God’s hourly, daily and

monthly blessings



This book is dedicated to my Lord Jesus, who gave me

the inspiration, wisdom, and anointing to write this

book and to my wife Breda, who is always there for me.

She encourages me so very much.


Table of Contents

Introduction 9

Hour of Power 13

Noon Day Blessing 17

Third Hour of the Day 33

Seventh Hour of the Day 37

Ninth Hour of the Day 41

Eleventh Hour of the Day 45

Midnight 49

First, Second, Third, and Fourth Watch of the Night 53

Monthly Blessings 57

First Month 59

Second Month 85

Third Month 91

Fourth Month 99

Fifth Month 103

Sixth Month 109

Seventh Month 115

Eighth Month 133

Ninth Month 137

Tenth Month 141

Eleventh Month 149

Twelfth Month 153

Thirteenth Month 155

Conclusion 159




This book is the sequel to Seasons: God’s Timing for Special

Blessings. In preparing to write Seasons, God revealed to

me the knowledge of his weekly and seasonal blessings.

However, when I was preparing for this book, God

also revealed that there are certain hours of the day that

are reserved for special blessings. In addition, he revealed

to me that that there are special blessings in every month

as a whole in addition to certain unique blessings on

particular days of each month. Surely, he can bless at

any time, but he has reserved certain times of the day, as

well as certain days of the month and certain months as

a whole, for special, unique blessings. These are special

times which he anoints to bring about miracles, and our

job is to be aware of these times in order to receive the


There is a special anointing by God for us to accomplish

specific things in our lives at certain times of the

year. It is our responsibility to let him prepare us for these

special times and to know what to expect when those

particular times arrive. If you don’t receive the blessing

that you are expecting at a certain period of time, maybe

God is trying to make some adjustments in your life, in

order for you to receive. Just listen to the Holy Spirit and

believe to receive at the next time period.

You will be so filled with joy as you learn of his special

blessing times and how much he wants to bless us,

his children. He is working so hard to let us know when


and how he wants to pour out blessings that we won’t

have room enough to contain. The first time of the day I

want to discuss is the Noon Time Blessing.

Before I start, one thing that we have to realize is that

according to the Word (Leviticus 23:32) our twentyfour-

hour period of time which includes day and night

both starts and ends at evening (6:00 p.m.). Within this

twenty-four-hour period of time, there are four evening

watches – 6:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M., 9: 00 P.M.-12:00 A.M.,

12:00 A.M.-3:00 A.M., and 3:00 A.M.-6:00 A.M.

These intimate evening watches with the Lord which

prepare us for the daily hourly blessings, are explained

later on in the book. Also, within this twenty-four-hour

period of time, 6:00 a.m. marks the first hour of the daytime

and runs to 7:00 a.m., so 7: 00 a.m. is the end of

the first hour of the day. The end of the third hour of the

day is 9:00 a.m. and this hour runs from 8:00 a.m. to

9:00 a.m. The end of the sixth hour of the day is 12:00

p.m. and this hour runs from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.,

and so forth. The daytime ends at 6:00 p.m., and the

evening watches start. The hourly blessings that we will

be talking about occur exactly at the end of the third,

sixth, seventh, ninth, eleventh hours of the day, as well

as Midnight (9:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m.,

5:00 p.m. and Midnight). The beginning of the hour of

the blessed time is when God is preparing you for the

blessing, and the devil may be trying to distract you from

the blessing. For example, God may want to bless you at

the third hour of the day (9:00 a.m.). At 8:00 a.m. God

is moving to prepare you for this blessing, and the devil

wants to distract you to miss the third hour blessing that

will occur at exactly 9:00 a.m.

The particular blessings that are attached to a certain

hour of time correlate with the various time zones


people are in. God is powerful enough to move uniquely

on anyone’s time zone. Start praying and preparing for

these blessings in advance. The way to prepare for these

blessings is to allow God to mortify the deeds of your

flesh daily (Romans 8:13) and continue to allow God to

change you into the image of Jesus. You cannot receive

the blessings that are outlined in this book without

doing so.

We need to start basing our spiritual walk with Jesus

on the Hebrew calendar, in order to be on his timetable.

As a result, on my website, ( I

have prepared the current and future dates on both the

Hebrew calendar and the Gregorian calendar when the

monthly periods begin and end. Just click on Biblical

Calendar on my website. On the same location I also

have the future dates for the feasts days on both calendars.

On the top of my Biblical Calendar page there

is a link to the Hebrew Calendar. You can use this link

( to find out when a particular

day on the Hebrew calendar falls on the Gregorian calendar.

When you are on this Web site please check off

“show Hebrew date for entire date range” under “Other

Options.” Please remember that the twenty-four-hour

period of time which includes day and night runs from

sundown to sundown. Remember that God works on his

calendar, which is the Hebrew, or biblical, calendar.




God deals with us in hourly intervals at times. In a particular

hour that God moves, you can feel him prompting

you in the spirit. He wants to do something special

for you at that actual hour, and he is truly moving on the

scene to do so.

In 1 Peter 1:6–7, Paul says to rejoice if you are going

through trials and temptations because Jesus Christ will

appear on the scene to help you. So you may be going

through something bad, but God is alerting you to the

fact that he is now moving on your behalf during a particular

hour of the day. What the enemy tries to do, if

allowed, is follow what Jesus is doing and try to distort

this particular hour of blessing. What he tries to do is

distract you from God’s presence and get you to focus

on some problem he is setting up. He is hoping that you

miss what God is trying to do in your life by taking away

your expectation. Satan hopes that you will put all your

attention on his circumstance. He wants you to think

that he controls this hour and not God.

Satan doesn’t act with sovereignty. He works for

God! He tried to rebel against God, but God subdued

him and cast him out of heaven to the earth. He is controlled

by God. God gives him his assignments. When

Satan approached God as recorded in the book of Job, it

was God who suggests Job. He said, “Have you considered

my servant Job?” He gave Satan the assignment to

test Job. All Satan was doing was coming to the boss and

getting his next assignment!


God controls everything and everybody. All things

were created by Jesus and for Jesus, and by him all things

consist (Colossians 1:16–17). So, God controls Satan.

He has no power unless God gives it to him.

In Revelation 3:10, Jesus talks about the hour of

temptation. As I mentioned before, God chooses an hour

to bless you, and the devil may try to invade that hour

to make it his hour of temptation. This is evident in the

third chapter of Daniel. In verse 6, King Nebuchadnezzar

says that if anyone in the kingdom refuses to worship the

image he set up, that person will be killed in the same

hour. In verse 13, the king arrests the three Hebrew children

(who refused to worship the pagan image), so this

hour of time has now started! As we know from verses

29 and 30, the Hebrew children got promoted, so could

it be that God ordained this hour? God chose an hour to

bless the children and was only using Nebuchadnezzar

to set up the whole event. Nebuchadnezzar throws them

into the fiery furnace, and they are not harmed, even

though the king turns the fire up seven times hotter.

God set up this event to show his power and to promote

the Hebrew children. God controlled the hour

and actually chose that very hour to bless those children!

The hour of God’s blessing the three children ended

when the king made a decree in verse 29 that everybody

should worship the God of the Hebrew children. Also,

at the end of the hour, he also promoted the children as

recorded in verse 30, which is just what God wanted to

do during this hour.

So you see, God has reserved hourly blessings for his

people. Again, as he starts prompting you in your spirit,

be aware and expect him to bless you at the end of that

hour. Also, don’t be surprised if the devil tries to distract

you from what God is doing. The Word says in


Revelation 8:1 that there was silence in heaven for half

an hour. So when the devil is trying to distract you during

the hour that God is moving, keep quiet for half an

hour, worship God during the remaining half hour, and

then expect the blessing at the end of the hour!

Please remember in the succeeding chapters that

God wants to move during that hour to change your life.

Please expect it and allow him to do so. But again, don’t

let the devil distract you during that hour.




(Sixth Hour of the Day)

Remember that the main requirement to receive these

hourly blessings, or any blessing from God, is to allow

him to continue to change us into the image of Jesus.

This is imperative! God is always interested in the spiritual

blessings first. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God

and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added

unto you” (Matthew 6:33).

I want to start with the noon time blessing because

God has shown me more about this hour than any other

hour of the day. The noon time blessing happens exactly

at noon. The first indication of this blessing is recorded

in Genesis 43 in the story of Joseph. His brothers come

to him for food, and he recognizes them, but they don’t

recognize him. He sends them back to bring their

youngest brother, Benjamin. He also puts the money

they paid him in their sacks as they leave. They get back

to Jacob, their father, and he tells them to take Benjamin

to Joseph and take double the money and other presents

for Joseph. When they get to Joseph, they present

the gift to Joseph at noon as they eat together (verses

25–26). There is a great anointing on this hour to receive

a blessing through the very same people who want to

hurt you. As you know, the brothers are the ones who

turn Joseph over to slavery.

It doesn’t matter what plans your enemies have

against you and what they might have already tried. God


has anointed the noon time for you to receive unexpected

blessings through such people. They are being

forced to do this because God has given you authority

over them. You are now the head; they are the tail. You

are now above; they are below. God has reversed the

tables. He has given you the advantage. All Joseph has

to do is forgive his brothers and treat them nicely. This

was an unexpected blessing and one that he didn’t even

need. The same thing could happen to you. Just start

preparing at the beginning of the day, which is sundown

for this special noon time blessing that can occur.

Another thing that happens in this story is that

Joseph and his brothers sit together and no Egyptian sits

near them. There is a separation anointing at this time,

and God could be starting to pull people out of your life.

This separation could start with a noon day phone call,

where somebody in your life says he or she is moving to

another location. You just have to realize that there is a

separation anointing on this hour to help you achieve

your purpose by removing people from your life who are

obstacles. You have to be willing to let them go.

This separation anointing could also remove situations

out of your way, by finally having them be resolved,

in your favor. In my own life, I was working on a situation

for over three months and expecting God to give

me the victory. Finally, on a particular day at noon, I got

the phone call that the situation had been resolved in

my favor. Praise God! At that time, God had just started

dealing with me about this noon time blessing. He really

demonstrated this truth. Whatever is coming against

you and is nagging at your mind, release it to God, and

expect at every noon time for it to be resolved in your

favor until it is.

You can also expect God to separate you from the


things that are coming between you and him (i.e. hidden

sins and sinful habits). Just tell God that your number

one prayer is for him to conform you to the image

of Jesus. The Word says in Romans 8:13 that only the

Spirit of God can “mortify” the deeds of the flesh. Only

God can strengthen us enough not to sin. Allow him

to separate you from your sins and fleshly desires. All

we can do is make a quality decision that we don’t want

to sin and by his power, especially at noon time, he can

remove the power of these sins from your life once and

for all. Praise him!

Another thing that happened in the Joseph story is

that, by an act of God, all the brothers sit at the table

in the order of their birthright. This is truly amazing!

There is such an anointing at this time to bring order

to your family. At a particular noon time, he can start

the process of bringing order into the lives of your loved

ones. You might get a phone call from a runaway son

or daughter at noon time and hear that he or she wants

to come home. There is no telling what God can do.

All you have to do is prepare and expect. You may get a

phone call from your spouse that he or she was just born

again. He can start to bring order out of a family trial

at noon time, no matter how long it has been going on.

Joseph gives the youngest brother, Benjamin, five

times as much as the others. There is such an anointing

on this time to bless the least likely (i.e. to make the last

to be first). You may feel that you are the least likely to be

blessed, but there is an anointing on this hour to prove

you wrong. Just think about David, the least likely in the

eyes of man but chosen by God to be king. God loves to

raise up the underdog. Just maintain your humility with

God’s help and watch what he does for you.

This noon meal with Joseph also puts into motion


abundance for all the brothers. In Genesis 44:1, after

their meal, Joseph tells his servants to fill his brothers’

sacks with food and return their money in the same

sacks. This is a time for God to put into motion a blessing

that costs you nothing, an abundance. Just allow God

to prepare you and cleanse you by the Word, and watch

his anointing for abundance to start working in your life.

This meal also triggers the event where Joseph reveals

his identity to his brothers. There is an anointing on the

noon time hour for Jesus, who is our brother, as well as

our God, to reveal more about himself to us. We find out

more of what he really is like as he draws us closer to

him, especially at noon.

In 2 Samuel chapter 4, there is another revelation

about this blessing. In verses 5–7, it is recorded that two

men kill one of the main enemies of King David at noon.

As I mentioned earlier, God can separate people from

your life (I don’t mean kill them), but here he shows that

he can use somebody else to move them out of your life.

Wow! He really is awesome.

Remember in Judges 3 how God uses a man named

Ehud to secretly kill the enemy king who had kept them

in bondage for eighteen years (verse 21). God uses one

man to rescue a whole nation. Get ready for God to use

others to separate you from situations and people, starting

at noon.

Another example of this blessing is contained in

1 Kings 18:19–40. Here Elijah challenges 850 false

prophets in front of all Israel. He challenges them to

call upon their God to burn up a sacrifice, a bullock. At

noon, they start to call upon their God (Baal) until the

evening sacrifice (3:00 p.m.), but to no avail. God has

the devil bound up. This is evident because in the book

of Revelation, the False Prophet will call down fire from


heaven. God has bound Baal. God starts binding the

devil from certain areas of your life at this time. Praise


This time period (12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.) is a great

time wherever possible to schedule meetings on important

issues because the devil is bound. You will find that

the meetings will go smoother. If you are being attacked

and there is a meeting that has been arranged against

you between these hours, you need to rejoice. Go into

the meeting confident that you have the victory already

in hand because the devil is bound! Of course, God can

give you victory at any time of day, but there is a special

anointing on this time period.

At this same event (Elijah and the false prophets),

God does send down fire from heaven and burn up the

sacrifice, along with the altar. God shows up for Elijah,

starting at noon, and he will do the same for you. He

wants to show up when you are being challenged for

him. If you feel that you are being closed in by circumstances

or people, allow God to rise to the challenge,

starting at noon.

David mentions how he prays to God at noon in

Psalm 55:17, and he delivered David from his enemies

(verse 18). The event concerning Elijah and the false

prophets also starts rain after a three-and-a-half-year

drought (1 Kings 18:45). At noon time, he can start

raining down blessings on you to let you know that the

drought in your life is over.

This event also triggers an enemy in Elijah’s life

called Jezebel, who God later destroys by the hand of

Jehu (2 Kings 9:33). Remember that when God starts

blessing, the devil may start messing, but God will take

care of him. Just walk in your blessing.

In Song of Solomon 1:7, God says that he makes his


flock to rest at noon. This is a great time just to turn

over everything to God and allow him to move on every

situation that is coming against you. It is a great time

to watch him move as you and I get out of the way. It is

such a great time to come into his presence and pour out

to him. It is a time set up by him for communion with

his children.

During this time, he can tell us how much he loves us

and can speak beautiful words of encouragement. Here

in verse 9 he compares us to a company of Egyptian

horses belonging to Pharaoh. Pharaoh’s horses are noted

for their swiftness and beauty. In the sight of Christ, his

people are the excellence of the earth. It is so great to

hear this in his presence, especially if you are tired and

under attack. He knows just how to say the right thing

to let us know how much he loves us at just the right

time. In verses 10–17 he describes our beauty in his sight

because of our righteous standing that he gave us and

our walk of holiness. He is so happy when his people

allow him to sanctify them on a daily basis and conform

them into the image of his dear Son.

This noon day rest is so important and confirmed in

the book of Hebrews. In Hebrews 4:2, Paul mentions

that it takes faith to enter his rest and release situations

over to him. It is a matter of ceasing from one’s

own works (verse 10). It takes work to enter into his

rest (verse 10). It may not be easy to get your hands off

a situation. God can’t move sometimes until you don’t.

In verse 12 Paul talks about the Word of God being so

powerful. This is what happens when we enter that noon

time rest. His Word is able to get into the situation and

annihilate what is coming against you. So please labor to

enter his rest, especially at noon. This rest is for you and

I. Enjoy it!


In Isaiah 58:10, God starts talking about some more

blessings that can start to occur around the noon time.

In verse 10 he talks about bringing his people out of

obscurity if they help the hungry and satisfy the afflicted

soul. You may have been laboring so long and seen few

results and feel that it seems that nobody knows you

exist, but this is a time where he can begin to bring you

out of obscurity.

Look what he does with David, as recorded in 1

Samuel 16. God sends a prophet by the name of Samuel

right to David’s house to anoint one of Jesse’s sons as

king. Wow! That is favor. Samuel looks at every other

son that Jesse, the father of David, has and each time

God says they are not the one. He finally asks Jesse if

he has any other sons. Jesse has to think for a while and

remembers David (verse 11).

David is really in obscurity when his father forgets

about him. David is the type of person God loves to

raise up, (i.e. one who has the odds against him). That

description sounds like some of us. Samuel says that

nobody will eat until David comes to the table, and

Samuel anoints him as king right in the midst of his

family. He really takes him out of obscurity. I am sure

that when David comes against Goliath, this event is on

his mind. God wants to start pouring out favor on your

life like he did with David, starting at noon time.

In Isaiah 58:11, another thing is that God will guide

us continually and make some adjustments if needed. At

noon, if we could just stop from our labors and rest in

his presence, he could get us on the right course if need

be. How much time and effort his people can save if they

allow God to make these adjustments!

In 2 Samuel chapter 5, David is winning battle after

battle against the Philistines. He asks God again if he


should go against the enemy at Rephaim and if he will

win. God tells him to “wait for the sound of the wind

coming through the mulberry trees” (verses 22–23).

This time he wants David to come behind them. You

see, God tells David to rest and instructs him to make a

correction in what he is planning to do. God knows he

has to make a correction, even though David is having

one success after another. He may need to do the same

thing with you. Allow him to do so any time he wants,

but especially at noon.

In Isaiah 58, God also mentions some other blessings

he could start at noon time. When you are going through

a dry place, he can “satisfy your soul in drought” (verse

11). He can “make fat your bones,” (i.e. start building

you up in the Word at this time). He can give you a

revelation from the Word that will ignite a fire in you to

read his Word without ever wanting to stop.

He also says in verse 11 that we can be like “a watered

garden whose waters fail not.” He can deposit an anointing

in you at this time of day that will never run out. As

soon as his anointing goes through to somebody else, as

you minister, it will immediately be replenished. Certain

ministers won’t have to worry about what a ministry trip

will cost. God could already have it covered with such a

large blessing that the minister won’t even think twice

about the cost. Praise him! He can start all this at noon.

Just get into his presence. It is truly an anointed time.

In verse 12 he mentions that he can bring out an

anointing on some people at this time of day to get into

people’s deepest needs. He mentions that we can “build

the old waste places.” He can use us to restore hope to

people who have no hope and have given up on their

dreams. He can ignite a fire in us that will never burn

out. He also says we can raise up the foundations of


many generations. He can anoint us to teach truths from

his Word that can affect generations in families.

Look how God uses Peter in Acts 10. God sends

him to Cornelius’s house to tell them some new truths.

He tells them about Jesus and how he was anointed to

destroy the works of the devil (verse 38). As Peter speaks,

the Holy Ghost falls on them, and they all are filled with

the Spirit (verse 44). We can have this same power.

Also, in Isaiah 58:12, he says we can repair people’s

lives. We can be spiritual carpenters for Jesus. He can

start to bring an anointing out of us to repair people’s

dreams and lives stronger than they ever were. When a

car engine is repaired and rebuilt, it can run better than

a new engine. It really depends on the person doing

the repairing. God wants to repair his children’s lives

through us and start bringing out this anointing at noon

time. He just loves to start people’s lives over. Allow him

to bring this anointing out of you.

He also mentions in the same verse that we can

restore people’s paths. He can use us to give direction to

people where there is none. If we desire to help give our

kids direction when needed, how much more does our

heavenly Father want to do the same with his children?

He also mentions that he can “feed us with the heritage

of Jacob.” In looking back on the life of Jacob, we

can see that God really blesses him. In Genesis 27:28–

29 Isaac, his father, pronounces great blessings on him.

Among the blessings are: people will serve him and

cursed will be everyone who curses him, and blessed will

be everyone who blesses him.

In Genesis 28:3–4, his father also says that God will

make him fruitful, multiply him, that he will be a multitude

of people, and that he and his seed will inherit the

land where they are strangers.


In Genesis 48, Joseph brings his two sons, Manasseh

and Ephraim, before Jacob, his father, to be blessed.

Instead of putting his right hand on Manasseh, the firstborn,

he puts his right hand on Ephraim, the younger

(verse 14). God can put his right hand on you to receive

this kind of blessing at this noon time. This is a blessing

that others may feel that they should receive, but God

has it reserved for you.

In Joshua 16, the tribe of Ephraim receives their

inheritance in the new land. In verse 8 the Word says that

their “goings out thereof were at the sea.” Their inheritance

goes out so far that it is beyond their imagination.

Because of Jesus, the blessing of Abraham is ours. It is

truly an inheritance and because we are Abraham’s seed,

through Jesus, it is ours.

