The Anointing Factor (2)

As I mentioned in the last message, whatever Yahweh is asking us to do, we canít consider the impossibility of it, but we have to factor in the anointing of Yahweh. Whatever sins and fleshly attacks you may be facing, you are not alone in the battle. Paul even said in Romans 7 that the things that he wants to do he canít do, but the things that he doesnít want to do he does (v. 18-20). He admitted that he was helpless against his fleshly desires, without factoring in Jesus the anointed One (v.25). You and I are no exception. Only by yielding that area of our life that is under attack to Yahweh can the deeds of the flesh be mortified (Romans 8 v. 13). We are not alone but have a helpmate in our ongoing battle with the flesh. Donít let you guard down. You may not be too far away from the area of your life that you have been delivered from. You may have been saved for 20 years, but you still have to spend time in the presence of Yahweh for a "check up." Be cognizant of the areas of you life that He points out to be problem areas and then turn those areas over to Yahweh to handle for you. Donít try to do it alone!

An excellent way to stay strong against the temptation of the flesh is minister to people in the area of your life that you are being attacked. For example, if you use to have a problem with alcohol and are being tempted again, minister to those people who need to be delivered. I am not saying to go into a bar to do this, unless Yahweh leads. This will help to keep you strong. Yahweh may ask you to minister to a couple who are having marriage difficulties. As you try to help them you might hear some mistake that one of them made and apply it to your own marriage. As you try to help someone else, Yahweh is setting you up to strengthen and help you. Testifying about your deliverance from an area of your life goes a long way to keep you from going back to it. As you minister to others, the anointing of Yahweh will come right back to strengthen you. Yahweh has set you up in that situation. You think that the meeting to help someone else was set up by Yahweh to help them but He is about to help and strengthen you! Praise Him!

We also need to factor in the anointing in whatever assignment that Yahweh gives us. A prime example of this is contained in I Samuel Chapter 14. The Israelites had turned over all their swords, but two, to their enemies, the Philistines, for repair. As you might have guessed, the enemy took full advantage of this and attacked. Saul, the leader hid when they were attacked, but Jonathan, his son, factored in the anointing. He took a sword and went up against the enemy. His armor bearer saw what he was doing and grabbed the other sword and went with him (v. 7). Jonathan told his armor bearer that if the enemy tells them to come up, then Yahweh will give them the victory, but if they tell them that they will come down to them, then they need to stand still (v. 8-10). The enemy was overconfident and told them to come up. The word says that there was a sharp rock on either side of Jonathan, as he went up (v.4). This is the anointing guarding you as you advance in Yahweh's work. Once Jonathan and his armor bearer went up, they killed 20 of them and then the enemy started killing each other (v.16). There was a trembling in the host (v. 15), because they relied on the "Anointing Factor." The anointing of Yahweh will always cause a trembling in the enemyís territory. Their dependence on the anointing of Yahweh and not what they saw in the natural enabled the anointing of Yahweh to take over and win the battle for them. The odds were "stacked" against them, but Yahweh doesnít move by the odds. He never loses. He just goes until He wins. If it takes four quarters, four periods or nine innings, He goes until He wins. He can outlast the devil and so can we when we rely on the "Anointing Factor."

However long the time has been that you are in the present situation, please factor in the anointing. However powerful the person or organization is that is coming against you, please factor in the anointing. However many enemies are coming against you and however boisterous they are against you, factor in the anointing. If your husband has walked out and it is just you and the kids, factor in the anointing. If you are the only one that is standing on the word in your situation and you are getting tired, factor in the anointing and He will strengthen you and bring you into victory! If you have a small congregation and you are preaching the truth and people are staying away in "droves," factor in the anointing of Yahweh to bring increase. If Yahweh called you, hang in there, not by your own strength, but by His anointing. When you run out of your own strength, grab on to the hem of His garment, His anointing!

Please look in the book of Acts, to see how the anointing of God transformed a scared group of people (Jesusí Apostles) in to an army that grew in power and numbers. On the first day after Peter preached, 3,000 people got saved and the next day 5,000. They were not afraid of the authorities when they told not to speak or teach in the Name of Jesus. Peter and the others answered and said in Chapter 5 v. 29, that they had to obey Yahweh, rather then man. Yahweh raised them up and used them so effectively, because they got filled with the Spirit of Yahweh and relied on the "Anointing Factor." Peter got beyond his denial of Jesus and went on to purpose, because of the "Anointing Factor."

Get your eyes off what you are facing in the natural and rely on the "Anointing Factor", knowing that your Yahweh is greater than whatever the enemy is allowed to bring your way. This I pray for you in the Name of Yahshua!

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