Explosion and Enlargement #2 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

     In all my messages I try to use Yahweh, Elohim and Yahshua when I talk about our God. Seven thousand times in the Old Testament the King James people used “LORD” instead of Yahweh and “God” instead of Elohim in their translation of the bible. Yahshua is Jesus’ name as He was born a Hebrew and Jesus is His name in the Greek. It is so important to call our God by His proper Name/s. We have to call our God by Names that only” apply to Him. He deserves the highest praise. Yahweh is a continuing action verb that when you use His name by faith and are totally sold out to Him He “continually” moves for you. What makes Yahshua’s Name so powerful is the YAH from His father’s Name. It represents all that the Father is-“I am that I am!” Exodus 3:14. 

      These messages are not for everyone! It is only for those who want to be part of Yahweh’s remnant and have turned their flesh over to the Holy Spirit to mortify the deeds of the flesh and want to be conformed into the image of Yahshua (Romans 8:13, 29). It is also for those who are serious about letting Yahweh get them and their homes in order. 

     How many of you are waiting for an “explosion” of the Spirit inside of you? Yahweh is showing me that His Spirit is like a bomb that can go off inside of us! What He has showed me is that the pressure of the situation that we are in or the pressure around the people that we are about to pray for can “detonate” the bomb of the power of the Holy Spirit inside of us. This “explosion” can bless many people as the power of the Holy Spirit can touch many people’s lives through us( like “fallout” from a nuclear weapon). People can be saved, healed and delivered. This “explosion” can “enlarge” us to such an extent that we can do exploits that we never thought that we could do! Here are some more of the examples in the word that demonstrate these two principles of “explosion” and “enlargement:”

     In Acts Chapter 9 we see Ananias laying hands on Paul: he got his sight back and got baptized. This caused an “explosion” in Paul’s life that “enlarged” him to such an extent that he immediately preached Yahshua in the synagogues (v. 20). They came against him but the word says that Yahweh “enlarged” him to such an extent that the Jews at Damascus were confounded (v.22). They wanted to kill Paul but his brethren helped him to escape.

     In Acts 13 Paul arrived at Paphos and was led by Elohim to minister to the deputy of the country, Sergius Paulus. Elymas the sorcerer tried to interfere with Paul and turn the deputy from what Paul was saying. This “pressure” coming against Paul caused an “explosion” in Paul and “enlarged” him to such an extent that he spoke by the word of Elohim that Elymas would be blind for a season, which happened (verses 6-11). This display of power by Yahweh impressed the deputy so much that He became a believer (v.12).Do you see how Elohim “enlarged” Paul so much that he did what he never thought that he could do. Elohim can do this with us too! In v. 14 the word says that Paul went to the synagogue on the Sabbath and preached such a powerful sermon that the Gentiles wanted Paul to preach to them the next Sabbath. Almost the whole city came out on the next Sabbath to hear the word of Elohim (verses 42-47).         

     In Acts 14, Paul was at Lystra where he was preaching when a man who was a cripple from his mother’s womb heard him. He had faith to be healed after listening to Paul and did get healed (verses 9, 10). His condition caused a pressure in Paul that caused an “explosion” in Paul’s spirit that caused a healing in the man who was crippled. The people there wanted to make Paul and Barnabas gods but they restrained them. Later, Satan caused some people to rise up against Paul and they stoned him. Even though Paul was stoned he went to Derbe to preach. This “explosion” that took place in healing the cripple also caused an “enlargement” in Paul to such an extent that he rose up from the stoning and continued to preach in Derbe. Not only that, Paul left Derbe and returned to Lystra, the place where he was stoned! What an “enlargement” that Elohim did in Paul! He came back to Lystra and “confirmed” his disciples and ordained elders there (verses 18-23). This “enlargement” can bring such a change in you that Elohim could do the “impossible” through you.

    In Acts 16 a woman who was in divination started praising Paul and the others with him, but an "explosion" occurred in Paul and he was "enlarged" by the Holy Ghost. He cast the spirit of divination out of her and was arrested because He made the ones who were profiting from her divination angry. Paul was put in prison and even when they were going to release him as he was a Roman, Paul being “enlarged” by the Holy Spirit, said that he wanted the authorities who imprisoned him to come down themselves, release him and escort him out of the city, which they did ( verses 37-40).   In Acts 17, Paul was at Athens and when he saw the idol statues that the Greeks had set up an “explosion” took place in him that caused an “enlargement.” He was so moved that the power of Elohim “exploded” in him and he was so “enlarged” that he disputed with the “devout” leaders. He came against them for all their idolatry, but especially to the fact that they had a tomb to the Unknown God.”

     So, remember when the pressure in the spirit feels so great around you, believe for an “explosion” to take place in your spirit that will heal and set people free by the “fallout” that will also occur! In addition look for an “enlargement” to take place that will enable you through the Holy Ghost, to do exploits that you never thought that you could do!