Jesus was before Abraham ( John 8:58). Abraham’s

blessing flowed right to Ephraim and on to us because of

Jesus! Receive the blessing of Ephraim on you right now

by faith in Jesus. You need to claim this inheritance, and

if your number one prayer is to conform to the image

of Jesus, then the benefits of this inheritance are on the

way. God is saying that we can be blessed the same way,

and it can start at a particular noon time. Wow!

In Jeremiah 6:4, he mentions that noon is a time to

declare war. This is also a great time to start an attack on

Satan and the strongholds he has on people’s lives. This

is a great time to intercede and bring down strongholds.

Go on the attack.

As I mentioned in my book Seasons, the day, according

to the Word, our twenty-four-hour period of time

which includes day and night both starts and ends at

evening (Leviticus 23:32). Please take advantage of this

and start your prayers, including warfare prayers, at sunNOON


down. Don’t wait until the morning. The devil may have

already put his plan for you that day into action.

In Matthew 20:5–6, people are called into labor at

different hours of the day. People are called into service

at the sixth hour (noon). As a result, there is also a great

anointing at this hour for God to call people into his

service and follow him, at any cost. There is also a great

anointing on this hour to give people their assignments

(marching orders). This is a revelational period of time

for God to give and confirm purpose. If you are not sure

about what purpose he has for you, just sit in his presence

and soak. He is always willing to communicate,

especially at this hour. Please take advantage.

Concerning the sixth hour of the day (noon): in

Matthew 27:45, when Jesus is dying, there is darkness

from the sixth hour until the ninth hour. Between this

time (12 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.), special prayer needs to be

made against the kingdom of darkness. The Spirit of

God is trying to alert us to these special times of the

day. This sixth hour to the ninth hour is a critical time

period! We can thwart the plans of darkness during this

time! Please intervene in people’s lives as the Spirit gives

you knowledge. Pull down the strongholds of darkness

in their lives.

This time period is also a great time for God to hide

you in his presence from any plans the enemy may have.

Darkness hides Jesus during this time. Stay hidden!

Don’t be drawn out by the enemy ahead of God’s timing.

The fact that Esther is a Jew is hidden from others

until the right time. As a matter of fact, her Hebrew

name is Hadassah, which means hidden one (Please read

my book Seasons, chapter 11, for more information on


In Acts 10:9–23, Peter is on his rooftop praying at


this sixth hour when he sees a vision of unclean animals.

God is preparing him to meet three Gentiles who are

coming to bring him to Cornelius. The Jews consider the

Gentiles to be unclean. Peter goes with them, and God

uses him to minister at Cornelius’s house, and the whole

family is filled with the Holy Ghost (verses 44–48).

As you can see, the sixth hour is also a great time to

prepare you to minister to people whom you least expect.

Be attentive to God’s voice. Get your own pre-conceived

ideas out of the way. Cornelius and his family are anxious

to hear what Peter has to say. They are hungry for

the Word (Acts 10:33). Maybe you are ministering to

people who are taking for granted what you are preaching.

Maybe God has a group that will gobble up everything

you have to say, just like with Peter. Someday at

noon, he might start bringing this group to you, searching

you out. This group of people may be the least likely

you ever expected God to bring your way. Stay open to

his prompting.

As I mentioned, this time period is also a great time

for God to hide you in his presence from any plans the

enemy may have. Stay hidden! Again, don’t be drawn

out by the enemy ahead of God’s timing. Remember in

1 Kings 19:11–12, as Elijah is hiding in the cave, there

is a great wind which rends the mountains and breaks

rocks. After the wind, there is an earthquake and then a

fire. He only comes out when he hears the Lord’s small,

still voice. Again, stay hidden and wait for God’s timing.

In John 4:6, it is recorded that Jesus sits down at the

well in Samaria at the sixth hour, or noon. He meets

a Samaritan woman there, and there are at least four

things that happen at this meeting that affect the future

for us:


1. There is a revelation from Jesus about the

living water (verses 10–15). He is talking

about receiving the in-filling of the Holy

Ghost. This time is an anointed time to

receive. God has chosen this time as a special

time to indwell his people. Of course,

he can in-fill at any time but has chosen

this time especially. Come into his presence

and receive.

2. Jesus reveals himself as the Messiah. Pray

especially for non-believers to receive this

knowledge of who Jesus really is. Most

assuredly, Jesus is moving at this time to

open hearts. Pray that God removes the

blinders and scales from their eyes.

3. In addition, Jesus moves in the word of

knowledge and wisdom so effectively

(verses 18, 39–42). He tells not only the

lady, but others too, all that is in their

hearts. Expect God to pour out through

you these and the other gifts, especially at

this time.

4. He also talks about the great harvest that

is ready to be harvested (verses 35–36). At

this hour, ask him to pour out his gifts to

reach the souls that need to be harvested.

He tarries there two days (verse 43). He

ministers to the people during that time.

Look for God to accelerate using you in

his gifts at this hour and maybe even continuing

the intensity for at least two days.

Here is a summary of possible blessings that can be

expected at the noon time hour:

1. Anointing to receive a blessing from those

who wanted to hurt you.


2. Separation anointing to remove people,

circumstances, and sinful habits from

your life once and for all. God can use an

unlikely person to remove a problem from

your life.

3. Anointing to bring order into families and

other everyday situations.

4. Anointing to bless the least likely.

5. Abundance that will never run out.

6. Jesus can reveal more about himself to us

in a greater way.

7. Devil is especially bound at this time.

8. God will show up on your behalf.

9. God can start to rain down blessings in

your life to let you know that the drought

is over.

10. Special time to enter into God’s rest.

11. Time to start bringing you out of obscurity.

12. He can also start to make some adjustments

to guide us in his way for our lives.

13. Can pour out an anointing on some of us

to get at the deepest needs of people.

14. Can anoint some of us to be spiritual carpenters

for him to repair people’s lives and


15. To anoint some to give direction and the

restoring of paths to some of his children.

17. Blessings of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

can start to be manifested mightily.

18. God can start bringing judgment on some


of your adversaries.

19. God’s glory can shine on you in such a

greater way that as a result, he could be

reversing an enemy attack against you.

20. God can start using you as he promises in

Isaiah 61 (i.e.” bind up the broken hearted,

to proclaim liberty to the captives,” etc.).

21. Time to declare war, attack Satan and his

works. He is especially weak at this time

(12:00 to 3:00 p.m.).

22. Pray for the unsaved at this time; great

anointing to call people into his service.

23. Special time to hide from Satan’s plans in

the presence of your Father.

24. Time to prepare you to minister to people

whom you least expect.

25. Special time to receive the in-filling of the

Holy Ghost.

26. Special anointing from God to remove

blinders from people’s hearts so they can

really see who Jesus is.

27. An acceleration of God using you in the

Gifts of the Spirit.




(9:00 a.m.)

The third hour of the day is 9:00 a.m. (Again, remember

that there is preparation needed before every hourly

blessing, especially at the beginning of the hour of blessing.

The devil would like to distract you directly preceding

this and every hour of blessing.)

We first hear of this third hour in Matthew 20:3.

Here people are called to labor in the vineyard at this

hour, according to the parable that Jesus told. On this

time of the day, there is such an anointing by God to call

people to follow him into service. Be aware of this truth

and start praying in that direction around 9:00 a.m. Pray

for certain individuals whom God puts on your heart to

follow Jesus into his service, to be born again. There is

such a wonderful anointing at this time to pray people

into the Kingdom. We have to take advantage of God’s


In verse 18, Jesus says that he is going to Jerusalem

to be betrayed and to die. Accepting this call to the service

of Jesus means that you have to follow him no matter

where it leads. Paul says in Acts 20:22 that he goes

bound in the spirit to Jerusalem, not knowing the things

that were waiting there for him. The only thing he

knows is that bonds and afflictions are waiting for him

there (verse 23). He also says in the next verse that none

of these things move him. He was called into God’s service

and was willing to follow him no matter where he


led. He also knew that no weapon formed against him

would prosper. He also says in 2 Corinthians 4:18 that

he is not influenced by what he sees in the natural. At

this hour of the day, God is calling people to follow him,

no matter what the cost.

Another revelation about the third hour of the day,

or 9:00 a.m., is contained in Acts 2. At this hour (verse

15), the Apostles are in one accord in the temple when

suddenly the Spirit of God comes rushing in and fills the

house (house of God). (They were in the upper room for

prayer but the infilling took place in the temple as the

feast of Pentecost was one of the feasts where they were

obligated to be in the temple. Please see verse 46 in Acts

2 as the word says “that they continued in the temple”).

At this time of the day, God can not only fill you with his

Spirit, but also fill every empty area of your life. Believe

for God to fill you with his power, if you are not filled,

but also to start making all your crooked places straight

and your rough places smooth.

People from all over the world who were in Jerusalem

came running toward the temple. There is such a strong

anointing on this time to attract people to your ministry

and to your life in general. Look for God to start

increasing his favor in your life at this time. As you pray

during this time, believe for this particular moving of

God in your life.

Also at this time in the temple, Peter, under the

inspiration of the Holy Ghost, says that the “last days”

are started, at this hour (verses 16–17). He said that the

time Joel prophesied about had started. He mentions in

verses 17–21 that certain things would start to happen

at this hour (i.e. more people would have dreams and

visions from God, that God would pour out more power

on his people, that he would show more wonders and


signs, etc.). At this hour of the day (9:00 a.m.), we can

pray and expect God to manifest himself in these ways

in a greater measure!

Also, three thousand people are saved on that day

(verse 41). This great harvest starts at this hour. In view

of this anointing on this hour, we can pray and believe

for a greater harvest of souls (verse 47).

Here is a summary of the possible blessings that can

be expected at the third hour of the day, or 9:00 a.m.:

1. Anointing to call people into God’s service,

and more people will respond, no

matter what the cost.

2. Anointing to fill every area of your life!

3. God can begin to attract more people to

your ministry.

4. God can begin to show more of his power

through signs and wonders in your life.

5. God can pour out more anointing to bring

a great harvest of souls.




(1:00 p.m.)

In the Gospel of John 4:46–54, there is a story about the

ill son of a nobleman. His father (the nobleman) comes

to Jesus and Jesus speaks the word that his son is healed.

He believes the word and starts on his way home. On

the way home his servants meet him and tell him that

the son got better at the seventh hour, or 1:00 p.m. (verse

52). This was the exact time that Jesus said that his son

was whole (verse 50).

There is a special healing anointing at this time of

day. Of course, God can heal at any time, but he has

reserved this time for his healing power to flow. This

is a special time, and you need to take advantage of it,

especially with a family member who may be sick. Just

stand on God’s Word and claim the healing anointing

that flows from Jesus. He is pouring out at this time, just

receive! Just stand on Jesus’ Word just like the nobleman

does (verse 50). John says in verse 54 that this is the

second miracle Jesus performs. Therefore, this seventh

hour, or 1:00 p.m., must be important.

Generally, the number seven in the Word means that

God is about to complete something, to perfect what

is not right. Sickness is something that could render

somebody incomplete. At this hour, God can pour out a

completion anointing into your life to complete the trial

you are going through or to complete a blessing process

he has started.


In the Word, the number seven means that the blessing

God intends for you to receive by going through

a possible trial has already been spoken in heaven and

can now be received. It has already been released in the

supernatural. It will be revealed in the natural. Hold on!

Your victory over the trial has already been assured, if

you keep going. Let’s look at the Word for the use of the

number seven by the Holy Spirit, either in the chapters,

or specifically in the passages. In Genesis 7:1, God says

that he sees Noah and his family righteous. This means

that they will come through their trial with a blessing,

no matter what happens to anyone else. God confirms

this when he told them to take clean beasts by sevens

into the ark. Also, in verse 4, God says it would rain

in seven days. This is an additional sign that they will

come through their trial, by using the number seven.

The mention of rain and the number seven show you

also that at this hour, blessings can start to rain on you.

In Genesis 21:29, Abraham gives the enemy king

seven lambs in order to enter into a covenant with him.

The enemy had been destroying Abraham’s wells of

water. The king is very upset at what his troops are doing

and this covenant ends Abraham’s trial.

In Genesis 29:27, the Word says that Jacob would

serve another seven years for the hand of Rachel in marriage.

The trial of Jacob being tricked by Laban is now

over by the use of the number seven.

In Genesis 41, the Word describes the two dreams

that the Pharaoh has, and both contain the number

seven (verse 1–7). The use of the number seven signifies

that the trial that Joseph was going through is now close

to being over and the blessing that God intends for him

is soon to be realized.

In Exodus 7:4–5, God demonstrates that he already


speaks blessing on his people as they are going through

the trial. “Bring my people out of the land of Egypt,”

and he confirms this by using the number seven in verse

25. The word says in this verse that when God turned

the waters into blood, it lasted for seven days.

In Daniel 3:19, King Nebuchadnezzar heats the fiery

furnace seven times hotter for the three Hebrew children.

This signifies again that God is about to deliver

them from their trial and promote them, which happened,

as recorded in verse 30.

In Esther 1:10, on the seventh day of the king’s feast,

Queen Vashti is called to come and perform but refuses.

The use of the number seven here signifies that Esther is

going to take her place after she goes through preparation

and a trial. God is trying to show all who read the

book of Esther by the use of the number seven that he

will make a way for them through a trial and raise them

up to take somebody’s place. He will complete the promotion


In Psalm 119:164, David says that he would praise

God seven times a day because of his righteous judgments.

He knew that God would complete judgment in

favor for him.

In Acts 6:3, Stephen is chosen to be one of the seven

disciples to minister to the widows. The use of the number

seven here signifies that Stephen would be persecuted

and go through a tremendous trial, but would be

promoted. This happens as Stephen is stoned and sees

Jesus standing in power. Jesus stands up for him because

Stephen didn’t deny his name as he is being stoned but

asks for the forgiveness of the ones stoning him (Chapter


It is so important for you to remember that God has

already spoken your portion that you will receive. He has


already turned it loose. Just start to receive. He is completing

a blessing process that began when the trial you

are going through began. Search the Word, and you will

see so many scriptures encouraging you at this seventh




(3:00 p.m.)

This ninth hour of the day is also a time where God calls

people into his service as recorded in Matthew 20:5.

Believe at this hour for God to stir people up for service,

especially loved ones. This is a great time to stand on

God’s Word and claim this parable in people’s lives.

The ninth hour is also when Jesus died. As recorded

in Matthew 27:45, there was darkness from the sixth

hour (12:00 p.m.) until the ninth hour (3:00 p.m.).

Believe that the time when the enemy was moving in

your life is over. His attack is over. The power of darkness

in the attack is over. You have your victory because

of what Jesus accomplished in his death. When Jesus

says, “It is finished,” the power of Satan is broken. Praise

Jesus! He says this at 3:00 p.m. You can do the same by

telling the devil that his attack is over. You already have

the victory. At this time of the day start proclaiming victory

for people whom God puts on your heart. Shout

their names and declare victory for them no matter what

the situations in their lives look like.

This hour of the day is also an exceptional time of

celebration of what Jesus has accomplished for you and

me. Take time at this hour to praise him. Take time to

worship him. The time allotted to the devil in the trial is

over. His time ran out. God controls everything, including

the time period of the devil’s influence. Isn’t God

wonderful? At this hour, start enforcing this end of the


devil’s time by claiming it and praising God for it. God

set up this time period for a daily blessing. The devil may

have told you that the attack was going to go on forever,

but no! It is over at 3:00 p.m. Attack the devil with

this promise that his influence is over at this time period

because Jesus said so, when he said, “It is finished.”

Also at this hour, the veil of the temple is torn by

God from top to bottom (Matthew 27:51). Claim at this

time, that God is making a way, an opening for you. He

is opening a Red Sea for you. He is making a way where

there seems to be no way. No matter who or what is

against you, claim this breakthrough at this time. Claim

that just as the veil of the temple is torn by God, he

has made a way for you. Of course, we know God can

make a way at any time, but there is a special anointing

at this time of day. Also claim breakthroughs for others,

for God to make a way for them also. Lift up their names

before him.

Also at this hour, graves open and many bodies of

the saints arise (verse 52). There is a special anointing at

this hour for God to break people out of their situations.

Where they may feel buried under the circumstances,

God’s resurrection power is now there to bring them out!

God rubs this right in Satan’s face. Satan thought he had

you buried under worry, sickness, fear, doubt, and uncertainty,

but here comes God at 3:00 p.m. to bust you out.

He makes a way out after Satan did all that he could do

to prevent your breakout of his prison. It doesn’t matter

how long Satan has had you buried or how deep. When

this hour rolls around, claim your deliverance based on

what happened at 3:00 p.m. on the day Jesus gave up his

life. We don’t have to wait for Resurrection Sunday to

receive resurrection power. This is a daily time to receive

this power over the circumstances coming against you!


Allow the same power that busted Jesus out of the tomb,

and these others at the time he died, bust you out of the

mess you are in. Be untied and untie others.

In Acts 3:1, the ninth hour of the day or 3:00 P.M.

was a time of prayer. I think since Jesus died at this time,

it might be a great time each day to pray and meditate

on His sacrificial death for us. This special time of 3:00

p.m., when Jesus died and bodies of some saints arose,

could also be pointing to the Rapture. The Word says in

1 Thessalonians 4:14, “for if we believe that Jesus died

and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus

will God bring with him.”

In verse 16, the Word says that the dead in Christ

will rise first. From my book Seasons, we know that the

Rapture of the Church may take place on some Feast

of Trumpets (Rosh HaShannah) in the future. Could

this event also happen at 3:00 p.m. ( Jerusalem time,

since we all go up together)? This is the greatest blessing

that could ever happen at 3:00 p.m. Also, the Word

talks about the Rapture occurring at the Last Trump (1

Corinthians 15:52). The armies of Israel would assemble

in a pre-arranged location at the sound of the first trump

then begin to march at the sound of the second trump.

The Word also says in Revelation 8:1 that there was

silence in heaven for a half hour. Is it possible that we

will be waiting to hear the second trump and this could

explain the silence for a half an hour? Could the first

trump be for us to assemble together in the spirit at 2:30

p.m. or a half hour before the Rapture at 3:00 p.m.? I am

not predicting, but these possibilities are really amazing!

Here is a summary of the possible blessings that can

be expected at the ninth hour of the day or 3:00 p.m.:

1. Call people into service.

2. Defeat for the enemy. Claim it for those

under attack.


3. God will start making a way of breakthrough

for you.

4. God pours out his resurrection power.



(5:00 p.m.)

In Matthew 20:9, people who are hired at the last hour

(eleventh) get as much as the others who start working

earlier. This is truly the time of day when the Lord raises

up those who are considered last and makes them the

first. Be aware of this time. You may feel that God has

forgotten about you, but no!

This is the time of day when God starts replacing

Saul’s with David’s (people after his own heart). He is

replacing Moses’ with Joshua’s, Eli’s with Samuel’s. This

is the time where God is raising up nobodys. This is the

time when God will bring some who are considered the

least to become the greatest! God has a perfect timing

for everyone who is part of his plan.

Remember in Genesis 26, Isaac is digging up the wells

of water that his father, Abraham, had dug originally,

but the Philistines keep stopping them up. However, in

verse 22, Isaac digs a well that the enemy couldn’t tamper

with. The name they give to the well was Rehoboth

(the Lord hath made room for us). Right after that, the

enemy comes to Isaac and wants to sign a covenant with

him. God is pushing your enemies back and making

room for you. It is his timing for you to take someone’s

place. He is making the last to be the first.

At the time that God anointed David, an evil spirit

came on Saul, the king. God had started the process of

David taking his place. Some people get lifted up in the


flesh and feel that the whole body of Christ revolves

around them. They are sadly mistaken. God could be

ready to replace them. He may have already started the

process. He always has a ram in the bush. He is starting

to remove the candlestick (authority and purpose) from

people’s lives.

When God raises one up, that person has to realize

that only the anointing of God can do it. He has to

realize that the only way he can do the assignment is by

that same anointing. When we read chapter 17, we can

see how David avails himself of this anointing. It looks

like an impossible situation with both armies lining up

against each other and Goliath leading the way for the

enemy. Every Israelite is afraid of him, including Saul,

who is the biggest Israelite. God makes the right choice

in replacing Saul with David.

Those whom God calls, he also justifies. In verses

4–7, God shows how big Goliath is to let us know that

we need to factor in and rely on the anointing of God.

The anointing of God on us can do what we can never

do. In verse 23, the Word records that David hears the

great words Goliath is speaking against David’s God,

and this gets David angry. Saul tries to talk David out

of going against Goliath but to no avail. David knew

that the anointing of God is greater than anything that

could come against him and has a practiced faith in the

anointing of God. He points out to Saul that when a lion

and bear attacked his sheep, the anointing of God came

upon him and he slew them with his own hands. He

knew this same anointing would defeat any adversary.

