The Price Of God's Miracle Working Power #5

As we approach the soon coming Rapture in these last days and as a Prophet of God, I have written this series to instruct us in what it takes to have God’s miracle – working power operating in our lives in a way that we have not seen before. The world needs to see Christ’s disciples lay hands on people and see them instantly changed and healed i.e. blind eyes opening, tumors disappearing, the lame to walk, deaf ears opening, the dumb to speak, people instantly delivered, etc. With all the turmoil that Satan is causing, God wants to show forth His glory and power though His people like never before. The fifth requirement is entitled:

“I must Decrease and He must increase” – The power and success of any person’s ministry depends upon the amount, or greatness, of God in his life. The disciples of Jesus depended entirely upon the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following (Mark 16:20). These are the same men that rejoiced that the devils were subject unto them through His Name (Luke 10:17). Now they have decreased in their own sight and are ready for an increased ministry: They said “why look ye so earnestly on us, as though by our own power or holiness we have made this man to walk? …. His Name through faith in His Name has made this man strong (Acts 3:12, 16).It is only as God increases in the life of one of His followers that power can increase, and this can never happen until self is decreased. If only we could all understand that is not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the LORD of hosts (Zech. 4:6). The might and power spoken of here is man’s might and power, not God’s. So many ministries pride themselves on their big bank accounts, their great church plans, their great numerical strength and their connection with the “right people.” People that go to some of these churches join as if it were a social club. Some ministers don’t let God move the way He wants and are happy with a “dry” service, with no real power. But these churches are nothing more than a lifeless shell if the supernatural power of the LORD is not there! Such a church is a mere tower of Babel, reaching up toward a sky that is too far away. It is doomed to failure and confusion, even though it appears to be enjoying success.

Oh that men would decrease and realize that without God they are nothing! If preachers could only realize that it is not altogether the beauty and forcefulness of their preaching that brings results but the anointing of God on the sermon and the power of God in the man who is preaching. People need more than to just hear a sermon-they need to feel something while it is being preached, by the Spirit of God.

Paul was not unlearned and ignorant. He had the best education available in his time. He said that he could have confidence in the flesh (Phil. 3:4). But Paul turned all that aside and was willing to decrease. He said in Phil. 3:7 “But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ.” He explained why he laid aside his natural talents to depend upon the power of God alone: “That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God (1 Cor. 2:5). People need life and life cannot come without the Spirit. The LORD will enable us to bring life and deliverance to others as we decrease all our natural ability and all that calls attention to and glorifies self.

One of the biggest areas where self can reveal itself is in the area of pride where we try to be something we are not, because of pride. Knowledge puffeth up (1 Cor. 1:8). How foolish one can appear by trying to be someone they are not, because of pride!

When we decrease in our flesh with the help of the Holy Spirit we can increase in our closeness to the LORD and He can then increase His power coming out of our lives. Have you ever seen a mountain in the distance as you were driving and how small the mountain looked?  But as you got closer you saw how big it really was! This is exactly what happens when God “increases.” To some people God seems small and impotent. The problem is that these people are living too far away from Him! This is why we are instructed to draw nigh to God (James 4:8).

The LORD is far away from some people because they have allowed so many other things to come between them and the LORD. The only way to draw near to the LORD with all your heart is to search out those things which come between you and Him and allow the Holy Spirit to get rid of them.

Pride is something that will keep the LORD at a distance: “The proud He knoweth afar off” (Psalm 138:6). The LORD can’t work with those who are far away from Him. You must come to Him humbly.

Don’t let the cares of this life come between you and Him. Some give too much thought to the things of this life. Some are kept at a distance from Him because they lack appreciation, because praise to Him is lacking in their lives. “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise (Psalm 100:4). The LORD desires to be near His people so much that He came inside us!

As you allow the Holy Spirit to mortify the deeds of the flesh (decrease) by confessing scriptures from the Epistles (Romans to Revelation) He will clean up your flesh and increase His power coming out of your life! The epistles instruct us how to continue on the road to sanctification (holiness).

Again, as we decrease in our flesh, by turning the flesh over to Him, He will increase His power coming out of our lives to help others.