Book of Remembrance

In this message I want to talk about the books that will be opened in heaven, especially the Book of Remembrance. In order to have eternal life our names need to be in the Lamb’s Book of Life. However, I want to show you the importance of one’s name being in the Book of Remembrance, as it relates to going in the Rapture and being married to YAHshua! In Daniel 7 v. 10, the word talks about the "books being opened" around the throne. Here are the books that will be opened:

The Book of Destiny – In Psalm 139 v. 13-24, David talked about us in the womb of our mothers. In v. 16, David mentioned that Elohim saw us in the womb and even though our "substance" was imperfect, in His book all are members are written. They were "fashioned to continuance." He is speaking here about our destiny. YAHweh knows our end from the beginning. He knows that we will make it if we let Him have His way. So, no matter how you feel today in the natural, YAHweh will enable you to achieve your destiny. Just trust in Him! Don’t be fooled by the natural. His super will overtake the natural (supernatural)!

The Book of Life – If you are saved, your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life! In Rev. 3 v. 5, John says that the names of overcomers will not be blotted out of the Book of Life.

The Book of Works – In Rev. 20 v. 12-14, John talks about that the dead will be judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. People whose names are in the Book of Life will be judged for rewards and those who are going to hell will be judged too. There are different compartments of Hell, different levels of torture.

Book of Tears – In Psalm 56 v. 8-13, the psalmist says that YAHweh puts our tears in a bottle and in His book.

Book of Remembrance – This book is the one I want to spend the most time on. I believe that those of us who are saved are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. However, I want to show you that in order to go in the Rapture and escape the Great Tribulation, one’s name has to be written in the Book of Remembrance. In order to be married to our Bridegroom (YAHshua), our names have to be written in this Book. So many Christians think that just because they are saved, they are going to be raptured and marry YAHshua. There are certain requirements for one to be included in this Book and go in the Rapture. Some of the requirements are in Malachi 3 v. 16-18:

a.) Fear YAHweh- One has to fear YAHweh and His judgment. One has to think twice about committing a sin, because YAHweh will be displeased. To not obey Him, is something to be feared.

b.) Those that speak often to each other about YAHweh. YAHweh is so pleased when we praise Him to others; when we tell about His goodness. If two people are engaged and don’t speak well of their fiancée to others they probably will never be married. If they criticize each other to others, it is a bad sign. How can we expect to go with Him in the Rapture and marry Him, if we don’t sound like we love Him when talking to others? It also helps us to stay close to Him by sharing what He has done for us to others. It also helps us to stay delivered from our sinful habits by testifying about how He set us free!

c.) Think about His Name(YAHweh)- when we realize that all of YAHweh's power is in His Name and that His Name has been given to us as a weapon against the enemy, we should rejoice. We need to meditate on His Name. Our protection, health, purpose and destiny are all contained in His Name, YAHweh! Jump into His Name like a child would jump into their Daddy's arms!

In this chapter in v. 16, He says that those that exhibit these characteristics will be in the Book of Remembrance. In v. 17, He says that these people will be His when makes up His jewels. This term "make up jewels" really means to "take a journey." This is talking about the Rapture. He says in the same verse that He will "spare them." This is talking about being delivered from the Great Tribulation. Do you see how important it is to have your name written in the Book of Remembrance?

In Acts 10 v. 4, the angel that appeared to Cornelius said that his prayers and alms have come before YAHweh as a memorial. Here are some more requirements to having one’s name written in the Book of Remembrance; in v. 2, we see that he feared YAHweh, again going back to Malachi. In v. 2, the word says that he was devout. We need to stand for holiness in every aspect of our lives. Any problems that we may be having in the flesh we need to turn over to Him. We, through the Spirit can mortify the deeds of the flesh (Romans 8 v. 13). We are powerless against sin without Him. We have to turn over our weaknesses to Him. Only He can make our weaknesses to be strengths! In order to maintain a walk of holiness, we need to go into the Epistles (Romans – Revelation) and apply scriptures to our lives verbally. We need to speak them into our lives. This is how we cleanse ourselves!

In Acts 10 v. 4, as I mentioned, the angel also says that His prayers and alms are come before YAHweh as a memorial. Our prayer life and giving, not only in terms of finances, but giving our time to Him are so important also in adding to the Book of Remembrance.

Everything we do for Jesus in the areas that I mentioned in this message will add to this Book of Remembrance. Just like with Mordecai; He had saved the king’s life and this act was written the King’s Chronicle Book. God kept the king awake one night and had him open the book to the page where it was recorded what Mordecai had done (Esther 6 v. 1-3). When Haman came the next day to the King to have Mordecai killed, he was too late! The King had already purposed to bless Mordecai (Esther 6 v. 4-11).

You can see in this message how important it is for our names and deeds to be written in the Book of Remembrance. So many think that that just because their names are written in the Book of Life, that they will go in the Rapture and be married to YAHshua. They are sadly mistaken! This life here is a courtship between YAHshua and us!

My prayer is that you will seek YAHweh on this message and that you will ask Him to help make sure that you and your deeds are in the Book of Remembrance. Remember, I am not talking about going to heaven; I am talking about the Rapture and being married to YAHshua! We will have a seven year wedding with Him, when the rest of the world is in the Great Tribulation! Even the saints that go through the Tribulation won’t be included in the Marriage ceremony! I will summarize the requirements again: Fear YAHweh, speak often one to another about Him, think about His Name, continue a holy walk (with His help), have an active prayer life and give to God, not only in finances but also, time.

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