Whatever God is asking you to do, factor in the

anointing. He wants to raise you up out of nowhere, but

you have to rely on the anointing and not on your own

intelligence and strength. He wants to raise you up and


show others what he can do with a fully surrendered life.

He gets all the glory.

In 1 Samuel 17:37, David tells Saul that the same

God who destroyed the lion and the bear will defeat the

giant. David knew the attack is not against the Israelites

but against God. He separates himself from the attack

and turns the battle over to God. If you are working for

Jesus and people are attacking you, you have to realize

it is a spiritual battle and the forces of evil are trying to

align against God. They can’t defeat God. They want to

fight you. Goliath is looking for a man to fight him (1

Samuel 17:10).

God uses David to do some great things. This is

somebody who had been tending sheep just a little while

before. God raises him up out of nowhere and uses him


He wants to do the same with you. Just decrease in

the flesh, so his anointing can be increased out of you.

Follow God’s direction and correction for your faults.

Turn every problem you have in the flesh over to him.

“Through the Spirit you can mortify the deeds of the

flesh” (Romans 8:13). Make your number one prayer

to be conformed to the image of Jesus and watch how

he increases the anointing in your life to have you win

battles for him that nobody else can win. He truly wants

to make somebodys out of nobodys.

You may feel that you are last on his list for promotion,

but he wants to turn the list upside down and make

you the first! He can start doing this at the eleventh hour.




In Exodus 12:29, the Word mentions that God kills all

the firstborn in the land of Egypt in order to persuade

them to let his people go. This midnight hour is a time of

deliverance, especially for God’s people. Just like God’s

people had to be ready to go, so should we be ready to

move when he wants.

In verse 35, the Egyptians give them gold and silver.

This midnight hour is a great time to start believing

for the wealth of your enemies to start coming to you.

Believe for God’s favor to be turned loose on you.

This midnight hour of deliverance (sixth hour of the

night) is also contained in Judges 16:2–3. The Philistines

have Samson locked behind the gates of the city, but

Samson breaks out and picks up the gates and carries

them all the way up Mount Hebron at midnight. The

Philistines can’t hold Samson, and your enemies can’t

control or keep you bound. Receive your release from

whatever or whoever is trying to control you at this midnight


Another truth about the midnight hour is contained

in Ruth 3:8. Ruth lies at the feet of Boaz at midnight.

He chooses her to be his wife, and the next day, claims

her before the whole city as his kinsman. For us, this

means lying at the feet of our kinsman redeemer, Jesus.

We can be blessed at any time of the day, but this is a

special time when our Redeemer wants to let us know

we are special to him.


Another aspect of the midnight hour is contained in

Psalm 119:62. The psalmist says that at midnight he will

“rise to give thanks unto God for his righteous judgments.”

This is a great time for God to start judging

on your behalf. Believe that whoever is trying to come

against you unjustly will be judged by God. He will rule

on your behalf and settle the issue. It doesn’t matter if a

whole company is coming against you. If you are doing

the righteous thing he will defend and vindicate you.

Praise him!

In Matthew 25, there is a familiar parable about the

ten virgins. Five are ready and five aren’t. At midnight,

the bridegroom comes. Look for the bridegroom ( Jesus)

to come on the scene at this time to give you a new beginning.

Look for promotion to start. Just be ready. Watch

and expect him to come on the scene of your difficulties

and bring about your new beginning. Please make sure

that your number one prayer is to conform to the image

of Jesus and watch how he starts to promote at this hour.

In Luke 11, there is another great truth about this hour.

Jesus tells a parable about a man knocking on a friend’s

door at midnight, looking for bread. He said in verse 9,

“Ask and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock

and it shall be opened unto you.” God is telling us to knock

on the door of his heart at this time to receive, and keep

knocking or believing, until he grants your request. He is in

such a time of giving at this midnight hour!

The truth about God’s deliverance anointing at this

hour is also confirmed in Acts chapter 16; Paul and

Silas are thrown into the deepest, most inner part of the

prison. There seems to be no hope, but an earthquake

comes and God sets them free (verse 26) at midnight.

Paul also goes to the jailer’s house (at midnight), and

the whole family gets saved (verses 31–34). Take advantage

of this time.


The anointing on this hour for salvation is also contained

in Acts 20:8–11. While Paul is preaching (midnight),

a little boy falls and dies. God raises this boy

from the dead through Paul. God wants to raise up the

spiritually dead at this time and save their souls. The

Word says in Ephesians 2:1 that he quickened us who

were dead in trespasses and sins. He wants to quicken

others at this time.

Another truth about this time is contained in Acts

27:27; Paul and the others in the ship in the midst of the

storm are encouraged when they learn that they are getting

closer to land (at midnight), closer to their deliverance. At

this midnight hour God wants to speak to your spirit and

confirm how close you are to breakthrough. Praise him!

Here is a summary of the possible blessings that can

be expected at the midnight hour:

1. Deliverance.

2. God can show favor in your life by judging

on your behalf.

3. Look for the bridegroom ( Jesus) to come

on the scene to give you a new beginning.

4. Start knocking on the door of his heart in

earnest and it will be given. Keep knocking.

He is always a God of giving, especially

at this hour.

5. Salvation. Expect God to move whole

families to be saved. Just believe!

6. God wants to confirm to you how close

you are to breakthrough.

Be in his presence at this time and see how he reveals

these promises in your life at the midnight hour.





In Acts 23, the Word talks about a plot by about forty

men to kill the Apostle Paul. Paul’s nephew overhears

them and warns Claudius Lysias, the chief captain, who

has Paul in prison (verses 12–35). Claudius sends Paul

to Felix for safety with a guard of two hundred soldiers,

seventy horsemen and two hundred spearmen. This happens

at the third hour of the night, or 9:00 p.m. or during

the first watch of the night. The first watch of the night

is from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. As a result of this incident,

God is letting us know that there is a great anointing

at this time to deliver his people from a serious plot of

the enemy and to use somebody to help prevent Satan’s

success. Look for God to provide a way of escape from

a situation you may be in at this time and please take

advantage of the person or persons God uses to help you.

In Luke 12:36, Jesus talks about servants watching

for their lord or master to come. He says that the people

who watch for their master’s coming sit down to eat with

him and he will serve them (verse 37). Jesus says in verse

38 that if the master comes in the second or third watch

and finds them alert and looking for his coming, then

they are blessed.

This is a great promise to you and me. The second

watch of the night is from 9:00 p.m. to midnight. The

third watch of the night is midnight to 3:00 a.m. At

these times especially, we need to expect Jesus, our Lord


and Master, to communicate to us in a special way (sit

down to eat) and minister to our greatest need (serve us).

He is not a God who is way out in the universe someplace,

but rather, he is inside of us and moving on our

situation with his power. At these times, expect him to

move for you. If you are lying in bed at these times, meditate

on who he is and how he sanctified these watches

to communicate with us in a special way and minister to

our greatest needs. Expect to feel the closeness of God

especially in these time periods. He may wake you up just

to love on you or give you special revelations. He may

communicate to you through dreams. He may wake you

up to intercede for someone, or even for whole nations.

The third watch of the night that starts at 12:00 A.M.

and runs till 3:00 A.M. is a time where deep prayer may

be needed. During this time, witches and warlocks want

to move more than at any other time. God may bring

you into intense prayer at this time, especially for others.

These are great revelationary and intercessory times.

The fourth watch of the night occurs between 3:00

a.m. and 6:00 a.m. In Matthew 14:24, there is an account

of the apostles in a ship tossing to and fro by a storm.

In the fourth watch of the night, Jesus walks on the sea

(verse 25). As soon as he got into the ship, the wind

ceases and they make it to the other side. This is a special

time for Jesus to come during the darkest hour of your

trial and walk on the very thing that is so big against

you. Take solace in the fact that everything and everyone

was created by Jesus and for Jesus. This includes Satan

and all thrones, principalities, powers, and dominions

(Colossians 1:16–18). Jesus is truly on top of your situation.

During this time he wants to demonstrate this fact

and show his awesome power in your situation.

At these times, he also wants to take you to the other


side. He wants to show you how close you are to your

destiny and how he is pouring out his power to make

room for you in his kingdom plan. Turn over every concern

and obstacle that you have to him and let him make

a way for you. It doesn’t matter who or what is coming

against you to try to thwart your destiny. Whether it is

a person or an organization that is trying to hinder or

stop you, they have to get out of the Lord’s way or be

forced out of his way. Also, the Lord uses these intimate

evening watches to prepare us for the daily hourly blessings,

as well as to intercede for others. In addition, He

wants to bring instruction, encouragement, and possibly

correction to us during these watches that start at 6:00

P.M. and end at 6:00 A.M.




Besides God’s hourly blessings which we have just discussed,

blessings are contained in certain significant days

in particular months of the year as well as certain months

as a whole. Please remember that God can bless at any

time, but he has anointed and set aside certain months

to perform special and unique blessings. In the next succeeding

chapters we will study each month and learn the

blessings associated with the months as a whole and the

particular days within these months. Again, on my website,

( I have prepared the current

and future dates on both the Hebrew calendar and the

Gregorian calendar when the monthly periods begin and

end. Just click on Biblical Calendar on my website. On the

same location, I also have the future dates for the feasts

days on both calendars. As you look at the Hebrew calendar

just remember that the day (according to the Word)

starts at evening the previous day, and ends on evening the

same day. Also, when talking of a blessing from the word

that occurs in the seventh month, for example, I am not

talking about the month of July on the Gregorian calendar

but the month Tishrei which occurs between September

and October. The secret to know when an exact blessing

period occurs, please refer from the Hebrew calendar back

to our calendar or the Gregorian calendar.

The months of the year are as follows:

First Month Nisan Mar-Apr.

Second Month Iyar Apr-May


Third Month Sivan May-June

Fourth Month Tammuz June-July

Fifth Month Av July-Aug.

Sixth Month Elul Aug-Sept.

Seventh Month Tishrei Sept.-Oct.

Eighth Month Cheshvan Oct.-Nov.

Ninth Month Kislev Nov.-Dec.

Tenth Month Tevet Dec.- Jan.

Eleventh Month Shevat Jan.- Feb.

Twelfth Month Adar Feb.-Mar.



Nisan (Mar.-Apr.)

In Joel 2:23, God mentions through the prophet Joel

that he wants to pour out the former and latter rain in

the first month. The first month of the year starts on

Nisan, which is our equivalent of March-April.

God said in this verse that up to that point he had

poured out the rain moderately, but it is about to change.

Are you ready for change? He is ready to get extravagant

with his blessings. He says in verse 24 that “the floors

shall be full of wheat and the vats shall overflow with

wine and oil.” He is ready, if you are, for you to be on

the receiving end of his extravagant blessings. For some

of you, it has been such a drought. There is an overflow

anointing on this first month. Receive it!

Allow God to mortify the deeds of your flesh daily

and make your number one prayer that God would conform

you to the image of Jesus. When you have done

this, you are in position to receive this overflow blessing

anointing in this month. Praise him!

He also says in verse 25 that he would restore years

into your life (i.e. take away the effect of events that happened

years ago). He can restore in such a marvelous

way that the event may seem to have not happened at

all. He can also start in this month to restore monies and

other assets that were taken from you.

He also says in verse 26 that you will not be ashamed.

You have believed for a long time for God to bring some


blessings into your life that he has promised you. He is

saying that you will not be ashamed. During this month,

he can start to bring some of these promises to pass. Just

believe. God also says that he would “pour out his Spirit

on all flesh” in verse 28. Believe that he will start pouring

out his Spirit on family members and others you are

concerned about.

In Numbers 20:1–11, Moses writes how the children

of Israel murmurs and complains when they had

no water and Moses is being tested and hits the rock,

instead of speaking to the rock, as he was commanded

by God. This happened during the first month (verse 1).

This first month can also be a time of testing and you

need to be on guard. As a result of this, Moses is not

allowed to enter into the Promised Land (verse 23–24).

All he could do was see it from a distance. Please don’t

give up on God merely because circumstances are not

lining up as quickly as you would like. Don’t murmur

and complain. You don’t want to lose blessings, do you?

Just as the first month of the year can be a time of great

blessing, it can also be a time of great testing before the

blessing is manifested.

Just like Moses was separated from going into the

Promise Land, this first month is also a time where God

will separate people from their purposes or destinies and

give them to someone else. Look at David taking Saul’s

place, Joshua taking Moses’ place and Samuel taking

Eli’s place.

In Numbers 21:1–35, the Canaanites attack Israel.

The first month is also a time of war. In verse 35, Moses

records that Israel possesses the land of the enemy. This

is a time for you get spoils from the sinners (“The wealth

of the sinner is laid up for the just.” [Proverbs 13:22]).

Your enemies may initiate the attack, but God is allowNOON


ing the attack in order to give you their possessions. It

is all in God’s plans. If you see the enemy attack in this

month, you have to realize that the attack was all set up

by God to bless you, not to harm you.

In Isaiah 35, God is preparing his people for an

attack of the enemy by saying in verses 1 and 2 that they

will blossom abundantly and rejoice. Sure enough, the

enemy attacks, and they are defeated by God (37:36). As

you can see, this month is a time of you getting spoils

from the enemy, no matter what it looks like when you

are initially attacked. Remember, spoils are something

people don’t want you to have, but God says he will

give it to you anyway. Remember, especially in this first

month, that “everything and everybody was created by

God and for him” (Colossians 1:16). He is the boss.

The Israelites crossed the Jordan River in the first

month (1 Chronicles 12:15). The first month is a time

for many to cross over into purpose, no matter how deep

your Jordan River seems. God will make a way where

there seems to be no way, when your back may be up

against a wall.

The first month is also a time for a change in leadership.

In 2 Chronicles 35:21, Josiah, a king of Israel, is

told by God not to go against the king of Egypt. He did

not listen and is killed in battle (verses 22–24). There is a

replacement anointing on this month, especially around

Passover because this is the time this event happens

(verses 1–19). “Promotion comes from God; he puts

down one and sets up another” (Psalm 75:6–7). He may

be preparing you to take someone’s place.

In Ezra 7:9, the Word says that Ezra begins to travel

to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple on the first day of the

first month. On this particular day of the month, God

could put an assignment on you that could change many


people’s lives and bring glory to God. Please be ready

and attentive to hear the voice of the Lord, especially

at this time. The favor of God on Ezra was so strong

that Artaxerxes, the king of Persia, gives Ezra a letter

directing people to take care of his every need as he does

his assignment (verse 11). Do you realize that the same

favor of God is on you at this time? So step out in faith,

with God’s backing.

In Ezekiel 29:17–19, in the first month, God mentions

that Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, did not

receive wages in his battle against Tyrus. God didn’t forget

about this and promises him the land of Egypt as a

spoil for him and to supply the lost wages for his army.

God is such a kind and merciful God! He will never

forget your labor for his name. Just get ready to begin

to receive at this time. What you might have considered

lost in the past is not lost to God. He is truly a God

of restitution and recovery (Acts 3:21), especially at this

first day of the first month.

On the seventh day of the first month God broke

the power of Pharaoh, king of Egypt, as recorded in

Ezekiel 30:20–24. He strengthens the power of the king

of Babylon against him and puts his sword into his hand.

God says that “vengeance is his” (Hebrews 10:30). So

this is also a great day for God to take away the power of

your enemies, strengthen you, and put the sword of the

Word into your hands, in order to complete the victory.

It doesn’t matter to God how long your enemies seem to

have been winning. On this day, expect God to move on

your behalf and break their power. God will divide their

tongues and bring confusion into their midst. They will

turn on each other (2 Chronicles 20:23). God will get

all the glory!

In Ezra 8:31, Ezra and others take the gold and silver


meant for the temple of God through some enemy territory.

God’s protection is great upon them. This occurs

on the twelfth day of the first month. Expect God to

start to bring the finances for your ministry on this day,

no matter how much the enemy doesn’t want them to

arrive. God will make sure you get what you need as you

do his will.

The Feast of Passover occurs on the fourteenth day of

Nisan, which is the first month. It is fourteen days after

the first of the year. Passover is an appointed time to

remember Jesus’ death and to remember that his sacrificial

death purchased our deliverance from sin and Satan.

Jesus rose from the dead three days later on Nisan 17.

This is a time to take advantage of God’s anointing on

this time of the month and die to our fleshly desires and


Here are some important additional facts about the

Feast of Passover: It is my belief after studying the word

that Jesus was born on Passover, which as I mentioned,

occurs in the first month. In the book of Luke 2:41, the

word says that Jesus’ parents went to Jerusalem every

year at Passover. In v. 42, the word says that when Jesus

became (in the Greek) twelve years old they went to

Jerusalem after the custom of the feast. (Passover was

followed by Unleavened Bread which was a seven day

feast in which the first and last days were holy convocations

where they were obligated to be in the temple

(Lev. 23:6-8). The word also says in Luke that Mary

and Joseph could not find Jesus and went a day’s journey

back to their relatives to try to find him (Luke 2:4, 44).

So, you can see that he became twelve on Passover and

they traveled one day to be in the temple on the first day

of the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Also, a male child was circumcised on the eight


day after his birth (Lev. 12:3). When Jesus was born on

Passover, he was circumcised on the eight day (Passover

plus seven days of Unleavened Bread) which was the last

day of Unleavened Bread. So, Jesus fulfilled Passover

by being born and dying on Passover. He fulfilled

Unleavened Bread by leading a sinless life and being

circumcised on the last day of Unleavened Bread. As I

mentioned earlier, Jesus rose from the dead on Nisan 17,

also fulfilling Unleavened Bread which occurs during

Nisan 15-21.

Some try to say that Jesus was born on the first

day of the Feast of Tabernacles, based on Zacharias, the

father of John the Baptist. They try to figure the date

of the birth of Jesus from the course in the temple that

Zacharias had to serve (Luke 1:5-10). However, they

don’t realize that he served two courses, one six months

later in the year. Also, they had to serve on three holidays;

Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles. So, it difficult

to know when Zacharias was serving in the Temple and

as a result when John the Baptist was conceived.

Also, additional further proof that Jesus was born

on Passover is in Micah 4:8 where the word says that the

kingdom shall come to the tower of the flock (Migdal

Edar). Migdal Edar is located in Bethlehem Ephratah.

The Jewish Targum Yonathan cited by Rabbi Munk

paraphrases Gen. 35:21 and Micah 4:8, “He spread

his tent beyond Migdal Endar, the place where King

Messiah will reveal Himself at the end of days.” This was

fulfilled when the angels announced to the shepherds

in Bethlehem that the Messiah was born. The tower of

the flock was a two-story tower where shepherds would

watch over the flock from the second story and where

the newborn lambs were birthed in the lower portion in

a cave. These were special hand-picked shepherds that


were watching over lambs that were getting ready to be

sacrificed on Passover. These lambs were special also and

were wrapped with swaddling clothes to be protected

from hurt and blemish. These were the same type of

clothes used to wrap Jesus.

When they were first born they were kept in a

manger in the cave below. It was in this same cave that

Jesus was born. When the angels announced to the

shepherds that they would find the babe wrapped in

swaddling clothes and lying in a manger, they had no

need for the angels to tell them the place. They knew

the cave. It was right below them. These special lambs

were born around and during Passover in order to be

ready to be sacrificed on Passover. So, the announcement

by the angels to the shepherds was at Passover as they

were watching their special flock for Passover sacrifice.

The fact that Jesus was born on Passover and His birth

announced at the tower of the flock signifies that He is

the Passover Lamb and there is no more need for sacrificial

lambs. There is also no more need for the watch

tower of the flock! Also, the original Passover was a great

time of deliverance. What better day for the Deliverer to

be born? In addition, a tax was taken during the time of

Jesus’ birth. What great a time to take the tax when so

many were gathered together for Passover?

Here are some additional very important facts that

the Holy Ghost wants us to glean out of Passover:

1.) His Timing. – As I mentioned earlier, I

mentioned that Jesus fulfilled Passover

being born and dying on this feast. Also, I

mentioned that Jesus fulfilled the Feast of

Unleavened Bread by being circumcised

on the eighth day of the Feast. God’s tim66


ing is impeccable!

2.) God’s complete control- The events that

happened on the Passover that Jesus died

also shows God’s complete control. In

John 11:48-52 Caiaphas the high priest

recognized that Jesus had to die for the

sins of the whole world. God had put

this on his heart. The loudest voices to

have Jesus crucified when Pilate asked

the people what they would have him do

with Jesus, came from the high priest and

his people. Even when they said that His

blood would be upon them and their children,

this was not a curse but a blessing as

they knew who Jesus was (Matt. 27:25).

When Jesus was in front of Caiaphas, He

quoted from Psalm 110 when He said

that hereafter ye shall see the Son of Man

sitting on the right hand of power (Mt.

