New Life Restoration Series #6 "The Messiah"

As we approach the soon coming Rapture in these last days and as a Prophet of God, I have written this series to help us to make sure that we have no roots of Pagan Babylon in our beliefs. Besides my restoration services in the Port St. Lucie area (please see my page on the front of the website entitled “Calendar of Events” for information as to where and when these powerful life changing services are held) the LORD has instructed me to do this restoration series on my website. The lives of so many people are being changed through healing, prophetic impartation and restoration teaching in my services. This series will teach you some of what is happening at these services. We would love to have you attend if you are in our area. Again, please see the “Calendar of Events” page on the first page of my website.

In the fourth century Constantine brought paganism into the church and wiped out anything that was Jewish from Christianity. There was a false Christianity that was developed that most of us came from. It wasn’t that paganism just crept in a little into the church; for the most part the church became assimilated into pagan beliefs. This Restoration series will also help us to get back to the Elohim (YAHweh) that created everything and demands that we put no idols or other gods between us and Him. The same Elohim that spoke from Mount Sinai is the same Elohim that came inside of YAHshua (Jesus). I pray that you study this series with an open mind and know that YAHveh wants us to worship no other gods and make sure that we have no pagan practices that we may be unaware of in our lives. Here is the sixth part of my series titled “The Messiah”:

The previous message was meant to provide some background for the political and religious climate in which the Messiah lived and taught. It was also the world within which the early disciples lived, taught and traveled as they fulfilled the Great Commission by spreading the Good News.

Neither Christianity nor Judaism existed when Messiah ministered on the Earth. He and His Disciples were all Israelites who obeyed the instructions of YAHweh – the Torah. Messiah was from the tribe of Judah but interestingly he did not live in the region of Judea – rather He lived in Galilee and spent most of His time in the region of Naftali. Neither He nor His disciples created, taught or converted to the religion of Christianity.

YAHshua is the name the Messiah was called when He was on the earth as He was Hebrew and is proven by the following: Zechariah 6:11-14 “Take the silver and gold and make a crown, and set it on the head of the high priest, Yahshua son of Josedech. Tell him this is what YAHweh of Hosts says: “Here is the man whose name is the Branch, and He will branch out from his place and build the temple of YAHweh. It is He who will build the House of YAHweh, and He will be clothed with majesty and will sit and rule on his throne. And He will be a priest on his throne. And there will be harmony between the two.” This prophecy is profound because it not only provides a key to the Name of the Messiah but it also describes what the Messiah will do: He will build the House of YHWH and sit as King and High Priest. This is the Melchisedec – Melech (King) Tzedek (Righteous) that we read of in the Torah when Abraham paid tithes (Genesis 14:17-20) and Zechariah tells us prophetically that His Name will be Yahshua son of  Josedech or literally “Yahshua the son of YAHweh our righteousness.”

So then – as we have already seen – the Name of the Messiah is the same name as Joshua, the commander of Israel who began as a servant and later led the children of Israel across the Jordan River as a symbolic baptism so the they could celebrate their first Passover in the Land – the same one who circumcised them and who led them into battle as they conquered their enemies. How appropriate that the Messiah of Israel would bear the same Name as this great patriarch. The proper transliteration for His Name is YAHushua or YAHshua. So when you tell a Jew that their Messiah is name YAHshua, this makes sense to them because we have the pattern of Yahshua and Moses and we have the prophecies which provide this Name as the Name of the Branch.

When we present the Messiah YAHshua – healing the lame, the blind, the lepers and raising the dead it all starts to fit into place for a Jew who knows the Scriptures because the House of Jacob – which often represents Israel in exile – was described as lame, blind, lepers and dead. YAHshua’s actions were specifically intended to fulfill prophecy and point to the restoration and healing of Israel. By the way, there is no dispute on this issue. Both secular and believing Bible scholars agree on the fact that the name of the Messiah is YAHshua – although some spell it differently. Quiet simply – the Good News was that Messiah had come to gather the Lost Sheep and restore the divided Kingdom through the Renewed Covenant. On different occasions, YAHshua stated that He came for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. (Matthew 10:6, 15:24). This is a much different message than what Christianity has been proclaiming and it does not even make sense to many because they have been taught that He came to build His Church. When you read the promise of the Renewed Covenant in Jeremiah and recognize that it was made with the House of Israel and the House of Judah, you start to see the work of Restoration that was being accomplished by the Messiah. After the Kingdom was divided, some from the House of Judah had been returned but the house of Israel had been scattered – like lost sheep throughout the world. That is why YAHshua referred to Himself as the Good Shepherd (John 10). When He was speaking to the Pharisees who were of the House of Judah, He specifically stated: “And other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they will hear My voice: and there will be one flock and one Shepherd.” John 10:15-16.

