Wine is a Mocker!



     There has been so much erroneously believed about drinking wine. Ministers have to tell people the truth the truth. It is so important to base our lives on the word of God (Elohim).  In 1 Samuel 1 vs.15,16, Hannah, the mother of Samuel, is accused of being drunk with wine or strong drink and she says that she is not a daughter of Belial (Satan). It seems to indicate drinking wine or strong drink was typical of a son or daughter of Belial (Satan)! We see in Chapter 2:12 that the sons of Eli, the High priest were sleeping with the prostitutes at the temple and stealing tithes and offerings and were called sons of Belial (Satan). I have taken some points that some have brought up and explained the truth from the word concerning the misconceptions about drinking wine:

    The wedding feast- Yahshua’s (Jesus) miracles were always directed to benevolent ends. He came not to destroy men’s lives but to save (Lu. 9:56). If it was true that Yahshua miraculously made an intoxicating wine, than that miracle would be a noticeable exception among His miracles. It would be a malevolent manifestation of His power. He would have manufactured shame and not glory. He would have revealed diabolic rather divine power, which he would never do! Yahshua won His followers and achieved His victories by self-denial and abstinence. The wine that Yahshua produced must have been identical to the wine found in the grape-clusters, because this is the only wine that God produces. R.A. Torrey writes that “there is not a hint that the wine that Yahshua made was intoxicating. It was fresh-made wine. New-made wine is never intoxicating. It is not intoxicating until after some time. After the process of fermentation has set in. fermentation is a process of decay. There is not a hint that Yahshua produced alcohol, which is a product of decay and death. He produced a living wine uncontaminated by fermentation.” William Pettingill said “there was little resemblance to the wine made by Jesus to the thing described in the scripture as biting like a serpent and stinging like an adder (Prov. 23:29-32). Doubtless rather it was like the heavenly “fruit of the vine” that He will drink new with His people in His Father’s kingdom (Mt. 26:29). At the last supper Yahshua said that He won’t drink of the fruit of the vine till…… He didn’t say “wine.” This is why the governor of the wedding feast pronounced that the best wine was saved until the end. He never tasted such wine nor did he ever again. These wedding feasts lasted for days and I can’t believe that Yahshua would give them more intoxicating wine to continue their drunkenness, especially as there were children there too. If He did make intoxicating wine He must be held morally accountable for prolonging and increasing their intoxication. His miracle would only serve to sanction excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages. If this were true, which it is not, it would destroy the sinlessness of His nature and teachings. Joseph P. Free says that “the wine that was miraculously produced by Jesus proves either 1.) Excessive (alcoholic) drinking was allowable or 2.) The word used for wine in the New Testament was “oinos” and in this case was grape juice.”


1.)    “Oinos”- Oinos is a generic term referring to either fermented or unfermented wine. In studying about the use of the word “oinos”, Kenneth L. Gentry said: “the word oinos is used in reference to both wines in question.” In his booklet, Christ, the Apostles and Wine, Ernest Gordon responds in a similar vein to the same assumption, saying: “To the objection that the word oinos, is used both for the intoxicating wine of the feast and the wine that Christ made, and hence that both must have been intoxicating, one can quote Abbott, Dictionary of Religious Knowledge, ‘It is tolerably clear that the word wine does not necessarily imply fermented liquor. It signifies only a production of the wine.’ The eminent Hellenist, Sir Richard Jebb, former Professor of Greek at the University of Cambridge, declared oinos “a general term which might include all kinds of beverages.”

2.)   The fact that Yahshua was called a “winebibber”- John the Baptist was accused of being demon-possessed because he stayed alone in the wilderness. Yahshua was called a glutton and winebibber because He sat and ate with sinners. Both accusations were groundless. They both had different missions and life styles and both lived exemplary lives of self-denial

3.)   From what I studied, “yayin” is a term used in the Old Testament for both fermented and unfermented. In Isaiah 40:11, 12, Yayin is used to refer to wine on the vine. In Lamentations 2:12 the word says that children are crying out for corn and wine. Children don’t drink wine. This is another case where yayin is used for unfermented.

4.)   The scripture that trumps all scriptures on the subject of wine is in Prov. 20:1 where “wine is a mocker and strong drink is raging.” Wine and strong drink are put in the same category. In Proverbs 23 v. 29-35, after warning against some woes caused by wine such as sorrow, strife, complaining, wounds without a cause and redness of eyes, Solomon admonishes "Do not look at wine(yayin) when it is red, when it sparkles in the cup and goes down smoothly." "At last it bites like a serpent and stings like an adder." Here Elohim is admonishing us not even to look upon the wine, let alone drink it. These scriptures really solidify in my spirit the dangers of alcohol and wine. Elohim commands us to stay away from them!

5,)   Deut 14:26- You have to read the next verse where He talks about the Levites who are priests. He separates his priests. Kings and priests were not supposed to drink wine (Lev. 10:9, Prov. 31:4). We are a royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9).

6.)  So many people think that wine at communion is a symbol of the Blood of Yahshua but this can’t be. Fermented wine is made from decayed, dead grapes and could never be a symbol of the life giving Blood of Yahshua.


   According to the Daily Mail in the UK, wine damages brain cells. Wine particularly affects the hippocampus, the part of the brain associated with memory. In my many years of ministering, Yahweh has showed me so much in His word and confirmed in my spirit. One of these is the subject of wine. I know that I know that it is wrong to drink wine. It is really your decision whether you drink wine or not but I will tell you one thing: Yahweh has saved us from destruction, wants to conform us into the image of His Son and expects so much of us. Christians should not partake of wine in my opinion as it could distort what Yahweh is trying to communicate to His people through them. It is a high responsibility for Yahweh to use us to speak into the spirits of His children. People need to be warned about the dangers of wine. Some people take a little drink now and then and when trouble arises they overindulge. This is why Solomon said that wine is a mocker. It become a crutch for them which can lead to destruction. How many bad decisions have been made after drinking wine?  


      What I shared in this message is based on the word and what He has showed me in the spirit. We have to warn other Christians about the dangers of wine and how Yahweh commands us to be separate and go to higher levels with Him. We are separate from what people do in the world that is contrary to His word. It is your decision whether you drink wine or not but please continue to study and pray on this.

Drinking wine is permissible for Christians is a tradition that is contrary to Yahweh’s word that Yahweh wants us to separate from.