26:64). In Psalm 110:1, God says to Jesus

–sit at my right hand until I make your

enemies your footstool. This was a preview

of Jesus standing before Caiaphas. In

v. 4, Jesus is identified as the priest after

the order of Melchizedek. Jesus was taking

Caiaphas’ position as high priest for

Passover. In verse 5, the word says that

Jesus at Caiaphas’ right hand, could strike

through his heart if he didn’t relinquish

his priesthood. The Romans had set up

Caiaphas, not God. Caiaphas ripped his

garment, thereby giving up his priesthood

reluctantly to Jesus (Mt. 26:65). So,

on Passover, the next day, Jesus was the

high priest at 9:00 A.M. when Pilate pronounced

that the lamb (Him) was clean,


according to law (Luke 23:14,15) and at

3:00 P.M. officiating over His own death,

when the Passover lamb was sacrificed.

Praise Him!

In addition, the word says in Zechariah 11:12, that

the LORD said that He was going to be sold for thirty

pieces of silver. This was a prophecy about the LORD

speaking through Judas when the LORD said “give me

my price…”Also, in verse 13 there is a prophecy that

the LORD would say unto the chief priest to use the

thirty pieces of silver for the Potters field to bury the

poor. It is evident in this verse that this is the meaning

as “the LORD said unto me, cast it into the potters

field.” It seems that this is the chief priest talking.

Wow! The LORD is showing His complete control over

Judas and the chief priest! These prophecies were many

years before they happened (Matt. 26:14-16, 27:3-10).

Even in Matt. 27:10, in fulfilling this prophecy, the chief

priest said that he gave the money for the Potters field

“as the LORD appointed me.”

Also, in Matt. 26:2 Jesus tells His apostles that He

would be betrayed and crucified. The next verse says

“then the chief priests, and the scribes and the elders

of the people, unto the palace of the high priest, who

was called Caiaphas, and consulted that they might take

Jesus by subtilty, and kill Him.” Notice only when Jesus

spoke out that He would be crucified “then” the authorities

conspired to kill Him. They only had the authority

to do this when Jesus gave it to them by His words!

The Father really controls everything and everybody

(Col. 1:16,17); therefore we can say that no weapon

formed against us will ever prosper! This fact will help


us in ministering to people that are under the control of

Satan. This shows His complete control over everything!

3.) The Blood- Another aspect of this

Passover on which Jesus died is contained

in Acts 20:28, where the word says that

Jesus’ Blood is the Father’s Blood. This fact

makes the Blood so powerful and is the

reason why the devil is so terrified about

the Blood. We need to use the Blood as an

offensive weapon against Satan, not just

defensively. We need to plead the Blood

of Jesus over situations that could be coming

against us, to utterly destroy them, not

just use the Blood to defend us. We can

also use the Blood to restore what Satan

took away from us, whether it be finances,

relationships, etc. Israel always sacrificed

an animal before battle. We need to apply

the Blood over situations and watch them


4.) A time for wealth transfers- Another

aspect of this Passover on which Jesus died

is contained in Isaiah 53:12 where there

is a prophecy about His sacrificial death.

The word says that Jesus gave gifts to us,

dividing the spoils as a result of His victory

over sin, sickness and the grave.

As I mentioned earlier, Jesus was born on Passover

and He is now giving gifts on His birthday! In addition,

as I mentioned earlier, the thirty pieces of silver that was

given by the chief priests to Judas to betray Jesus was

given back to the chief priests, by Judas. They gave the

thirty pieces of silver to the poor as they purchased a


field for the poor to bury their dead and called it “The

Field of Blood.” Jesus arranged this “wealth transfer” to

the poor on the day of His sacrificial death, Passover.

5.) His deliverance – As the children of Israel

were delivered from Egypt by the blood of

a lamb on Passover, we have been delivered

from sin by the Blood of Jesus on the

Passover that He died and this Blood can

set other people free from sin through us.

Even Barabbas being freed on Passover

when Jesus was condemned to death

shows Jesus’ deliverance power. He did

this on the same day when He purchased

our own deliverance!

6.) Passover-a time of spiritual warfare. There

could be a lot of spiritual warfare during

this time, as Satan is really angry what

Yahshua did for us in His death. In Acts.

12 Peter was in prison and was to be killed

the next day. This was the time of Passover

and Unleavened Bread (see verse 3 and 4).

The word “Easter” in verse 4 should have

been translated Passover as it is the Greek

word “Pasch.” In Acts 27 Paul was on a

ship and in the middle of a storm and it

was Nisan 14(27:27) which is Passover.

However, Peter was set free and Paul made

it to Rome so don’t be concerned. Yahshua

rode into Jerusalem before Passover on

a donkey but He also had a colt (Matt.

21:5-7). He was going to be attacked during

Passover and the colt was symbolically

for us- to be attacked because of Him during

this season. It is a compliment to your

spiritual walk if you are attacked because


of Him. But remember, no weapon formed

against you will prosper (Is. 54:17). The

next Feast Day during this month is the

Feast of Unleavened Bread, which is a

seven day Feast that starts the day after

Passover. It starts on Nisan 15 and ends on

Nisan 21. The Jews are told to remove all

leaven from their houses during this time

period (Lev. 23:6). Leaven is a type of sin.

This season is a period of time where God

wants to purify us. Jesus fulfilled this feast

by leading a sinless life.

As a reminder, during this monthly time and in every

month, God wants access to change us into the image of

Jesus. There is such a special anointing during this time

that the things and people that you allow him to remove

out of your life may never come back.

Most Christians don’t realize the power in God’s

monthly blessings and carry their sins and circumstances

from one season to another. It is similar to putting the

garbage out to be picked up. There are certain days that

garbage is picked up. It would be foolish to put the garbage

out on days that there is no pickup. But when it

is the right time, all the garbage you leave out will be

picked up. The people picking up the trash will not bring

it back. All the garbage you allow God to pick up during

this time will be removed once and for all. Only you can

allow garbage back into your life. This is such a powerful

blessing during this month. Take advantage of it.

Another thing God wants to remove from our lives,

especially during this time of the first month, is the

Goliath who is dictating your life. David knows he could

destroy all the Philistines if he killed Goliath (1 Samuel

17), since the giant was their leader. Goliath was the one


doing all the threatening. The other Philistines were

hiding behind him.

In Numbers 33:3, the Word mentions that the children

of Israel leave Egypt on the fifteenth day of the

first month. They also leave with a high hand. They get

gold and silver from the Egyptians. Even though God

can deliver at any time, this is a day of great deliverance.

Begin to move out of where you are as God’s deliverance

power moves in your life. The Israelites were in bondage

for many years, but this day God moved on their

behalf and they had to move by faith. When Peter was

in prison, as recorded in Acts 12, he rises up and moves

when the angel tells him to (verse 7).

In this first month, there were some other great

events that happened during the Feast of Unleavened

Bread, the time period of Nisan 15-21:

1.) As I mentioned earlier, Jesus rose on Nisan

17. The word says in Daniel 9:26,27 that

the Messiah would be cut off in the middle

of the week. Jesus died at 3:00 P.M.

on Wednesday and rose 72 hours later on

Saturday, Nisan 17 at 3:00 P.M. His followers

had a tradition of not going near a

dead body on the Sabbath, so they waited

until after the Sabbath on Saturday night.

When they got to the tomb they saw that

He had already risen, while it was yet dark

on Saturday night ( John 20:1). What

some people forget is that they had to get

Jesus into the tomb before the first day of

Unleavened Bread. It was not a weekly

Sabbath but a High Holy Sabbath ( John

19:31). As I mentioned earlier, the first

and last days of Unleavened Bread are


holy convocations or Sabbaths when the

Jews have to be in the temple.

2.) As I mentioned earlier, Noah’s ark rested

on Mt. Ararat on Nisan 17. Genesis 8:4

– the word says that the ark rested on the

seventeenth day of the seventh month but

later the Lord changed the order of the

months to have the seventh month (Nisan

or Abib) to be the first-as recorded in

Exodus 12:1-2, 13:3,4). As I mentioned

earlier, the Israelites left Egypt the day

after Passover- Nisan 15, the first day of

Unleavened Bread (Exodus 13:3).

3.) Joshua surrounded Jericho during the Feast

of Unleavened Bread. On the seventh day

(Nisan 21), the last day of Unleavened

Bread, is when the walls of Jericho came

down. ( Joshua 5:10-12-6:3-27).

Also, as I mentioned earlier, during the time of

Passover and Unleavened Bread there is a time of great

warfare on some of God’s people.

In our ministering to others, the Feast of Unleavened

Bread is also a reminder that as we separate from sin

and move in the Gifts of the Spirit, we can do so more

effectively as we allow the Fruit of the Spirit to come

out of us. We can then go into the deep areas of where

people are hurting. The Fruit of the Spirit is all about

the personality of Jesus. The Fruit describes the nature

and character of Jesus. The Fruit of the Spirit is: love,

joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness goodness, faith,

meekness and temperance (Gal. 5:22-23). Let’s discuss

the Fruit in detail (a lot of this information is gotten

from Noah Webster’s Dictionary of 1848):


1.) Love-“Excited by the pleasing qualities of

an object which communicates pleasure in

one’s company, to regard with affection.”

When one is ministering to someone

in the Spirit with one of the gifts of the

Spirit one has to have pleasure in the one

who they are ministering to. They have to

see the person’s pleasing qualities in the

Spirit as they may not be evident in the

natural. The Father can bring this fruit

out of us if we desire and place the person

that we are ministering to in a high regard.

As we allow the Holy Spirit to show us

the person that we are ministering to in

the way that He sees the person, a deep

healing can flow through us in a word of

knowledge, a word of wisdom, etc. When

one is ministering in the Gifts of the Spirit

with a foundation of the fruit of the Spirit,

the person who they are ministering too

seems to be the most important person in

the world at that moment.

2.) Joy-“Emotion excited by the acquisition or

expectation of something good happening

to someone.” This emotion is caused by

the expectation of success or favor coming

into the person’s life as a result of the Holy

Spirit ministering through us. We have to

want to see the person really blessed more

than anything else. This can only happen

when the Holy Spirit moves in us with

His joy.

3.) Peace-“Sense of quiet or tranquility, freedom

from disturbance or agitation.” It also

means “freedom from fear, internal commotion,

terror, anxiety, in harmony and a


calm mind.” To move in the Gifts of the

Spirit, to help someone we have to desire

to bring peace into the situation of the

person that we are praying for. With this

attitude the Holy Spirit can really move

through us. The Holy Spirit can then free

people from the guilt of the past and the

events that are troubling them and robbing

their peace.

4.) Longsuffering-“Long endurance, forbearance

to punish, clemency and not easily

provoked or looking to strike back at an

offense.” Longsuffering “kicks” in when

patience runs out. It may be difficult without

this fruit of the Spirit to minister to

someone who tests our patience or who

has hurt us terribly. When the fruit of the

Spirit is operating through us the person

only sees Jesus working through us.

5.) Gentleness- “Mild, meek, soft, not rough,

harsh or severe, a gentle nature and peaceable.”

When one is operating in this fruit

it is like Jesus the Prince of Peace is ministering

in all His gentleness. There are so

many harsh things in some people’s daily

life and sometimes they encounter some

harsh people. They need to be ministered

to by Yahshua though us in gentleness.

6.) Goodness-“state of being good, having

physical qualities which constitute value,

excellence, perfection or Christian excellence.”

People need to see this in us as

there is so much wickedness in the world.

When this fruit is present and working

through us, there is no telling what a person

may receive from Elohim.


7.) Faith-“To draw.” Having this supernatural

faith operating through us can help us to

draw on the supernatural power of Elohim

to bring about a miracle or a blessing in

one’s life.

8.) Meekness-Meekness is not weakness.

Meekness is “softness of temper, mildness,

gentleness, not striking back after

an injury or provocation.” It also means

submission to Yahweh’s will without murmuring

or complaining. It is the opposite

of pride. People being ministered to will

really respond when one is moving in this

fruit of the Spirit.

9.) Temperance-“Habitual, continuing moderation

in regard to natural appetites.” It is

so important to demonstrate this fruit to

show that we are controlled by the Holy

Spirit and not our fleshly appetites.

On the sixteenth day of the first month the Feast

of Firstfruits occurs. It is a fifty-day Feast that ends

on the sixth day of Sivan, or Pentecost. As Pentecost

approaches, God has chosen this time to do some spring

cleaning. This starts to happen during the time of

Firstfruits. After Jesus rose from the dead, he ascended

to his Father to present his blood on the mercy seat of

heaven to cleanse it. He did this during Firstfruits, to

show that he is the Firstfruit from the dead.

On this feast previously, the High Priest would present

the first grain from the harvest to God as an offering.

Jesus fulfilled this feast after he rose from the dead.

During this time, God is trying to prepare us for his

mighty move that will start to take place on Pentecost.

Allow him to point out those areas of your life that need


to change. He is trying to get his people ready for all that

he is starting on Pentecost.

During this time, your number one prayer should be

for the Father to conform you into the image of Jesus.

As you pray this from the heart, he will point out those

areas of your life that need to change. Just because we

are saved, it doesn’t mean that we have arrived. God put

us on the road to sanctification, when we became born

again, but holiness is a process that must be walked out.

Even though we receive a righteous standing when born

again, the road to sanctification is a process that conforms

us to the image of Jesus. During our walk on this

road, God wants complete access to change us into his

image. As God points things out in our life, we can’t

argue with him and deny, but need to accept the correction

and allow him to change us. The Word says in

Romans 8:13, that only the Spirit of God can mortify

the deeds of the flesh!

We are helpless to change ourselves and stop sinning.

However, we need to make quality decisions not to sin

and ask for his strength. How many blessings God can

bestow on us with this attitude! This is why we have

missed blessings. God was trying to prepare us for blessings

during his cleaning process, but we went back to

our old ways and missed him.

In Romans, Paul says “we should not serve sin,” that

we are dead to sin (6:6, 11). He also says in v. 12 not to

let sin reign in our mortal bodies, that we should obey it

in the lust thereof. He also says in verse 13 “not to yield

our members (bodies) as instruments of unrighteousness

unto sin, but yield our members as instruments of righteousness

unto God.” Sin has no power over us unless we

yield to it. Satan can’t make us sin; he only tempts our


flesh. This is why we need to know that the battle is over

our thought life.

In 2 Corinthians 10:5, Paul instructs us to cast down

all evil imaginations and bring every thought captive

to Jesus. This process is like a tennis game. When the

devil gives you a thought, hit it back to Jesus. Please

don’t dwell and meditate on the thought. Most murderers

don’t become killers overnight. They meditate on the

thought that the enemy gives over a period of time, act

it out in their minds, and then perform the terrible act.

The Word even tells us what to think on in Philippians

4:8: things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, good

report, virtue, and praise. We have to realize that there

is a battle over our minds to try to control our future

destiny away from the purpose God intends.

We have a responsibility in our walk to make a quality

decision not to sin, to repent quickly if we commit a sin,

and to walk circumspectively, avoiding pitfalls and plans

of the enemy. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 9:26, 27 to bring

our bodies under subjection, lest we become castaways.

Temptation is strong, but Paul also says in 10:13 that God

always prepares a way of escape. Praise him!

During this spring cleaning, God wants us to clean

ourselves with his Word. He wants us to speak these

scriptures into our lives. Before you confess scriptures

over yourself, say out loud that “the scriptures that I am

claiming are for me and my family and I am using the

terms we or us to apply these scriptures to my family

and me.” In reality, you are cleaning your whole family

with the Word. For example, in Romans 6:14, you can

say that sin does not have dominion over us. The devil

knows exactly whom you are taking about because you

said in the very beginning whom the scriptures apply to.


This is a powerful weapon that can clean you up on a

daily basis.

Please take note of this spring cleaning process and

allow God to change you into the image of his Son. He

wants to do this cleaning not only at this time of year,

but anytime that he prompts you! When he has access

to change you, there is no telling what he can do to bless

you, especially during a season such as Pentecost. As you

see all the blessings, contained in this feast, you will be

glad that you went through the Spring Cleaning.

Another aspect of the Feast of Firstfruits which starts

during the first month is that Elohim wants to remind us

that He goes ahead of us (first) and gives us our breakthrough.

He is the Firstfruit from the dead. With this

knowledge that He is the God of the Breakthrough, we

can minister in the Gifts of the Spirit so much more

effectively and believe strongly that God can give them

the breakthrough that they need so desperately.

Yes! our God is the truly the God of our breakthrough.

In Micah Chapter 2:13, the word says that “the

breaker is come up before them: they have broken up

and have passed through the gate and are gone out by

it: and their king shall pass before them and the LORD

on the head of them.” You see God goes ahead of you in

every situation. He is your breaker!

As God leads people to you to be ministered to,

remember from this study of the Feast of Firstfruits

that He wants to go ahead of them and give them a

Breakthrough that could culminate on the Feast of


As I mentioned earlier, on the seventeenth day of

the first month is when Jesus rose from the dead. That

same resurrection power that raised him from the dead is

available to you to raise you up out of any situation that


has you buried. The greatest event in history occurred

in this first month on this day. Surely his resurrection

power is available at other times, but it is always available

on this day. Believe when that day comes around for

that same resurrection power to raise you up from any


Also, on the seventeenth day of the first month, or

Nisan 17, the Jews, as recorded in the book of Esther,

were delivered from wicked Haman on Nisan 17. In

Esther 3:12, the decree to kill all the Jews is signed on

the thirteenth day of the first month, or Nisan 13. On the

same day as recorded in chapter 4, Mordecai approaches

Esther about the plan that wicked Haman tricked the

King into signing. She tells him to tell the people to fast

for her for three days and that she would go in to see the

King unannounced (on Nisan 16). The King receives her

and wants to give her anything that she wants (Oh! the

favor of God!). She asks (verse 4) that Haman would be

invited to a banquet she was giving on that day (Nisan

16). At the banquet she asks the king that Haman be

invited to another banquet that she would give the next

day (Nisan 17). On this day, at this banquet, it was

revealed to the King that Haman was behind the plan to

kill all of Esther’s people. The King hanged Haman on

the same gallows that Haman prepared for Mordecai on

that very day (Nisan 17). So Nisan 17 is a great day for

God to demonstrate his deliverance power in your life.

In Daniel 10:4, the angel Gabriel appears to Daniel

and shows him things that were going to happen in the

last days. This happened on the twenty-fourth day of

the first month. This is a great day of visitation by God

to speak a prophetic word that could affect the whole

world. In verse 2, Daniel mentions that he started to fast

for twenty-one days. In verse 13, Gabriel mentions that


the Prince of Persia withstood him twenty-one days. It

would seem that Daniel started his fast on the third day

of the first month. This fast helps to bring an angelic

visitation twenty-one days later, when Gabriel appears.

As a result, the third day of the first month is a great day

to start a Daniel fast (verse 3) that could bring about an

angelic visitation or a far reaching word from the Lord,

concerning the last days.

Let’s summarize the importance of the first month

as a whole:

1. Extravagant blessings.

2. Restoration.

3. Fulfillment of long-awaited promises.

4. New strategies.

5. Time of testing, be on guard.

6. Transfer of assignments to others.

7. Time of war and to receive spoils.

8. Cross-over into purpose.

9. Change in leadership, replacement anointing.

10. God raises up promises that seem to be

dead, and he can bring one to new spiritual


11. God takes away the power of your enemies,

destroys their plans, brings judgment

on them, and brings a great deliverance.

A summary of the importance of specific days in the


1. First day- assignments given to change


many lives, time to step out, and there is

also a recovery and restoration anointing

on this day.

2. Seventh day- God taking away the power

of your enemies.

3. Fourteenth day- Feast of Passover- The

birth and death of Jesus occurred on this

day! A special time to die to your fleshly

desires and weaknesses. Destroy those circumstances

in your life that are interfering

with receiving God’s blessings. Passover

anointing to deliver whole families.

4. Fifteenth day to the twenty-first day- Feast

of the Unleavened Bread. Unleavened

Bread anointing to remove things from

your life that are contrary to God’s

Word (your Goliaths and other strongholds,

etc) once and for all.

5. Fifteenth day- Great deliverance anointing

and an anointing to receive spoils from


6. Sixteenth day- Feast of Firstfruits - Feast

of Firstfruits anointing to do a “spring

cleaning” in our lives, to enable us by the

power of the Holy Spirit to conform to

the image of Jesus.

7. Seventeenth day- Christ’s resurrection -

God can raise up promises that seem to be

dead and he can bring one to new spiritual

levels, all with his Resurrection power.

8. Seventeenth day- God can bring great

deliverance from the plans of your enemies

and bring them into judgment.


9. Twenty-fourth- great day of visitation and

revelation, especially new truths of the

Last Days.

During this month, you may feel all alone with

nobody who can help you but God. This is the way he

wants you to feel. He is preparing you for something

powerful during the year. The weird feeling of being

alone is necessary for God to bring you to a new level

of promotion and blessing. The number one, as used in

the Word, means that you are the one going through

the trial. Other people may be affected indirectly, but

you are the one whom God has called to go through a

particular trial in order to receive the blessing he has for

you. During this first month, don’t look for a lot of help

from people because God is trying to establish a closer

relationship with you.

