Take your Half-Acre!

     In I Samuel Chapter 14, we have a situation where there are only two swords in Israel as the Philistines were sharpening their swords. Just like Satan, the Philistines chose this time to attack God’s people. Jonathan had one of the swords and he was ready to advance against the enemy. His armor-bearer sees his faith and tells him that he would go with him (v.7). He believes when Jonathan said that the Lord can save by many or few (v. 6). Jonathan tells his armor-bearer that if the enemy tells them to come up to their higher location then God will win the battle for them. This is exactly what happens as the enemy tells them to come up. They crawl on their hands and feet to get up there (v.13). They start to fight the enemy in a half-acre of land and kill twenty of them. As a result of them taking this half-acre there is a trembling among the enemy as well as an earth quake! The enemy starts killing each other! Do you see how God responds when they took their half-acre? They do their part and He does the rest!

     Imagine the ridicule they have to endure as just two people were going against maybe three hundred thousand men. They knew that their God was with them and that they had to do their part by faith. What is your half-acre? What spiritual ground do you have to take or retake from the enemy? Maybe it is a dream or promise that the LORD gave you that you gave up on because the circumstances are not lining up. Just claim that promise that He gave you. Just say – “LORD I am holding onto your promise and will never give up on it.   

     Most of the half-acres that people have to take are their purpose. The biggest enemy to purpose is the spirit of antichrist. John said in 1 John Chapter 2 that the spirit of antichrist took people from his ministry (v. 18-19). The spirit of antichrist is what is trying to stop you from doing something by faith. This step that you take could be the stepping stone to your purpose. Jonathan has to take this ground for God to win the battle for His people. Esther has to approach the king unannounced to save her people from destruction! If the king doesn’t stretch forth his golden scepter she would be killed. This is her half- acre and God did the rest by using her to expose Haman to the king. Jehoshaphat is surrounded by hundreds of thousands of enemy troops and he has to take his half-acre in order for God to move mightily for him. In 2 Chron. 20 v. 16 the LORD tells him to show up at his half-acre the next day at the cliff of Ziz, where the enemy is. This is the location of his acre that is going to propel him to victory. If he never shows up because of fear the LORD wouldn’t win for him. When he shows up God gave him the plan – send his praise and worship leaders out in battle first, singing “praise ye the LORD, for His mercy endures for ever”(v. 21). Because he shows up, the LORD causes the enemy to kill each other (22, 23). He takes all the spoils from the dead enemy and it has to be a large amount, as it takes him three days to pick it all up (v.25).

     Another example of someone taking their half-acre is David. In 1 Sam. 17 all of Israel is paralyzed in fear over Goliath, even king Saul. When David comes into the battle he has to “press through” to get to his half acre (us too!). His brother comes against him and asks him why he isn’t home with his few sheep (v. 28). He accuses him of being lifted up in pride, because he is asking what would be given to the man that kills Goliath. Even Saul comes against him and says that he is only a youth and that Goliath is a strong warrior (v.33). When God tells you to show up at your half-acre expect opposition, but just show up, God will do the rest! David shows up at his half-acre where Goliath is and even Goliath tries to stop him for going further, by trying to put fear in him (v. 44). However, David stands strong and defends his half-acre by saying that he will destroy Goliath and the whole Philistine army (v, 46). As you know, David prevails and kills Goliath as he takes his half acre. Because David shows up at his half –acre, God shows up and puts His power behind the stone that kills Goliath. This single event propels David to be king, as people start singing songs how Saul killed his thousands, but David killed his ten thousands. You see how important it is to show up at your half-acre. It could be your stepping stone to “purpose.”

     When you get to your half-acre, be prepared to defend your new level. There is a man in the bible named Shammah who defends his lentil field from the Philistine army, all by himself (2 Sam. 23 v. 11-12). Also, when God brings you to your new level at the half-acre, just remember who enabled you to get there. He is giving you this new level and He is doing it for His Name sake. He is doing it because He has faith that you will use it to “spring board” into “purpose.”

     So, whatever the enemy is fighting you over- healing, financial, ministry, family relations, fleshly weaknesses, deliverance, hidden sins, etc. let God win the battle for you by using His Name and His blood. I believe that you will take your half-acre and I am agreeing for you in the Name of Yahshua.