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                                                Is the Trinity Really a Mystery? (Series Six)


     Is the Trinity really a mystery or can it be easily and simply understood? Are there three persons in the Trinity or is the Trinity One God with three different manifestations? In this series I want to use information from my book-“Demystifying the Trinity” to take away all confusion and explain the "mystery" of the Trinity from the word. " With the help of the Holy Spirit, I will explain the truth about the “mystery” of the Trinity and how this” mystery” can be easily explained from scriptures. These messages will show you that knowing who the Father is will answer the so-called “mystery” of the Trinity. Whenever I asked questions about the Trinity, no one could explain it to me but they would tell me that it is a mystery and give me a book to read about the subject. This left me more confused. I even had a problem in worshiping God by trying to worship a “mystery.” I since have sought the Father and He has showed me the truth about the Trinity. Let's continue in the series by answering some more questions that came from tradition:







     In John 14 v. 23 – Yahshua says that His Father and He would come into people and make their abode with them. Jesus wasn’t speaking of His bodily entrance into us. There are not two Spirits in us either because the word says in Ephesians 4 v. 4 that there is only one Spirit. What Jesus is saying means that the Holy Spirit is a union of the Father through the man Jesus. It is the combination of the power and majesty of the Father combined with the intercessory aspect of Jesus. This is the manifestation of the Father, as the Holy Spirit. Another way of saying it is that the Holy Spirit is none other than the Father combined with the priestly characteristics of His Son Jesus. Paul said in Romans 8 v. 26 that the Spirit of God (Father) makes intercession for us with groanings.

     Even though the Spirit of God is mentioned in the word prior to Jesus being glorified, this particular manifestation of the Holy Spirit (the Father in us enabling us to live a holy life) could not happen until Jesus offered Himself and was glorified. On the day of Pentecost in Jerusalem believers were filled with this manifestation of the Father called the Holy Spirit, after Jesus ascended into heaven. This infilling was also called the “promise of the Father” in Luke 24 v. 49. This also shows that the infilling of the Holy Ghost is the infilling of the Father, in His manifestation or role as the Holy Ghost.

     This manifestation and infilling of the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost was announced by Jesus as recorded in John 14 v. 16 when Jesus said that the Father would send another Comforter that He(the Father) may abide with them forever. As I mentioned previously, the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of the Father) is the manifestation of the power and other attributes of the Father, combined with the intercessory aspect of Jesus. This is why Jesus says that He would come and comfort them (as the Comforter) in v. 18.

    This eliminates the confusion when Jesus said that He and the Father would come in us. If Jesus and the Father were two separate persons of the Godhead known as God the Father and God the Son, then we would have two spirits in us. If you add the Holy Spirit as the third person of the Godhead in us than we would have three spirits in us, besides our own spirit. This belief is utterly confusing and incorrect.



                                                             QUESTIONS ANSWERED



     The word “Echad” can either mean one in unity or one numerically, according to the Strong’s Concordance. The word “Echad” is used in Deuteronomy 6 v. 4 – “Hear O’ Israel the LORD God is one LORD.” The argument that the use of the word Echad for one substantiates the three persons in God theory is totally erroneous. It is not correct to imply that the use of Echad means more than one in unity. Echad, as an absolute one is used in 1 Kings 22 v. 8 in reference to Micaiah being one man. In Joshua 12 verses 9-24, the word Echad is to describe individually each Canaanite king as one king. In Ezekiel 33 v. 24, the word Echad is applied to Abraham as being one man, again an absolute one.

     If Echad doesn’t mean one in number than there is no defense against polytheism, because three or more separate gods could be one in unity of mind or purpose. 






     In 1 John chapter 5 v. 6 according to the King James Version, John says: “This is he that came by water and the blood, even Jesus Christ; not by water only, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit that beareth witness, because the Spirit is truth.” In v. 7, John says: “For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.” In v. 8, John said “And there are three that bear witness in the earth, the spirit and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one.” After John talks about three, the water, blood and the spirit in v. 6 and in verse 8 that “there are three that bear witness in earth, the spirit and the water and the blood and these three agree in one,” there is some discrepancy about v. 7.  This verse doesn’t make sense, as the previous verse (v.6) and v. 8 both talk about the water, the blood and the spirit, not the Father, Word and the Holy Ghost. The words heaven, the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost in this verse are not scriptural.

     This verse which is found in the King James Version is not contained in the other English translations as this verse does not have the support of the Greek manuscripts. As a matter of fact The New International Version has; v. 7-“For there are three that testify:  v. 8 the Spirit, the water and the blood and the three are in agreement.”  

