Are You Really Saved?


So many people feel that they are saved and going to heaven because some evangelist told them so. They were told to “Ask Jesus (Yahshua) to come into your heart.” This not biblical! You can’t base your salvation on what an evangelist said. You have to search the word! The first step to being saved is to “Repent.” Repentance is changing the way you have been going away from what Yahshua said in His word and be willing to change direction and follow Him and His word. John and Yahshua both preached a message of Repentance as soon as they went into ministry. Peter in Acts 2:38 after asking how to be saved said “Repent and be baptized in the Name of Yahshua and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.” May people lead others to Yahshua by using the Roman road to salvation from Romans Chapter 10. First of all Paul is writing to the saints at Rome (Rom.1:7 “to be” is not part of the translation but was added by the discretion of the translator. That’s why it is in italics.) They already were saved. In Romans 10:9 Paul is saying that whatever situation that you are in to confess with your mouth that Yahshua is Yahweh and believe in your heart that the Father has raised Him from the dead and you will be “saved” from the situation!

In Romans 8:16 the word says that we through the Spirit have to mortify the deeds of the flesh. Our biggest enemy is not Satan but our flesh! Only the Father can destroy the works of the flesh but we have to be willing to surrender the flesh to Him. He wants to conform us into the image of Yahshua (Rom. 8:29.) This process is the sanctification process. You don’t here much of this on TV. It is not popular to preach against the flesh. People may not send in their offerings. If one does not turn their flesh over to the Spirit of the Father to mortify the deeds of one’s flesh and allow Him to conform one into the image of Yahshua they will bust hell wide open! When the Father points out things in your flesh that don’t line up with His word, don’t fight Him but turn that area of your life over to Him. It’s like putting out the garbage. If you don’t put out the garbage the garbage collectors can’t pick it up!

As we turn our flesh over to Him the Father starts conforming us into the image of His Son and we start bearing the fruit of the Spirit. The fruit of the Spirit describes Yahshua- love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance. The word says in Romans 6: 22 that we don’t serve sin anymore but we serve the Father and bring forth fruit unto holiness and to the end everlasting life. Bearing fruit is necessary to get to heaven!

I want to discuss the fruit of the Spirit and how developing this fruit can help us in ministering to others by the Gifts of the Spirit:

To actually move in the Gifts of the Spirit effectively going in the deep areas of where people are hurting one needs the Fruit of the Spirit to be flowing out of them. The Fruit of the Spirit is all about the personality of Yahshua. The Fruit describes the nature and character of Yahshua. The Fruit of the Spirit is: love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness goodness, faith, meekness and temperance (Gal. 5:22-23). Let’s discuss the Fruit in detail: (a lot of the information is gotten from Noah Webster’s Dictionary of 1848).

1.)    Love-Excited by the pleasing qualities of an object which communicates pleasure in one’s company, to regard with affection. When one is ministering to someone in the Spirit with one of the gifts of the Spirit one has to be have pleasure in the one who they are ministering to. They have to see the person’s pleasing qualities in the Spirit as they may not be evident in the natural. Yahweh can bring this fruit out of us if we desire and place the person that we are ministering to in a high regard. As we allow the Holy Spirit to show us the person that we are ministering to the way that He does, a deep healing can flow through us in  a word of knowledge, a word of wisdom, etc. When one is ministering in the Gifts of the Spirit with a foundation of the fruit of the Spirit the person who they are ministering too seems to be the most important person in the world at that moment.

2.)    Joy-Emotion excited by the acquisition or expectation of something good happening to someone. This emotion is caused by the expectation of success or favor coming into the person’s life as a result of the Holy Spirit ministering through us. We have to want to see the person really blessed more than anything else. This can only happen when the Holy Spirit moves in us with His joy.

3.)    Peace-Sense of quiet or tranquility, freedom from disturbance or agitation. It also means freedom from fear, internal commotion, terror, anxiety, in harmony and a calm mind. To move in the Gifts of the Spirit to help someone we have to desire to bring peace into the situation of the person that we are praying for. With this attitude the Holy Spirit can really move through us. The Holy Spirit can then free one up from the guilt of the past and the events that are troubling them and robbing their peace.

4.)    Longsuffering-Long endurance, forbearance to punish, clemency and not easily provoked or looking to strike back at an offense.  Longsuffering “kicks” in when patience runs out. It may be difficult without this fruit of the Spirit to minister to someone who tests our patience or who has hurt us terribly. When the fruit of the Spirit is operating through us the person only sees Yahshua working through us.    

5.)    Gentleness- Mild, meek, soft, not rough, harsh or severe, a gentle nature and peaceable. When one is operating in this fruit it is like Yahshua the Prince of Peace is ministering in all His gentleness. There are so many harsh things in some people’s daily life and sometimes they encounter some harsh people. They need to be ministered by Yahshua though us in gentleness.

6.)    Goodness-state of being good, having physical qualities which constitute value, excellence, perfection or Christian excellence. People need to see this in us as there is so much wickedness in the world. When this fruit is present and working through us, there is no telling what a person may receive from Yahweh.

7.)    Faith-“To draw.” Having this supernatural faith operating through us can help us to draw on the supernatural power of Yahweh to bring about a miracle or a blessing in one’s life.

8.)    Meekness-Meekness is not weakness. Meekness is softness of temper, mildness, gentleness, not striking back after an injury or provocation. It also means submission to Yahweh’s will without murmuring or complaining. It is the opposite of pride. People being ministered to will really respond when one is moving in this fruit of the Spirit.

9.)    Temperance-Habitual, continuing moderation in regard to natural appetites. It is so important to demonstrate this fruit to show that we are controlled by the Holy Spirit and not our fleshly appetites.  


    So, make sure that you are saved according to the word and not at the direction of man. Repent(turn from you ways that are against the Word and follow the Father’s ways), turn your flesh over to the Holy Spirit so He can mortify the deeds of the flesh, and conform us into the image of Yahshua by developing the fruit of the Spirit(Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness and Temperance.


     Here is a sample prayer to lead onto salvation: Father I believe that Yahshua died for me. I repent of my sins. Forgive me of my sins. Help me not to sin again. I give my life to you completely. Mortify the deeds of my flesh. Conform me into the image of Yahshua by developing the fruit of the Spirit in my life. Thank you Father!


    Also, when you pray for someone else and even yourself the blood lines have to be cleaned. Here is a sample prayer: Anything that is on their family lines or their families or acquaintances family lines back to Adam I curse and break in the Mighty Name of Yahshua and I plead the Blood of Yahshua over their family lines back to Adam now and forever in the Mighty Name of Yahshua. Anything that has been spoken against them or will be spoken against them and has been written against them or will be written against them that is not of Yahshua I curse the effects of those words in the Mighty Name of Yahshua and I plead the blood of Yahshua between them and those words in the Mighty Name of Yahshua. Also, anything that is not of Yahshua I command you to get out of their lives right now in the Name of Yahshua and go where Yahshua sends you and stay there in the Mighty Name of Yahshua. I plead the blood of Yahshua between you and them now and forever in the Mighty Name of Yahshua. 


    This prayer will help you and those who you are praying for to be clean from the past and open to the prayer that you will be praying for yourself or others. Please pass this message around so people can have the assurance that they are really saved!