From a Loser to a Winner! #2


     Do you feel like a loser today? As I mentioned in the last message, there is no need to as Yahshua can make you a winner! The word says in 1 Cor. 1 verses 26-27 that Elohim doesn’t call many that are mighty or noble, but He chooses the weak and the base to confound the mighty. We can't base our walk with Yahshua on what others think of us. To others we may seem like losers, but being sons and daughters of Elohim, we are already winners. It is just a matter of time before Yahweh makes us winners in the world’s eyes. In 1 Sam. 22 verses 1-2 the word says that David, running from Saul hid in a cave named Adullam. 400 men who were distressed, broke, in debt, and discontented, came to David and he became captain over them. They all knew about David and how famous he was for killing Goliath, but they approached him. They felt comfortable with him because he was now a loser and he was a man after Elohim’s heart! David never forgot where he came from. Also as I mentioned in the last message, later on in 1 Chronicles 12 verses 1 and 2, the word says that these same 400 men that were losers in the cave with David became mighty warriors! Look what Yahweh can do?

     In Mark Chapter 4, the word says that Yahshua has a storm come against Him as He is on His way to the country of the Gadarenes. He just calms the storm just as it was prophesied in Psalm 107 verses 25-29. The word says that Yahweh Himself would raise up the storm and calm it. Yahshua is truly Yahweh manifested in the flesh! Yahshua was determined to get to the country of the Gadarenes to help one person. There was a man there who was possessed by a legion of demons. He was a loser in everybody’s eyes, but Yahshua. Yahshua was determined to make him a winner in everybody’s eyes. No body could help this man and chains couldn’t hold him. Maybe, you feel like you are in the same situation, but Yahshua is no respecter of persons. He made him a winner and He can do the same for you! Yahshua cast the demons out of him and made him a winner. His name took on a different meaning as he went from a loser to a winner.

     In 2 Kings Chapter 4, the word talks about a widow lady who had no money and creditors were about to take her sons away as slaves. All she had in her house was one pot of oil. She was truly a loser in many people’s eyes, but the man of God (Elisha) knew His God. He asked her to borrow empty pots from her neighbors, which she did. After Yahweh was finished, she poured oil from one pot to another and had enough oil to pay her debts and live comfortably thereafter. I can imagine all her neighbors now knowing that Yahweh had made her a winner!

     In the same Chapter in 2 Kings, a Shunammite lady and her husband made a place to stay for Elisha whenever he came to town. The couple couldn’t have a baby and were probably losers in people’s eyes, but Elohim is about to change them to winners! #Elisha prays for them and prophesizes that they will have a child, which they do. They feel like winners until the child dies. Elisha prays for the child and puts his eyes to his eyes and his mouth to his mouth, etc. Yahweh raises the child up and makes the parents winners again. They went from losers to winners, to losers and back to winners. They held on to Yahweh and His promises! You too can become a winner by holding onto His word no matter what the natural looks like!   

     In Chapter 5, Naaman was a great military man but he was a loser in people’s eyes, being a leper. He goes to see the man of God and Elisha tells him to dip in the Jordan River seven times. He does and gets clean of the leprosy. Sometimes all it takes is one act of faith to be transformed from a loser to a winner. Sometimes it takes on act of stupidity to become a loser! Gehazi, the servant of Elisha, after his master told Naaman that he didn’t want an offering, goes after Naaman, as he is leaving. He tells Naaman that Elisha changed his mind and wants some gold, silver and some clothes. Gehazi forgets that the leprosy is still on the silver, gold and the clothes and becomes a leper. He went from a winner, being connected to Elisha, to a loser, as his master pronounces him to be a leper.   

     In Chapter 6, Samaria was surrounded by the enemy and was in the midst of a famine, as Elisha pronounces that it wouldn’t rain for three and a half years. In Samaria, things are so bad that people are eating their own children. The king sends a murderer to kill Elisha, as Elisha looks like a loser in people’s eyes. Yahweh warns Elisha about the murderer and Elisha stops him. Yahweh then uses Elisha to prophesy that the famine would be over in one day and it does happen in strange circumstances: at the gate of the city four lepers are talking and come up with a plan. They feel that they are just losers. They decide to go to the enemy who is surrounding them and surrender. They feel that they have nothing to lose. If the enemy accepts them as slaves, at least they won’t starve. If they kill them, they feel that they are going to die anyway. As they walk towards the enemy, Yahweh makes their feet sound like a whole army is coming towards them. The enemy runs away in fear and leaves everything they own behind! The lepers want to share it all with the people in Samaria and the famine is over just like Yahweh said through Elisha. Elisha who seemed like a loser in people’s eyes now is seen as a savior and a winner. The whole city of Samaria now considers the four lepers who were not greedy to be winners! Look what Yahweh can do in one day! 

     In 1 Chron. 4 verse 9-10 the word talks about a man named Jabez. His name means “sorrow.” Anytime somebody called his name they were saying that he was a loser. Millions of copies of a book were sold concerning the prayer that Jabez prayed next. He just asked Yahweh to bless him indeed, enlarge his coast, that His hand would be with him and that He would keep him from evil that it wouldn’t grieve him. Yahweh answers this prayer and turned his life around from a loser to a winner! Let Him do the same for you and turn your life from sorrow to joy!