Is the Trinity really a mystery or can it be easily and simply understood? Are there three persons in the Trinity or is the Trinity One God with three different manifestations? In this series I want to use information from my book-“Demystifying the Trinity” to take away all confusion and explain the mystery of the Trinity from the word. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I will explain the truth about the “mystery” of the Trinity and how this” mystery” can be easily explained from scriptures. These messages will show you that knowing who the Father is will answer the so-called “mystery” of the Trinity. Whenever I asked questions about the Trinity, no one could explain it to me but they would tell me that it is a mystery and give me a book to read about the subject. This left me more confused. I even had a problem in worshiping God by trying to worship a “mystery.” I since have sought the Father and He has showed me the truth about the Trinity. Let's continue in the series:

                                                       THE FATHER INSIDE OF JESUS

      As we saw by the previous message, Yahshua was not only a man but was also the Father manifested in the flesh. Our Father didn’t send somebody else, He came inside of Jesus. Below are some further scriptures that demonstrate this fact. When you see LORD in capital letters in the bible the Hebrew word is Yahweh. Seven thousand times in the Old Testament the writers of the King James Version of the bible replaced the Hebrew YHWH with the word LORD. Vowels were added to form the Name of God as Yahweh. Everything about Yahweh is in his name. Yahweh means the “Self Existent One” or “to be.” This is the meaning of “I AM that I AM” which he revealed to Moses in Exodus 3 v. 14. “To be” (Yahweh) is an active verb (haya-Hebrew) which means as you call upon his Name he is actively moving on your behalf. You really need to take advantage of using his Name. Yahshua is Jesus’ name in Hebrew. The “Yah” comes from Yahweh which is his Father’s Name. Jesus said that he has manifested his Father’s Name (Jn. 17 v. 6). Every son has his father’s name.

     In this series I will use Yahweh, LORD, Yahshua and Jesus interchangeably. When you go back to His original Name(s) the results are even greater.

     As I mentioned, here are some scriptures that demonstrate that Jesus is the Father manifest in the flesh:


  1. ) Is. 40 v. 3 – prophesy that a voice would cry in the wilderness-“prepare ye the way of the Yahweh (LORD).”  In Mt. 3 v. 3, John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus. He is the Father manifested in the flesh.
  2. ) Zech. 11 v. 12 – The LORD said that they would weigh His price at 30 pieces of silver. He said in Zech. 12 v 10, that they would look upon Him who they pierced. Jesus was pierced and sold for thirty pieces of silver (Mt. 26 verses 14-16). In Zech. 14 verses 3-5, the word says that the LORD shall set foot on the Mount of Olives, and the mountain will split. In Acts 1 verses 11 and 12, the two angels that were at Jesus’ ascension said that He would come back the same way on the Mount of Olives. The feet of Jesus are the feet of the LORD.
  3. ) Jn. 8 v. 24 – Jesus said that “unless you believe that I AM ye shall die in your sins.” In Exodus 3 v. 14, The Father told Moses “I AM THAT I AM.” Jesus also said that before Abraham was I AM (Jn. 8 v. 58).
  4. ) Rev. 1 verses 17- Jesus says that He is THE FIRST AND THE LAST. In Isaiah 44 v. 6, the Father says that He is THE FIRST AND THE LAST.


          The following are titles that are given to the Father that are fulfilled in Jesus:


a.)    YAHWEH (THE FATHER) OUR JIREH- THE FATHER WHO SEES! (Gen. 22 v. 14). We are so used to “Jireh” meaning that he provides. While it is absolutely true that He provides, we can see by v. 14 that “Jireh” really means “He sees.” He saw the obedience of Abraham and I believe that Abraham saw a vision of Jesus being crucified. Jesus said in John 8 v. 56 that Abraham rejoiced to see my day and saw it. Jesus saw Nathaniel under the fig tree as recorded in John 1 v. 48. It must have been impossible by man’s standards for Jesus to see him. This amazed Nathaniel so much that he called Him the King of Israel (v.49). Jesus sees all!

b.)    THE FATHER OUR RAPHA- THE FATHER OUR HEALER (Ex. 15 v. 26). The Father healed all diseases through Jesus.

c.)    THE FATHER OUR NISSI – THE FATHER OUR BANNER and our victory over our enemies (Ex. 17 verses 15-16). We are more than conquerors through Jesus (Romans 8 v. 37). “Thanks be unto God who always causes us to triumph in Christ” (2 Cor. 2 v. 14).

d.)    THE FATHER OUR M’KADDESH THE FATHER SANCTIFIES (Ex. 31 v. 13). In Ephesians 5 v. 26, Paul says that we are sanctified through Jesus.

e.)    THE FATHER OUR SHALOM - THE FATHER GIVES PEACE (Jud. 6 v. 24). In Jn. 14 v. 27, Jesus said that He gives peace that the world can’t give and the world can’t take away.

f.)      THE FATHER SABOATHTHE FATHER THE ALMIGHTY (Genesis 17 v. 1). In Rev. 1 v. 8, Jesus is called the ALMIGHTY.

g.)    THE FATHER EL YONTHE FATHER MOST HIGH. In Rom. 9 v. 5, Paul says that Jesus is above all God blessed for ever.

h.)    THE FATHER RAAHTHE FATHER OUR SHEPHERD (Ps. 23 v. 1). As I mentioned previously, in John 10 v. 11, Jesus says that He is the Good Shepherd.

i.)      THE FATHER HOSENUTHE FATHER OUR MAKER (Ps. 95 v. 6). As I mentioned previously, Paul said in Colossians 1 verses 13-17, that Jesus created all things.

j.)      THE FATHER SHAMMAHTHE FATHER IS PRESENT (Ezekiel 48 v. 35). In Matt. 18 v. 20, Jesus says that where two or three are gathered together in His Name, that He is present in their midst. 


Let’s also look at the book of Revelation to see even more

               proof that Jesus is truly the Father manifested in the flesh:

                                       a.)    Revelation 1 verses 8 and 11, 21 v. 6 and 22 v. 13 – Yahshua (Jesus) is the ALPHA AND OMEGA.

b.)    1 v. 8, 21 v. 6 and 22 v. 13 – Jesus is the BEGINNING AND THE ENDING.

c.)    1 v. 8 and 4 v. 8 – Jesus is the ALMIGHTY.

d.)    4 v. 11 – Jesus is our CREATOR.

e.)    4 v. 8 and 21 v. 7 – Jesus is our GOD (Father).

f.)      4 v. 2 – Jesus is the “ONE” on the throne.

g.)    5 v. 5 and 22 v. 16 – Jesus is the ROOT OF DAVID – the ONE who began David.


     All these examples from the word show that the Father is in Jesus reconciling the world unto Himself.  Jesus, as a man, is the living tabernacle of God, not a separate person in the Godhead. Jesus is truly the Father manifest in the flesh. The invisible Father was made manifest in His Son Jesus (I Timothy 3 v.16). Jesus said that the Father in me does the works (John 14 v. 10). He also said to Philip that “he that hath seen me hath seen the Father” (John 14 v. 9). Praise Him Forever!


I will continue this series from my book in the next message.

               Please tell others about this powerful series from my book. This series is so critical to our relationship with our Father!