"Thread' on the Serpent!


In this message I want to talk about not only walking on the head of Satan but “threading” on his head which means to leave an imprint on his head. The prophecy to Eve was that Satan would bruise her seed’s heal but that He would bruise Satan’s head (Gen. 3:15).

In Luke 10:19, the word says that we can “thread” on serpents, scorpions and all the powers of the enemy. In Jn. 10:10 the word says that the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. In 3 Jn. 2 the word says that Yahweh desires above all that we prosper and be in health even as our souls prosper. In this study I want to show how 3 Jn. 2 is a deadly weapon to use against descriptions of the enemy in Luke10:19 and Jn. 10:10.With 3 Jn. 2 coming out of our mouths we can continually “thread” on the head of the serpent. Here is a chart to demonstrate these three scriptures:


Luke 10:19                            Serpents          Scorpions           Powers of the enemy

Jn. 10:10                                 Steal                Kill                       Destroy

3 Jn. 3:2                                Prosper            Health                 Soul Prospers



1.)    Serpent – a snake will only attack if you come into his territory. It is basically lazy. It is only motivated by fear and hunger. This describes Satan. We will meet an infestation of snakes as we “thread” on high places. We have to realize what Satan is up to: In Genesis 3:1 the word says that Satan was subtle in his attack on Eve. He told a half truth. He said to Eve that she would be like Yahweh and have the knowledge of good and evil. In v. 22 the LORD said that Adam and Eve have the knowledge of good and evil as a result of them eating the fruit of the tree. So, what Satan said was true but there is no way that Eve could bring the good out of evil as Yahweh can. There is no way that Eve could wipe out evil like Yahweh can. You see Satan wanted to steal the relationship that Yahweh had with His creation and he is still trying to do this today. Satan appealed to her inherent desire to be like Yahweh. This is why there are so many religions in the world today: People are yearning for a relationship with someone greater than they. People are waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God (Rom. 8:19). As we turn our flesh over to the Holy Spirit to mortify the deeds of the flesh, He wants to conform us into the image of Yahshua (Rom. 8:14, 29). Yahweh wants us to be like His Son. It is a gradual basis. It takes many trips to the Potters House. We can’t do it ourselves!

Also, some of us are out of balance: we consider our relationship with God to be great when we are prospering spiritually. We neglect the natural or vice versa. We need to “thread” on the serpent and take what is ours in the natural or spiritually. Our natural circumstances and spiritual should be in balance. Some can’t wait to win the lottery and are so money conscious. Prosperity messages are true but not the whole truth. We can’t neglect the spiritual at the expense of the natural. At the same time we can just say that we are only interested in our spiritual relationship with God. He wants us to prosper in the natural also, to be in balance. We need to get “fired up” and go into the devil’s territory and take what is ours whether it be finances or family salvation and deliverance. We need to “thread” on his head- make an imprint! Don’t be satisfied that your husband is off dope for 5 days. Believe for him to get saved and preach the gospel. “Thread” on the head of the enemy. The violent take the kingdom by force. Don’t be satisfied and comfortable with a miracle. We need the early rain, the latter rain and the harvest. Believe Yahweh for the “whole harvest.” There is so much more we can have in Yahshua. He has given us the power to “thread.” The remedy for the attack of the serpent who wants to steal your relationship with Yahweh or steal in the natural is in 3 Jn. 3:2 – He wants us to prosper. When the devil comes and says “Do you want to be like God” just answer “I already am.” Elohim is conforming us into the image of Yahshua!

2.)    Scorpion- a scorpion is associated with a sting – the sting of death. Yahshua took the sting out of death and gave us the victory over death. The scorpion wants to kill people before their time. It doesn’t matter what diseases are in your family line. All those family curses can be broken right now in Yahshua’s Name Yahshua has made us new creatures in Him-old things have passed away and all things are new! Don’t let the scorpion rob your health. How many “accidents” have some of just missed because of the protection of Yahweh. He did not allow the sting of the scorpion to hit us. Don’t accept what the scorpion may be trying to do in your health.  In 1 Cor. 11:29-30 the word says that to eat or drink of the communion unworthily could lead to death. So many want to get in spiritual shape and become worthy before they partake of the communion. We have to realize in combating the scorpion that there is nothing we can do to become worthy. We have to turn our flesh over to the Holy Spirit and rely on the shed blood of Yahshua to be “worthy.” The same with our health – we have to rely on Yahweh to keep us in health. This is a deterrent to the sting of the scorpion by relying on the word-3 Jn. 2 that Yahweh wants us to prosper and be in health! 

3.)    Powers- the satanic powers want to destroy and they want to do it through the mind. The word says in 2 Cor. 10:3-5 that we need to cast down all imaginations and bring every thought to the obedience of Yahshua. The battleground is in our minds. The remedy again is 3 Jn. 3:2 – Yahweh wants our souls which is our mind, will and emotions to prosper also. This will counter any attack of the powers of Satan who want to destroy us.


             We need to “thread” on Satan not just to “stand.” The word says in Ephesians that “having done all stand! We need to stand “after” we have “threaded” on the head of the serpent! Start “threading” today on the head of Satan and take what is yours in your relationship with Yahweh, your natural circumstances and in your mind.

        Remember- 3 Jn. 2 is the answer to the attacks of the serpent, scorpion and the powers of Satan. Yahweh wants us to “prosper and be in health even as our souls prosper.” So, start “threading” with the sword of the Word in your mouth.