The Fear Transfer!


     I want to talk to you today how Yahweh can transfer fear that’s coming against you onto your enemies. This "Fear Transfer" is about to happen as the Father is watching and controls everything that is happening in the world. He is about to "show up" and "show out" for His people. He is watching how some of His people are being treated and He is ready to transfer the fear that His enemies are trying to put on some of His people and put it right back onto them. This is especially important during this election. In the book of Judges Chapter 6, we see how the Midianites had surrounded the Israelites and they became “impoverished” (Verse 6). Gideon was hiding from the enemy by threshing wheat by the grape press. Yahweh came to him and called him a mighty man of valor even when he was actually hiding like a coward. Yahweh likes to call those things that are not as though they were. Yahweh told him that he would use him to defeat the enemy and Gideon was afraid as his family was so poor. He was trying to make excuses for his fear and unbelief. Yahweh encouraged him by telling him that He had sent him. Yahweh asked Gideon to destroy the statue of Baal. Gideon was afraid but Yahweh let him do it at night. We have to do what Yahweh asks even though we may be afraid. Do it in fear! Gideon had 32,000 men. Yahweh told him to ask if anybody wanted to return home they could. 22,000 left. This had to make Gideon even more afraid. Yahweh then told him to only take the men that cupped the water at the spring with one hand and hold the weapon with the other hand. This amounted to 300 men! Yahweh knew that Gideon was still afraid and told him to take a friend and go down and listen to the enemy in their conversation (7: 9-10). He heard a man saying that he had a dream where a cake of barley cam down and destroyed them all. He said that this was nothing but the sword of Yahweh and Gideon (13-14). This dream started to spread fear throughout the troops. When Gideon heard this he was really encouraged (verse 15) and all fear left and as we will see, “jumped” on the enemy. This was truly a “fear transfer.” Gideon divided his 300 men into three companies and surrounded the enemy at night. He told them to blow the trumpets and break the pitchers of light, when he did. He also told them to shout “the sword of Yahweh and of Gideon” (16-19), just like what the man who had the dream said. You see, Yahweh transferred the fear that was coming against Gideon and put it right on his enemy. Gideon didn’t let fear stop him, but pushed through the fear and did what Yahweh said anyway. If fear is coming against you, do what Yahweh says anyway! The fear that Gideon was feeling was coming from the enemy. When we get closer to Satan’s territory we may feel some fear, but this is coming from Satan as he is the spirit of fear. Gideon and his army did surround the enemy at night and they all broke the pitchers, blew the trumpets and shouted “the sword of Yahweh and of Gideon.” The enemy was so overtaken with fear that they killed each other (verse 22). Look at this fear transfer! In these last days as we know, Satan seems to have more power than he exhibited before, we need to push forward and do what Yahweh says, despite fear that is coming from the enemy. We know that Yahweh has all power and has given us access to this power! Praise Him!

     In 1 Sam. Chapter 17, we see Goliath coming against the people of Yahweh and speaking such powerful words against the Israelites that they were all in fear, except David. As a matter of fact, David was asking what would be given from the king to the man that killed Goliath (verse 26). Fear tried to come on David from his brother who said that he should not leave his few sheep and have come into the battle (verse 28).  This didn’t stop David. Satan tried to put fear on David through Saul as Saul said that David was a youth and that Goliath was a man of war from his youth (verse 33). This didn’t stop David as he told Saul a story of how a bear and a lion came against his sheep and he killed them both with his bare hands. David said that the same Yahweh that delivered him from the lion and the bear would deliver him from the uncircumcised Goliath (34-37). Even when Goliath belittled him and mock him and tried to put fear on him (verse 44), David rose up and said to Goliath that he comes against him with a sword and a spear but that he comes against Goliath in the Name of Yahweh (verse 45). The fact that David is running towards Goliath and everybody else was running away from him in fear, starts putting fear in the heart of Goliath. The fear transfer was now taking place. I believe that the fear transfer was partly behind the force of the rock. When that rock hit Goliath, the fear transfer to him was complete. This fear transfer started going onto the rest of the Philistine army, as they ran away. Fear is a force that was created by Yahweh for His good. He surely turned it around on Satan, who is the spirit of fear himself and on the people that he was using. He can do the same thing for you today. Just like David didn’t turn back when fear tried to come on him, you need not to turn back from your assignment or purpose because fear is trying to come on you, but go forth into complete victory. As you show up in the battle, this fear transfer will take place onto your enemies! In 2 Chron. Chapter 20, Jehoshaphat is surrounded by the enemy and Yahweh tells him just to show up in battle (verse 16). When he does and sends his praise and worship leaders out front, singing “Praise ye Yahweh, His mercy endures forever,” the enemy kills each other (21-23). When Jehoshaphat originally got the news that he was surrounded and outnumbered, fear tried to come on him (verse 3). Yahweh encouraged him and said the battle was His. The fear transfer was made when the singers sang praises to Yahweh and this caused the enemy to kill themselves. Jehoshaphat got so much spoils that it took three days to gather it all.

     So, go forth into battle, watch Yahweh transfer the fear to your enemy and obtain your victory and reward. The greatest reward is to see souls that are in bondage and by your obedience; Yahweh is able to set them free!