The numbering of chapters and verses in the Word

bear witness to the truth that God has shown me about

his numbering system. For example, in Mark 1, the

Word tells of John being the voice crying in the wilderness

and the one whom God uses to preach the baptism

in the wilderness. God is showing in Mark 1 that he calls

us alone and uses us as individuals. In this same chapter,

the Word shows how Jesus is used by his Father to call

people to follow him, to cast out devils, etc. I think it is

amazing that the Bible talks about how God deals with

us as one, uses us as one, and shows what he can do with

one person.

In Luke 1, the Word follows the calling of Zacharias

and his doubt and eventual belief. It also talks of

Elizabeth conceiving and encouraging Mary, the mother

of Jesus. It tells of Mary, the one person chosen by God

to carry his Son, after the Holy Spirit overshadows her


(verse 35). The chapter shows how God calls people

alone to go through a trial or on an assignment and the

eventual blessing.

In John 1, the Word talks again about one called John

the Baptist being called, being used by God and finding

Jesus the Messiah. It talks about Jesus calling individuals—

Nathaniel and Phillip. Do you see the numbering

of Chapter 1 with the calling of us as one, called for our

individual trials, called for our individual ministries and

blessings? Praise him!

In Jeremiah 1, the Word talks of Jeremiah being

called before the foundation of the world (verse 5). In

verse 8, the Word shows that he believes that he was

not worthy and how God encourages him. In verse 10,

God tells him his purpose: “to root out, to pull down, to

destroy, to build … ” Again, it’s the calling of one person

for his work. This should encourage us to know that

God calls and treats us as individuals.

In Proverbs 1, God introduces Solomon—one man—

to write proverbs in order to know wisdom and instruction.

He is writing to his son and to us. Again, one man

called for a purpose. Be encouraged that God has called

you as one man, woman, boy, or girl for his purpose and

anoints you to do so and to go through whatever trial is

necessary to get your blessing.

In Revelation 1, God introduces John, his servant,

and how he sends and signifies the Revelation of Jesus

Christ. This is the beginning of a great revelation to

John for us. What a blessing. What an honor for John.

It’s the only book in the Word where Jesus is called “The

Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End”

(verse 8). Look how God used one person to reveal so

much and how God wants to use you as an individual

and give great revelations to you also.


Another example is in Acts 1:26; Matthias is called

by God to replace Judas. This is an individual calling of

one person.

In Genesis 1 verse 26, he relates how he creates an

individual (Adam) in his image for a purpose. This is

important for us to know, that Satan can’t touch us successfully

on a mission from God because we have been

individually hand-picked by God.

In summary, be encouraged during this first month,

that you are not alone. God is with you. He is preparing

you during this first month in a very personal way for

him to use you so powerfully during the rest of the year.

During this month, God is really trying to show you that

all you need is him.

The events of the first month show God’s precise

timing. Let the same spirit that raised Jesus from the

dead quicken you to a new level during this first month.



Iyyar (Apr.-May)

We now want to explore the great truths in the Word

concerning the second month; In Numbers 1:1–3, God

speaks to Moses to gather all the men who could go to

war. This is an excellent time to take an inventory of the

people in your ministry to see if they have strength for

spiritual war. This is a time where God will speak to you

about the strengths and weaknesses of the people around

you. He’ll let you know whom you can trust to line up

behind you in battle against Satan. It is so important

to listen to the Holy Spirit about whom you can trust,

especially during this month. In any battle fought in the

World Wars, it was critical who fought next to you. You

were only as strong as your “buddy” next to you. It is

obvious that David recognized this great fact by the men

he assembled around him, as recorded in 2 Sam. 23:8–

39. Some even risk their lives to get him a drink of water

in Jerusalem (verse 16).

Also during this month, as recorded in Numbers

2, God tells Moses to position the people by families

around the tabernacle. It is also so important, especially

at this time, to position more prayer covering around

you and your ministry. Try to get volunteers to take a

certain time during the day to pray, and try to organize

a twenty-four-hour prayer clock around you and your


ministry. You may be only as strong as the prayer around


In Numbers 10:11, the Word says the cloud is taken

up off the tabernacle and the children of Israel have to

move to another location. This happens on the twentieth

day of the second month. In this particular month on

this particular day, God wants to lead some of his people

to another location, either physically or spiritually or

both. Be alert and take advantage of his prompting and

leading. It could be a great time to get that new beginning

in a new location. In verse 29, Moses confirms this

when he mentions that they are going to the place God

had promised. God could fulfill many promises about

new locations and new spiritual levels at this time, so be

aware that he could be leading you to them.

In verse 35, Moses asks the Lord to rise up and let

his enemies be scattered and let them flee before him.

This twentieth day of the second month is a great time

for God to begin to scatter your enemies, who are really

his enemies. Believe that he is putting confusion into

the plans of your enemies and that they will fight each

other, just like he did with Jonathan in 1 Sam. 14:20

and Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20:23. Because of their

bravery, God wins the battle for both Jonathan and

Jehoshaphat. They do little and God did the rest. They

just have to be obedient and go toward the enemy without

retreating. This twentieth day of the second month

is such a great time to take God at his Word and face

your enemy, with victory assured.

In 2 Chronicles 3:2, Solomon starts to build the

temple on the second day of the second month. This is

a great time to start building what God has promised.

Take advantage of God’s timing and anointing on particular

days and months of the year. Do you realize that


years later, Ezra starts rebuilding the temple in the same

month that Solomon started building the temple originally

(Ezra 3:8)? This is truly amazing! God has everything

timed out. God could have you start new foundation

courses at this time to build up people’s lives. This

month is also a time when adversaries could begin to

attack the plan God gave you for building. In Ezra 4:1,

the adversaries to God’s people get all riled up and made

threats to attempt to stop the work. Don’t be alarmed.

“Greater is God that is in you than he that is in the

world” (1 John 4:4). “No weapon of the enemy formed

against you will prosper” (Isaiah 54:17).

Let’s summarize the importance of the second month

as a whole:

1. Great time to go to spiritual battle and

take an inventory of who around you is

capable of fighting alongside you.

2. Time to position more prayer support

around yourself.

3. Great time to receive new revelations from

God which could be entrances to new

spiritual levels.

A summary of the importance of specific days during

the month:

1. Second day- Great time to start building

the structure God enabled you to build.

2. Twentieth day- Great time for God to

scatter your enemies, who are really his

enemies. Great time to move to new locations

(physically or spiritually) if God


During this second month, God will reveal more


about the meaning of the number two in the Word.

When God calls someone, he always has somebody

else ready if one says no. He always has a ram in the

bush. In the Old Testament, two goats were used in a

sacrifice, one was killed, and the other was sent out into

the wilderness. The number two represents you and me

responding to an invitation from God to do something.

We can either say yes or no. Again, if you say no, he

always has someone else who will say yes.

In Matthew 24:40, the Word says there will be “two

in the field, and one will be taken and one left.” In Mark

11:4, the Word mentions that there was a colt tied where

two ways met. One can go either of two ways—obey

God or not. This truth about the number two is brought

out in the story of the prodigal son, who leaves his

father while the other son stays to do his father’s will. In

Genesis 2:15, man (Adam) is chosen to do a work, and

in verse 18, a helpmate (Eve) is created.

In Proverbs 2:2, God is showing the importance of

doing what God said by understanding the fear of the

Lord. In verse 16, God talks about not letting a stranger

keep you from doing what God wants, or he will have

to use and bless someone else who will do what he says.

In Psalm 2:11, the Psalmist says to serve the Lord with

fear and rejoice with trembling. When he calls you to an

assignment, make sure you accomplish it. In Jeremiah

2:7, God talks about bringing Israel into a plentiful

country to eat the fruit and goodness but not to defile

the land when entering. In verse 13, the Word even says

two evils have been committed by his people. In verse

17, he talks about forsaking the Lord when he led them.

These are warnings to you and me to obey him and not

miss his blessing.

In Matthew 2:16, Herod slays all the children two


years old and younger after the wise men don’t do what

he says. In Mark 2:14, Jesus calls Matthew and says,

“Follow me.” The choice is yours to follow him and be

blessed or to miss out.

The number two in the Word also means you are

not doing the assignment alone, but God is with you.

In Mark 2:15, Jesus sits at a meal with Matthew after

he called him. He took care of him. In Matthew 2:20,

God shows his protection of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus by

sending them into Egypt for protection from the baby

slayings ordered by Herod and providing them with gifts

that were given by the wise men to support them. He’ll

do the same for you, for when he calls you to do something,

he goes with you, blessing and sustaining you. In

Jeremiah 2:7, he mentions how he called Israel into a

plentiful country. Oh how wonderful his sustaining

power is when he calls us!

Expect God to confirm these truths to you during

this second month and walk in the awareness that he will

go with you in what he calls you to do. He also wants to

remind you periodically during the month that if you

say no to what he is asking you to do, he always has

somebody else who will say yes. This is a very important

month for you to stay close to God and not pay attention

to what your flesh may be saying concerning the assignment

he gave you. Carry through on your assignment!




Sivan (May-June)

In 2 Chronicles 14:9, the Word records that Asa, who

was a good king, goes into battle against 1,300,000 of

the enemy and God wins a great victory for his people.

In 15:10, the Word declares that Asa calls all his people

together in the third month. They offer a great sacrifice

to God in thanksgiving for all his victories which he

wrought for them. When they got together, they make a

covenant with God to follow him after they had backslid

earlier. God honors his part of the covenant by giving

them rest from their enemies (verse 15).

This month is a great time to come back to Jesus and

re-dedicate everything to him and praise him for all his

past victories for you. This month is also a great time

for God to demonstrate his power, especially when the

odds are against you. In your situation, you may feel like

1,300,000 people are coming against you, but take this

to heart—everything and everybody report to God. “All

things were created by God and for God and by him all

things consist“(Colossians 1:16,17). God controls everything

and he gets the most glory when he wins for you

with the odds stacked against you.

In 2 Chronicles 15:16, in the third month (verse

10), Asa removes his mother from being queen because

she made an idol in the grove. He also cuts down and

destroys the idol. This month is such a great time to

separate yourself from the wrong influence in your life,


even if it may be a family member. Don’t let the people

who are continually breaking God’s commandments be

an influence in your life.

How many politicians hire people just because they

are relatives or because they are backers to whom they

owe favors? They may be doing something illegal, and it

is a case of guilty by association. As a result, this month is

a great time to reevaluate the people who have a direct or

indirect influence in your life. This reevaluation will help

you avoid some potential pitfalls in your life and make

you sharper in the future concerning the people you may

allow to get close to you.

Especially during this month, make sure you don’t

have an idol in your life (i.e. somebody or something

that you are putting ahead of God in terms of affection).

An idol could be a person, TV program, the Internet,

money, possessions, beauty (the body), power, fame, psychics,

cults, etc. God may be moving, especially during

this month, to remove anything or anybody that would

potentially separate you from God.

It is recorded in verse 19 of this chapter of 2

Chronicles that after Asa does these things, there was

no more war. When you do the things mentioned above,

Satan has less legal ground in your life to work with.

In 2 Chronicles 31:1, it is recorded that Hezekiah

destroys all the idols in the groves and the high altars. As

a result, offerings come in for the priests and the Levites

in such a great amount that they are piled in high heaps.

These offerings started coming in the third month and

continue until the seventh month (verse 7). What abundance!

Do you see what can happen as you cast the idols

and sin out of your life, especially in this third month?

Abundance comes as a result of this obedience. Again,

these offerings were for the priests and the Levites (the


preachers). Some of you ministers reading this book may

feel dry financially. But, get ready for this third month

abundance as you obey his commands.

The time of Firstfruits starts on Nissan 16 and

ends fifty days later on the feast of Pentecost (Sivan 6)

(Leviticus 23:10–16). The appointed feast prepares us

for Pentecost (Leviticus 23:16–22), which is a promotion,

or explosion, time. This is a period of time when so

many ministries after the season of Firstfruits can start

to take off, or explode, by Pentecost. If they can allow

God to deal with them during that fifty days and open

themselves up to the searching of the Holy Spirit, they

can be put in position on Pentecost, for their promotion.

During the time of Firstfruits, he is removing all the

excess baggage so you can cross over during the season of

Pentecost. This is why it is so important to know God’s

seasons: how he is moving and what he expects us to do.

The season of Firstfruits is not a season of asking for

things, but a period of time where he can prepare you

for things you may start receiving on Pentecost. Again,

Firstfruits is a season of finding out what is not right in

our lives by the searchlight of the Holy Spirit. As we

yield these areas of our lives to him, he removes them

once and for all. Then we are ready for that wonderful

time of Pentecost where he has prepared us to receive

abundantly. Praise him! This is why so many Christians

don’t receive from God. They don’t adapt to his seasons.

The original Pentecost on Mount Sinai was also a

marriage contract that God makes with Israel ( Jeremiah

2:1–3). God also makes a betrothal contract with his

church body (2 Corinthians 11:2). Jew and Gentile are

espoused (betrothed) to Jesus and will soon become his

“wife” (Rev. 19:7–8). This season is also a time where

God can bring ordained couples together for marriage.


He can arrange for divine encounters. Those of you who

are single and have had a promise from God concerning

marriage should be attentive for a move of God in this

area at this time of year. God could start to bring that

God ordained companion into your life at the start of

this season.

Another aspect of the Day of Pentecost is the fact that

during this feast, two loaves of bread were being offered

in the temple. The two loaves represent the church comprised

of Jew and Gentile alike, both born into Jesus the

Messiah. Look at the start of this feast for God to pour

out a special anointing to bring Jews and Gentiles closer

together. Be aware, be open, and be available for him to

start accomplishing this through you.

Some other aspects of Pentecost in Jerusalem are:

1.) Increase power and boldness- Acts 3:8,

4:13, 19, 30-33, 5:12-16, 10:44-48, 14:19-

23, 19:8-12, 19:11-20, 20:20-24 and


2.) Expansion- After Pentecost, the apostles

started “moving out” in their ministries.

They were now getting around and demonstrating

Jesus’ power operating in their

lives for all to see. With this power, they

started ministering to the needs of many

people, so this season of Pentecost should

generate new power to speak into the lives

of other people in a deeper fashion.

3.) Positioning-In this season of Pentecost,

Elohim is positioning us where we will

be most effective and empowering us

to be able to minister to people in a

deeper and more profound way. The seaNOON


son of Firstfruits is the preparation for

this new empowerment on Pentecost.

Yahshua( Jesus) is working and working

on our flesh (sin habits). As a result, it is so

important to listen and obey His promptings.

Elohim is honoring our desire to

help more of His children in a deeper way

and He is using this time to prepare us.

Seek him during the season of Firstfruits and get

ready for some of the biggest blessings and opportunities

you have ever seen. When God is in a blessing season

like Pentecost, there is no telling what and how much he

will pour out. It all has to do with his timing. He blesses

us every day, but he still has seasons where he has overwhelming

blessings and promotions.

We need to learn and take advantage of God’s movement

during his seasons and not try to force him to

adapt to our period of expectation. As we spend time in

his presence, especially during the time of Unleavened

Bread and Firstfruits, we will see what is expected of us,

and we can be in such a mode of receiving during such a

season as Pentecost.

Let’s summarize the importance of the third month:

1. Re-dedication to Jesus and remembering

all his victories on our behalf.

2. He wins for you, in the face of impossible


3. Remove the people in your life who

could be influencing you away from God,

directly or indirectly.

A summary of the importance of specific days during

the month:


1. The sixth day- Pentecost anointing for

empowerment, expansion, and promotion.

Also, people who had an advantage over

you now lose their advantage. This time

of the month is also a time of positioning

by God.

There is a general anointing on this third month for

God to show you he is with you and that he is God

of anything you are going through for him. This is one

of the meanings of the use of the number three in the

Word. He demonstrates his many attributes in this

month more than any other. In this month, God confirms

that he is with you and encourages you.

Let’s look together at some of the books of the Bible

and see the truth about the number three and how it can

affect your life. We will look at situations in the word

where the number three is mentioned.

In Genesis 6:9, the Word says that Noah walks with

God and this was confirmed by the next verse. In verse

10, the Word says that Noah has three sons. This is God

showing Noah that he is going with him. He is going

with you too!

In Genesis 15:5, Abraham is told by God that he

would be the father of many nations. In verse 9, after

Abraham asks God for a sign that this would happen,

God tells him to take a heifer, goat and a ram of three

years old and lay it before him. This was showing by the

number three that God would make sure that he would

bring forth the promise of a son through his bowels.

Again, God can do the impossible in your life too, as

you get him directly involved by turning the situation

over to him. God again confirmed this in Genesis 18:2

where three angels come to Abraham and God confirms


through these angels what he promised before about

Abraham’s seed. Sarah makes three measures of fine

meal for the three angels (verse 6). The fact that there

are three angels and three measures of meal signify that

God would do what he said he would do (Abraham and

Sarah having a son of their own). This is evident in verse

14, where God asked the question “Is there anything too

hard for God?” The mention of the number three means

that God will see to it that his promise will be done.

This is a promise for you and I also; “Is there anything

too hard for God?”

In the book of Exodus, 10:22, Moses stretches forth

his rod and there is darkness three days in Egypt. This

use of the number three signifies that God would take

them out of Egypt and his presence would go with them

as also seen in chapter 33:14–15. In Leviticus 19:23,

God tells them that when they shall come into the new

land that they should plant fruit trees and not eat of the

fruit on them for three years. The use of the number

three again is signifying that God would take them into

their new land. You too!

In Numbers 12:4, God requests that three people

come unto him in the tabernacle (Moses, Aaron, and

Miriam). This was God again reaffirming his promise to

go with them and lead them into the promised land! In

Deuteronomy 16:16, God tells the Israelites that three

times in the year all males should appear before him

(Feast of Tabernacles, Unleavened Bread, and the Feast

of Weeks). Again, this was signifying the fact that he

would take them into the new land. Keeping these three

feasts signifies that he would bring them in.

In Joshua 1:11, God tells the people that in three days

they would cross over the Jordan River into the promise


land. God’s word is always true. If he said that he would

bring you in, he will.

Remember, during the third month, God is confirming

that he is God over whatever you are facing and that

he will be with you to carry you through. Let him show

forth his many attributes in your life during this month.



Tammuz ( June- July)

In Jeremiah 39:14, after the Babylonians conquered

Jerusalem, Jeremiah is delivered from prison (his people

didn’t listen to his prophecy and threw him into prison).

This happens in the fourth month (verse 2). The king,

Zedekiah, who also didn’t listen to Jeremiah, is thrown

into prison after his sons are slain right before his eyes.

Also, his eyes are plucked out (verses 6–8). He takes

Jeremiah’s place in prison. As a result, this is a great

month for God to confirm the word he gave you for others,

even though they wouldn’t listen. He can also deliver

you from any plans that they may have against you. He

may put your enemies and the people who wouldn’t listen

to the word God gave you for them into the same

situation they had devised against you. The tables might

be turned.

In Ezekiel 1, the Lord shows a vision to Ezekiel of

four creatures joined to each other and going in the same

direction, guided by the Spirit of God. He also sees

them determined to continue in the direction the Spirit

of God leads them (verses 4–12). This vision occurs on

the fifth day of the fourth month. This is a great time

for God to put things in or back into order. He can give

fresh direction or confirm direction already given. This

is a time where he wants to raise up teams with one God

given purpose and no big egos. This time is an excellent

time to send out teams for important assignments.


You have correctly waited for the right time to put your

plan into effect and this is one of the times during the

year where God says, “Push out from the shore or take

off.” He has been assembling the team and they are now

ready. Don’t wait too long to do so because all of God’s

windows of opportunity do close eventually. The fire

of the Holy Ghost is on these teams (verse 13). These

teams will make a lot of noise in the devil’s territory (v.


As recorded in Zechariah 8:19, God talks about the

fast of the fourth month as a fast of joy. It is a time for

celebration, so celebrate with the Lord. Have a Holy

Ghost party. Celebrate what he has done or will do, by

faith. Drive the devil crazy with the noise of the party.

God also mentions, as recorded in verses 20–21, that

multitudes will come your way. Believe for increase in

ministry, business, anointing, etc. This is truly a time of

joy. It is a time where God will make up for the times of

sadness. Praise him!

Let’s summarize the importance of the fourth month

as a whole:

1. God confirming the word that he gave

you for others, who didn’t pay heed.

2. God reverses the plans of the people who

refused to believe the word you had for


3. Celebration of what God has done or

will do and another great time for godly


A summary of the importance of specific days during

the month:

1. Fifth Day- Time for God to send out

NOON 101

teams that will follow his leading, in one

accord. They will have the fire of the Holy

Ghost and make a lot of noise in the devil’s


The number four in the Word stands for the earth.

