Do We Limit Elohim?


        In Matt. 13:58 the word says that Yahshua could do no mighty works in His own hometown because of unbelief. In Isaiah 54:2 the word says to “enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stake.” We need to “dream big” in our expectations of what Yahweh can do. Religion wants to blame Satan for not receiving from Elohim but it is us! Satan can’t stop Elohim’s blessings, he can only hinder. In Daniel Chapter 10 Daniel was asking for understanding of a vision that he received and Yahweh sent the angel Gabriel to give him the understanding. Gabriel said that the Prince of Persia hindered him from delivering the understanding (v.13). The Prince of Persia is a spirit that likes to operate from Halloween through the winter holidays right to spring time trying to stop revelations from Yahweh (especially knowledge about His feast days).  The Prince of Persia could not stop Gabriel from the delivering the understanding, he could only hinder it for twenty one days. The following are ways that we could possibly limit Elohim:

1.)    Lack of Patience- Yahweh may be addressing other issues in our lives to prepare us for blessings. He wants to make sure that our character can hold up the blessings He sends our way. We may think that we are ready but He’s knows best. In the book of James Chapter 1:3 the word says that the trying of our faith works patience. Adversaries are good for us. Samuel’s mother Hannah was provoked by her husband's wives who were having babies one after another, but she could not. They provoked her to such an extent that she cried out to Yahweh until she couldn’t talk anymore. Elohim spoke to Eli the priest who heard her prayers that she would conceive and she did. When we let our patience be developed by Yahweh than we can be perfect and entire and wanting nothing (v.4). We are not as spiritually developed as we think. How many of us revert back to our old ways when under pressure. Satan can use a religious person to try to get you to “hurry up” Elohim, but He can't be rushed. He may even use a relative who might say “you are 32 years old and a few grey hairs and you are not married yet?” Don’t be rushed! You already made some hasty moves in that direction before. Even people who do commercials on T.V. know that they only have about 180 seconds to get people to buy there product. That is why they have an 800 number to call and offer something else free for the first number of callers. They know that most people are impatient.

2.)    Lack of proven stewardship- Some can’t get to work on time and want Elohim to get them a spouse. If one is not responsible on their job, how are they going to be responsible to a spouse? Also, if one can’t take care of someone else’s property that is loaned to them, how can Elohim give them their own. How do we treat a rental car? Do we put the cheapest gas in it? Do we drive faster and harder than our own vehicle?  These are some of the things that Yahweh looks for and wants to develop to a greater degree. Saul lost his kingship because he was impatient and didn’t wait for Samuel to offer a sacrifice before a battle, but did it himself (1 Sam. Chapter 13:10-14).

3.)    Don’t give Yahweh anything to work with-After some of us “pay” our tithes we think that the remaining 90 % is ours to do with as we see fit! We need to take the lid off and say to Yahweh that “all I have is yours.” We can say that we are the ones who got up from bed to work and earned the money. There are a lot of people who had plans for the next day and didn’t wake up! We got to realize that if not for Him we would have neither breath nor strength. Paul said that in Him we both move, breathe and have our being. Sometime we get upset at those who are not serving Elohim and are prospering so greatly. Our annoyance with sinners prospering can’t stop this from happening because where there is a demand for sinful stuff there will always be a supply.  This is something that we should not do and could limit Elohim. The more the sinners get, the more we get as the wealth of the sinners are laid up for us the just (Psalm 75:6).

4.)    Don’t make informed choices- We need to make choices based on Yahweh’s word. We need to obey His commands and statutes. is the book of Deuteronomy is full of Elohim’s commands: In Chapter 6:10-15 the word says that when Yahweh brings them into the land and gives them great and goodly cities which they did not build, wells that they didn’t dig, etc. that they should fear Elohim and not to follow the other gods of the people. In Chapter 7: 2-5 He says that they should not intermarry with the pagans, but destroy their altars. In Chapter 8:9-11 Yahweh says that He wanted to give lands without scarceness but don’t forget His commandments. Don’t make rash decisions in a rush without checking His word. Don’t rely on somebody’s-“Thus says the Lord” without coming into His presence and searching the word for yourself. In Chapter 8:18 the word gives another command: to remember that Elohim gives us the power to get wealth. In Deut.28:1-14 Yahweh gives a lot of blessings but they all are predicated on v.1 – “if you hearken diligently unto the voice of Yahweh to observe and do all His commands then…

5.)    Yahweh may ask us to do some things that are contrary to what we are used to or accustomed to. In Ecclesiastes 11:4 the word says that he that observes the wind will not sow and he that regards the clouds won’t reap. Farmers won’t plant seed if it is windy and won’t harvest their crops if they are wet, as it would have mold and mildew on it. Yahweh wants us to do things that don’t make sense: sow money when you are in deep financial need, praise Him when you feel that you have nothing to praise Him about, pray for people who need healing when you feel worst than they feel, etc. Allow Yahweh to change your plans: In 2 Sam. 5 David was winning battle after battle against the Philistines after He asked Elohim for permission to attack them. Then he asked Him again and He said to wait for the wind to blow through the mulberry trees and go behind them this time as opposed to a frontal assault. He got the victory because he obeyed Yahweh. In Joshua Chapter 8 after the Israelites were defeated by the army of a town called Ai and ran away, Elohim told them to attack and run away again. This is after they got sin out of the camp. However, this time He told them to have men behind the city and “sandwich” them as they come out. I am sure that army of Ai figured that the first time that they ran away was part of the plan, even though it was not. The first time they ran away in fear. Yahweh can do some strange things to make like our mistakes never happened. Look at examples in the word of Yahweh commanding people to do things that don’t make sense: Moses stretching forth a rod and the Red Sea opening up, Joshua going around Jericho 13 times and then shouting with the walls coming down, Elijah throwing a stick in the water and an axe head swimming to the top etc. Please do what Yahweh says, when He says to do it (a window of opportunity) even if it doesn’t make sense.


So, after this study I pray that we don’t limit Yahweh in any way as He blesses us with resources-body, soul, spirit, anointing and finances to finish our course!