The Origin of Names!




    There are so many names and terms that we have used without tracing back their origin. There are so many so called “Christian” terms and names that can be traced back to Paganism. We have to be especially careful in the names and terms that we use in our communication with our Father. We don’t want to offend Him by using pagan names or terms in describing Him. I have prepared a list with not only their pagan origin but a possible substitute that we could use: (Please be open to the Spirit of Yahweh and research for yourself.)

1.) Lord- this name can be traced back to Baal, a pagan god. The term “Beelzebub” means Satan is the “lord of the flies.” It comes from Lar/Larth/Lares, deities associated with sun worship! Phoenicians called their god “lord” and also used the name “Adon" to apply to him. The Greeks used the term “Adonis” to apply to their god. The name “Adonai” which so many Christians use comes from “Adonis.” Jews refused to pronounce the Name "Yahweh" and used “Adonai” instead. So, instead of calling Yahshua Lord” call Him “Master.” Instead of calling Him “Adonai” call Him by His proper Name-Yahweh! Doing this will please Him, especially when we worship Him!

2.) “Sunday”- day of rest dedicated to the Greek and Roman sun god (Helios and Mithra). We can see in the word that the Sabbath was given to all of us in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 2:2,3,  will be kept in the “Millennium” Isaiah 66:23 and was kept by the Gentiles in Acts 13: 42,43.  The Sabbath is the fourth commandment and was written by the finger of Yahweh and can never be done away. It was the early church and Constantine who brought the worship of the sun by the pagans (Sunday) into the church!

3.) “Jesus” - comes from the Greek “Iesous” the name of the Greek goddess of healing Ieso/Iaso-the daughter of Apollo, the sun deity. It also comes from the Latin- Iesus. “Jesus” is united to “Zeus” – the Greek interpretation of the Egyptian sun god –Amen-Rah. Use “Yahshua” in your communication with Him. We need to endeavor to please Him and not call Him any name that can be traced back to paganism. Mary was a Hebrew girl. The angel had to tell her to name her child “Yahshua” (Luke 1:31).

4.) “God”- a common Germanic name applied to supernatural beings (pagan deities). “God” comes from Gad which was a Babylonian/Canaanite/Syrian deity of good luck.  We should use the term “Elohim” or “Yahweh” in reference to our Father.

5.) Christ- from Christos Christ/Christian come from the Greek  word "Christos" meaning "anointed/anointed one," and was used in the pagan Greek and Roman religions to give reference to their Sun-god, "Helios." Roman Emperor Constantine worshipped "Christos Helios" which means "Christ-The-True-Sun." Christos originates from the Greek word "Chrestos" which means "good" and alludes to the Greek/Roman god "Chrestos." "Chrestos" as reverenced by Greeks and Romans was none other than "Osiris," a Sun-diety of Egypt. Heretic Gnostics during the time of circulation of the New Testament scriptures also used the title of "Christos" for their purposes. Christian comes from the Greek word meaning "good men," but was derogatorily applied in mockery to Messianic believers because they worshipped "Mashiach/Messiah of Israel" or the "anointed one of Israel" and not the "anointed" Greek god "Chrestos." We should call ourselves believers in Yahshua not “Christians.”

* Mashiach/Messiah/Messianic are the proper Hebrew words that should be used in reference to the "anointed one" of Yahweh, Yahshua Ha Mashiach, (Yahshua, The Messiah), Son of Yahweh, our Savior. The English term Messianic comes from the title "Messiah" and pertains to followers of the "Messiah" of Israel who worship Yahweh, and abide in His Word.

6).   Church-Anglo Saxon word comes from the name of the goddess “Circe” daughter of “Helios” the Roman sun god. We should use the term “place of assembly” or “Assembly.’

7).  Amen- Name of the Egyptian sun god “Amen-Rah.” Jewish people say “Amein” and we should do the same.

8).  The fish symbol- from the Greek fish god “Dagon.”

