In last week’s message, I started on the message of the spirit of antichrist. It is a spirit that wants us out of our purpose which was given by God. This spirit tries to work with the spirit of infiltration to try to get people off their destiny. If that doesn’t succeed it tries to team up with the spirit of murder. God was showing me that from Oct. 31, which is Halloween till the end of the winter there is a special plan of this spirit to kill children. A child is a purpose form God that is developing. The enemy wants to stop this. Please pray for the children as a whole, especially during this time. Last year around the holidays, I was encouraging people in my ministry in the Bahamas and in the United States about this topic. When I got home from the Bahamas, I heard about a seaplane that went down in Florida, killing two infants. A little while before that a boy got killed in Chicago when a plane went off the runway. Some would say that this is just a coincidence and that people die every day. Look what happened just recently with the Amish school children that were killed in their classroom.  

Several years right around the holidays, the day before the Tsunami hit Sir Lanka, I told people at a meeting to pray for children, that something strong was coming to destroy. How many thousands of children died, due to this tragedy? These spirits of antichrist, infiltration and murder were evident during the time of the birth of Jesus. In Matt. 2 v. 16, when Herod’s plan of infiltration to find out where Messiah was born failed with the wise men, the spirit of murder rose up. He killed all the children two years old and under. The spirit that was driving Herod was this spirit of antichrist, trying to stop Jesus’ purpose, but also the purposes of the innocent children that were killed.

In the book of Acts chapter 21 v. 10, this spirit of antichrist tried to use the spirit of infiltration to talk Paul out of going to Jerusalem, but failed! Jesus confirmed that He sent Paul to Jerusalem in 23 v. 11 and told him that he was ultimately going to Rome. You see, the plan of the enemy was to keep Paul from getting to a place where God was going to use him to the fullest (
Rome). Paul converted some of Caesar’s household in Rome. The enemy wants to do the same with you. He may even use “prophets” in your church to give you direction that is contrary to what Jesus already said; by saying “thus saith the Lord……"We have to be very careful. You may be tired of where you are right now and nothing “seems” to be happening in the natural. The enemy may try to get you restless and look to change. If God told you to do something it would be very unwise to stop doing it, because you don’t see results in the natural. Your breakthrough could be a day away and you don’t want to miss it. The enemy knows that there is a concentration of anointing around you and that God is about to bless you. He wants to distract you from taking time in God’s presence so you don’t recognize His presence around you. He wants you out of position! Remember, increase always comes with pressure. Don’t let the pressure drive you out of the presence and the will of God.

The enemy tried to stop Paul when he was prisoner on the ship, heading for Rome. A great storm rose up and there was fear that the ship would sink. God sent an angel to remind Paul that Jesus was sending him to Rome. The enemy might be telling some of you that you are going to die soon. You have to “fall back’ on you prophecies where God said that he would send you a certain location. If you haven’t been there yet, you can’t die till you get there.

The enemy could be trying to get your focus off of what God told you He was going to do in your life by distracting you or sending a spirit of “wrong focus.” Be watchful! In going back to Paul’s experience, the storm couldn’t stop Paul. Before arriving at Rome(Acts 28 v. 30,31), he landed on the island of Melita where God used him to heal many on the island. Before they landed they had to cut off the lifeboats. They had to cut off any way of escape. As I mentioned earlier, don’t try to escape the destiny God has for you, just because the pressure is so great. You have to remind yourself of God’s promises to you. He said that He would take you through! On the island of Melita, Paul got close to the fire and a snake bit him, but he felt no harm. This was that same spirit of murder, but it couldn’t stop him. These spirits can’t stop you. The only person who can stop you is “you.” Don’t listen to the lies of the devil! Remember, “He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ”(Philippians 1 v. 6). God brought Paul to Rome, just as He said He would. The Romans even paid his way to get there. He arrived in Rome and ministered in his own house, with confidence and no man forbidding him(Acts 28 v. 30, 31). I believe that you will accomplish your purpose in Jesus Name!

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