Explosion and Enlargement #3


      In all my messages I try to use Yahweh, Elohim and Yahshua when I talk about our God. Seven thousand times in the Old Testament the King James people used “LORD” instead of Yahweh and “God” instead of Elohim in their translation of the bible. Yahshua is Jesus’ name as He was born a Hebrew and Jesus is His name in the Greek. It is so important to call our God by His proper Name/s. We have to call our God by Names that only” apply to Him. He deserves the highest praise. Yahweh is a continuing action verb that when you use His name by faith and are totally sold out to Him He “continually” moves for you. What makes Yahshua’s Name so powerful is the YAH from His father’s Name. It represents all that the Father is-“I am that I am!” Exodus 3:14. 

     These messages are not for everyone! It is only for those who want to be part of Yahweh’s remnant and have turned their flesh over to the Holy Spirit to mortify the deeds of the flesh and want to be conformed into the image of Yahshua (Romans 8:13, 29). It is also for those who are serious about letting Yahweh get them and their homes in order. 

     How many of you are waiting for an “explosion” of the Spirit inside of you? Yahweh is showing me that His Spirit is like a bomb that can go off inside of us! What He has showed me is that the pressure of the situation that we are in or the pressure around the people that we are about to pray for can “detonate” the bomb of the power of the Holy Spirit inside of us. This “explosion” can bless many people as the power of the Holy Spirit can touch many people’s lives through us (like “fallout” from a nuclear weapon). People can be saved, healed and delivered. This “explosion” can “enlarge” us to such an extent that we can do exploits that we never thought that we could do! Here are some more of the examples in the word that demonstrate these two principles of “explosion” and “enlargement:”

     In Acts 19 Paul arrived at Corinth and an “explosion” occurred in him when he starting talking to 12 disciples. He asked them if they were filled with the Holy Ghost. They had not been filled. He told them to be baptized in the Name of Yahshua and later he laid his hands on them and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost (verses 1-7). He was “enlarged” by the Holy Ghost to lay hands on them. In verse 8 it is recorded that Paul preached boldly (“exploded”) in the synagogues and did this for two years. As a result of this “explosion,” Elohim “enlarged” him to such an extent that He did “special” miracles by the hands of Paul: handkerchiefs were taken from Paul’s body and laid on the sick and the sicknesses departed from them. Also, as a result, all the evil spirits left them (verse 8-13). Elohim had enlarged him so much that when the seven sons of Sceva tried to cast out demons in the Name of Yahshua who Paul preached, the demons said that they knew Yahshua and Paul but did not know them. Imagine how much Elohim had “enlarged” Paul that his name was mentioned in the same sentence as Yahshua?  Also, as a result, of Paul’s “enlargement” many in the city brought their evil possessions, including books and burned them right in the open before everybody. The dollar value of all this “junk” was about 50,000 pieces of silver (verses 13-19). 

     In Acts 20 Paul was preaching long on Saturday night and continued to midnight. A young boy fell off the third loft, as he was sleeping and died. An “explosion” of faith and “enlargement” took place in Paul as he embraced the boy and Elohim brought him back to life (Verses 7-12).   The power of Elohim had “exploded” in Paul and “enlarged” him to such an extent that at Ephesus he told his disciples that he knew that bonds and afflictions were awaiting him at Jerusalem but he was not moved by these things. He was only interested in finishing his course (verses 22-24).

    Later on, Paul was arrested and brought before Agrippa and could have been freed but appealed to Caesar, because he knew that Yahshua wanted him to preach in Rome (Acts 23:11). He was then sent to Rome as a prisoner on a ship.

   This “explosion” and “enlargement” was never more evident in Paul’s life then on this ship. A hurricane rose up and everybody on the ship was fearful, except Paul. He encouraged them to stay on the ship and not try to escape in lifeboats, as Elohim said that all who stay in the ship will be saved (verses 24, 31). They all were saved and landed on an island call Melita. As Paul was putting some sticks by the fire a snake bit him, but he just “shook it off” (28:5). Elohim used Paul to heal many sick on the island(verses 8, 9) and when he got to Rome he preached with all “confidence” in his own rented place, with nobody stopping him (verses 30, 31). The “explosive” power of the Holy Ghost caused Paul to be “enlarged” in order to be steadfast and non-compromising in the face of deep pressure. The pressure around him caused an “explosion” to take place in Paul’s spirit and “enlarged” him to do the impossible.  

     So, remember when the pressure in the spirit feels so great around you, believe for an “explosion” to take place in your spirit that will heal and set people free by the “fallout” that will also occur! In addition look for an “enlargement” to take place that will enable you through the Holy Ghost, to do exploits that you never thought that you could do! Remember; don’t run away from the pressure!