Are You Chosen?

     In Isaiah 48 v. 10, the word says that God chose us in a furnace of affliction (trials) and refines us by the trials. God didn’t choose us for His work when we were on the mountain top, but in the valley. When you look back maybe 99 % of your miracles came when you were in the valley, not on the mountain top. God is looking at you when you are under attacks by the enemy and says “I can use her/him, as they did not compromise under the attack” Some never get to the fire because they have a compromise attitude.

     Gold is purified by fire so the fire is good for the gold. Trials purify believers; gets all the impurities out, so trials are good for the believer. The trial is not for God to find out about your faith but for you to know more about your level of faith.

The first epistle of Peter was written about 60 years from Pentecost in Jerusalem. Peter never says that the trials are from the devil and “help me to pray my way out.” He and the other followers of Yahshua knew that trials were part of the maturing process.   

     Concerning trials for believers; Peter in his first epistle gives us a lot of information:

1.)    In Chapter I v. 5- Peter says that during the trial we are kept by the power of God through faith ready to be revealed in the last time. God keeps us during the trial by faith but Peter is also saying that it could be the last time that you are tried in that particular area.  

2.)    Peter also says at the end of v. 7 that Yahshua will show up and end the trial. He controls everything and everybody. Col. 1 v. 16, 17- everything was created by Yahshua and for Yahshua and by Him all things consist. This includes dominions, principalities, powers and thrones. Satan and his demons report to God. Yahshua permits the trial and He can surely end it.

3.)    In v. 11 Peter talks about the sufferings of Jesus and how the glory of God followed. Promotion is usually at the end of a trial. Look at Daniel and the three Hebrew children how they were promoted.

4.)    In going through a trial Peter is saying: v. 15 – be holy in all manner of conversation in a trial. Don’t lash out at people because you are under pressure. In 2 v. 1 – don’t be angry at those who aren’t going through and be in envy. In v. 2 - go back to the word if you are weakening in a trial. In verses 5, 6- realize that the trial is building you up into a “lively stone” in the image of the Chief Corner Stone. 

5.)    Peter says that we are a peculiar people in Chapter 2 v. 9. Some may think that you are peculiar because you going through such a strange trial but God has called us to be a peculiar people. They may even say that you are an evildoer because you are going through but remember when Jesus shows up for you they will see the glory of God in your life (v. 12).

6.)    Peter says not to glory in a trial that is your fault but glory in a trial where you do well and suffer for it. He points us to Jesus as an example where no guile was found in Him (Chapter 2 verses 20-22). In Chapter 3, Peter says in v. 14 that if you suffer for righteousness sake that we should be happy and don’t be afraid of the ones who are causing the trial. Remember everybody reports to God! They can’t do anything against you unless He permits it.

7.)    In Chapter 4 v. 1, Peter speaks one of the most important verses in the bible: He says that when we suffer through a trial we cease from sin. When a true believer goes through a trial sin is the last thing on their minds. They just want to hold onto Jesus and get through the trial. You may think that Satan loves a trial but He hates the trial of a true believer because the trial brings a believer closer to Jesus. This is another of God’s purposes for a trial – to draw you closer and tighter to Him. Remember, Satan reports to God. Satan gets his assignments (trials) from God. Remember God is the one who gave the assignment to Satan to put Job through his trial. Satan was coming to God for his next assignment.

8.)    Peter again mentions in Chapter 4 verses 12 and 13 not to think it strange that you have to go through a trial but rejoice that you are partakers of Christ’s suffering that you may partake of His glory.

9.)    He says in v. 19 to entrust your souls to God during the trial. He will maintain your soul which is your mind, will and emotions especially during a trial

10.) He says in Chapter 5 v. 7 to cast your care on Him during the trial.

11.) He says in v. 10 that the trial is to make you perfect, establish, strengthen and settle you after you suffer a while. Please remember the trial is only for a while. Jesus is the one who started it by permitting it and He will end it in His time. As I mentioned, Satan reports to God. Satan gets his assignments (trials) from God. Also the area that Satan is attacking is the area that God wants to bless next! He is only a messenger boy for God. God will never give you more that you can take. He has already strengthened you before the trial to be able to more than go through.

       In 2 Peter Chapter 1 v. 3, Peter mentions that God wants to give us all things that pertain to life and godliness and to be partakers of His divine nature. This is the end result of the trial that you may be going through. So, remember that promotion could be waiting for you at the end of a trial. He wants to make sure that your character can sustain those things that He gives you that pertain to life and godliness. Also, don’t feel that you are the only one going through a trial but know that trials are accomplishing the same thing in others in the body of Christ who are going through a trial (1 Peter 5 v. 9). You are not alone! He is bringing forth is remnant through the fire so He can refine and really use them in these last days (Zec. 13 v. 9). Are you chosen to be part of His remnant? Everything that I said I this message is only for those who turn their flesh over to the Holy Spirit, let Him mortify the desires of their   flesh and let Him conform them into the image of His Son (Rom. 8 verse 13, 29). Only when they do this do they become part of His remnant.