The First Month of the Year!


    How many of you are looking for a New Beginning? So many were waiting for their new beginning on January 1. For many, their New Beginning didn’t happen. What went wrong? Did you ever think that January 1st. is not the beginning of the year, according to God? The Romans made January 1st. the start of the year. I am not saying that you shouldn’t observe January 1 as the beginning of the year for business and tax purposes. What I am saying is that in your dealings with the Father you have to get on His timetable. He will not adjust to ours. He has particular seasons of how He wants to move and deal with us. We need to recognize them. The new year according to the Bible starts on Nissan 1 on the Jewish calendar (Exodus 12 v. 1). Nissan 1 falls at 6:00 P.M. on Friday Apr. 5 on our calendar this year. Apr. 5 is the beginning of the year, according to God. January to March is a time where God is “preparing” some of His people for their New Beginning.                                                                                  

As I mentioned at 6:00 P.M. on Friday Apr. 5 we are in the first month of the year according to Yahweh’s word. I have written a book called “Noon” (2nd edition) that summarizes each month according to Elohim's calendar. The book talks about the blessings and warnings about each month which Elohim repeats from His word. Solomon said that the things that have been are now! Elohim likes to repeat what He did during the months as recorded in the word. It is so important to know in advance some of what He wants to repeat in our lives.

I have taken some exerts from my book "Noon" (Second Edition) regarding the first month.  (You can read my book "Noon" free at the bottom of my message page.) Here are some things to remember about the first month according to His word:

In Joel 2:23, Elohim mentions through the prophet Joel that he wants to pour out the former and latter rain in the first month. The first month of the year starts on Nisan, which is our equivalent of March-April. Elohim said in this verse that up to that point he had poured out the rain moderately, but it is about to change. Are you ready for change? He is ready to get extravagant with his blessings. He says in verse 24 that “the floors shall be full of wheat and the vats shall overflow with wine and oil.” He is ready, if you are, for you to be on the receiving end of his extravagant blessings. For some of you, it has been such a drought. There is an overflow anointing on this first month. Receive it!

Allow Elohim to mortify the deeds of your flesh daily and make your number one prayer that Elohim would conform you to the image of Yahshua. When you have done this, you are in position to receive this overflow blessing anointing in this month. Praise him!

He also says in verse 25 that he would restore years into your life (i.e. take away the effect of events that happened years ago). He can restore in such a marvelous way that the event may seem to have not happened at all. He can also start in this month to restore monies and other assets that were taken from you. He also says in verse 26 that you will not be ashamed. You have believed for a long time for Elohim to bring some blessings into your life that he has promised you. He is saying that you will not be ashamed. During this month, he can start to bring some of these promises to pass. Just believe. Elohim also says that he would “pour out his Spirit on all flesh” in verse 28. Believe that he will start pouring out his Spirit on family members and others you are concerned about. In Numbers 20:1–11, Moses writes how the children of Israel murmurs and complains when they had no water and Moses is being tested and hits the rock, instead of speaking to the rock, as he was commanded by Elohim. This happened during the first month (verse 1).This first month can also be a time of testing and you need to be on guard. As a result of this, Moses is not allowed to enter into the Promised Land (verse 23–24). All he could do was see it from a distance. Please don’t give up on Elohim merely because circumstances are not lining up as quickly as you would like. Don’t murmur and complain. You don’t want to lose blessings, do you?

Just as the first month of the year can be a time of great blessing, it can also be a time of great testing before the blessing is manifested.

Just like Moses was separated from going into the Promise Land, this first month is also a time where Elohim will separate people from their purposes or destinies and give them to someone else. Look at David taking Saul’s place, Joshua taking Moses’ place and Samuel taking Eli’s place. In Numbers 21:1–35, the Canaanites attack Israel.

The first month is also a time of war. In verse 35, Moses records that Israel possesses the land of the enemy. This is a time for you get spoils from the sinners (“The wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.” [Proverbs 13:22]). Your enemies may initiate the attack, but Elohim is allowing the attack in order to give you their possessions. It is all in Elohim’s plans. If you see the enemy attack in this month, you have to realize that the attack was all set up by Elohim to bless you, not to harm you. In Isaiah 35, Elohim is preparing his people for an attack of the enemy by saying in verses 1 and 2 that they will blossom abundantly and rejoice. Sure enough, the enemy attacks, and they are defeated by Elohim (37:36). As you can see, this month is a time of you getting spoils from the enemy, no matter what it looks like when you are initially attacked. Remember, spoils are something people don’t want you to have, but Elohim says he will give it to you anyway. Remember, especially in this first month, that “everything and everybody was created by Elohim and for him” (Colossians 1:16). He is the boss. The Israelites crossed the Jordan River in the first month (1 Chronicles 12:15). The first month is a time for many to cross over into purpose, no matter how deep your Jordan River seems. Elohim will make a way where there seems to be no way, when your back may be up against a wall.

The first month is also a time for a change in leadership. In 2 Chronicles 35:21, Josiah, a king of Israel, is told by Elohim not to go against the king of Egypt. He did not listen and is killed in battle (verses 22–24). There is a replacement anointing on this month, especially around Passover because this is the time this event happens (verses 1–19). “Promotion comes from Elohim; he puts down one and sets up another” (Psalm 75:6–7). He may be preparing you to take someone’s place. In Ezra 7:9, the Word says that Ezra begins to travel to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple on the first day of the first month. On this particular day of the month, Elohim could put an assignment on you that could change many people’s lives and bring glory to Elohim. Please be ready and attentive to hear the voice of the Lord, especially at this time. The favor of Elohim on Ezra was so strong that Artaxerxes, the king of Persia, gives Ezra a letter directing people to take care of his every need as he does his assignment (verse 11). Do you realize that the same favor of Elohim is on you at this time? So step out in faith, with Elohim’s backing.

In Ezekiel 29:17–19, in the first month, Elohim mentions that Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, did not receive wages in his battle against Tyrus. Elohim didn’t forget about this and promises him the land of Egypt as a spoil for him and to supply the lost wages for his army.

Elohim is such a kind and merciful Elohim! He will never forget your labor for his name. Just get ready to begin to receive at this time. What you might have considered lost in the past is not lost to Elohim. He is truly a Elohim of restitution and recovery (Acts 3:21), especially at this first day of the first month. On the seventh day of the first month Elohim broke the power of Pharaoh, king of Egypt, as recorded in Ezekiel 30:20–24. He strengthens the power of the king of Babylon against him and puts his sword into his hand. Elohim says that “vengeance is his” (Hebrews 10:30). So this is also a great day for Elohim to take away the power of your enemies, strengthen you, and put the sword of the Word into your hands, in order to complete the victory. It doesn’t matter to Elohim how long your enemies seem to have been winning. On this day, expect Elohim to move on your behalf and break their power. Elohim will divide their tongues and bring confusion into their midst. They will turn on each other (2 Chronicles 20:23). Elohim will get all the glory! In Ezra 8:31, Ezra and others take the gold and silver meant for the temple of Elohim through some enemy territory.

Elohim’s protection is great upon them. This occurs on the twelfth day of the first month. Expect Elohim to start to bring the finances for your ministry on this day, no matter how much the enemy doesn’t want them to arrive. Elohim will make sure you get what you need as you do his will.

These are just some of the things to remember about the first month!