9.)  Cross- symbol of the Babylonian sun god Tammuz (Ezekiel 8:13, 14). Yahshua was nailed to a pole or stake. The Greek word “stauros” was used. Peter calls it a tree as the pole was from a tree (1 Peter 2:24.). Crucify/Crucifixion comes from the Latin word "Crux" and only appears in the Roman Catholic translation of the Greek manuscripts called the Roman Vulgate. The Greek language did not have a word for "crucify" or "crucifixion." The Greek word used in the manuscripts was "stauros" which again, implied "impaled on a pole or stake" not a cross.

10.) Divine, divinity, deity- “Dios”, Theos, (Greek) and the Latin word “Deus” all apply to pagan gods.

     11.) Glory- from “Gloria” a Roman goddess. She was pictured half naked and holding the zodiac signs.            

12.)                    Easter- the goddess Astarte (Babylonian) referred to as the Queen of heaven (Jeremiah 7:18). In Nineveh she was known as Ishtar. The word Easter in Acts. 12:4 should have been translated “Passover” as the Greek word was “Pasch.”

13.)                    Christmas-Dec. 25 – Mithraism birthday of its sun god. See my message on “A season to receive special miracles” on this same website.

14.)                    Holy- Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost- derived from the Hindu religion. A spring festival “Holi” was held in honor of the Hindu sun god “Khrisna.”  Use the term “Ruach Ha Kodesh” (the Spirit of Yahweh) when talking about Yahweh.

15.)                    Bible comes from the Greek word "Biblos/Biblion" which refers to the Egyptian papyrus reed which the Greeks called "Byblos/Byblus." The papyrus reed was shipped from the Egyptian City "Biblis" named after its female Sun-deity. It was imported through the Greek seaport called "Byblos" named after its Phoenician Sun-deity "Byblis/Byblos" believed to be the granddaughter of Apollo, the Greek Sun-diety. Use the term “the word” instead.

16.)                    Grace- Named after “Charis’ a Greek deity- daughter of “Helios.” Use “His Mercy.”

17.)                    Sacred- from “Sakra” a Persian/Roman god. Use “set apart.”

18.)                    Sanctified- from the Greek god "Sancus.” Also use “set apart).

19.)                    Sacrifice- also from “Sakra.” Use “offering” or “atonement.”

20.)                    Obelisks, Spires, Steeple, Church Towers all come from the pagan worship practices of Babylon and Egypt called Sun-pillars. These are objects that were shaped in various tall aspiring shapes appearing to reach up to the heavens. Ancient Babylon built Sun-pillars that held phallic (male genitalia) symbolism incorporated into their pagan worship. Egypt also built obelisks as part of their Sun-worship. Exodus 23:24 states that YAHWEH commanded the Israelites to break down these pillars. Church steeples, towers, and the Washington monument are modern day replicas of the original obelisks, which stood for Sun-worship.

21.)                    Luck- from Lucifer and “Gad” – god of good luck or fortune.

     Also the days of the week and the months of the year (Jan. to Aug.) all have pagan origins:

Sunday- Day of the Sun                           

Monday- Day of the Moon

Tuesday- Tyr’s Day

Wednesday- Wooden’s Day

Thursday- Thor’s Day

Friday- Frigg’s Day

Saturday- Saturs Day


Months of the Year:


February- Goddess Februa

March- Mars

April- Aprilia

May- Maya

June- Junio

July- Julius Caesar

August- Augustine Caesar

September through December were named for the numbers seven through ten. This shows you that they were using the correct Calendar – the Hebrew or Yahweh’s Calendar as September through December are the Seventh to the Tenth months of the year!

September- Septu-Seven

October- Octo-Eight


December- Deca-Ten


     As I mentioned earlier, please be open to the Spirit of Yahweh and research for yourself. We have to begin using the proper and correct Scriptural terms and Names that we apply to our Saviour, Yahshua. In our worship we can call Him our Deliverer, our Saviour, our Protector, our Healer, Wonderful, Counsellor, King of Kings, our Repairer, our Source of Strength, our Peace, our Wisdom, our Architect, our Comforter, etc. These are titles that He has shown and proven in our lives. He will give you other titles to call Him, as you worship Him. Again, we have to get away from using terms and Names that came from Paganism!