New Life Restoration Series # 8 Pagan Christianity

As we approach the soon coming Rapture in these last days and as a Prophet of God, I have written this series to help us to make sure that we have no roots of Pagan Babylon in our beliefs. In the fourth century Constantine brought paganism into the church and wiped out anything that was Jewish from Christianity. There was a false Christianity that was developed that most of us came from. It wasn’t that paganism just crept in a little into the church; for the most part the church became assimilated into pagan beliefs. This Restoration series will also help us to get back to the Elohim (God) that created everything and demands that we put no idols or other gods between us and Him. The same Elohim that spoke from Mount Sinai is the same Elohim that came inside of Yahshua (Jesus). I pray that you study this series with an open mind and know that Elohim wants us to worship no other gods and make sure that we have no pagan practices that we may be unaware of in our lives. We have to please the ONE and only True God or Elohim.  We have to go back to our roots in Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through the Blood of Yahshua (Jesus). There are many blessings that are just waiting for as we go back and we need to receive our inheritance in Yahshua (Jesus). Because of pagan tradition in many churches, the glory of God is departing from some ministries and they don’t even recognize it (Ezekiel 10:4, 19, 11:23). The spirit of antichrist is going to get much stronger in these last days and some Christians and their churches may not be able to stand against it because their roots are attached to a false Christianity and not back to the Elohim who started everything. Most of the Ten Commandments were meant to keep His people from worshipping the gods of their pagan neighbors (Exodus 20 verse 1-17).Here is the eighth part of my series titled “Pagan Christianity”:

As we mentioned earlier Our Messiah Jesus (Yahshua) was not the founder of Christianity, as we know it. He came to die for our sins, show us about His Father who did magnificent works through Him and seek out the lost sheep of the House of Israel. The Christian religion was established by Constantine who was a worshipper of the sun god Mithras and remained one after his supposed conversion to Christianity. Most people make the assumption that Christianity is pure and unadulterated but was in essence founded by a pagan. The term “Christian” even derives from paganism. The pagans call every one of their deities a "Christ” which is commonly translated as “anointed.” Yahshua was anointed but He was not Christ in the pagan sense but our Messiah. The fact that the disciples were called Christians at Antioch which was a profoundly pagan culture is by no means an endorsement of the term. Through the Christian religion Satan has continued to promote his Babylonian sun worship. This sun worship has permeated most of Christianity through their doctrines, traditions and interpretations.To most Christians, Sun Day is the most important day of the week, replacing the Sabbath which was written with the finger of God (Elohim) as the fourth commandment. One can always go to church on Sunday but believers should look into the origin of the importance attached to this day. Also, every pagan sun god throughout history was born on December 25. The reason for this is that the winter solstice was originally observed on this date. This fact should jump off the page at you.

Most Christian holy sites are actually former pagan sites that have been adopted by Christian lore and tradition. For example the church of the Nativity in Bethlehem is supposed to be the site of the birth of Yahshua but the church is built on to of a Mithra Sun God cave. The supposed spot of  Yahshua’s birth is a Mithra Sun God symbol. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is built on the former Temple of Aphrodite (Easter). Constantine’s mother Helena used sorcery to point out these so called “holy spots.”  

The modern world is almost exclusively following the pagan solar system of reckoning time; The days of the week are named after pagan gods and goddesses: for example, Sunday is the day of the Sun, Monday is the day of the Moon, Tuesday is Tyr’s day, Wednesday is Wooden’s day, Thursday is Thor’s day, Friday is Friga’s day, and Saturday is Saturn’s day. The first month of the year according to Elohim begins at the sighting of the renewed moon when the barley harvest takes place. Nisan 1 is the beginning of the year according to Elohim. (Please see my “Biblical Calendar” page on the first page of my web site to see Elohim’s calendar.)After that the months continue to begin at the sighting of each moon until the following barley harvest. A day begins at sundown. We need to adjust our prayer life to this fact. The months of the year are named in the same manner: January is after the two-headed pagan god Janus. February is named after Fibrua the pagan goddess. March is named after the pagan god Mars. April is named after the goddess Aprilis. May is named after the goddess Maya, etc.  

Protestant Christians still observe the same pagan originated holidays established by the Catholic Church. They still operate their churches in the same Nicolaitan fashion as the Catholic Church and they still build their buildings reminiscent of the pagan temples of days gone by. It is time for believers to get back to what Yahshua’s disciples believed and get rid of any tradition that cannot be traced back to the Word.