Is the Trinity Really a Mystery? (Part One)


     Is the Trinity really a mystery or can it be easily and simply understood? Are there three persons in the Trinity or is the Trinity One God with three different manifestations? In this series I want to use information from my book-“Demystifying the Trinity” to take away all confusion and explain the mystery of the Trinity from the word.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, I will explain the truth about the “mystery” of the Trinity and how this” mystery” can be easily explained from scriptures. These messages will show you that knowing who the Father is will answer the so-called “mystery” of the Trinity. Whenever I asked questions about the Trinity, no one could explain it to me but they would tell me that it is a mystery and give me a book to read about the subject. This left me more confused. I even had a problem in worshiping God by trying to worship a “mystery.” I since have sought the Father and He has showed me the truth about the Trinity.

     He says in Romans 1 v. 20 that the Godhead can easily be understood. So come with me on a journey through the word as God reveals to your understanding the “mystery” of the Trinity. Later in this series I will explain some of the misconceptions about the Trinity. As you study this series and receive His revelation you will be amazed how closer you will feel to the Father and all confusion as to who He really is will disappear. You will be able to really worship Him in Spirit and Truth. Your worship will really be enhanced.

     As you will see, the Trinity is all about the Father. It is all about Him manifesting Himself as the Father, in the Son and as the Holy Spirit. It is about One Spirit operating in three roles. The word says that the Father is holy (Jn. 17 v. 11), and that He is Spirit (Jn. 4 v. 24). The word says that there is one Spirit. (Eph. 4 v. 4). Therefore the Father has to be the Holy Spirit or there are two Spirits. Jesus (Yahshua) is truly the Father manifest in the flesh. I feel that God’s most important role or manifestation is as the Father of all creation.

     The Old and the New Testaments are progressive revelations of the Father. He is trying to show us more of what He is like, culminating in His coming in His Son. The same God that opened the Red Sea and knocked down the walls of Jericho is the same God that came on the earth in Jesus. The God that woke up Samuel and said “Samuel, Samuel” (I Samuel 3 v. 10) is the same God that said “Saul, Saul why do you persecute me?” (Acts 9 v. 4).   It was the same voice! When you read the New Testament and see Jesus (Yahshua) doing mighty miracles, you have to understand that it is the Father in Him doing these mighty works. Jesus said that it is the Father in him doing the works (John 14 v. 10). Jesus said that He seeks the will of His Father which sent Him (John 5 v. 30). For example, it was the Father who directed Jesus to feed the multitude in the wilderness. It was the Father in Jesus who directed the blind man to wash in the pool of Bethesda after putting mud on his eyes.

     You will have a deeper appreciation of the Father when you understand that it was the Father who did all those mighty works through Jesus. The Father is the one who came on the earth in Jesus to show us more of what He is like, as He is a Spirit. This is not to take honor and glory away from Jesus, as He is our Messiah and died for our sins, but we have to focus more of our attention on the Father. Again, Jesus said that the Father in him does the works. He even directed us how to pray when He gave us the Lord’s prayer- “Our Father who art in heaven….” He is telling us that because of His blood that was shed we can go directly to the Father. The whole word is about the Father and reading the word should bring us closer to Him and instruct us into being like His Son, so we can please Him.

     Later on in the series we will discuss more of the revelations about who the Father really is by going through examples in both the Old and New Testaments. We will also explore some of the Father’s manifestations that will enhance your understanding and appreciation of Him. But first, let us discuss the mystery of the Trinity.


     There has been so much confusion about the term ”Trinity” and so many people have chosen to say it is a mystery and cannot be explained. As I mentioned in the introduction, the word says that the “Godhead” can easily be understood in Romans 1 v. 20. After years of researching the Father’s word, I want to demonstrate by using the word, that the term “Trinity” is the Father revealing Himself in three different manifestations: as a Father, in a Son and as the Holy Ghost. “Father”, “Son” and “Holy Ghost” are terms to denote different aspects or roles of the one Spirit. The Father revealed himself to the world in His Son (Heb. 1 v. 2-“in a Son” in the Greek). “God was manifest (made seen) in the flesh.” (I Tim. 3 v.16). An invisible God (I Tim. 1 v. 17), revealed Himself to mankind in His Son.

     In I John 3 v. 1, - “Behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us……, therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew Him (the Father) not. In v. 2, “Beloved now are we the sons of God….. but we know that when He (the Father) shall appear, we shall see Him as He is. We can see from verse one that the Father came unto His own and His own received Him not (as Father). This is also recorded in the gospel of John 1 v. 11. In 1 John 3 v. 2, as we mentioned, John says that the Father is coming back, and that we shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is. The only way to see the invisible God is in the face of Jesus Christ. Jesus said in John 14 v. 9 – “When you have seen me you have seen the Father.” Yahshua (Jesus) is the express image of God’s person (Heb. 1 v. 3).

