The Power of the


In this message I want to talk about the BLOOD of Yahweh(the LORD). The word says in Acts 20 v. 28 that God has purchased our salvation with His own BLOOD. The BLOOD that flowed from Yahshua(Jesus) came directly from His Father, as Yahshua had no earthly father. This fact makes His BLOOD so powerful. In Old Testament times the blood of animals pointed to this divine BLOOD and its power. Here are some very important facts about the BLOOD of Yahshua:

1.) The first act of worship in the bible was when Abel offered a burnt offering. Covering ourselves with the BLOOD can bring us into a high level of worship!

2.) When Abraham was willing to offer Isaac as a sacrifice the blood of the ram spared Isaac. We are spared because of the BLOOD!

3.) On the original Passover in Egypt the blood of a lamb didn’t just spare the life of one person but a whole nation was spared and delivered from bondage. We too have been delivered from bondage through the BLOOD.

4.) In Exodus 24:8 the blood of and animal was sprinkled by Moses on all the people on Mount Sinai, again, not just for one person. The BLOOD of YAhshua was shed for all of us!

5.) The first piece in the Tabernacle was the altar where the animal was slain and the blood sprinkled on the mercy seat in the Holy of Holies once a year for the sins of the people for the subsequent year. This was done by the high priest on the Day of Atonement. This blood of an animal was pointing to the BLOOD of Yahshua which wiped out all our sins, not just for one year. The Blood continually cleanses us from sin (1Jn. 1:7). Cleansing- In Hebrews 9 v. 22 the word says that almost all things are by the law purged with blood. After we have turned over our flesh to the Holy Spirit to mortify the deeds of the flesh and want to conform to the image of Yahshua we are placed on the road to sanctification. On this road we need to apply the BLOOD of Yahshua on a daily basis to continue the purging and sifting process that is being conducted by the Holy Spirit.

6.) In Joel 2:30 the word says that there would be blood, fire and smoke before the coming of Yahshua. Here we can see that by covering ourselves with the BLOOD and worshipping Yahweh because of the BLOOD, can bring the fire of the Holy Spirit into our lives in such a tremendous way.

7.) The BLOOD enables and enhances our communion with the Father (1 Cor. 10:16 and brings us closer to Him (Eph. 2:13).  

8.) The BLOOD sanctifies or sets us apart from others who are not protected, but are vulnerable, but the devil can’t come near us. Plead the BLOOD over you every day.

9.) The BLOOD out of the winepress of the Father destroys the enemies of Yahweh during the Tribulation! We can cover our selves with the BLOOD before we go into spiritual warfare and will defeat the spiritual and natural enemies in our lives.  

10.) For victory in battle- An animal was slain before every battle to ensure victory. The BLOOD can destroy the plans of Satan and his two-legged devils.

11.) For ministry- Before Aaron and his sons were placed into ministry, Moses had to sprinkle the blood on them (Lev. 8 v. 23). He applied it on the tip of their right ear, their right thumb, and upon the big toe of their right foot.  We too need to apply the BLOOD of Yahshua on our lives as we minister to His people The BLOOD helps us to hear Yahshua, to secure His power and to enable us to walk properly before Him.

12.) If the Father had a lamb slain before the foundation of the world, His Blood has been flowing also before the foundation of the world! The Father's Blood was flowing before Yahshua was ever born. His Blood only started to be released onto His people when Yahshua paid the price by His death.

The BLOOD that came out of Yahshua was so powerful that it protected him in the Garden when the devil was trying to kill Him before the crucifixion. This BLOOD came out when He sweat great drops of BLOOD. On the way up the hill to be crucified for us, His BLOOD that fell on the ground protected the Roman soldiers who were crucifying Him. When His mother and others gathered around where He hung, His BLOOD protected them. The BLOOD also came on the tomb of the rich man where Yahshua laid. I am sure that it made him richer. The BLOOD can be used to help with our prosperity. Cover your bank account, all your finances with the BLOOD. Cover you investments too! We can use the BLOOD as an offensive weapon. It can free up money that is owed. It can work on our behalf to free up anything that the enemy is touching or holding onto.

Use the BLOOD with faith as long as you have turned you flesh over to the Holy Spirit and want to conform to the image of Yahshua (Rom. 8 verses 13, 29).  Please cover any situation that you are facing with the BLOOD in advance. Cover the day, week and month ahead with the BLOOD in advance. Remember the day on Yahshua’s calendar starts at sundown!