There are four seasons and four directions (north, east,

south, and west).Your attack is on the earth and he will

give you victory on the earth. In this fourth month especially,

God is telling you that since the attack is affecting

you in the natural, he is about to give you victory in the

natural. God knows we exist in the natural and we need

to be blessed in this arena too. He just wants our souls

to prosper first (3 John 2). He is about to prepare a table

in the midst of your enemies (Psalm 23:5). He also says

that in nothing shall you be ashamed (Romans 10:11).

The very area that the enemy is attacking is the very area

that God is ready to bless you in this month. Job got

blessed double after his trial.

Let’s look at the use of the number four in the Word

by looking at some chapters and verses with the number

four: “The earth is God’s and the fullness thereof ”

(Psalm 24:1).

In Mark 4:1–23, Jesus talks about the seed in the

earth, showing us that we are his seed in the earth and

that we will bring forth much fruit here. In verse 28,

Jesus talks about the earth again as he mentions that our

blessings come on the earth as a blade, then an ear, then

a full corn in the ear. When you see the blade of your

miracle, the little cloud the size of a man’s hand, then

you need to rejoice! Your victory is near, right on the

earth. In verses 35–41, he shows us his power over the

things of the earth by calming the sea. He can do it for

you right where you are, right on the earth.

This truth about the number four is further evident


in Daniel 3:25, where Nebuchadnezzar sees four in the

fiery furnace. This means to you that nothing on earth

(number four), nor anything in the natural, can separate

you from God. He also will deliver you from any fiery

furnace that may be against you on the earth!

In Acts 12:4, Peter is delivered to four quaternions of

soldiers to be guarded in prison (four squads of four soldiers

each). As you can see from verses 7–11, the number

four in this chapter in verse 4 means that nothing on

earth can keep Peter in prison. God sets him free and

leads him out! He promises to do the same for you, especially

during this fourth month.

In Acts 27:29, Paul is on a ship going toward Rome

and a great storm comes against the ship. They cast four

anchors and are fearful. In chapter 28, Paul is delivered

from the storm and is taken to the destination God had

purposed for him (Acts 28:30–31). Nothing on earth

(number four) could stop him.

In Exodus 25:12, Moses is told by God to put four

rings of gold on the Ark of the Covenant in the tabernacle.

Jesus is our ark of safety, our God (gold) who came

on the earth (number four) to save us from our sins.

Nothing on earth could stop him, nor can anything stop

you from getting where God wants you to go. God will

especially bless you during this fourth month. Expect!

NOON 103


Av ( July-Aug.)

In Jeremiah 52:12, the Word says the enemy invades and

takes Jerusalem on the tenth day of the fifth month. This

is a time to be on guard to a greater degree for the attack

of the enemy. I don’t want you to be devil-conscious, but

listen carefully to the Spirit of God as he warns.

On the same day of the same month in Ezekiel 20,

God tells his people to remember how their ancestors

rebelled against him and his ways and worshiped idols.

He pleads with them not to make the same mistake. He

also mentions that he wants to bring them into land he

promised them. He is saying the same thing today, especially

during this month (i.e. forsake any idols and obey

his statutes).

His sword is ready to strike. We need to go back with

the Holy Spirit and allow him to bring to mind the sins

of our ancestors, ask him to forgive them, break any

curses, replace our ungodly beliefs with godly beliefs,

and allow him to remove any and all spirit/soul hurts

from the past. He wants an opportunity to clean up our

past and get our attention off of people and onto him.

He wants to remove any and all idols.

He also mentions in verse 38 that he wants to remove

the rebels from amongst them. He wants to do the same

thing today, especially at this time of the year. He wants

to remove those people in your life who are rebelling

against him and might be causing you to do the same.


Believe that God will bring those negative influences

out of your children’s lives at the same time. There is a

special anointing to do so at this time. He says in verses

42 and 44 that if we do the above mentioned concerning

the sins of our ancestors, he will then bring us into

our land of inheritance for his mercies’ sake. Wow! Take

advantage of his mercy.

In Ezra 7:8, the Word mentions that Ezra arrives

at Jerusalem in the fifth month after traveling three

months from Babylon to rebuild the temple of God. He

arrives at his purpose at last. This could be the time that

you arrive at your purpose. Be on the alert; your purpose

could be right in front of you and be revealed at this time

of the year.

At the time of his arrival in Jerusalem to rebuild the

temple, he has in his possession all he needed to finish

the job. Artaxerxes, the king of Babylon, had given him

gold and silver to use in whatever way he deemed fit

for rebuilding the temple of God. He also gave a letter

ordering treasurers in the area along the way to do the

same if he didn’t have enough. Artaxerexes commanded

that all the money would be tax-free (verse 24). Can you

believe for the same favor to do your purpose?

There is a special anointing on this time of the year

for this favor. God will touch people’s hearts to do this

in your life. All the people Ezra needs to help him do

his purpose are there and in place (verse 28). Please take

advantage of this season and expect provision for the


Also, as I mentioned in the chapter on the fourth

month, the Lord set aside certain months for celebration

as recorded in Zechariah 8:19. Besides the fourth

month, he also set aside this month. So rejoice in the

Lord for what he has done and will do for you. Believe

NOON 105

for increase as blessings, people, and opportunities start

coming your way (verse 21–23).

In Jeremiah 28:1, in the fifth month, the false prophet

Hananiah mentions that God would break the yoke of

the king of Babylon, and within two years all that the

enemy took would be returned to his people. He didn’t

believe Jeremiah’s prophecy that the king of Babylon

would conquer them and keep them in captivity for seventy

years. He tries to contradict his prophecy with a

false one. God speaks through Jeremiah that this false

prophet would die within a year, which happens.

This is also a time for judgment on the false prophets

who have led God’s people astray. God cares too much

for his people to continue to allow the false prophets to

continue, especially if they don’t repent. A prophecy is

special and personal. People open their spirits to prophecy

and he doesn’t want his people hurt.

Let’s summarize the importance of the fifth month

as a whole:

1. Be ready! Expect all the provisions for the

vision he has given you to start coming

from people he brings into your life.

2. Joyous celebration during this month.

3. Time of punishment of false prophets

who refuse to repent.

A summary of the importance of specific days during

the month:

1. Tenth day- Be on guard for a possible

major attack from the enemy. Go back

with the Holy Spirit and let him get rid

of the effect of past events in your life

and the lives of your ancestors.


The number five stands for God coming into your

trial redeeming, restoring, and strengthening you, in

order for you to arrive where he wants you to go in him.

During this fifth month is when God personally wants to

come to refresh you. This is when you need his refreshment

the most. During this month is when he wants to

walk into your situation (trial) and not only refresh you,

but let you know that he will take you the rest of the way.

He wants to give you strength to continue onto the rest

of the trial.

In the gospel of John, chapter 5, verses 1–9, there is

a pool with five porches and there is a man who had an

infirmity for thirty-eight years. Jesus comes and heals

him (verse 9). He will do the same for you right now, if

you believe. Believe and receive your healing right now

in Jesus’ name!

In Mark 5:1–17, Jesus comes to the country of

the Galdarenes and sets a man free who is filled with

demons. He can do the same for you now. Believe and

receive your deliverance right now in the name of Jesus!

Later, in verse 41, Jesus raises Jarius’s daughter from the

dead after coming to her house. He can come where you

are and raise up whatever is dead in your life.

In Luke 5:2, there is a picture of fishermen who had

finished fishing and were cleaning their nets. To them

this was not a time to fish. Here is another situation

where Jesus is coming on the scene to help a situation

that seemed hopeless. They allow Jesus to use their boat

for his purposes, and he then fills their boat with fish.

He’ll do the same for you. Do his business, and he will

get into your business and bless it. He can fill and bless

you to overflowing. Take advantage of this and move

with him during this last of the last times.

In Matthew 5:1, Jesus sees that the people needed

NOON 107

something. He comes to them and shows them truths

they need (the Beatitudes). He shows them important

truths on how to attract his anointing and blessings in

their lives by his Beatitude teaching. So believe during

this fifth month that Jesus is coming your way to

strengthen and encourage you during your trial. It may

seem hopeless, but he is coming. All things were created

by him and for him and by him all things consist.

Everything and everybody is under his control. Praise



NOON 109


Elul (Aug.-Sept.)

In Haggai 1:1–9, in the sixth month on the first day of

the month, the Lord admonishes his people. He said,

“You all have your house, what about mine?” They are

going through a period of no rain, a drought because

they are not obeying him. He tells them to build his

house. He also mentions in verse 13 that he was with

them and they would not be building alone.

At this time of the year, God is saying to us to step

out by faith and do what he asked us to do. If he asked

you to build something for him, start building. Some of

you already have the land, now build. He already brought

you to this point in your life; now carry through on what

he has asked you to do. He doesn’t only mean to build

something physically. He may be asking you at this time

to start stepping out in ministry. When you do, he will

start shaping and building your ministry, but you have to

step out first. Abraham leaves where he was and goes into

a new land, in order to be blessed (Hebrews 11:8–10).

In Haggai 1:14–15, the Word says that on the twenty

fourth day of this month, God starts stirring up helpers

for this work. He’ll do the same for you. Again step out in

faith. You will be so surprised about whom God will call to

help. He will also call people with means to help finance

the work. Don’t take on the burden of building by yourself.

During this month, the season of Teshuvah occurs.

The season of Teshuvah is a call to repentance.


Repentance means more than turning from one’s sins; it

is a return to God and to the right path. Teshuvah begins

on Elul 1, the first day of the sixth month. The season of

Teshuvah is a time for each person to examine his own

life. It is also a time to restore relationships with other

people. It is a continuation of the Feast of Unleavened

Bread and Firstfruits in the sense of self-examination

and being conformed to the image of Jesus.

Teshuvah is a forty-day season which starts on Elul

1 and ends on Yom Kippur, which is ten days after Rosh

HaShannah (Feast of Trumpets). God always has a special

season of repentance before a season of a mighty

move of promotion. The season of Teshuvah is no exception.

The season that this time of Teshuvah is preparing

one for is Rosh HaShannah, or the Feast of Trumpets,

which occurs in the seventh month.

God’s promotion, for the most part, only comes in

certain seasons. This is why it is so important to recognize

the seasons of preparation for promotion, breakthrough,

and other rich blessings. Praise him!

This time is also a season of making sure that one

is right with God, or born again. During a Feast of

Trumpets, or Rosh HaShannah, in the future is when

Jesus is coming back for us in the Rapture. This is why

Teshuvah is so important: to make sure that one is right

with God by being born again. It is also important for

those who are born again to draw closer to Jesus and

continue to allow God to change them into the image of

his Son during this season.

In Ezekiel 8:1, Ezekiel says in the fifth day of the

sixth month that he sees a vision from God. In verse 7,

the Word says that God shows him a hole in the wall

of his sanctuary. He sees idols painted on the walls and

people doing abominable things in his sanctuary. In verse

NOON 111

14, Ezekiel sees women weeping for Tammuz, the son of

Seminaris, a pagan Queen from Babylon. In verse 16,

the Word says that God shows even worse abominations

(i.e. twenty-five men worshiping the sun). God says in

verse 18 that he was going to deal with them in his fury.

At this time of the year, God is pouring out his same

wrath on some in his church who are committing abominations.

How many pastors treat their people (really,

God’s people) as if they are cattle that have been branded

with their denominational mark? They see dollar signs

over their heads. They get so upset if God calls some of

their members to visit another congregation, especially

if that congregation is not part of their denomination.

They are jealous, covetous, and greedy. God is about to

pour out his wrath on them at this time. Just watch! This

is the same righteous anger that came on Jesus in driving

out the money-changers in the temple, his house.

In Luke 1:26, the Word says that the angel Gabriel is

sent to Mary the mother of Jesus in the sixth month. He

announces to her that the Holy Spirit would overshadow her

and that she would bear a son, who would be the Son of

the Highest. At this time of the year, the Holy Spirit wants

to overshadow all your fears, worries, incapabilities, and low

esteem and plant a seed of purpose in you. He wants to overshadow

your past and do a marvelous work in you that he

can bring out of you at a later time in order to bless others.

Later on, Mary goes to her cousin Elizabeth’s house,

and Elizabeth recognizes that God has blessed her and

speaks a promise into her life. Others will recognize that

God has done a work in you at this time of the year. In

verses 46–49, the Word says that this is when she conceives

as the Holy Spirit overshadows her body, soul, and

spirit. He couldn’t do it where Joseph was located. This

is why she had to leave and go to Elizabeth’s house.


This time of the year, God may ask you to leave

situations, relationships, positions, etc., in order to get

blessed. Be alert! He wants you alone in his presence, in

order for him to overshadow and bless you. There may

be a gentle but powerful drawing on you to come into his

presence that you never felt before. This is the reason:

that he may conceive a work or a vision in you that many

will recognize and be blessed by. Mary says in verse 48

that all generations will call her blessed.

Let’s summarize the importance of the sixth month

as a whole:

1. Time for God to overshadow your past,

incapabilities, worries, etc., and plant

something in your spirit that will bless


A summary of the importance of specific days during

the month:

1. First day- Time to step out and let God

build a ministry around you. This is a time

for some to physically build what he is

asking you to construct. He will also bring

the workers to help. Time of the season

called Teshuvah. This is a time for repentance

and returning to the old paths.

2. Fifth day- God will bring great judgment

and wrath on some in his church for their

idols and abominations at this time.

There is a general anointing on this sixth month for

God to bring someone into your life to bless you and

help you with your destiny. Also at this time, the enemy

NOON 113

may try to use an individual to come against you in a

greater way.

The number six in the Word is the number for man.

Man was created on the sixth day. It has a great meaning

for us during this month. At this time, the devil would

like to use a person—man, woman, boy, or girl—to come

against you, to talk you into giving up, or to try to hinder

you. Sometimes it could be the person closest to you

whom Satan may try to use. Be alert during this month.

You need to keep your focus on Jesus and resist what the

devil is trying to do through that person. Jesus wants you

to keep your eyes on him and not man, especially in a

trial. There is so much at stake.

In Mark 6:1–6, men come against Jesus with unbelief

and Jesus can do no mighty work there (verse 5). Satan

wants man to interfere with your work for God by trying

to bring unbelief your way. They might ask, “Did God

really say that to you?” They may try to put the blame on

you if you are going through a trial, like Job’s friends did.

In Nehemiah 6, the Word says Nehemiah is leading

people to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. Sanbellat and

Tobiah try to get him to come down (verse 2). In verse

3, Nehemiah says he is doing a great work and will not

come down. This is a prime example of people trying

to get you to give up on what God told you to do and

escape the trial you are going through.

God can also send somebody to bless you during this

month, so be observant. During this sixth month, at the

very least, expect the activity of more people into your

life, one way or another.

Please remember during this sixth month especially

that you need to cut off any influence man has on you to

turn you away from God’s purpose. Remember to look

for God to use somebody to bless you too.


NOON 115


Tishrei (Sept.-Oct.)

In Jeremiah 28, a false prophet by the name of Hananiah

is telling the Israelites that whatever and whomever the

Babylonians had taken from the Israelites would be

returned within two years (verse 11). Jeremiah rebukes

him and tells him he will die because he was falsely leading

the people (verses 12–17). He dies in the same year

in the seventh month. He had prophesized falsely in the

fifth month (verse 1) and was killed two months later.

Sometimes God’s justice and punishment are swift.

There is a special anointing on this seventh month

to expose and rebuke the false prophets who only want

to prophesy what people want to hear. They also want

to prophesy things that would benefit themselves when

they speak well of the other person. If the person they

are ministering to has money, they want to manipulate

a “prophecy” to benefit themselves and get some of their


This is a time when God wants to cut off their influence

on unsuspecting saints. Some prophets only prophesy

to profit. They may seem to be getting away with

something because justice may seem to be delayed, but

no. God’s punishment is always on time. God says in

Ezekiel 14:9 that he will destroy the false prophets from

the midst of his people. These false prophets fail to realize

that the people they are ministering to are God’s

children and they need to be careful. No human father


would permit anybody to mistreat his children, much

less God.

In Jeremiah 41:1–2, in the seventh month, Gedaliah,

even though he was warned by Ishmael of a plot to kill

him, rejects this warning and is killed. Some saints need

to be careful during this month especially, and watch for

the devil to try to take back promotions and blessings

God has bestowed. Resist the devil and go on with your

work for Jesus, but be watchful for a retaliation attack by

Satan to try to take back ground God has given to you.

Don’t be overconfident at a victory: stand guard. The

time period right after a victory is the most dangerous

time for some people as they might let down their guard.

In Haggai 2:1, the Word of the Lord came to Haggai

in the seventh month on the twentieth day, and he

encourages Zerubbabel and Joshua to start the work

of rebuilding the temple of God in Jerusalem. He tells

them not to fear and that he is with them (verses 4–5)

in this work.

He is saying the same thing to his people at the same

time of this month. “Be strong, for I am with you to start

and complete the work I have placed on your heart. If

you just take a step in the direction I told you to go, and

don’t look back or doubt, I will enable you to finish my

assignment.” This is a word for you and me today. Sure,

he can initiate a work at any time during the year, but

there is a special anointing on this day and month. It

doesn’t matter who stands in your way; they all report to

God and have to bow to his wishes.

God also speaks to Haggai in verse 7 that he will

bring people to help him in the work, and in verse 8, he

says that all the gold and silver is his. He is telling Haggai

that not only would he bring the people to help and be a

part of this work, but that he would finance everything.

NOON 117

The same promise is for you and me, so claim it with me.

You don’t need to borrow from the world to build the

building God asked you to build, but trust him to bring

the finances and the workers. Oh how great is his favor!

God confirms this promise in Zechariah 8:19–23. He

says that this seventh month would be a time of joy and

feasting. He also says he would cause people to come to

the temple, seeking him and his presence. God is not

setting you up in your own building and ministry to fail,

but that so many would come your way to find him. Just

make sure he is with and behind you and approves your

purpose. This is an excellent time of the year for him to

confirm his approval. God won’t bring the people to see

you, but to draw closer and find him.

Rosh HaShannah, or the Feast of Trumpets, is truly

a season of a new beginning. This feast occurs on the

first day of the seventh month. It is a two-day feast. This

feast is thirty days after Teshuvah and ten days before

Yom Kippur. According to many Jewish teachers, the

day of trumpets involves the sounding of the last trump.

The last trump is a blast of the Shofar (a trumpet made

from a curved ram’s horn) that is blown on this day.

When Abraham was told to sacrifice Isaac, a ram was

caught in the thicket. The left horn was called the first

trump and the right horn, the last trump. The first trump

was blown on the original Pentecost on Mount Sinai

(Exodus 19:13). The last trump will be blown on the last

day of a particular Feast of Trumpets in the future, when

Jesus may return to take us in the Rapture. This season

reminds us that he is coming for us on some future day,

possibly on this feast and to be ready.

In 2 Thessalonians 2:3, the Word says there will be

a falling away before the day of the Lord. The phrase

day of Lord refers to the seven-year tribulation period


and the millennium period of one thousand years after

the end of the tribulation. I believe the phrase falling

away is a mistranslation of the Greek word apostasia

and should be translated departure. The root verb of

this word is aphistemi, which is found fifteen times in

the New Testament. It is translated depart eleven times.

Although it is often found translated in similar meanings,

the predominant meaning of this verb is the act of

a person departing from another person or from a place.

I believe the correct rendering of this apostasia, in the

context of Paul’s Greek word, means a departure and not

any kind of falling away. His context is not revealing any

kind of apostasy, but instead, teaching concerning the

coming of Jesus for his saints. This verse shows that the

Rapture will occur before the tribulation period.

Paul described this event in 1 Thessalonians 4:17.

“Then we which are alive and remain shall be caughtup

together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord

in the air,” which then proves that this event involves

a departure from the earth. Another word we need to

look at in the Greek is the word caught-up in this verse

(I Thess. 4:17). This Greek word is harpuzo, meaning

to catch away. Its Hebrew equivalent is the word natzal,

which in its root form, means to deliver.

Those who don’t go in the Rapture will face a seven

year time of the wrath of God, tribulation, and indignation.

So every celebration of Rosh HaShannah points

to a particular Rosh HaShannah, or Feast of Trumpets,

in the future when Jesus could come back for us. Also,

every celebration of this feast warns us to be ready for

this great event. Some of the reasons why the Feast of

Trumpets may be the most likely day in any particular

year for the Rapture to take place are:

NOON 119

1.) Jesus was born, died and was buried on

the Feast of Passover, resurrected during

Unleavened Bread and on the Feast

of Firstfruits. Also, the infilling of the

Holy Ghost happened on the Feast of

Pentecost. God was trying to show the

Jews that Jesus was their Messiah, by

causing the most important events in the

life of Jesus (Yahshua) to happen on the

four Jewish Spring Feast Days. Is God still

trying to reveal Yahshua to the Jews? Of

course, He is. The next important event

in the life of Yahshua is His Coming for

His Bride, at the Rapture, accompanied

by the sound of the TRUMPET (1st

Thessalonians 4:16). The next Feast Day

to be fulfilled during the year is the fifth

Feast, the Feast of TRUMPETS. This

feast seems to be the logical and perfect fit

for the Rapture, just like the sixth Feast,

the Feast of Atonement (Yom Kippur) is

the possible perfect fit for the start of the

Great Tribulation and the literal Second

Coming of Yahshua, possibly at the end of

the Great Tribulation.

