The Night Seasons #2


As I mentioned in my previous message, according to the Biblical (Hebrew) Time there are four watches of the night -6:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M., 9:00 P.M. - 12:00 A.M. – 3:00 A.M. and 3:00 A.M. – 6:00 A.M.

As 6:00 P.M. approaches God goes into a different mode of operation, so to speak; He wants us to wind down, be in His presence and receive instruction. He may use us to intercede for others, to receive dreams and visions to help others or ourselves and He may just want to refresh us. It is a special time between Him and us that also prepares us to receive the daily blessings that I talk about in my book “Noon.” During this time, the enemy would like to distract you, especially by TV.

I want to show by more examples from the word the importance of the night watches:

In Judges Chapter 7, God wanted to confirm to Gideon how much favor that he had with Him and sent him down by night, to hear what the enemy was saying about him (verse 9). He overheard one of the enemy say that he had a dream where a cake of barley came down and destroyed the whole army. Another soldier, after he heard the dream, said that it was nothing but the sword of the LORD and the sword of Gideon. This fear spread around the whole camp (verse 12-14). God gave Gideon a plan to surround the enemy at night and told them that when he shouted they should break the pitchers of light and blow the trumpets. He also wanted them to shout “the sword of the LORD and the sword of Gideon” (verses 17-20).  God knew the fear that was in the enemies’ hearts from the dream and had them shout the very thing that the soldiers said: “the sword of the LORD and the sword of Gideon.” The enemy was so full of fear that they killed each other (verse 20). You see, this great battle that God won for His people was won at night. This is typical of the battle that God can win for you during the night watches. All He needs is for you to shout and praise Him and He’ll do the rest! Jus like the enemies of Gideon were surprised during the night the LORD will surprise your enemies by defeating their plans against you during the night watches. He could put such fear in their hearts at night that they will abandon their plans against you that they have the following day.

In Genesis 32 verse 24, Jacob was afraid of his brother Esau who was coming in his direction. Jacob had tricked Esau out of his birthright and blessing from their father Isaac. An angel of the LORD appeared and wrestled with Jacob and then Jacob wrestled with the angel to get a blessing. This all happened during the night watches. God wants to work on the things that are not right in your life at night and as a result give you the boldness to make a demand on His power to bless you. Let God deal with you during the night watches and watch how the things that you are concerned about the next day will not materialize. When Jacob and Esau came together they had a wonderful reunion. This happened because Jacob allowed God to wrestle with him and get the fear, worry and anxiety out of his life.

As I mentioned in the last message, in Exodus Chapter 12 verses 30, 31 at night, Pharaoh got so scared after the angel of death killed all the firstborn that he called for Moses and told him he could leave Egypt. God again, can put such a fear into your enemies that they will release any control that they have over your life.

In Exodus 13 verse 21 the word says that God led them by a pillar of fire at night. During the night the LORD can give direction to us whether in dreams, visions or direct word that you may be too busy to hear during the day.

In Exodus 14 verses 20, 21 the word says that God opened the Red Sea for His people at night, during the fourth watch (3:00 A.M. – 6:00 A.M.). During the darkest part of the night God moved for them and He can do the same for you!

The word says in Micah 2 verse 1 that the evildoers think about evil at night and carry this evil out during the day. If the devil is communicating with his two-legged devils during the night how much more should we be communicating with the Master of the universe during the night and carry out His plans during the day!

In Mark 14 verse 37, the Lord asked Peter why he couldn’t watch one hour with Him. This hour that Jesus spent in the Garden of Gethsemane prepared Him to go through the trial of the crucifixion the next day. How much more do we need to spend time with the LORD during the night watches?

Some of what we should be doing during the night watches is contained in the word:

1.)    Luke 2 verse 8 – the shepherds were watching over their flock during the night as the angel of the LORD appeared and announced the birth of Jesus. How important it is for ministers to pray over their congregation during the night. It is important that we all pray for those who Jesus lays on our heart during the night. You never know if your might save someone’s life during the night by your prayers.

2.)    Acts 20 verse 31 – Paul told his disciples to “watch and remember what I taught you.” It is important to listen to the Holy Spirit as He brings to your remembrance scriptures to your spirit to meditate on.

3.)    1 Cor. 16 verse 13 – “watch and stand fast in faith.” It is so important to stand fast in faith, submit to God and resist Satan’s temptations during the night. Satan wants you to submit to his temptations during the night and breakdown the communication with the LORD.

4.)    Colossians 4 verse 2 – “watch the same with thanksgiving.” It is so important during the night watches to praise and thank the LORD for what He has done. As a result, He will want to bless us more.


Surely, God can communicate at any time with us but as you can see by this and the previous message the night watches are special times where the Creator of the universe wants to communicate, comfort, edify and instruct His people. Remember, God changes His mode of operation, starting at 6:00 P.M. Be aware, pay attention and guard this precious time.