Acceleration of Change

This season is the greatest season of change that the world has ever seen. God is soverignly and quickly moving circumstances and people out of the way that have hindered His people. Some of these people that God is moving have been entrenched for a long time, but nobody can stop God, in this season of change. In Ezekiel 37 v. 7, there is a picture of God shaking up "dry bones." The Feast of Pentecost as recorded in Acts 2, started a great "shaking" from the Lord.  You can see in the book of Acts how God shook up the "establishment." In Acts 4, the authorities that were entrenched for so long tried to silence the apostles and stop what they were doing in the Name of Yahshua(Jesus) (v.18). However, Peter said they couldnít stop speaking the things that they saw and heard (v.20). In Acts. 5 v. 29, Peter told them that they had to obey God rather than man (v. 29). The advantage that the authorities seemed to have before Pentecost was now eliminated. Change had taken place. God was ready to roll over established authority and get His work done. Donít get me wrong; authority that is of God needs to be obeyed. But where people entrenched themselves against the things of God, something has to give and it sure isnít God! God is starting to "steam roll" over the people that try to stand in the way of "change." God has given them space to repent but to no avail. In 2 Kings 7, God used Elisha to announce that the famine that was against His people was over. A man of "authority" laughed at the idea and eventually was trampled as people ran for the food that the enemy left behind (v. 2, 17).

Nowhere is change more needed than in the Body of Christ. There are so many ministers that try to keep God "in a box." They want to run the services themselves, without turning the services over to God. They "choose" people who they think God wants to use, whether they are living holy lives or not. They usually use their friends or relatives. The word says to let the elders of a church lay hands on the sick, but who appointed these elders, God or man? Do these elder have "holy hands" to lay on Godís people. Were they put in positions of eldership because of their financial strength or spiritual strength? There are so many ministers that are mistreating His children. They think of ways to rape them financially or otherwise. Some just think of ways to soak more money out of the people and bring in a "heavyweight" who can teach on prosperity and raise up a large offering. Teaching on prosperity is great, but for what purpose is it being taught? Some, even call in "heavyweight" Prophets who will promise the people that they will be rich, but only get rich themselves! These Pastors donít consider the people in their congregation, as Godís children. They think of them as "their sheep," not realizing that they belong to the "Chief Shepherd." They think because all the people in their congregation continue to come and really "adore" their Pastor, that everything is O.K. with God. It is easy to please and fool people, but it is harder to please God and He canít be fooled. These ministers are entrenched and will be "sand blasted" by the Spirit of God. God heard the cries of His people, looking for change. As a result, God is ready to "replace" them with people of His own heart i.e. people who will allow God to minister through them to His children. His children are going into church one way and leaving the same way. God said in Zechariah 11 v. 8. that He was going to "cut off "three shepherds in one month. So many times we talk about the mercies if God, but forget about His justice.

God wants the right people teaching and nourishing His people. He is ready to promote and whenever He promotes He demotes somebody else (Psalm 75 v. 6).

God is also determined to move out of the way any thing or person that is blocking you from fulfilling His destiny for you. He is so tired of you being locked in past memories of being raped, caught in incest, doing time in prison, taking drugs, etc. He wants to cleanse you from all those events from the past that are trying to shape your future. You may be locked in bitterness, unforgiveness, low self-esteem, self pity, guilt, fear, anxiety etc. These things could be preventing your healing or your purpose from God. You could be so locked in the past that you are afraid to do anything that God asks of you. He wants to "sand blast" these things out of your life once and for all. He wants to bring change in your life, to free you up from any bondage. He is actively pursuing and bringing about change, if you let Him. Allow Him to point out and remove those things that are robbing your joy, holding you back from receiving from God and preventing you from enjoying your Christian walk. The bondage that you may be in could also be preventing your healing from taking place. So, allow God to remove things that are not pleasing to Him out of your life, once and for all! He is determined to bring about change, if you let Him. Your number one prayer should be to conform to the image of Yahshua(Jesus).

God is ready to promote, either in His kingdom work or in the business world. It doesnít matter how long somebody is trying to get you fired or stop your promotion. God is ready to Ďpush" those people out of the way and show forth is power. Once He moves, nobody can stop Him. Your enemies in the workplace or in the ministry are about to "lose." Praise Him! Look in Exodus 14, His people were facing the Egyptians to their rear, mountains on either side and the Red Sea in front of them. Their enemies were probably "licking their chops." But they failed to realize that when God is moving to change, nobody can stop Him from bringing His people into change. Change could be in location, relationships, finances, etc.

God knows that you are in a dry place, going nowhere, but God is moving to change this. This season of change and circumstances will change in you life as you allow Him to change you into the Image of Yahshua(Jesus).