Explosion and Enlargement! #1


     This message is not for everyone! It is only for those who want to be part of Yahweh’s remnant and have turned their flesh over to the Holy Spirit to mortify the deeds of the flesh and want to be conformed into the image of Yahshua (Romans 8:13, 29). It is also for those who serious about letting Yahweh get their home in order. 

     How many of you are waiting for an “explosion” of the Spirit inside of you? Yahweh is showing me that His Spirit is like a bomb that can go off inside of us! What He has showed me is that the pressure of the situation that we are in or the pressure around the people that we are about to pray for can “detonate” the bomb of the power of Holy Spirit inside of us. This “explosion” can bless many people as the power of the Holy Spirit can touch many people’s lives through us. People can be saved, healed and delivered. This “explosion” can “enlarge” us to such an extent that we can do exploits that we never thought that we could do! Here are some of the examples in the word that demonstrate these two principles of “explosion” and “enlargement:” In the book of Acts we see Peter in the same place (Jerusalem) where he and the other apostles ran away when the authorities arrested and crucified Yahshua! The time was the Feast of Pentecost where millions of people have gathered from all over the world to celebrate the Feast. There was so much pressure around the Temple where all were commanded to be on this Feast. The authorities and other chief rulers who were responsible for crucifying Yahshua were there. This pressure caused an “explosion” in the apostles after they were filled with the Spirit to speak in the languages of the people who were gathered around the Temple. Also, this pressure caused Peter to preach a sermon that was so powerful and penetrating that three thousand souls got saved the first day. One of the dangers of a nuclear weapon is the fallout that spreads out. Peter talked about this “fallout” when he said that the filling of the Holy Spirit was for the people listening to his sermon, their children, to all that are afar off, even as many as Yahweh shall call (Acts 2:39). His power “exploding” out of us can be like “fallout” to touch many people’s lives.

     Again, Yahweh wants to cause an “explosion” in us that spreads to help many people! The other principle of “enlargement” is evident here also in the lives of Peter and the other apostles. Again, they were scared and ran away when Yahshua was arrested but now speak so boldly (Acts. 4:13). Another example of the pressure of the situation “detonating” the bomb of the Holy Spirit in the life of Peter is in Acts. 3- Peter and John are going to the temple and see a man was lame from his mother’s womb, begging for money. Yahweh uses them to heal the man. The pressure around the man caused an “explosion” in them to bring about the healing (v.7). Also, there was an “enlargement” in them to do the impossible! This “explosion” and “enlargement” caused five thousand souls to get saved (Acts. 4:4). Peter was so “enlarged” that when threatened not to speak or teach in the Name of Yahshua, Peter said they could not but speak this things which they had seen and heard (verses 18-20). As a matter of fact when threatened, the apostles called on Yahshua to give them more boldness and wanted more signs and wonders to be done through them (verses 29-31). Yahweh answered and the place shook where they were gathered.

     An “explosion” and “enlargement” took place when Ananias and his wife Sapphira lied to the Holy Ghost. Yahweh spoke through Peter that they would die on the spot and they did. Later on, the word says that the Apostles prayers were answered as Yahweh did many signs and wonders through the Apostles and that the least of the miracles was that anyone who went under the shadow of Peter was healed (verse 12-16). Also, many were delivered from evil spirits!


     Do you see the “explosion” and “enlargement” that can take place when the pressure of the circumstances surrounding you is so great? The greater the pressure around you, the greater the “explosion” and “enlargement” that can take place in your life. If Yahweh puts you into a situation where there are many hurting, sick and oppressed people, the pressure around them will “detonate” the “bomb” of the Holy Spirit in you to bring miracles to these people’s lives.

     In Acts Chapter 6 Stephen was waiting on tables and doing miracles at the same time to such an extent that he was arrested. The pressure of standing before the authorities caused an “explosion” in Stephen to preach a message that confounded the “well learned” spiritual authorities. The “explosion” was so great and convicted the religious leaders to such an extent that they “gnashed” on him with their teeth, being so angry (Acts 7:54). The “explosion” in Stephen caused an “enlargement” in Stephen to do something that he could never do without the “explosion” of the Holy Ghost in him. This “enlargement” in Stephen culminated in him being stoned to death and asking forgiveness for the people who did it to him! Wow!

     In Acts chapter 9 we can see the “explosion” and “enlargement” that took place in Ananias life when Yahshua asked him to minister to Saul (Paul) who had persecuted and killed many Christians, young and old. At first Ananias was concerned but he did what Yahweh wanted him to do. When he ministered to Paul an “explosion” and an “enlargement” took place in him to set Paul free from blindness, baptize him and prophesize into his life. This “explosion” and “enlargement” also took place in Paul’s life to start preaching Yahshua in the synagogues right away after getting saved! You can see in Paul’s life in the next message how great “explosions” and “enlargement” seem to occur so frequently in Paul’s life that culminated in him writing two thirds of the New Testament.