2.) Many believe that when Jesus said that

“No man knows the day or the hour,” He

was referring to the Feast of Trumpets, as

the time of the Rapture. This is the only

Feast Day when “No man knows the day

or the hour.” This day is the Jewish Civil

New Year. Until the first sliver of the new

moon is sighted in Jerusalem, the Jewish

New Year, Feast of Trumpets, cannot

begin. It could take place at any time over

a 48-hour period, but nobody knows for


sure the exact day or hour. Therefore, the

Jews now observe the Feast of Trumpets,

over two days. Therefore, the Feast of

Trumpets became known by the Jewish

idiom of “No man knows the day or the


In Luke 21:25-28, Jesus speaks to us, the end-time

watchers, “And there SHALL BE SIGNS in the sun,

and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth

distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and waves

roaring; men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking

after those things which are coming on the earth:

for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. And then shall

they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power

and great glory. And when these things BEGIN to come




If you are unsaved, or in a lukewarm, or backslidden

spiritual condition, you need to call out to the Lord and

repent before it is eternally too late. Your time to get

your heart right before the Lord is quickly drawing to

a close now. Pray this prayer, and mean it in your heart:

“Dear Father, I know that I am a sinner. I believe in my

heart that Yahshua died for my sins. Right now, I repent

of my sins and turn towards you, Father. Give me power

and victory over my sins. It is my sincere desire to serve

you from this day forward. I want to be conformed to

the image of Yahshua ( Jesus). Show me what I must do

to be prepared for your soon return, and fill me with

your Holy Spirit. Thank you, Lord, for saving me. In the

name of our soon-coming Saviour, (Yahshua) Amen.”

Jesus said, “If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will

NOON 121

come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what

hour I will come upon thee” (Revelation 3:3). He is

obviously saying that to the one who watches, He will

not come as a thief and that person will know the hour!

Doubters may mention Paul’s words that the day

of the Lord will come like “a thief in the night” (1

Thessalonians 5:2).It is clear that Jesus will not come as

a “thief in the night” for watchful believers, because in

verse 4, Paul tells us, “But you, brothers, are not in darkness

so that this day should surprise you like a thief.” If

we are trusting in Yahshua and looking for His coming,

Paul said that even the very day does not have to surprise


Jesus rebuked those who did not understand the signs

of the times in His day: “O ye hypocrites, ye can discern

the face of the sky, but can ye not discern the signs of the

times” (Matthew 16:3).

God said, “Surely the Lord God will do nothing,

but He revealeth His secret unto His

servants the prophets.” (Amos 3:7). God said

“nothing,” and He did not exclude Christ’s

return. Take Him at His word. God said, “I

have even from the beginning declared it to

thee; before it came to pass I shewed it thee”

(Isaiah 48:5).

Friends confide in one another. Abraham was called

God’s “friend” (Isaiah 41:8; James 2:23). “And the LORD

said, Shall I hide from Abraham that thing which I do”

(Genesis 18:17). Now, because of Jesus’ atonement, we

are called friends of God: “I no longer call you servants,

because a servant does not know his master’s business.

Instead, I ( Jesus) have called you friends” ( John 15:15).


The Bible also says that Jesus was crucified so that the

blessing of Abraham, part of which was friendship with

God, would come upon the Gentiles - us (Galatians

3:14).God clearly promised that we would know at least

approximately when Christ will return, and even “the

day” will not surprise those watching.

In addition, there is ample precedent for God revealing

specific times in advance.

1.) He gave Noah advance notice of when the

flood would be (Genesis 6, 7).

2.) He told Abraham how long the Israelites

would be in Egypt (Genesis 15:13).

3.) He revealed to many the very day of

Elijah’s rapture (2 Kings 2:3, 5).

4.) He told Jeremiah how long the Babylonian

exile would be ( Jeremiah 29:10).

5.) He told Daniel exactly when Messiah would

come the first time (Daniel 9:25-26).

Obviously, leaving us clueless now would violate

God’s own established pattern as revealed in His Word!

Also obviously, we are not left clueless. There are many

signs. Let us remain watchful and ready, and be found

doing the Master’s work.

I believe that this Feast could be possibly fulfilled

sometime in the future by His Coming in the Rapture

for His saints! Please be watchful, ready and help get

your family ready! Please read my message on “Steps to

be Rapture Ready!” on the first page of my website (www., by clicking on “Messages.” You don’t

want to be around for the Great Tribulation (Please also

read my message “Tribulation Preview” by also clicking

NOON 123

on “Messages” to see more of the great suffering that will

take place during this seven year period of time.) Every

season of Rosh HaShannah is a wonderful anointed

time where God can bring about a new beginning in

your life and promote. You need to take advantage of

the time of Teshuvah (starts thirty days prior) to prepare

for Rosh HaShannah. We need to expect God to

take us higher and higher in his anointing during Rosh

HaShannah. We talked earlier about the beginning of

the year on Nisan 1 (our March-April time period) in

the section on the “First Month.” Rosh HaShannah is

another attempt by God to give people a new beginning.

This time is the civil New Year to many Jews, as opposed

to the religious New Year of Nisan 1. It is so important

to adapt to God’s seasons and to do what is necessary, at

the right time, to receive his blessings that are reserved

mostly for the particular season you are in.

Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), on the tenth day

in the seventh month, is ten days after Rosh HaShannah

and ends the forty days of Teshuvah. This feast, when

it was celebrated originally, was a temporal atonement

and redemption. The great tribulation may start ten

days after the Rapture (which could occur on Tishri 1,

or Rosh HaShannah), on Tishri 10, which is the Day of

Atonement. The Great Tribulation may end seven years

later on the Day of Atonement, and it may also be the

day of the second coming of Jesus.

This Feast (Day of Atonement) is a time where believers

who are feeling oppressed and surrounded by enemies

can take solace that Jesus is coming to deliver. This is a

great day of deliverance. Jesus can surely deliver any day

of the year, but this is a special day to meet the need of

deliverance. Believers who need deliverance in any area of

their lives should take advantage of the special anointing


on this day. During this time we need to instruct people

to reach out with extra faith and receive their deliverance,

no matter how long they have been oppressed.

Remember that the oppression of the Great

Tribulation may end on Yom Kippur, the Day of

Atonement. People who are on earth during the seven

years of the Tribulation and come to Jesus will be delivered

from the oppression of the antichrist. Praise him!

Every previous Day of Atonement before the one that

may start the Great Tribulation announces the start of a

period where God is going to unleash a season of wrath

onto the earth, in order to warn people to repent. This is

evidenced by the Great Tribulation possibly starting on

the Day of Atonement.

One of the best ways to avoid giving into the spirit

of the antichrist and going through the Tribulation is to

study and meditate on what Jesus said to the churches

in Revelation chapters 2 and 3. What Jesus spoke to the

churches in Revelation 2 and 3 is to prepare saints for the

Rapture, where Jesus will take his saints away with him,

before the great tribulation. This is evident in Revelation

4:1, where Jesus uses the term “Come up hither.” It is

important to see if we fall short and can identify with

any of the warnings to his churches in chapters 2 and 3.

Be careful that you haven’t left your first love, Jesus. This

is just one of the warnings to his church. Stay away from

pride and self.

Some other aspects of Yom Kippur or the Day of

Atonement are:

The original rites and practices for the Day of

Atonement are set forth in the sixteenth chapter of

Leviticus and (Exodus 30:10; Leviticus 23:27-31, 25:9;

Numbers 29:7-11). An unusual ceremony related to the

Day of Atonement is discussed in Leviticus 16. Skipping

NOON 125

down to verses 9-10, this passage states: And Aaron shall

bring the goat on which the LORD’s lot fell, and offer it

as a sin offering. But the goat on which the lot fell was

to be the scapegoat that was presented alive before the

LORD, to make atonement upon it, and to let it go as

the scapegoat (Azalel) into the wilderness.

The Slain Goat Represents Christ-The slain goat

represents Jesus who actually dies for our sins. Jesus’ sacrifice

is an atonement sacrifice to reconcile us to God.

The Live Goat Represents Satan- The New Testament

shows that this is exactly what happens when Christ

returns. Jesus’ return as King of kings is described in

Revelation 19:11–21. Then, in Revelation 20:1,2, 3, we

read that a mighty angel is appointed to remove Satan.

“He laid hold of the dragon, that serpent of old, who is

the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years;

and he cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him

up, and set a seal on him, so that he should deceive the

nations no more till the thousand years were finished.”

Another consideration is the fact that the priestly

clothing which the High Priest was to wear on this one

occasion was very different from that which he normally

wore in the course of his duties. During his normal

duties, the High Priest wore beautiful colored materials;

intricate embroidery, gold and jewelry that made

him look like a king during his normal duties. On the

Day of Atonement he looked more like a servant. His

outfit consisted of four simple garments in white linen,

even plainer than the vestments of the ordinary priest

(Exodus. 39:27-29). This shows his servant hood and

humility to the KING.

In regard to this study on the Day of Atonement, we

can see our responsibility as priests: So many Christians

want to be a Prophet or an Apostle because they think


that these are glamorous callings but very few want to be

Priests for the LORD. The word says in 1 Peter 2 verse

9: “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood,

a holy nation, a peculiar people that you should show

forth the praises of Him who has called you out of darkness

into His marvelous light.” It is such an honor to

be a priest for the LORD to intercede for His children

because they are so close to His heart. He will always

take care of His priests.

All of us are called to be priests but not all will accept

this calling. Being a priest for God, to intercede for His

people, is the highest calling, but it takes a non-compromised

attitude and preparation on our part. God’s

greatest blessings are reserved for His priests, the ones

who are willing to stand in the gap for His children and

to speak what the Father wants to say to them. To be a

spokesperson for the Father with His children requires a

holy, consecrated life. One has to continually turn their

flesh over to the Holy Ghost to destroy the works of the

flesh and to desire, above all, to conform to the image

of Jesus (Rom. 8:13, 29). As we can see, the Feast of the

Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur reminds us of our

positions as Priests of the Lord!

I next want to show you, with the help of the Holy

Spirit that the Tabernacle Plan(Exodus 30) is a type of

our ministering to others as priests for the LORD. The

following is an analysis of this using the Tabernacle Plan

in order from the Altar to the High Holy Place:


Altar (1.)

Laver (2.)

NOON 127

Holy Place:

(Candlestick) (3.)

(Shewbread) (4.)

(Altar of incense) (5.)

High Holy Place:

(Mercy Seat-over the ark of the covenant) (6.)

(Ark of Covenant) (7.)

(Cherubim-over the mercy seat) (8.)

(Manna-in the ark of the covenant) (9.)

(Aaron’s rod that budded-in the ark of the covenant) (10.)

(Ten Commandments-in the ark of the covenant) (11.)

Again, this whole arrangement applies to us ministering

for God to others as these numbers and steps

apply to the corresponding numbers on the Tabernacle

Plan above:

1.) Have to be in an attitude of repentance

(death to ourselves) before we minister.

2.) We have to have an active procedure of

cleansing our selves with the washing of

the Word. We see who we really are.

3.) He is our Light that shows us how to minister

effectively in the Gifts of the Spirit.

4.) He sustains us as we battle spiritually for

an individual’s breakthrough.

5.) He directs our prayers, as we minister to


6.) Only by His mercy can we come into His

presence to minister to others. The Mercy

Seat also reminds us of Jesus’ divinity, as it

was overlaid with pure gold


7.) Reminds us of Jesus’ humanity (wood)

and that the Father knows that we are frail

humans and really need His gifts to minister


8.) Angels are messengers to give us instruction

from the Father to minister in the

Gifts of the Spirit.

9.) More strength to battle in the spirit for

others. This strength comes from spending

time in His presence.

10.) Reminds us of His authority that He has

given us to minister to His children. God

showed Aaron’s authority to the doubters

by his rod budding.

11.) Reminds us of His ways, His commandments,

as we minister.

The Feast of Tabernacles starts on the fifteenth day in

the seventh month and ends on the twenty-second day.

In Leviticus 23:33–34, God reveals the establishment of

his appointed time called Sukkot, or Tabernacles. This

appointed time commemorates the time when Israel

traveled in the wilderness as God led them. During this

time, God lived with his people in his own tabernacle.

He also provided a cloud of covering that shaded the

people by day and a cloud of fire to warm his people by


Just what does this feast mean for us? I feel that

one of the meanings of this season is that this is a time

where God will give fresh direction in ministries and

start moving them toward some uncharted areas. This is

a season where the new direction he was preparing you

for will start to come into view. Again, this is a wonderful

season to step out as he leads. He may anoint some

NOON 129

of his people to change locations. This is a time where

God will clear out obstacles in the way of his people in

order for them to move, much like one would clear out

brush going through a jungle. This is a time when God

will make a change of locations smoother than one could

ever imagine. Just like he moved his people out of Egypt,

he tells some of his people to move now! He creates an

opening that one needs to take complete advantage of.

This is definitely a time to stay up with the moving of

the Holy Spirit and take advantage of his window of

opportunity. This also a time where all the preparations

he put you through pay off as release happens.

Also, this feast is also known as the Feast of Nations.

During this festival, seventy sacrifices were offered with

each being understood as a representation of each of the

seventy nations of the known world at that time.

Another key truth of this festival is the use of the number

seven. A fascinating thing about the sacrifices during

Tabernacles is that when the offerings were grouped

together or counted, their number always remains divisible

by seven. During the week of Tabernacles, or Sukkot,

there are 182 sacrifices (70 bullocks, 14 rams, and 98

lambs, divides by 7 into 182 exactly 26 times). Add to

this the grain offerings, 336 tenths of ephahs of flour (48

x 7) (Numbers 29:12–40). This use of the number seven,

which means completion, is that God wants to complete

some things he started in your life during this season.

God is a God of fulfillment. “Being confident of this

very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you

will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians


Another theme for the appointed time of Sukkot

is called The Festival of Ingathering. This time of year

marks the times of the harvest, the final ingathering of


all produce before the coming winter (Exodus 23:16).

This is a time where there is a tremendous anointing

being poured out by God to get people saved. Expect

God to put you into key situations where there are

unsaved people. You will find that God can engineer

divine encounters to bring strangers into your life for

the express purpose of bringing them to salvation. You

will find that those whom you least expected to desire to

get saved will start asking questions. Please, please, take

advantage of this season.

In Zechariah 14:16–21, the Word talks about the

millennium period of time, a period of one thousand

years after the great tribulation period. The chapter talks

about some of the effects that will take place in the lives

of people who do not come to Jerusalem to keep this

feast. In verses 17 and 18, the Word mentions that the

ones that don’t come won’t have any rain. Rain speaks of

refreshing and moisture for those who are dry. This is a

great season of refreshment. Remember how God led and

protected his people during their time in the wilderness

and watch how he pours out his refreshment anointing

on you. In verse 21, God says that no Canaanite will be

there during this feast in Jerusalem. This is a promise to

you that God can take the deceitful enemies out of your

life. Claim and believe this, especially during this season.

Let’s summarize the importance of the seventh

month as a whole:

1. A time of punishment for false prophets.

2. A possible time of Satan trying to rob promotions.

A summary of the importance of specific days during

the month:

NOON 131

1. First Day–Season of Rosh HaShannah, a

time of new beginnings and promotion.

2. Tenth Day–Season of the Day of

Atonement, a season of judgment by God,

but also a time of great deliverance. The

Great Tribulation may possibly start on

this feast some time in the future.

3. Fifteenth Day–Season of Tabernaclestime

for God to give new direction and for

one to step out boldly in this new direction.

Also this season is a great time for a

great harvest of souls in all nations.

4. Twentieth Day–Another time to start

building a work for God. God will finance

and send workers for this new work.

There is a special meaning to the number seven in

the Word. The number seven means that God is about

to complete something in your life. Besides the seventh

hour of the day, there is an anointing in the seventh

month as a whole for increased activity on God’s part to

complete promotions and other blessings in your life at

any time during the month.


NOON 133


Cheshvan (Oct.-Nov.)

In 1 Kings 6:38, the Word says that the temple which

Solomon built for God is finished and completed in the

eighth month. There is such an anointing on this month

for God to complete what he started, even if the process

has been going on for a long period of time and give you

a new beginning. This is a great time for God to finish

what he promised that he would do for you.

Expect him to wrap up lawsuits hanging out there

in your favor. Look for God to move on those people

who are holding onto the finances they promised you.

Look for God to complete your job search with an offer

of a position that fits you perfectly. Look for God to

finish having your new house completed where it has

been delayed and delayed. God can complete healing

processes both physically and emotionally. He can complete

your wilderness experiences and promote you like

Moses (Exodus 3:10) and Daniel (Daniel 5:29). Look

for God to complete that trial that seems to be going on

so long. This is a time where you can say, Thank God I

hung in there because the ordeal is over. This is a great time

to finally receive your breakthrough or new beginning.

In 1 Kings 12:32, Jeroboam sets up a pagan feast day

in the eighth month on the fifteenth day. Look for the

possibility of the spirit of the antichrist to try to interfere

with a move of God by demonstrating more power during

this time. This spirit likes to have religious events


try to cloud a true move of God. Jeroboam wanted to

have his own feasts for the ten tribes up north so his

people would not miss the godly feasts their brothers

in the south were having. This was in conflict with the

godly feasts God had instructed his people to have.

This spirit wants people to believe the false and miss

the real. Don’t be afraid, just be alert. An example would

be that you are going to a real anointed church and somebody

invites you to see a prophet who came to town. He

starts speaking some condemnation into your life and

sets you back on God’s timetable. This is an example of

the spirit of the antichrist wanting to take someone out

of purpose (1 John 2:18–19). So stay focused on purpose,

especially during this time to avoid this snare.

Let’s summarize the importance of the eighth month

as a whole:

1. A time for God to complete things in your

life, to finalize situations in your favor and

give you a new beginning.

A summary of the importance of specific days during

the month:

1. Fifteenth Day–A time to be especially

focused as the spirit of the antichrist is

looking to camouflage what God is doing

by doing a counterfeit work.

The number eight in the Word means that God has

already spoken your new beginning that will come to

you and that could happen during this eighth month.

This new beginning has already been loosed.

In Genesis 8:12, Noah sends a dove out of the ark,

and it does not return. God was showing him that his

new beginning was just ahead of him. In v.16, this promNOON


ise was for his whole family too. God is showing you

during this eighth month the new beginning or level is

just ahead for you and that your family is included in this

blessing. In verse 5, the tops of the mountains are seen.

God will at least show you a portion of your new beginning

during this month.

In Exodus 8:22, God puts a division between his

people and the Egyptians by saying that no plague from

that point on would touch his people in Goshen. He is

telling them that this is a sign of their new beginning.

He is now separating them from the trials that would be

coming on the Egyptians. During this month, God will

be letting you know that he is now separating you from

some people who want to keep you in bondage.

In Numbers 8:14, God separates the Levites from the

rest of the people and says they shall be his. He gives

them a sign of this new beginning by having all the

children of Israel put their hands on them and pray as

recorded in verse 10. During this month, God may use

somebody to remind you of a promise he gave you or

even give you a new promise. This is to show that there

will be a new beginning in your life. Please look for it

this eighth month.


NOON 137


Kislev (Nov.-Dec.)

In Jeremiah 36:1–3, God gives a message of warning

through Jeremiah to the people of Israel to repent and

tells him to write it in a book. In the ninth month, Baruch,

the servant to Jeremiah, proclaims a fast and reads all the

words of the book to the people (verse 9–10). The king

of Israel hears about this. He reads some of the book

and burns it in the fire. The king gets angry and wants

to capture Jeremiah and Baruch, but the Word says that

God hides them. God really gets angry at the response of

the king of Israel to his words and pronounces judgment

on the king and the rest of the people (verse 27–31). He

tells Jeremiah to write down the message again in a book

and this time he adds to it.

This ninth month is a time of warning from God to

repent, especially to some of the leadership. His warning

cannot be overlooked or destroyed. This is a time

for God’s prophets to be more determined and obedient

than ever to deliver his messages, whether they are

received or not. The Body of Christ needs to be told

about repentance, especially during this time. This is not

the time for God’s people to look to hear about their new

car coming or new house. Those things are appropriate

in their time. This is the time to hear God’s warning

about repentance and act on his words. As usual, God

will also hide his true prophets at this time from any



In Haggai 2:20–23, on the twenty-fourth day of the

ninth month, God has a similar message of repentance

and says that he is going to overthrow some of the leadership

(verse 22). God also says in verse 23 that he is

going to make Zerubbabel a signet. This is also a time

of raising some of his key people to be signets or examples

of the power that he can exhibit in and through one


This message of repentance for God’s people in this

month is repeated in Zechariah 7:1–14 on the fourth

day of the ninth month. Also, in Chapter 8:12, God pronounces

a blessing upon his remnant that they will posses

all things, also in this same month. Make sure you

are part of his remnant by allowing him to conform you

into the image of his Son. You can then start possessing

all the blessings God sends your way. Also, expect

increase in people coming to your purpose or ministry as

God promises in verses 21–23. As God promises in verse

23, expect that people will start recognizing that God is

with you and come running toward you. God also says

he will lift you up as an ensign during this same time,

but he also says in Chapter 11:8 that he will cut off three

pastors within thirty days. When God promotes, he

“puts down one and raises up another” (Psalm 75:6–7).

