Do You Want Restoration?


There is such a restoration anointing on this season and I pray that you receive! I want to discuss, with the help of Yahweh some of the aspects of this restoration from the word of God: In 1 Sam. 30 the Amakelites had invaded Ziklag, destroyed it and took the wives and children of David and his men. David went into the presence of Yahweh and asked Him if he should pursue them. Yahweh said that he should and that without fail he shall recover all (v.8). It is so important to consult with Yahweh before venturing out to make sure that the Breaker is going before you (Micah 2:13). In your life Yahweh has started the restoration process so move forward in faith today. David found an Egyptian who was a slave to the Amakelites, who was sick and left to die. He told David exactly where they were (v.11-16). You see Yahweh will always have someone to help you in your restoration process along the way. The enemy was rejoicing in all the spoil they took when David surprised them (v.16). David smote them from twilight even until the evening of the next day (v.17). David did recover all that they took and more! David took all their flocks and herds as his spoil (v.20). David had 600 men and had to leave 200 men behind as they were too weak to go on. David was so honorable that he shared the spoils with them too (v. 22-25). This needs to be our attitude too i.e. share what Yahweh gives back to us as He always gives back more than was taken. When Yahweh restores, He always gives back more (His heavenly interest) so we can share with others. David even gave some of the spoils to the other people who lived in Ziklag (v. 26). Wow!

     In Genesis Chapter 14 we have a similar story about Abraham: four kings with their armies had conquered Sodom and Gomorrah and took captives among whom were Lot (his nephew) and his family. When Abraham heard about it he armed his servants (318) and smote the enemy at night (v. 14-15). He recued Lot and his family and all the spoil that the enemy kings took and more (v. 16). Can you imagine the power of Yahweh to use 318 servants to destroy the armies of four kings? Can He not recover all that was taken from you especially if the odds are against you? He sure can!

     In 2 Kings Chapter 8 the Shunammite lady whose son was raised from the dead by Elisha was told by Elisha to leave her land for seven years as there was going to be a famine(v.1). She now comes back to ask for her land back (v.3).  The king was talking to the servant of Elisha asking about how Elisha had raised her son from the dead, when she walks in! Wow! The timing of Yahweh! The king asked her what she wanted and she explained her land situation to him. Yahweh moves on him to appoint a financial officer to not only give her back her land but all the profit that she would have made during the seven years (v. 6). In the same Chapter the king of Syria sent a messenger to Elisha asking him if he would recover from his disease. He gave 40 camels full of presents to Elisha. This is very important because when Naaman was healed of leprosy he wanted to give an offering to Elisha but he refused as it was not time for an offering. We don’t see Elisha turning down this offering. Look how Yahweh restored what he gave up and more! He could do the same for you. Maybe you went out with somebody who “messed” around on you and you gave him the “boot.” Maybe you “soured’ on meeting someone else but Yahweh wants to restore your expectation and bring the right person to compliment your life- one who you can trust.

     In John Chapter 5 there is a story about Yahshua going to the temple on a holiday but He broke away and went to the pool of Bethesda where He saw a man had an infirmity for 38 years. The man was waiting for a man to help him into the water as an angel came down once a year to stir the water and the first one in would be healed. He didn’t realize that the ONE who sent the angel was standing right in front of him. Yahshua restored him to health, without him stepping into the water (v.9). The religious authorities came against the healed man and he pointed them to Yahshua and they attacked Him. Don’t listen to the spirit of religion when you are believing for restoration. Religion wants you to look to a man for restoration but in this situation no man could have helped and it is the same with you. Yahweh may use somebody to help you but the restoration originates only from Him! Religion wants you to look to a religious authority as your source but don’t fall for the trick of the enemy. Spiritual authority and organizations are a wonderful thing in one’s life as long as they don’t try to control, manipulate and lead you to them and their organization as a substitute for Yahshua. There are no organizations or denominations in heaven!

      Yahweh can use you to bring restoration into people’s lives. Forget the past, turn your flesh over to the Holy Spirit to mortify the deeds of the flesh and conform you into the image of Yahshua and He will use you (Rom. 8: 16, 29). He wants clean vessels. He promised that He can restore people’s lives through us (Isaiah 58:12). Look what He did through Gideon: He restored Israel’s freedom with Gideon and only 300 men coming against 100,000 of the enemy (Judges 7:17-25).

      In Judges Chapter 3 the children of Israel were in bondage to the enemy for eighteen years because of their disobedience to Yahweh (v.14). But when they cried out Yahweh sent a deliverer named Ehud. He was a man who was left handed and tied a dagger to his right leg as he went into the king (Ehud). The enemy didn’t search him on the right leg, as they knew that he was left handed. He went privately into the king with a “present” and stabbed him with the dagger and he died. Do you see how Yahweh restored their freedom by using one man when they cried out to Him in repentance? You could be that person who He uses to restore. Do the same thing today, cry out to Him. Remember, He is the Elohim of restoration!

     In Acts 3:21 the word says that this is the time of restitution (restoration) of all things! Jump into this season or restoration!