Mother's Day

     I want to talk about some spiritual truths in Mother’s Day. I believe that Yahshua(Jesus) wants to use this day to remind us of the importance of women in ministry. In this message I am not referring to all women or men, but many. Men should not put down women in ministry. The simple fact that women can give birth shows the power of women to push and push and push until the job is done. In Judges Chapter 4, Deborah who was a prophetess tells Barak the army leader that he can get victory over the enemy (vs.6, 7). Barak says that he would not go into battle without her and she goes with the army and may even have led them (vs. 8, 9). As a result of Barak being fearful, a woman by the name of Jael gets credit for the victory by killing the enemy general as he slept (v.21). Men in the church need to make room for women to use their anointing, given by the Father in ways to help His purposes. Men can’t be influenced by tradition not in the word, Women make excellent prayer warriors as they can pray until they get breakthrough. Some men give up at the first sign of opposition. Women are excellent in building up churches and ministries from scratch. They are not moved by obstacles and are given an inherent anointing to “push.” Satan is so upset about women giving birth for this is potentially a powerhouse baby, serving Yahshua. This why Satan promotes abortion. I believe that a woman is a mother at the moment of conception. The women that choose to end their baby’s life by abortion are still mothers, whose baby is with Yahshua! They just chose to end a beautiful purpose wrapped up in flesh. I am not saying this to condemn anyone who had an abortion. Some are still feeling guilty. They can ask for forgiveness and repent and come back in right standing with Yahshua. There is a special bond between a women and their baby as they are carrying the child. All women know they are carrying a life (a child heart beat starts at about 26 weeks). Many are influenced to have an abortion by a boyfriend or husband who puts pressure on them. This is similar to some men in the church who want to abort a women’s purpose or ministry. In Revelation chapter 12, there is a picture of a woman who is ready to give birth and Satan (Dragon) is ready to devour the baby. In v. 6, after the child is born, the woman was led into the wilderness. How many women have a ministry calling and are in a wilderness of feeling alone and not being used. Traditions of men have put them there! In v. 13, Satan persecutes the woman. After some women step out in ministry, here come even more attacks.

     Women can make great Pastors as they have this innate anointing to nurture. However, they need a man’s covering to be effective.

     There has so much erroneous teaching in the church concerning the role of women in the Church. In the beginning, Eve was created as a helper to Adam. The word “helper” means one who will help serve God together. Men and women are supposed to work together in the purpose of the Father. The church as a whole is sorely lacking the effect of the anointing on women. This has caused an imbalance in the purpose of the church- to bring souls to Yahshua. Men need to help women to be raised up into their Father-given role. A man’s ministry will be so effective when they help usher women into their role. Let’s look at what the word of God has to say and not take the scriptures out of context: In 1 Timothy Chapter 1 is addressing a problem in the church of Ephesus about false teaching (v.3). Paul mentions the names of the false teachers – Hymenaeus and Alexander in verse 20. So with this in mind, we can see what Paul is really talking about in verses 9-15: In verse 9, Paul talks about women in general as to how they should dress and uses the plural –“women.” However, in verse 11 he says that the woman (singular) should learn in silence with all subjection. He was talking about a woman who was subjected to this false teaching. Whenever the word “woman” and a “man” is mention together, in the Greek it is “husband” (aner) and “wife” (gune). Paul is saying that this particular woman should not teach her husband this false teaching. He is not and I repeat “not” saying that women in general cannot teach men. Paul mentions in Chapter 11 verse 5 that women can prophesize in church which is a form of teaching. In Chapter 14 verse 31 Paul says that “all” may prophesize that “all” may learn. So prophesizing is teaching and “all” can prophesize and learn from this “teaching.” So, women can teach men! In 1 Tim 2 verses 13-15, Paul mentions that Eve was deceived first. Adam was deceived also by taking the fruit. Adam could have stopped the whole scene as he was standing there too. This backs up the fact that Paul is saying that he didn’t want this particular woman deceiving her husband. In v. 15 Paul is saying that this particular woman can be saved in childbearing which is not a verb, but a noun. He is talking about the birth of the Messiah, Yahshua! He is not talking about Eve, who was dead. This message is line upon line and precept upon precept in using the word, not taking a verse from an erroneous tradition point of view.

     In 1 Timothy Chapter 3:1, Paul mentions if a man desire the office of Bishop he desires a good thing. The word for man means “mankind” or “any person.” Paul says that a bishop must be the husband of one wife and rule his own house (verses 2, 4). There are three people that are left out if you take this literally- a man who is not married, a husband who has a wife but no kids and a woman. People will say that a man who is not married and a man who is married but has no children can be a bishop, but the same people will say that a woman can’t be a bishop. This is chauvinistic. Paul is not making a distinction between men and women. He is talking about spiritual qualities that a bishop should have whether that bishop be a man or woman such as “not a striker, not a novice, having a good report of them which are without, patient, not covetous” (verses 3-7). As a matter of fact Paul mentions in chapter 5:14 that women should guide or rule the house (see Chapter 3:4). Paul is also mentioning that a bishop should be the husband of one wife to combat polygamy on the part of men, which could have been prevalent at that time!

     In the book of 1 Corinthians, at times Paul is answering questions that the Corinthians had. For example in 1 Corinthians 12:1, Paul takes up the question of spiritual gifts by saying “now concerning spiritual gifts” and begins to explain them. So, with this in mind Paul answers their belief about women in 1 Corinthians. 14:34-“Let your women keep silence in the church, for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law and if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home; for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.” He is quoting in verses 34 and 35 what their opinion is and answers them by saying in verse 36 “What” (are you crazy?) came the word of Elohim out from you? Or came in you only? He is saying are you Elohim? Are you the only ones who the Father can use? Verses 34 and 35 are not Paul’s opinion. He is just answering their opinion in the letter they wrote to him. Also, in verse 34 the word for women should have been translated “wives.” Not every woman is married and has a husband. You see, women sat on one side of the church and so did the men and they had a lot of questions and Paul didn’t want them to interrupt the service by asking so many questions to their husbands. He wanted them to ask their husbands at home! Paul is not talking against women but is just concerned about order (v.40) as he writes “let all things be done decently and in order.“ Hopefully this will clear up any misconceptions about these scriptures.

     Also, in Romans 16 Paul mentions many women who were with him in ministry: Phebe, a minister (verse1) (Paul always calls ministers “servants”), Mary (verse 6), Junia, an “apostle,”Tryphena, Tryphosa (verse 12) and Julia in verse 15. 

     So many women come into a church service hurting and need to know that they are equal in the fact that Yahshua can use them to do His will in any service! So many times when a person is hurting, as they minister to others, this hurt disappears! So, if a Pastor won’t allow women to be used as the Father directs, women can’t find a relief for their hurts by ministering to others. It is a trick of the enemy to confine women to ungodly traditions. Women need to be loosed! The church is out of balance until women are positioned properly. Remember, there is neither male nor female in the Father (Galatians 3:28).

     The only person that a woman needs to be submitted to is their husband, as long as he is following the Father! (Ephesians 5:22).   

     Men, pray about this message and encourage women to be raised up and your ministry will be enhanced greatly! Pastors, don’t keep the women down or the Father can remove you from your position.

     Again I feel that the Father wants to use Mother’s Day as another reminder of the strong role that some women can play in the ministry! They need to be loosed!