Check In,Check Up and Check Out!


     It is time for all Christians to check in on a daily basis with the Lord for a check up and after you do the next step is to check out into purpose and blessings. In Psalm 139:23, 24 David asks the Lord to ďsearch me, Oí God, and know my heart: try me and know my thoughts: and see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.Ē  We need to have this same attitude. We need to come into His presence and ask if there is anything that could possibly be separating us from Him. There are some people who love the Lord and who never have been in His presence for a check up to see if there is anything that could be separating them from the Lord. The Lord will continue to apply pressure until they do. Pride is one thing that keeps people from going to Him for a check up. They are being influenced by the devil to be lifted up in pride. Pride was his downfall. He wants us to fall too as pride come before a fall.

     It is so wise to come into His presence on a daily basis for a check up as our eternal life with Him could be at stake. Some of the pressure we may be feeling is from the Lord trying to get our attention that something is not right. Sometimes we think that the pressure is of Satan because we have been so Devil conscious. There have been more books written about Satan than about God. Some think that Satan has an army lined up against God, not knowing that he reports to God. The word says in Colossians 1:17 that everything was created by Yahshua and for Him and by Him all things consist whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers (Col. 1:16, 17).Satan was coming to God for his next assignment as recoded in the book of Job (2:1-3). God gave him his next assignment and that was Job.

     In Psalm 139 the word shows that the Lord knows everything about us: in verse 1 it says that He knows us and has searched us. In verse 2 the word says that He knows our downsiting and uprising and knows every thought that we will think! Wow! In verses 3 and 4 the word says that He is acquainted with all our ways and knows all our words. In. verse 7-9 the word says that wherever we are He is there. We canít get away from Him. In verse 16 the word says that He knew us when we were in our motherís womb. He knew our substance, even though imperfect and in His mind all our body parts were fully formed. This scripture is so against abortion and proves that life starts at conception. The fact that He knows all about us is the main reason why we need to come into His presence for a check up.  

     David knew that he needed to check in for a check up as recorded in Psalm 51: in verse 1 he leans on Godís mercy and asks Him to blot out his transgressions. In verse 2 he asks Him to wash him thoroughly from his iniquity and cleanse him. We need to do the same on a daily basis. As David mentions in verse 3, we need to acknowledge our transgressions and not deny them. It is useless to argue with God when He points out a flaw in our personality or a hidden sin. Again, He knows all! We canít rebuke the Lord out of our lives. It is easier to deal with Satan, rather than God. All we have to do with Satan is to submit to God, resist him and he will flee. With God He is not going to let up on the pressure until He is good and ready. Again, you canít rebuke God. He doesnít play nine innings, three quarters or four periods. He plays until He wins. Just like a mother eagle takes care of her eaglets until one day she starts pulling the nest apart. She drops them one by one, catches them before they hit the ground and teaches them to fly. So, the one who loves them the most is the one who is disrupting their nest or comfort. The pressure you feel, if you are turning your flesh over to the Holy Spirit to mortify the deeds of the flesh, is the Lord trying to bring you into a check in for a check up so you can ďflyĒ higher to a new level! David asks the Lord in the same Psalm in verse 7 to purge him and wash him. We need to do the same. David also says in verse 10 that he wanted the Lord to create in him a clean heart. This is what we need also to do: check in for a check up and have the Lord clean our hearts. After David says that he wants the Lord to clean his heart he then says that now he can teach transgressors Godís ways and convert sinners (verse 13). One canít help to convert people from their sins when they are doing the same sins. Too many ministers are in the pulpit and have not checked into the presence of the Lord for a check up and are just relying on the anointing to think that they are in right standing with the Lord. They think that God is still using them so everything is alright with their relationship with Him. No where does it say in the word that the anointing gets one to heaven. God anointed a jackass with Balaam.

     David says a wonderful thing in verse 17 that the Lord is looking for a broken spirit and a contrite heart. God loves humility. After we check in with God for a check up we can now check into God doing His good pleasure in our lives (verse18).

     We need to go back where we started with the Lord where He was the most important person in our lives when we got saved. Most of us after we got saved got involved with religion where man was lifted up and got farther away from the Lord and our total dependence upon Him. We started depending on people and not on Him.

     In Genesis Chapter 28 Jacob was running away from Esau and at Bethel he had a dream and saw angels descending and ascending on a ladder coming from heaven to the earth. The Lord than appeared to him and blessed him and his seed (verse12-15). In Genesis Chapter 35 after his two sons-Simeon and Levi killed all the males in Shechem after one of them raped their sister Dinah and he was worried about other nations coming against him, God spoke to him (verse 1). He told him to go back to Bethel where He appeared to him. Jacob told all his household to put away all strange gods and come back with him to Bethel (verse 2, 3). Jacob told them that he was going to build an altar to God where He answered him in his distress and kept him in the way he travelled. This is what we need to do when the Lord calls us in for a spiritual check up. Go back to where it all started with our Lord. He was there when nobody else was. It says in Ezekiel 16 that we were alone in an open field when He came to us and initiated the salvation process in our lives. He quickened us who were dead in trespasses and sins (Ephesians 2:1).

     So, when the Lord calls us to check in for a check up lets respond and be totally honest and open to Him as He searches and tries us. This way we can check out into purpose, blessings and new levels of promotion.