New Life Restoration Series #9 Paganism In Modern Society

This Restoration series will also help us to get back to the Elohim (God) that created everything and demands that we put no idols or other gods between us and Him. The same Elohim that spoke from Mount Sinai is the same Elohim that came inside of Yahshua (Jesus). I pray that you study this series with an open mind and know that Elohim wants us to worship no other gods and make sure that we have no pagan practices that we may be unaware of in our lives.

America continues to remove the Ten Commandments from all public buildings. If you knew nothing about this country and arrived as a traditional immigrant – simply based upon certain observations – you would be forced to conclude that America looks like a pagan society. It even has a goddess to “Promised Land.” The Statue of Liberty represents the goddess of Liberty and is most likely the largest pagan statue ever erected in history. This giant goddess not only greets those who enter into the United States of America, but if they then proceed into New York State they are surrounded by her companions, the goddess of Freedom and the Goddess of Justice as well as Mithra himself, all of whom adorn the New York State emblem.

 If America were serving the Elohim of Israel and obeying His Commandments, then paganism and idolatry would not be tolerated because that is what the Scriptures mandate. America would not condone the killing of unborn children, rampant adultery, and rebellious children because all of these actions constitute sin and require judgment.

Statues and idols of pagan gods and goddesses adorn our nation’s federal and state capitals, America’s courtrooms – even its currency. The nation’s capital building is decked with a statue of the goddess of Freedom at its apex and it is also protected by the Roman god Mars. It also may be useful to take a closer look at American currency, in particular the one dollar bill. The reverse side of every one dollar bill contains the Great Seal of the United States. Did they ever teach you in school who designed the Great Seal or how this became the official seal of the country? You would think that something so common and so important would be taught to every child in every school in America, but it is not. In fact, it is mystery to most Americans. Did anyone ever explain why there is a pyramid on this American seal? Any reasonable person should quickly ask: “What does a pyramid have to do with the United States of America?” After all, we do not have any pyramids in this country.

The Great Seal is actually a two sided seal with one side containing the pyramid and the other side containing the bird symbol, which has also been adopted as the Presidential Seal. Both portions of the seal are littered with occult symbolism. The Washington Monument is the largest obelisk in the world and is dedicated to Baal. Even the dollar sign used to represent currency most likely symbolizes the wand carried by the god Mercury.

Some of our senses are so dulled that most do not even recognize the pagan influences that surround them. People who talk about Mother Nature don’t realize this is the same Mother Earth that the pagans worship. Kids are taken by their parents to Disney World where magic and sorcery, fairies and witches are all glamorized. 

The Christian religion as a whole has become infiltrated with paganism that many Christians are stunned when their eyes are opened and they find out how many similarities that they share with sun worship. The scriptures are clear that the people of Elohim are not even to utter the names of false gods, let alone to have pictures and statues of them strewn around the nation (Deut 12 verse 2-4). Our prayer should be – “search me O Elohim and know my heart; try me …..and see if there be any idolatrous way in me…. (Psalm 139:23-24).