Your "Due Season"

The word says in Galatians 6 verse 9 that in “due season” we shall reap. Just what is “due season?” If a bill is due at the last day of the month, the due date is when a payment is supposed to arrive. God has a due season for us when He will bless us! Only He knows the exact time but He wants to reveal it to us. When God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah He told His “friend” Abraham. The angels that went to Sodom and Gomorrah told Lot and his family that they were going to destroy the cities. They told them the “due date.” God started the seasons in Genesis 1 verse 14.

When God puts somebody on our hearts to pray for, he is actually telling us that their “due season” has arrived. When we do call or see them and pray for them there is a miracle. They received their “due season” miracle. The same way that we know their “due season” we can know ours. In the same way God can begin to move on our hearts to let us know that our “due season” has arrived. We just need to be in His presence and attentive to His voice. We also need to turn our flesh over to Him to kill the desires of the flesh that are contrary to His word. In addition, we need to ask Him as our number one prayer to conform us into the image of Yahshua (Jesus). As Esther had to spend a year preparing to be selected as Queen (Esther 2 verse 12) we have to prepare for our “due season.” If you are believing God for your mate, for example, you make take some steps to make you prettier or more handsome (hairdo?). The same way we have to be in preparation for our blessing!

An example of being prepared for “due season” is contained in the story of the angel Gabriel appearing to Mary in Luke Chapter 1. The angel said in verse 35 that the Holy Ghost shall come upon her and overshadow her and cause the conception of Yahshua to take place. The angel told Mary that Elizabeth was pregnant six months and Mary ran to Elizabeth’s house (verse 36-39). She knew that she could not be around Joseph when the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit took place. She was preparing for her “due season” by going to Elizabeth’s house. The “impossible” had happened to Elizabeth and she wanted to be in the place where the impossible anointing was! When Mary got to Elizabeth’s house Elizabeth prophesied that this "overshadowing" would take place (verse 45). So, we know that it had not happened yet. In verse 46 we can see that this overshadowing (her “due season”) was starting: the Lord started overshadowing her mind, will and emotions (soul). When God moves on you to know your “due season” you will feel Him dealing with you soul; to start expecting. In verse 47, He started moving on her spirit. Your spirit will know that God is bringing about your “due season.” Finally, as recorded in verse 49 we know that her due season of overcoming and conception had taken place as Mary said that the Lord “hath” done great things for her. So we can see that Mary ran to a place where her “due season” miracle would take place. So, we can see that is not enough to just be in God’s presence to be prepared, we have to be in the “place” of blessing, a physical location that is pleasing to God. It is so important to have a home that is sanctified, a place of refuge to be in His presence. Please get anything is not of God out of your house, do a search! An example is that you may have pictures of old boy or girl friends that you had before you got saved. Also, make sure your kids have no CD’s that are contrary to the word of God. Be careful also, of what you permit to come into your house from the TV. Again, clean up your house that it may be a place of refuge.

Another example where God revealed His “due season” is recorded in 2 Kings 7 verse 1. There was a famine and the city of Samaria was surrounded by the Syrians and nobody could come out or go in. However God revealed to Elisha that the “due season” would occur in 24 hours and it did. Four lepers were sitting out side the gate of Samaria and said that they should surrender to the Syrians and that maybe they would make them slaves and spare their lives. The lepers approached the enemy and God made their feet to sound like an army and the Syrians ran and left all their food, animals, gold and silver. Truly their “due season” had arrived.

Also, in 1 Kings Chapter 17, Elijah told the widow lady who only had enough food for one day to give him some food first and that her barrel of meal and cruse of oil would never run out (verse 13-15). He was announcing her “due season” and she recognized it and got blessed as she and her household had enough food throughout the famine (verse 16). Her due season started the day she obeyed what Elijah asked.

You and I have missed some “due seasons” but God can change the due date and bring them around again! In Matt. Chapter 18 there is a story of a man who owed his lord a lot of money but the man forgave the debt when he begged for mercy. The lord changed the due date. Later on, the same man did not forgive one of his friends who owed very little money. When the lord who forgave his big debt heard about it he gave another due date and delivered him to the tormentors until he paid it all. So, if man can change due dates God surely can!

So be encouraged today that if you missed God’s “due season” He could bring it around again. Just be in His presence to hear His voice. The word says that Issachar knew the times and seasons (1 Chron. 12 verse 32) and so can we. There are two Greek words for seasons in the Bible: “kronos" which means time as we know it and “kairos” which means God’s blessing seasons. God wants to interrupt out “kronos” season with a “kairos” ”due season” blessing. Just, be prepared!

So, be prepared by being in His presence, turning your flesh over to the Spirit on a daily basis and desire above all to be conformed into the image of Yahshua (Jesus) (Romans 8 verse 13, 29).