This verse is not found in the many thousands of the ancient Greek manuscripts of the New Testament texts. Remember, that the New Testament was written by inspiration in the Greek language. As a result, that both Protestant and Catholic scholars agree unanimously that 1 John 5 v. 7 should not be considered part of the original Greek text.  





     In Matthew 28 v. 19, Yahshua mentions to be baptized in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. This verse doesn’t prove the existence of three persons in God. Many translations do not even include this, since it appears to be a late addition, perhaps as late as 325 AD. First of all, the verse mentions the Name not Names. Father, Son and Holy Ghost are titles not names.

     The verse is talking about a singular God or Elohim manifest as the Father, in a Son and as the Holy Ghost, still not proving any kind of three person invention. Notice that all three manifestations have the same Name, thus all three must be manifestations of the identical One person. Again, these are three manifestations of the One God.

     This verse can be compared to introducing somebody and mentioning some titles that he has, For example, if one was introducing a man who had three accomplishments or positions, he would say; this is James Smith, the President of ABC company, the Vice President of it’s subsidiary, Acme Int’l, and he also sits on the Board of Directors of the Jones Company as Chairman of the Board. These are three titles that he has that you are letting other people know about, as you introduce him. As you do this, you are building up his importance. Father, Son and the Holy Ghost are three titles of the three manifestations that the One God has taken. Remember, there is one Name.

     In researching the original Hebrew text this verse reads: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in my name.” The original manuscripts seemed to have been changed. So many other scriptures contradict “Baptism in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost:” Acts 2 v. 38- “Repent and be baptized in the Name of Jesus (Yahshua)”…, Acts 8 v. 16-“… they were baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus (Yahshua),” Acts 19 v. 5- “…they were baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus (Yahshua),” Any doctrine has to be built line upon line and precept upon precept (Isaiah 28 v. 13). One cannot take one scripture and make it a doctrine.

     The word says in Acts 1 v. 2, that Jesus, through the Holy Ghost gave commandments unto the apostles. Therefore, when Peter stood up on the day of Pentecost as recorded in Acts 2 v. 38 and says “Repent and be baptized in the Name of Jesus (Yahshua) for the remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost” this is Jesus speaking through him. He was fulfilling what Jesus commanded in Matthew 28 v. 19.


Note: As I mentioned earlier: when you see LORD in capital letters in the bible the Hebrew word is Yahweh. Seven thousand times in the Old Testament the writers of the King James Version of the bible replaced the Hebrew YHWH with the word LORD. Vowels were added to form the Name of God as Yahweh. Everything about Yahweh is in his name. Yahweh means the “Self Existent One” or “to be.” This is the meaning of “I AM that I AM” which he revealed to Moses in Exodus 3 v. 14. “To be” (Yahweh) is an active verb (haya-Hebrew) which means as you call upon his Name he is actively moving on your behalf. Again, you really need to take advantage of using his Name.

     As I also mentioned earlier, Yahshua is Jesus’ name in Hebrew. Jesus said that he has manifested his Father’s Name (Jn. 17 v. 6). Every son has his father’s name. The “Yah” in Yahshua comes from Yahweh which is his Father’s Name.

     On a personal basis, concerning water baptism, I baptize people in/into the Name of Yahshua. Everything about Yahweh is in his name. As the people that I baptize go down into the water their flesh is coming under the power of the name Yahshua and this name effectively buries the fleshly appetites (Rom. 6 verses 3-7). This is because everything that the Name of Yahshua represents comes on the people as they go down in the water. (As the flesh tries to exert authority later, one just has to use the name Yahshua to re-bury the flesh.) When the person comes up out of the water they go “into” the Name of Yahshua with all the blessings and power that this Name represents (Rom. 6 verses 3, 5). The results have been astonishing!  This is what I mean by baptizing in/into the Name of Yahshua. Please pray and search the word. (Acts 2 v. 38, 8 v. 16, 10 v. 48, 19 v. 5, Rom. 6 verses 3-7).





      Several New Testament epistles begin with a greeting which is common to them all: Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 1 v. 3). The King James translation might lead one to believe that Paul is talking about two divine persons-God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. If this was the case than Paul would have been separating God from the Lord but the two cannot be separated. The word says in Deut. 6 v. 4 and Mark 12 v. 29 that The Lord our God is one Lord.  The apostles affirm that Jesus Himself is that Lord. Even Paul writes: There is one Lord-Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 8 v. 6). Thomas says “My Lord and my God” when he sees the risen Christ (John 20 v. 28).