The sheep that were not of the fold to which the Pharisees belonged were the House of Israel. So then the work of restoration that the Messiah was setting in motion was the regathering of the lost sheep of Israel, just as we read in Ezekiel 11:17 earlier and we are given a vivid picture in Ezekiel 36 and 37.

Many people have problems processing this Good News of the Kingdom because they believe that the Church replaced Israel when, in fact, the Kingdom is being restored by the joining of the two stick or trees – The Native Tree Branch – Judah which was not completely cut off but is being restored. The confusion rests in large part because of our language. Throughout the Tanak, the commonwealth of Israel was often referred to as the “qahal” in Hebrew which means: “the set apart assembly or congregation.” The problem with most modern English Bibles is that they have the word Israel in them when the text refers to the set apart assembly – the “qahal” – in the Tanak, but they use the word “church” when it refers to the set apart assembly in the “New Testament.” This gives the reader the distinct impression that the Church is something newly formed by the Messiah and definitely different from Israel. The word church is never found in the Hebrew or Greek manuscripts because it is a fabricated word which was inserted into the King James English edition of the Bible in the 1600’s.

It was inserted in place of the Greek word “ekklesia” which means the same thing as “qahal” – a set apart assembly or congregation. Let me state that another way – the Hebrew word “qahal” means: “Set apart assembly, congregation” and the Greek word “ekklesia” means: Set apart assembly, congregation. Therefore, when you see the word “church” in the English translations it is most likely replacing “ekklesia” in the Greek. It is typically referring to the assembly in a particular geographical area or the entire assembly throughout the world – not some new concept or entity created by the Messiah. This is reinforced by the Hebrew version of Matthew which clearly uses more authentic terms than most modern English translations that insert the word “church.” In the translation of the Hebrew Matthew 16:18 we read: “And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my House of Prayer, and the gates of  Hell will not overcome it.” In Matthew 18:17 we read: “If he refuses to listen to them. Tell it to the assembly: and if he refuses to listen even to the assembly, treat him as you would a pagan or a tax collector.

Another reason YAHshua came was to restore the Torah (five books of Moses). The Pharisees had added and subtracted from the Torah through their “Oral Torah.” They taught that there were certain words spoken by YAHweh to Moses that were not written down. There are times in the word that we see Messiah doing things that don’t make sense: He confronted the religious leaders and put down their man-made rules: In john 9:6, 7 we read how He mad saliva out of mud and anointed the blind man and told him to wash in the pool of Siloam. It was against these man-made laws to make anything on the Sabbath. In Matt 12:9-13 YAHshua healed a man with a withered hand on the Sabbath and such was not permitted on the Sabbath. No where in the Torah was there any prohibition of healing on the Sabbath. YAHshua taught the pure Torah; when He mentioned what were the two greatest commandments: love YAHweh with all your heart, mind and soul and love your neighbor as yourself, he quoted from the Torah-Deut. 6:5 and Lev. 19:18. These are not the first and second commandments, but they did summarize the Ten Commandments. According to Psalm 119:142 the word or Torah is the truth; Prov. 6:23 the word is the way and the light; Prov. 12:28 the word says the way of righteousness is life. When YAHshua says that He is the way, the truth, life and the light (Jn. 14:6 and 8:12) and when He says that when you have seen me you have seen the Father He was saying that is the Torah or the Word is the very image of YAHweh.

As I mentioned earlier YAHshua came to restore the two houses. In John 21:4-11 when the word mentioned that the apostles caught 153 fish, the numerical total of the “Sons of Elohim” is 153. YAHshua  was telling His apostles to cast their nets throughout the whole world and start to regather the Lost sheep of Israel. This is our commission too!