How Big and Powerful is our Yahweh?


       Whatever you are facing today no matter how big the situation our God is bigger. Everything was created by Him and for Him and by Him all things consist, whether they be thrones, dominions, principalities or powers (Col.1:16, 17). Let’s go the book of Isaiah and see how big our God is: In Isaiah 40 v. 1 the word shows that He comforts us. So, whatever you are going through today He is the Comforter. Just like a horse takes its rider through the battle, no matter how many bullets are flying over its head. The only thing that the horse is concerned about is that its rider rubs it down in the barn after the battle is over. It just wants to be comforted by its master. In v. 2 the word says that the warfare is accomplished. He can end any battle that you are going through today. He controls all.

      In v. 11 the word says that He feeds us like a shepherd, so no matter what the economy is like, He will take care of us. In v. 12 the word says that Yahweh took a drop of water and weighed all the water He wanted on the earth and took a piece of dust and weighed all the dirt and mountains that He wanted on the earth. In v. 13 He says that nobody instructed or taught Him. We are so used to a teacher teaching us who was taught by someone else, who was taught by someone else, etc. Nobody taught our Yahweh. He is the great I AM He always was and will always be. He was before anything that is! The word says in v. 15 that all nations are like a drop in the bucket to Him. It doesn’t matter what is happening in the nations around the world. Yahweh controls them all. What’s happening in the world is fulfilling prophecy, so don’t worry. You knew that the end times were coming, well they are here! Just continue to turn your flesh over to the Holy Spirit to mortify the deeds of the flesh and allow Him to conform you into the image of Yahsua (Rom. 8 v. 13, 29). In v. 18 He asks the question-Who is like Him? Is their any image that you can compare Him to? He puts down graven images. He asks if these images understand the foundations of the earth or do they sit on the circle of the earth (21, 22). He says in v. 26 that He calls all the stars and planets by name (hosts). What power! Look at the power that is exhibited in one’s life who waits (serves) on Him! He says in v. 31 that they shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. It is such an honor to serve the God of the universe! His benefits are out of this world!

     In Chapter 41 v. 4 the word says that He is the first and with the last. He is with the last to help them become first. He is always with the underdog! He loves to move when the odds are against us. In Genesis Chapter 38 Tamar, the daughter in law of Judah is giving birth and she has twins in her womb. The midwife puts a scarlet thread around the hand of Zarah who she figures will be born first. However, Pharez his brother comes out first. The least likely comes out first. Apply this to you if you feel that you are serving God and in your eyes you are the least likely to be promoted. Please remember that Yahweh is with the last to have them finish first. Look at Daniel and the three Hebrew children: they went through the fiery furnace and the lions den but got promoted against all odds. They had enemies that came against them but either they were burnt alive or eaten by lions.

     In v. 10 the word says that we should not fear for He is with us. 365 times in the word the words “fear not” appear. One “fear not” for every day of the year. Because of how big He is we need not to fear. He also says in the same verse that He strengthens us and upholds us with His right hand of His righteousness. Remember, the poem about the footsteps in the sand; how the writer saw two sets of footsteps in the sand and Jesus said that He was walking with him. Later on the writer only saw one set of footprints and he asked Jesus why. Jesus said that He was carrying him when he was weak. So, He is the one who sustains us.

     If you are going through a wilderness experience you can be comforted by the fact that He says in v. 18 that He makes the wilderness a pool of water. So whatever you are going through He will refresh you during your wilderness experience. As I mentioned in a previous message on this website (Click on “Messages” on the main page) called “Power” a wilderness always precedes a promotion.

     In Chapter 42 in v. 9 He says that He can bring new things into our lives. He is truly the God of a new beginning. Receive this today in the Name of Yahshua! Let the past go and expect!

     In Chapter 43 v. 1 He says that He created, formed us, redeemed us and that we belong to Him. How can we fear when we belong to Him? We come under His complete protection when we are part of His family. In v. 2 He says that when we pass through the waters He will be with us and through the rivers they shall not overflow us, when we pass though the fire we shall not be burnt….This is all because we belong to Him. Another example of His complete protection is when He says that He gave people for our lives. He kept us alive for these last days. We are part of His end-time plan. This is not a time for lying around and waiting for the Rapture. We need to be busy for Him-one soul at a time.    

     In v. 11 He says that beside Him there is no Saviour. Besides coming in Yahshua to save us from our sins He can save us from any situation that we are in. So cry out to Him for help. He is a big Yahweh!