The Importance of the Sabbath!


The Sabbath was given to us before there was a Jewish nation. So, the Sabbath is not just for the Jews. In Genesis 2: the word says that the Father blessed the seventh day and sanctified it by resting from His creative work. The Sabbath starts at 6:00 P.M. on Friday and end at 6:00 P.M. on Saturday. The week then begins at this time. It is so important to spend time with the Father on the Sabbath and let Him correct us, encourage us and pat us on the back. The week will go much smoother. If he wants you to go to church on Sunday then you will be more prepared to be blessed. One can’t just bypass the Sabbath and make Sunday the most important day of the week. There is a relationship between the Sabbath and Sunday. In Acts. 16 verses 12-30, Paul and Silas were arrested and put in prison on the Sabbath and spend time with the Father on the Sabbath. At midnight on Saturday night (which is Sunday), there was an earthquake and everybody in the jail were freed. So, if you want to have a more powerful and blessed Sunday and the rest of the week, spend time with the Father on the Sabbath! In Exodus 20:8, in talking about the fourth commandment, the Father said to “REMEMBER” the Sabbath day.” Again, the Sabbath was given before there ever was a Jewish nation! In v. 11 the word says that we need to rest and honor the Sabbath because in doing so we honor Him as the Creator. This means that when you honor Him on the Sabbath He can create opportunities and blessings for us! We can see in the word that the main day of worship and honoring the Father was the Sabbath- in Acts 13:42, after Paul ministered on the Sabbath, the GENTILES wanted Paul to preach to them on the next Sabbath (not on Sunday). In v. 44 the word says that on the next Sabbath, the whole city came together to hear the word of the Father! In Isaiah 66:23 the word says that during the Millennium (the thousand year period of time that we will be with Yahshua in Jerusalem) from one Sabbath to another people will come to worship Yahshua.  So, the Sabbath will never be done away with! Also, in Hebrews 4 v. 9, Paul mentions that "there remains a rest for the Father's people." The Greek word for rest is "Sabbatismos" which appears in the Greek from a derivative of "Sabbaton" which comes from the Hebrew word "Shabbat" which means Sabbath. So. Paul is saying that there remains a Sabbath-keeping for the  Father's people. Reading v. 7-11 with this in mind really changes the erroneous traditional meaning.

 The following are some scriptures that some people try to use to say that the Sabbath was done away with- In 1 Cor. 16 v. 1-3 Paul was saying that concerning the collection for the saints at Jerusalem, upon the first day of the week which was around 6:00 P.M. (after the Sabbath service was over) that they should leave this offering outside their house (“in store” is translated outside their house in the Greek.) These verses do not support a Sunday service! In Colossians 2 v. 16 -17, the word says let no man therefore judge you in respect of meat or drink or in respect of a holyday or the Sabbath (“days” is in italics-added by the translator) which are a shadow of things to come but the body of Yahshua. Paul is saying that the only people who can advise you on the Sabbath, holy days, meat or drink are the believers, the BODY OF YAHSHUA. The Sabbath is a shadow of things to come which is Yahshua, but is definitely not done away with. The Sabbath rest will culminate in the return of Yahshua, but the Sabbath needs to be enjoyed now. In Romans Chapter 14 v.5 the word says that one esteems one day above another and let everyone be fully persuaded in their own mind. Paul is talking to Gentiles who are coming out of paganism. They had their "special pagan days" dedicated to numerous pagan gods. Paul was bring them into the Sabbath. We can also see from verse 1-6 the word is talking not about the Sabbath, but eating different foods. In verse 2 the word says that some just eat herbs. In verse 6 Paul says that if one doesn’t eat he does it to the Father and if one eats he also does it to the Father. One has to be fully persuaded in his own mind. Again, this has nothing to do with the Sabbath. In Acts 20 v. 7-12, Paul was fellowshipping with his friends and having food “upon the first day of the week.” This was around 6:00 P.M. when the Sabbath service was over. Paul continued talking until about midnight and raised a little boy from the dead who fell from a high place during the meal.


In summary, none of these scriptures show that the Sabbath was changed from Saturday to Sunday. Spending time with the Father on the Sabbath determines how the rest of the week goes! As a matter of fact “Sunday” worship started with the worship of the Sun! In Ezekiel Chapter 8:16, twenty five men were worshipping the Sun and later in Chapter 9:6, they were slain by the Father. I am not saying that the Father will kill you if you are not spending time with Him on the Sabbath, but He rewards obedience. Constantine started this worshipping of the Sun and Satan used him and others to transfer the solemnity from the Sabbath to Sunday. So, don’t fall into this trap. Some people say that they can rest and spend time with the Father any day they chose. If you were on a job and having some problems and your boss said to meet with him at a certain time and day to help you, it would be very foolish to try to set up you own appointment time! Also, remember that the Sabbath is the fourth commandment (Exodus 20 v 8-11), written with the finger of the Father. How can anybody try to change something that the Father wrote! Remember, the Sabbath was set up for us- to be refreshed and meet with our DADDY! Don’t miss your appointment!