     The Holy Spirit is not another person in the “Trinity” but is the Father’s active power in the world. The Holy Spirit is the Father in action. The Holy Spirit is a manifestation of the Father in us enabling us to live holy. As I mentioned earlier, the word says that the Father is holy (Jn. 17 v. 11) and that He is Spirit (Jn. 4 v. 24). The word says that there is one Spirit. (Eph. 4 v. 4). Therefore the Father has to be the Holy Spirit or there are two Spirits. The word says in Matt. 1 v. 20, that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Ghost. We can see by this verse that the Holy Ghost was the agent of conception. Therefore, the Holy Ghost is the Father of Jesus. If the Holy Ghost and the Father are two separate persons than Jesus has two Fathers.

     So we can see that the Trinity is not three persons or individuals, who somehow make up God, but the Father revealing Himself in three roles: as a Father, in a Son and as the Holy Spirit. There is one Spirit with three different manifestations. An example in the natural is that a man who is a husband (one role), is the President of a company (second role), and the Vice President of a second company (third role). These are three different roles or manifestations of one person. Three different roles or manifestations do not make three persons. Satan doesn’t want people to know who the Father really is because the word says that Jesus is coming back in flaming fire on them that don’t know God (2 Thess. 1 v. 8). The Father’s attributes and power surely are a mystery but not as to who He is.

     So many Jews don’t want to come to Jesus as their Messiah because they think that we Christians worship three Gods. They need to be taught that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the same God who destroyed Jericho, the same God who opened the Red Sea for His children, is the same God who walked in Jesus. As I mentioned earlier, the same God that said “Samuel, Samuel” and woke Samuel during the night (I Samuel 3 v. 10) is the same God that said “Saul, Saul why do you persecutest thou me?” (Acts 9 v. 4) Knowing who God really is will really help one to reach the Jews as they worship one God.   

     Those who believe in the three persons in God doctrine are confessing “three God’s” even though they don’t realize it. They do this by using the terms “God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost” Satan is very tricky and doesn’t care if you believe in three God’s or not, as long as you confess it out of your mouth. He then has an opportunity to move more in your life. There are many wonderful believers who are caught in this trap.

     Later in this series, I will show you the pagan origin of this “three persons in God” doctrine and show you some of the contradictions that this doctrine presents. Also, as I mentioned earlier, later on in this series I will show you scriptures from the Old and New Testaments to further help us to understand the Father and there are chapters that reveal some of the other manifestations of the Father as well. When you realize that the Father is not a mystery as to who He is, you are able to draw closer to Him and realize that He has so many manifestations or attributes that you weren’t aware of. However, initially, I want to show you further proof that God is one Spirit and has revealed Himself as a Father, in a Son and as the Holy Ghost.

     I think the source of much of the confusion about who God is rests on the fact that so many people don’t understand the humanity and divinity of Jesus i.e. that Jesus is 100% God and 100% man. This will be presented in this next chapter.

     Understanding the humanity and divine nature of Jesus is the best answer to overcoming the obstacle of knowing who God is. When Jesus said “the Father is greater than I” (Jn. 14 v. 28), He is talking as a man, saying that God, as His Father is greater than He, in His humanity. When Yahshua sat down at the well in Jn. 4 v. 6, as He was tired and thirsty, He was showing His human nature. However, when Jesus said that He was the giver of living water (Jn. 4 v. 14); He was showing that He was the Father manifest in the flesh. So it can also be clearly understood that when Jesus was praying to His Father, He did so as part of His human nature, being totally dependent on His Father. The following chart will help bring out this divine and human nature of Jesus:

                   As a man                                                                As the Father

 1.)  Was born a baby (Lu 2 v. 7)                          Existed all eternity (Micah 5. v. 2)

2.)  Grew mentally, physically                                Never changes (Heb 13 v. 8) 

      and spiritually. (Lu. 2. v. 52)      

3.)  Was tempted by the devil                              Cast out devils (Mt. 12 v. 28)

      (Lu. 4 v. 2)

4.)  Hungered (Mt. 4 v. 2)                                    The Bread of Life (Jn. 6 v. 48)

5.)  Thirsted (Jn. 19 v. 28)                                   Gave living water (Jn. 4 v. 14)

6.)  Grew weary (Jn. 4 v. 6)                                 Gave rest (Mt. 11 v. 28)

7.)  Slept in a storm (Mk. 4 v. 38)                        Calmed the storm (Mk. 4 verses 39-41)

8.) Died (Mk. 15. v. 37)                                       Raised His own body (Jn. 2 verses19-21)


     I will continue this series in the next message.


   Please tell others about this powerful series from my book. This series is so critical to our relationship with our Father!