in China around January. So somewhere in the end of May most of it could be gone, especially in the warmer climates, like Florida and the Caribbean. I thank the Father for President Trump in acting so fast to close down travel from China and other countries, as China held back in notifying about the virus! The Father is showing us in His word where the virus will originate from. As a matter of fact, the sixth angel sounded in v. 13 and is showing the next plague will also originate from China and will destroy 1/3 of the world’s population (v. 18). In v. 16 the word shows the country of origination as a country that has an army of 200 million men. Only China has and army this size. As the Father controls everything and everybody, He permitted this virus to be a plague to give some people a second chance to surrender all to Him He wants to make us more like Yahshua (Jesus) by us surrendering our flesh over to Him, so He can mortify the desires of our flesh (Romans 8 v. 13 and v. 29). So many people are running away from the Father and have set up idols like finances, sex, alcohol, sexual perversion, etc. Prosperity without the soul prospering is very dangerous and could lead to eternity in Hell. Some people put the Father in a drawer and take Him out only when they need Him! Beer, wine and alcohol in any form opens the door to the devil, besides affecting the brain cells. The liquor stores say “beer, wine and spirits.” Even Satan is trying to let some people know that drinking this stuff allows spirits to come in to their lives. Please see my message below on “Wine is a Mocker.”  The word for wine and grape juice in the word is the same word in the Old and New Testament and to determine which it is depends on the context of the verse.

                    It is rare that one hears a sermon on turning the flesh over to the Holy Spirit and being conformed to the image of Yahshua (Jesus). The devil is afraid of this kind of message as the only access he has is through the flesh. When Satan meets the Holy Spirit around our flesh he has to back off.

                   One of the main reasons behind this plague is that the Father is trying to burn out impurities from some people’s lives. His main weapon is “Fire.” In hell the devil and his demons will be tormented and those who will be there by the Lake of Fire. Satan is dumb but not “plumb dumb.” He didn’t create this fire. The Father’s presence is the Lake of Fire that is tormenting them. There are so many scriptures talking about the Father’s fire. His fire can comfort some and destroy others. There is a true story about an electrician who had fried eggs for breakfast and went out to work and made a mistake and got electrocuted. The electricity cooked his eggs in the morning and “cooked” him in the afternoon!  The Father’s fire is not to be played with. In the word two sons of Aaron offered up “strange fire” and the Father rained down fire on them on killed them (Lev. 10 v.1-3). So many so-called Christians are living in sin, doing those things that are not pleasing to Him and are praying “strange fire.” How can the Father hear and answer their prayer. Other examples of the fire of the Father; the pillar of fire led his people through the wilderness by night (Ex. 13 v. 21 and 14 v. 24, 25.) the tongues of fire on the day of Pentecost (Acts2 v.3), one of the plagues in Egypt was fire mingled with hail (Ex. 9 v.23-24), in 2 Peter 3 v. 12, the heavens being on fire will be destroyed in the end times. So, His fire can comfort His remnant and destroy His enemies. In this season He is giving some people a “second chance” to give in to His conviction and surrender all to Him.

                    There are so many people that hold onto traditions that are not in the word and have opened the door to Satan. In stead of the Father’s feasts days, they celebrate holidays that are founded in Satan such as Christmas (birth of the sun god) Easter for the goddess Astarte who killed children and put their blood on eggs, New Years day which was a time of drunken revelry and orgies, Valentines day which is set up for Cupid (a demon who wants to give some people heart attacks). Why do so many people who love Yahshua (Jesus) bring Satan into their house by these celebrations and not research the origin of these holidays. They wondered why Satan gets involved in their affairs. Please see my message on “When was Jesus born, When did He die and When did He rise from the dead?) This message is all backed up by the word. You will see that Jesus was born on Passover, died on Passover and rose on Saturday, the Sabbath.  The beginning of the year is in the springtime on Nisan 1 (on the Hebrew Calendar- see my ”Biblical Calendar” page) which is around March or April. Please see my message on the “Beginning of the Year.”

                   So many people want to be isolated in their house right now but don’t realize that Satan is in there with them, as he has a legal right to be there because he was invited because of celebrating his holidays! Do you know that Oct. 31, Dec. 25 and Jan. 1 are all satanic “holy days” where he wants to kill children? If you are keeping these holidays you have a right to be afraid of the virus. Also, on the bottom of my message page I have a book entitled “Demystifying the Trinity” which explains the Trinity as three manifestations of the Father. The word says that there is only one throne and one sitting on the throne. The Father is holy (John 17 v. 11), the Father is Spirit (John 4 v. 24) and there is only one Spirit (Ephesians 4 v. 4), so He is the Holy Spirit. Yahshua (Jesus) is the Father (1 Timothy 3 v. 16) manifested in the flesh. Any questions that you might have on this topic are answered in this book that is on the bottom of this Message page. I also have a book on the bottom of the message page called “Noon” which reveals when the day really starts, His feast days, the hours of the day that are really more blessed than other hours and the blessings attached to these hours. I also have a message on the “Sabbath vs. Sunday” to show how the church of the fourth century change the day of worship from the Sabbath to Sunday to worship the “Sun.”

                  If you are reading this message you are accountable to search for the truth contained in the Father’s word and these messages, which are based on His word. By doing so, you will close the door on the devil and can claim that no pestilence can come near your dwelling (Psalm 91v. 10). Remember, one has to abide in the secret place with the Father to claim this promise (v.1).

                  As you can see from this message, the Father allowed to virus to develop into a plague, to bring more people to Him, by His mercy! He poured out the fire of His wrath to draw more people to Him! He is upset that people are relying on tradition that is not in His word and not searching for the truth. I am praying that this message will draw you to study the word for your self. Don’t let the devil and your flesh make you feel comfortable with the majority, as the road to hell is wide and many are found on it, but the road to heaven is straight and narrow and few are found on it! (Matthew 7 v. 14.)

                Below is a sample prayer to say from your heart to start a new beginning. There is also a prayer for the kids to say under it:


                                                            Salvation Prayer

                                            This prayer has to be said from the heart:

  Heavenly Father, I believe that Yahshua (Jesus) died for my sins. I turn my flesh over to you so you can mortify the desires of my flesh and make me more like Yahshua (Jesus). (Romans 8 v. 13 and 29.) Come into my spirit and fill me with your Spirit. I surrender all to you. I believe that you are the only One true God. You alone sit on the throne (Revelation 4 v. 2, 3) and you can manifest your self in so many ways- as a healer, deliverer, my Saviour, my peace, my joy, my helper etc.



For Kids:

 Heavenly Father, I believe Jesus died for my sins. I give my life to you, I am sorry if I offended you in any way. Come in to my life and make me more like you Jesus, every day. I ask you to watch over me and protect me every day of my life and give me peace no matter what is going on around me. I believe that you are the only one true God, sitting on one throne and have many ways to help me.


                           Please tell other people, especially family and friends about this message. Thank You!