     As scholars go to the Greek manuscripts they find that there are no punctuation marks (such as commas) so all punctuation marks must be added in translation. The original Greek text of the greetings doesn’t have “from the” before the phrase “Lord Jesus Christ.” As a result the text should read as follows: Grace be unto you and peace from God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 1 v. 3). Since there is no punctuation in the original Greek one could put a comma after God so the verse would read – Grace and peace from God, our Father and Lord Jesus Christ. There is no way that the writer wanted to make a distinction between “the Father” and “the Lord.”




     In John 1 v.1 the word says that “in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” Your word is you. God’s word is Him. He created everything by His Word. The Word or “Logos” in the Greek is all the fullness of the Father. The Logos is not a part of the Father, nor a person within the Father, but completely and fully the Father. The Logos is the thought of God, the mind and plan of God, the center of consciousness of God and the word of God. The Logos or Word of God is the Father being revealed in time and creation. It is the aspect of God by which He created everything.

     We can see in Genesis Chapter 1 how the Father spoke, and everything was created. The word states several times(verses 3,6,9,11,14,20,24,26,28, and 29) in this chapter that “God said.” He spoke His Word into the womb of Mary, and the His Word became flesh (John 1 v. 14). Jesus is the Word become flesh. He is the Father in a body. This is consistent with 1 Tim. 3 v. 16 which states that “God was manifest in the flesh.” This is also why in Colossians 1 verses 15-17 the word says that by Yahshua (the Word) all things were created. Jesus (the Word) is truly the Father manifest in the flesh.




      One of the most important lessons that the children of Israel had to learn prior to coming into the promise land was that God was One. They had just left the land of Egypt and for four hundred years they were exposed to polytheistic worship of idols. Egypt worshipped many gods such as Ra, Osiris, Isis, Amon, Set, Horus, Ptah, Sekar, Sati and many others. They were about to enter another land filled with idol worship. This is why God told them in Exodus 20 verses 2-6 “I am the LORD thy God… thou shall have no other gods before me.” In Deuteronomy 6 v. 4 this command is repeated again- “Hear O Israel the LORD our God is one LORD.”  Yahshua was asked “Which is the first commandment of all?” He answered “Hear O Israel; The LORD our God is one LORD.” We can see by this passage that absolute monotheism (belief in One God) is a must to the people of God.

     The Babylonians worshipped one god in three persons and used the equilateral triangle as a symbol:

                             1.      ) Eternal Father

2.      ) Spirit of God incarnate in a human mother

3.      ) A divine Son-the fruit of that incarnation

      Ancient Egypt worshiped a three person god; Ra, Amon, Ptah and also Osiris, Isis and Horus. Hinduism worships a three person god; Brahma the Creator, Shiva the Destroyer and Vishna the Preserver.

      The emperor Constantine started this concept of a three person god in Christianity at the council of Nicea in 325 A.D. by creating the concept of three individual persons in the Godhead. He took this doctrine from pagan worship.

      The Athanasian Creed was developed around the fifth or sixth century and here are some excerpts from it: (Please see how confusing this doctrine of the three persons in God theory really is.)

     Now this is the catholic faith: We worship one God in trinity and the trinity in unity, neither confusing the persons nor dividing the divine being. For the Father is one person, the Son is another, and the Spirit is still another. But the deity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is one, equal in glory, coeternal in majesty.
     What the Father is, the Son is, and so is the Holy Spirit. Uncreated is the Father; uncreated is the Son; uncreated is the Spirit. The Father is infinite; the Son is infinite; the Holy Spirit is infinite. Eternal is the Father; eternal is the Son; eternal is the Spirit: And yet there are not three eternal beings, but one who is eternal; as there are not three uncreated and unlimited beings, but one who is uncreated and unlimited.
Almighty is the Father; almighty is the Son; almighty is the Spirit: And yet there are not three almighty beings, but one who is almighty. Thus the Father is God; the Son is God; the Holy Spirit is God: And yet there are not three gods, but one God. Thus the Father is Lord; the Son is Lord; the Holy Spirit is Lord: And yet there are not three lords, but one Lord……….

     It is very difficult to fully comprehend this doctrine and how does one worship a three person God who is a mystery? Again, I thank God that the Godhead is not a mystery but is easily understood (Romans 1 v. 20).

     As I have mentioned and gave you supporting scriptures, the Trinity is the Father manifesting Himself as the Father, in His Son and as the Holy Spirit.    

     I pray as I conclude this series that Yahweh showed you the truth about the Trinity and took away all confusion and explained the “mystery” of the Trinity from the word to you. As I mentioned earlier, In this series I used information from my book-“Demystifying the Trinity”.


Please tell others about this powerful series from my book. This series is so critical to our relationship with our Father!