Out of Nowhere!


     God wants to raise up the least likely. Paul said in 1 Corinthians 1:26, 27 that not many mighty men nor wise men nor noble are called “but Elohim has chosen foolish thing of the world to confound the wise and He has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things that are mighty.” Elohim likes to raise up the least likely out of nowhere. Look what He did with David- He was watching his father’s sheep, was sent to bring bread and cheeses to his brothers on the front line and wound up killing the biggest enemy that Israel had ever seen. He definitely came out of nowhere and because of this victory, David eventually became king!

     In Judges Chapter 4, Elohim raises up a prophetess named Deborah. She tells Barak in verse 7 that if he would lead his troops into battle that Elohim would deliver Sisera, the enemy general and his troops into his hands. Barak replies to Deborah that if she does not go with him, he will not go into battle. As a result, she says that the victory will be given to a woman. You see, in those days women were second class citizens (Please see my message “Women be loosed”). They couldn’t even buy land. So, here we see Elohim using a woman to lead the general and his troops into battle and He is about to use another woman to gain the final victory. Deborah means “bee” and Barak means “lighting rod.” Here a bee is stinging the lighting rod to get him going (verse 14). Sisera is defeated and he goes to an “allies’” camp and into the tent of a woman named Jael. He asks here for a drink of water and she gives him some milk and tells him to take a nap. He says to her to stand by the tent entrance and tell people if they ask for him, that she has not seen him! As he is sleeping, she takes a tent nail and “nails” him right through the head, as he is sleeping. These nails were very big as the ground was sandy on top, some dirt at the next level and the better dirt below that. So, just like Elohim said through Deborah, a woman gained the final victory! You see, Jael came out of nowhere! Elohim really wants to use the “least likely” in people’s minds and bring them out of nowhere.

     In Genesis chapter 38, right in the middle of talking about the life of Joseph in Chapters 37 and 39-48 Elohim talks about Judah. Judah’s daughter-in-law Tamar after her husband dies and his brother refuses to marry her, plays the part of a prostitute with Judah because she knew how important Judah’s seed is. She has a vail on her face and after they get together Judah promises her payment from his flock and leaves some personal items with her to insure that he will pay her (verses 12-18). Later on, somebody tells Judah that Tamar is pregnant and he is about to have her killed until she shows him his personal items. He repents that he never gave his third son to her and has no more sexual relations with her (verse 24-26). Tamar had twins in her womb – Pharez and Zarah. The midwife tied a scarlet thread upon Zarah, as he was expected to be born first. But, Pharez surprised everybody and came out first!(verses 27-30). This Chapter 38 was placed by Elohim in the middle of the life of Joseph to let us know that we as the unlikely, can surprise many by how Elohim brings us out of nowhere! Yahshua was descended from Pharez, not Zarah! When Elohim chooses you nobody can “unchoose” you! He will make room for us.

     Look how Elohim raised up Peter to be the spokesman on the day of Pentecost (Acts Chapter 2). Peter had denied Yahshua three times but after Yahshua rose He told Mary to tell Peter and the rest of the apostles that He would meet them in Galilee!  He forgave Peter and raised him up in such a marvelous and powerful way. He really gave Peter a comeback and He can do the same for you! Even though you might have missed an assignment and a blessing, Elohim can bring it around again and give you a “comeback.” He can give you double what you lost. This is the Elohim that we serve! Even though you may feel lonely and forgotten by Yahweh, He can bring you up out of nowhere! On the day of Pentecost, Peter preached a sermon so effectively that the people said “What can we do to be saved” (verse37). These are the same people that were mocking Peter and the others when they spoke in tongues, as the Holy Spirit came in and on them! (verse 13). In verse 41 the word says that 3,000 people got saved as a result of Peter’s preaching!

     Later on in Chapter 3, Elohim uses Peter and John to raise up a man born lame (verses 7, 8). This healing causes them to be arrested as they create such an “uproar” with the authorities! They are told not to preach or teach in the Name of Yahshua again. They start praying to Yahshua and ask for more boldness and more signs and wonders (Acts 4 verses 29-31). As a result, many signs and wonders were done by their hands and all the sick that came to them were healed. (Acts 5 verse 12-16). The very least of the miracles was that people got healed just by being under Peter’s shadow! (verse 15). Later on (Chapter 10)Peter went to Cornelius’ house and the power of Elohim fell down so strong on Cornelius and his family that they got filled with the Holy Spirit as Peter preached! (verses 44-46).

     Look what Yahshua did with those who were “least likely” who ran away from Him and denied Him! Have hope today that Elohim wants to raise you up and bring you out of nowhere! It doesn’t matter how many opportunities and blessing you have missed, let Him give you a “comeback” and bring you out of nowhere!