In these last days the spirit of antichrist wants to get people out of purpose and destiny. One of the main ways that it loves to use is “infiltration.” The enemy wants to use somebody in your life to dissuade you from your destiny. It could be somebody who knows your past and wants to remind you of where you have been and discourage you from where you are going. In Numbers 13, Moses sent out 12 spies to search out the land of Canaan. In verse 27, ten of the spies came back and said that even though the land flowed with milk and honey the enemies are too powerful (verses 27, 28). These ten spies stirred up the people greatly. The other two spies were Joshua and Caleb who tried to calm the people and said that if the LORD be with them the enemy can’t win (verses 8-10). You see, the majority of the spies tried to infiltrate the faith of Joshua and Caleb. But they did not permit that to happen. The majority of people may not agree with what God is telling you but you got to hold onto what you believe! As a result of their faith in the LORD, Joshua and Caleb went into the promise land of blessing while the spies and the rest of the people with the exception of the children under 20 years old could not. They died in the wilderness. Forty five years later, as the children of Israel were dividing the land, nobody wanted to go near Mt. Hebron, because of the strength of the enemy. Caleb said his faith was just as strong as it was forty five years ago. He took the mountain and his whole family got blessed (verse 14, 19). His faith in God was never moved by any doubt. He held onto his faith in God for forty five years!

In Numbers 16 verses 1-3, Korah and his men rose up against Moses and Aaron and rebelled and tried to infiltrate them to give up the leadership role that God gave them. In verse 26, Moses told the rest of the people to “separate” themselves from them and don’t touch anything of theirs. Moses asked God to do something that wasn’t seen before by having the ground open up and swallow Korah and his men. This is exactly what happened as the LORD didn’t want infiltration to spread against his people. You too, need to separate from those who would try to take you off your stance of faith. Just because there is fear and uncertainty in the world, don’t let it get into you. You are in the world but not of the world.

In the book of Joshua Chapter 1 verse 8, God told Joshua to meditate in His word day and night to do all that is in the word and as a result, he would be prosperous. This was very important to Joshua later on after they conquered Jericho: they tried to go against a little town names Ai and were defeated (Chapter 7 verse 2-5). Later on, God revealed to Joshua the reason that they were defeated: they were told by God (remember that God told him to meditate in and obey His word) not to take anything from Jericho but Achan infiltrated Joshua and the others by taking gold, silver and clothing from the town, after the battle (Chapter 7 verse 1). God had Joshua destroy Achan and his family and they won against Ai later on and destroyed the whole city (Chapter 7 verses 24-26 and Chapter 8 verses 8 -29). Do you see how when infiltration is permitted, a whole nation could be affected.

In 2 Kings Chapter 2, Elisha wanted to stay close to Elijah as he knew that God was going to take him to heaven. At every place that the two of them went, the sons of the prophets tried to influence Elisha to be disappointed that his master Elijah was not going to be with him any more. The spirit of antichrist was trying to use them to get Elisha’s eyes off the LORD and onto Elijah. Each time they did, Elisha told them in effect to “shut up.” verses 3, 5). When Elijah was taken up, Elisha was not concerned about Elijah but said “where is the God of Elijah?” He did not permit the sprit of antichrist using infiltration from the religious folk to get his eyes off the “God of Elijah.” Later on, the same sons of the prophets wanted to look for the body of Elijah but Elisha wasn’t concerned what happened to Elijah (verses 16-17). He wanted a double portion of the anointing that was on Elijah and he knew that someone greater than Elijah was the only One that could give it to him (verse 9). Keep your eyes on God’s promises to you and don’t let the religious crowd infiltrate and talk you out of God’s plans for your life.

On the other hand, God can use us to infiltrate the devil’s crowd: In the book of Judges Chapter 3 God raised up a judge named Ehud to go to the enemy king (Eglon) and kill him with a dagger. Ehud was left-handed and when the soldiers checked him they only searched his left leg. He had the dagger tied to his right leg. Ehud said to the king that he wanted to talk to him privately. The king took him into his bedchambers where Ehud killed him and escaped.

So, remember as God wants us to infiltrate the devil’s territory, the enemy may try, with God’s permission to invade yours. Just be watchful and quick to separate spiritually from anyone who this spirit may be using.