In Ezra 10:9, the children of Israel gather together

on the twentieth day of the ninth month and repent that

they had taken strange wives from other groups of people.

They put away all these strange wives. This is such

a great time to allow God to remove those people who

could negatively affect your walk with Jesus. (I am not

advocating divorce).

Let’s summarize the importance of specific days in

the ninth month:

NOON 139

1. Fourth Day and the Twenty-Fourth Day-

A period where God especially warns to

repent or face judgment, especially dealing

with some leadership. God especially

protects his prophets who have to speak

this repentance or judgment message at

this time.

2. Fourth Day and the Twenty-Fourth Day-

A period where God causes others to see

some of his remnant as signets or examples

of his power and favor. He is also putting

a blessing on his remnant to possess

all things.

3. Fourth Day- He is adding to ministries

that his hand is on.

4. Fourth Day- He is cutting off counterfeit


5. Twentieth Day- He wants to remove people

from our lives who could hinder us.

There is a general anointing on this ninth month for

God to use somebody you least expect to bless you and

also for the enemy to use somebody you least expect to

come against you.

In Genesis 9:22, Ham sees his father’s (Noah’s)

nakedness and is cursed. Noah probably does not expect

Ham, one of his sons, to do that. Japheth and Shem, his

other sons, get blessed for covering up their father (verse

26–27). God unexpectedly uses their brother’s mistake

to bless them!

In Exodus 9:16, God speaks of how he raises Pharaoh

up to show forth his power and that his name would be

declared throughout the earth. God can use somebody

you don’t expect to provoke you as they come against you,


to bring you to a promise land of blessings. Because the

Pharaoh resisted God, God had to exhibit his strength

in the demonstration of his power at the Red Sea as he

helped the Israelites on their journey. God used someone

unexpectedly to show forth his power (Pharaoh). This

was an attack but also a blessing on his people.

Again, especially during this ninth month, God can

allow somebody that you least expect to come against you

or to bless you. You need to be alert for either situation.

NOON 141


Tevet (Dec.-Jan.)

In Jeremiah 52:4, the Word records that Nebuchadnezzar

begins to invade and besiege Jerusalem on the tenth

day of the tenth month. This time of the month is a

time where God might deal with some of his people by

having their enemies put an unusual amount of pressure

on them. They may be permitted by God to come

where they were not permitted before. This is a way of

God pouring out his judgment on some of his people

because they are not obeying him. Warn his people of

this impending judgment.

God reiterates his judgment, this time to the

Egyptians in Ezekiel 29:1–21, on the twelfth day of

the tenth month. In 33:21, God brings judgment on his

people because they set up idols (verse 25), because they

only love with their mouths and not their hearts, and

they go after their covetousness (verse 31). Again, this

is a time to warn God’s people of his possible judgment.

God also mentions that some pastors are included in

his judgment in 34:2. They are not feeding the congregations

but are more interested in feeding themselves.

He says in verse 23 that he will replace them with a

shepherd like David who will feed his people. He said

he would put shepherds over his people that will help

to develop the fruit of the Spirit in them (verse 27). So

many ministers are just taking from the people and not

giving back. They just want to preach a little sermonette


on Sunday, shake their hands at the end of the service,

and collect their tithes. They just see it as a business to

take from the people. When they want more money they

bring in a heavy hitter who majors in making people cry

and raising money. Sadly, for some ministers, ministry is

just a scam to fleece people and making them smile as

they pick their pocket. These kinds of pastors are opening

themselves up to the judgment of God.

In Ezekiel 37, God shows Ezekiel the valley of dry

bones. These are the sheep that have been neglected by

his pastors. God is going to raise up pastors and prophets

to speak into their lives and they will rise up as a

great army (verse 10). He said they have no hope (verse

11–13) but that he will bring them into their purpose

(verse 14). You can see why God is bringing judgment

during this month: what kind of a father would let his

children be mistreated, taken advantage of, and walk

around aimlessly without purpose? Most earthly fathers

would not stand idly by, and neither will our heavenly

Father. They don’t realize that a true minister treats the

people that God brought to them as children of God.

True ministers allow the Father to speak through them

into the lives of his people.

God also mentions in Zechariah 8:19 that this tenth

month is also a time of great joy and feasting. For those

who want to conform to the image of Jesus above anything,

they will escape God’s judgment during this time.

For them, this is a great time to rejoice in their Father’s

approval and feast on his love.

A feast that occurs in the tenth month is the feast of

Hanukkah. Hanukkah means dedication. It is an eight

day feast that starts on the twenty fifth day of the tenth

month. In 167 BC, a Syrian king named Antiochus IV

Epiphanes attacked Jerusalem, sacked the temple, killed

NOON 143

thousands of Jews and outlawed Judaism. He also set on

the altar of God, the abomination of desolation, a statue

of Zeus with his own face on it. He then proclaimed

himself to be God. A family of priests, the Maccabees,

refused to worship the heathen gods. They killed some

Syrian soldiers and then fled into the mountains.

Thousands of Jews joined them. They then waged a 3

year war against Hellenism and its pagan customs. They

fought an unbeatable (in the natural) Syrian army and

won because God was on their side. They took back the

Temple of God, cleansed the altar and then cleaned up

the house of God and rededicated it on Kislev 25. They

found one flask of holy oil to re-light the Menorah. It

was only enough oil for one day, but it supernaturally

lasted for eight days, enough time to allow them to produce

more oil. The Hanukkah season is an excellent time

for us to rededicate our temples (our lives) to God.

It is also a time to celebrate the miracles that God did

for us throughout the years. Also, expect some strange

miracles during this time that really don’t make sense.

Miracles that you never expected to take place. During

this season, God can bring strange miracles into your

life that could influence the whole world. You could be

going the whole year, laboring for God, when suddenly,

here comes that strange miracle.

After the Tribulation, the Temple will be dedicated

and cleansed again, by Jesus, after the Antichrist

has polluted it. This could possibly happen during the

Hanukkah season. Again, this is a wonderful time to

come into the presence of God and allow Him to cleanse

our temples (our lives). This will allow Him to bless us

with those immense blessings that He has reserved for

us. Praise Him!

The main reason that this feast is so important is


the fact that it is the one feast where Jesus reveals His

deity! In 1Kings 8, Solomon talked about building a

house for the LORD where His Name would be (verses

16, 17, 18, and 20). He prayed to the LORD that He

would put His Name there(v. 29).The LORD answered

in Chapter 9:3 that not only would He put His Name

there but His eyes and heart would be there perpetually.

In John 10:22-38, the LORD fulfilled this prophecy

when on the feast of Dedication (Hanukkah), Jesus

(Yahshua) walked into Solomon’s Temple. Yahshua has

His Father’s Name (YAH from YAHWEH) and He is

the LORD manifested in the flesh. So, Jesus’ eyes and

heart are the LORD’s. What a tremendous fulfillment

of this prophecy. The religious leaders had the nerve to

ask Jesus to show whether He was God (v. 24). Jesus

just showed who He was by fulfilling the prophecy about

the LORD’S Name, eyes and heart being in the temple,

as He is God manifested in the flesh! Jesus said to the

religious leaders that He and the Father are One (v. 30).

This also shows His divinity. The religious leaders knew

what He was saying because they immediately wanted

to stone Him (v.31). Jesus finally tried to make this fact

even clearer to them when He said that the Father is in

Him and He in the Father (v.38). This is like an iceberg;

the water of the ocean is in an iceberg and the iceberg

is in the water but the iceberg gives a form to the water.

Jesus is truly the Father manifested in the flesh and He

gives a form to the invisible LORD (1 Tim.3:16). This

feast shows how Yahweh can fulfill long-awaited prophecies

and promises as He promised Solomon many years

before, that His Name, eyes and ears would be in the

temple in Jesus!

Let’s summarize the importance of the tenth month

as a whole:

NOON 145

1. A time of great joy and feasting for some

of God’s people.

A summary of the importance of specific days during

the tenth month:

1. Tenth Day and Twelfth Day - A time of

great judgment by God on some of his

people because of idolatry and covetousness.

A time of judgment on some

of God’s pastors because of the mistreatment

of his children. Replacement

of the false pastors with those who have

the heart of David.

2. Twenty Fifth Day- Hanukkah is the

feast where Jesus (Yahshua) reveals His

divinity. During this feast is a great

time to rededicate our lives to Yahshua.

The Temple may possibly be cleansed

after the Tribulation on this feast. This

feast also shows how Yahweh can fulfill

long-awaited promises in our lives!

There are some truths about the number ten in the

Word that generally apply to this month. The number

ten in the Word means that in this tenth month in particular,

God wants to cut the devil off from the area of

your life that he is attacking.

This meaning of the number ten in the Word is evident

in Revelation 2:10: “You shall have tribulation ten

days.” In this scripture, God is saying that all the devil

has is ten days and then he is cut off. You need to apply

this number to your life on a frequent basis and cut the

devil off by saying the number ten to him, by faith. His


power will be broken as you use the number ten with

faith. In this tenth month, whatever the devil was doing

to you is cut off. You could be delivered from that habit

that was separating you from God. You are now delivered

from those people who were interfering with your

walk with God. In 1 Samuel 17:18, Jesse tells David to

take ten cheeses and ten loaves of bread to his brothers.

When his father says this, David knows the battle was

over and that the enemy would be cut off by God. Do

you realize that God is doing the same thing to you, cutting

off the devil from that area of your life where he is


In Genesis 1:4, God mentions that he divided the

light from darkness. This is the effect of the number ten

working in your life (i.e. the darkness is separated from

your life)! In Genesis 24:22, the servant of Abraham

gives Rebekah two bracelets weighing ten shekels of

gold. This is God showing that the search for a bride for

Isaac is over and she was the one.

God also confirms this truth in Genesis 45:23 as

Joseph sends ten asses with good things for Jacob as well

as ten asses loaded with corn. This is also signifying that

the famine is over for Jacob and his family.

In Genesis 31:7, Jacob mentions that Laban changed

his wages ten times. God is speaking here that the control

that Laban had on Jacob and his wives is cut off once

and for all. This is evident when God tells Laban not to

touch Jacob in verse 24, not to harm him. He is delivered

from Laban’s dishonesty and tricks. From this time

on Jacob spoils Laban, by getting his best cattle. You

too can stop the devil from stealing your wages and get

God’s best for you by using the number ten as a mighty

weapon, especially during this tenth month!

Praise him for the number ten in your life. Be encourNOON


aged when God shows this number to you during a trial.

He is telling you that the devil is cut off from that area

of your life he is attacking.

Remember, this tenth month is not the only time

that God can cut the devil off from your life, but it is

God’s most anointed time to do so.


NOON 149


Shevat ( Jan.-Feb.)

In Zechariah 1:7–13, the Word of the Lord comes on

the twenty-fourth day of the eleventh month and he says

that he will now extend mercy to his people that he had

to punish previously through their enemies. This is a

great promise for those who have strayed.

In 2:7–9, God says he sends deliverance and brings

restitution against our enemies as he comes on the scene

(verse 10). During this time of the month God also says

in chapter 3 that he brings an anointing to clean us up

(verse 4), crowns us with new authority (verse 5), and

brings us into purpose (verse 7). He assures during this

time also that it is only by his power that we can go into

purpose (4:6), that any mountain in our way will become

a plain (verse 7), that he is causing us to stand in our

purpose (verse 14), and that he is sending more people

to help us build (6:15). This is truly an exciting time of

the month.

In Deuteronomy 1:3–8, on the first day of the eleventh

month, Moses encourages the people to go in and

possess the land God gave them and not to be fearful

(verse 21). God encourages us the same way during this

time. He also speaks a blessing on them to multiply like

the stars of the sky (verse 10) and that God would make

them a thousand times greater than they were (verse 11).

During this time of the month God speaks the same


blessings, just receive. I claim it for you now in Jesus’


Let’s summarize the importance of specific days during

the eleventh month:

1. First Day - God also encourages us to go

into and possess our purpose or inheritance

and speaks a multiplication blessing

into our lives.

2. Twenty Fourth Day - God really pours

out to his people with mercy, deliverance,

restitution against their enemies,

cleansing, new authority, bringing more

builders to help, etc.

There is a general anointing on this eleventh month

for God to confirm how close you are to your promotion,

especially if you are going through a trial. During

this eleventh month, you may feel a little nervous. God

is telling you how close you may be to your new spiritual

level. What’s happening is that your body is getting

used to the new spiritual level and you may feel a little


For example, if you were told on your job on a Friday,

that Monday you would be promoted and start a new

position, you would be all right until Sunday night. You

may start to feel a little nervous about your new duties.

This is similar to a new level or promotion. During

this month, where you are so close to starting your new

assignment for God, you may feel a little nervous even

though you have been promoted. You can’t do the assignment

without God.

A perfect example of this is 2 Chronicles 20, where

Jehoshaphat fears when he is surrounded by the enemy

(verse 3). He realizes, and you will too, that the battle is

NOON 151

God’s (verse 15). God is ready to promote Jehoshaphat

by wiping out his enemies and giving him their spoils

which took three days to gather (verse 22–25).

When God promotes, he does more and you do less.

At every new level, God shows us how powerful he really

is as he does so much for us and in us. He is able to do

so much in us and through us at this new level because

only he could have taken you through a trial to get you to

this point. At this stage in our walk with Jesus, we truly

decrease as he increases.

The use of the number eleven in the Word by the

Holy Spirit backs up the belief that the new level or promotion

is at hand. In Genesis chapter 45 Joseph reveals

himself to his eleven brothers and they are about to be

promoted. Because of Joseph’s position and authority in

Egypt, they and the rest of their relatives get choice land,

and are now being taken care of by Joseph. They don’t

have to be concerned about the famine any more. They

now have abundance. During this eleventh month you

are getting ready for the abundance that is at the end

of a particular trial. So as you are approaching the end

of a trial and you are feeling humbled and a little nervous,

you are at the door of your new level or promotion,

which could happen in the next month (twelfth).


NOON 153


Adar (Feb.-Mar.)

In Jeremiah 52:31, the Word records that Evilmerodach,

king of Babylon, releases Jehoiachin, king of Judah, from

prison. This takes place on the twenty-fifth day of the

twelfth month. Not only does he release him, but sets

him up in his kingdom above his leaders. This enemy

king takes care of his needs the rest of his life. This is a

move of deliverance by God and should encourage anyone

who needs to be delivered from the prison they are

in. Receive your deliverance, as God’s anointing to set

you free is freely flowing, especially at this time of the


This is also a time of God’s judgment coming forth;

in Ezekiel 32:1–12, God tells the Pharaoh of Egypt on

the first day of the twelfth month that he is going to

bring destruction on him and the rest of the Egyptians.

He says that his destruction would be so fierce that other

nations will be terribly afraid for their own lives when

they see Egypt’s destruction at his hands.

God is not somebody to fool around with or someone

to lean too heavily on his grace. He is also a God of justice,

a God of vengeance, even though he is also a God

of love. He will take vengeance on our enemies if they

push him too far. They may seem to be winning and not

relenting in their attacks on you, but take strength in the

fact that God is on your side.

During this month on the fourteenth and fifteenth


days, the feast of Purim occurs. Purim is a wonderful

feast that commemorates the deliverance of God’s people

from the wicked plans of Haman (Satan). God will

always be ready to deliver his people and this time of the

year is a wonderful time to claim and receive it.

Let’s summarize the importance of specific days during

the twelfth month:

1. The First Day of the month- Another

time of God’s judgment on our enemies.

2. The Fourteenth, Fifteenth and Twenty-

Fifth Day- Other times for great deliverance

by God.

The twelfth month as a whole is an excellent time

for God to complete your promotion or new level he

was preparing you for during the year but especially in

the eleventh month. He can do this at any time in the

twelfth month. Of course he can promote at any time of

the year, but there is an anointing on this month especially

to do so.

NOON 155

Thirteenth MONTH


These feasts or seasons I have discussed in this book are

celebrated on the same day of the Hebrew calendar every

year, but the Hebrew year is not the same length as a

solar year on the Gregorian calendar used by most of

the western world. As a result, the dates of these seasons

change on the Gregorian calendar.

The Hebrew calendar is based on the rotation of the

Earth about its axis (a day), the revolution of the moon

about the Earth (about 29 1/2 days), and the revolution

of the Earth about the sun (about 365 1/4 days, or 12.4

lunar months). The Hebrew calendar coordinates these

three facts, and as a result, some years on the Hebrew

calendar have thirteen months, which is considered a

leap year. The Gregorian calendar does not (the length

of the months has been arbitrarily set at 28, 30, or 31


In a leap year, the thirteenth month is called Adar 2,

and the twelfth month is called Adar 1. The additional

month (Adar I) is inserted before the regular month of

Adar (which is Adar II in a leap year). In a non-leap

year, the twelfth month is called simply Adar. In certain

years, the last day of Hanukkah is Tevet 3 as opposed to

Tevet 2. Also, the feast of Purim will occur in Adar 2 in

a leap year.

My Biblical Calendar page on my Web site (www. takes these facts into consideration.


As I mentioned earlier, I have prepared the current

and future dates on both the Hebrew calendar and the

Gregorian calendar when the monthly periods begin and

end. Just click on Biblical Calendar on my website. On

the same location, I also have the future dates for the

feasts days on both calendars.

Here is the list of the Hebrew (our) months of the

year again to help you:

First Month Nisan Mar-Apr.

Second Month Iyar Apr-May

Third Month Sivan May-June

Fourth Month Tammuz June-July

Fifth Month Av July-Aug.

Sixth Month Elul Aug-Sept.

Seventh Month Tishrei Sept.-Oct.

Eight Month Cheshvan Oct.-Nov.

Ninth Month Kislev Nov.-Dec.

Tenth Month Tevet Dec.- Jan.

Eleventh Month Shevat Jan.- Feb.

Twelfth Month Adar Feb.-Mar.

*Thirteenth Month Adar 2 Mar-Apr.

* As I mentioned, only in a leap year is there a thirteenth


Note: The same dates and blessings associated with

the Twelfth Month are applicable here in this thirteenth

month. As I mentioned earlier, this month is called Adar

II in the leap years and the twelfth month is called Adar

I. In a non-leap year the twelfth month is called simply

Adar. If there is a particular day of the month (or the

month as a whole) where there is a special anointing to

bring about certain blessings, which you have learned

from reading my book you can figure which day it is on

the Gregorian calendar by going to my Biblical Calendar

NOON 157

page on my Web site ( You can

then scroll to the top left and click on

hebcal. You can also go directly to

hebcal. Again, when you are on either website please

check off “show Hebrew date for entire date range”

under “Other Options.” Please refer to the chart on the

previous page in researching the month of interest you

desire to see from the word and go to a particular day in

that month on this Hebrew calendar. Remember that

the twenty four hour period of time which includes day

and night runs from evening to evening.

Here is an example from a previous month of March

to help you in locating a particular day on the Gregorian

calendar from a Hebrew date in the word: If you want

to see which day on the Gregorian calendar Nisan 1 falls

on you can see from this chart. Nisan 1 or the first day of

the first month of the year starts on evening March 15

and ends on evening March 16.


NOON 159


I pray that you enjoyed this book, and I also pray that

you have a deeper awareness of God’s special blessing

times on an hourly, daily, and monthly basis. You can

also search the Word for other periods of time such as

number of days, months, or years, and see if they are

applicable to your situation.

You may see in the Word that Joshua marched around

Jericho for seven days and the walls came down. You may

get a witness in your spirit that your Jericho will come down

in seven days. Your relatives may have had problems in the

family for forty years. You may see in the Word that the

Israelites were in the wilderness for forty years, but Joshua,

Caleb, and the children came out. You can claim that the

family wilderness is over, if God puts this in your spirit.

Not everybody can claim these time period promises unless

God speaks to their spirit. It is just a matter of one seeking

the Holy Spirit and seeing if God wants to move in these

time frames. It won’t be for everybody, but it could be a

blessing time frame for someone.

The promises mentioned in this book at hourly, daily,

and monthly time periods are available for anybody who

will seek Jesus and be prepared. I am sure your walk with

Jesus will never be the same as you prepare for these blessing

times. As I mentioned earlier, if you don’t receive the

blessing that you are expecting at a certain period of time,

maybe God is trying to make some adjustments in your

life, in order for you to receive. Just listen to the Holy Spirit