The "Night Seasons"


According to the Biblical (Hebrew) Time there are four watches of the night -6:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M., 9:00 P.M. - 12:00 A.M. – 3:00 A.M. and 3:00 A.M. – 6:00 A.M. I am writing this message to give more clarification on theses watches and show the value of these times. (Please order or download my book “Noon” to understand these watches and the blessings connected with the different hours of the day and night, as well as with the different months of the year. (Information on ordering or downloading is on the first page of my website). In the bible times there was a high area which was an observatory for military purposes. Watchmen were posted there as sentries that would sound the alarm if trouble came. The church needs to have watchmen and women to sound alarm if the enemy is approaching.

As 6:00 P.M. approaches God goes into a different mode of operation, so to speak; He wants us to wind down, be in His presence and receive instruction. He may use us to intercede for others, to receive dreams and visions to help others or ourselves and He may just want to refresh us. It is a special time between Him and us that also prepares us to receive the daily blessings that I talk about in my book “Noon.” During this time, the enemy would like to distract you, especially by TV.

Let’s look at some examples from the word concerning the blessings that occurred during the night and look for God to repeat them:

In Genesis Chapter 14 verses 8-16 the armies of five nations had captured Sodom and Gomorrah and held captive Abraham’s nephew-Lot. In verse 14 the word says that Abraham took 318 servants, not warriors and rescued his nephew and all the people and goods! This battle happened at night (verse 15). God could win battles for you during the night watches. The devil thinks that the darkness belongs to him as he is called the prince of darkness but Jesus is the KING of KINGS. The word says that God made darkness His secret place (Psalm 18 verse 11).

In the book of Esther Chapter 5 (verses 1-5), Esther approaches the king unannounced after Mordecai told her about Haman’s tricking the king into signing a decree against her people (the Jews), to kill them. She has so much favor with the king that he asks her what he could give her-even half the kingdom, as he pointed his golden scepter towards her. This is incredible because one could be killed approaching the king unannounced. She requested Haman to be invited to two banquets and at the second one she told the King what Haman did. The king had him hanged on the same gallows that he made for Mordecai; Esther’s uncle (verses 4-14). This favor all started when Esther’s turn came to spend one night with the king, as he was in the process of choosing the next queen (Esther 2 verse 14). Do you see what happened when she spent one night with the king? God can give you so much favor after you spend time with Him during the night seasons.

Another thing that happened in the book of Esther was the fact that Haman wanted the approval of the king to hang Mordecai on the gallows that he built for him. However, the night before, the LORD kept the king awake and had him open to the king's book of records to the exact spot where it was recoded that Mordecai had saved the king’s life (Chapter 6 verses 1, 2).  The king asked his servants as to what was done to reward Mordecai. The servants replied that nothing was done (verse 3). So, when Haman came to have the king hang Mordecai, the king asked Haman first what he thought should be done to the man that the king valued the most. Haman thought it was he that the king was talking about. Haman said that this person should be led throughout the province on the king's horse and have on the king’s royal clothing and crown. Haman was so surprised when the king told him to lead Mordecai around the province on the king’s horse with the king’s garments on (verses 4-11). Do you see how God spoke to the king on the behalf of Mordecai during the night season? He could speak to “important” people to bless you during this same time. Expect!

In Exodus Chapter 12 verse 31, the Pharaoh called for Moses and told him that he and his people could leave. This was right after the final plague of the angel of death killing the firstborn of the Egyptians. This happened during the night of Nisan 14. God could do the same for you and bring you out of any bondage during the night seasons. Of course, He could do this at any time but He has your undivided attention during the night. He can deal with you about things in your life that are not right and can remove them, with your permission.

God really wants to communicate with us during the night watches and the way He wants to minister to us is found in the book-The Song of Solomon: His position is described in Chapter 2 verse 6 where He says that His left hand is under heads and His right hand is embracing us. He is comforting and ministering to us. In verse 10, He says that he wants us to rise up and come away with Him. There is no telling what kind of dream or vision that He could show us. In verse 15, He talks about the little foxes that spoil the vine. Especially at night He is trying to get rid of the things that we consider to be “little” out of our lives so that there is nothing that is separating us from Him. In verse 14, He says how much He wants to hear our voice. Again, this is a great time of communication between our Father and us. He wants to do this at night as He mentions in verse 17-“until the day breaks.”

Please take advantage of this special time to be in communication with your Creator. He wants to minister to us, love on us, give us instruction and get us ready for the daily blessing that I bring out in my book “Noon.” You can get more information about my books by clicking on the image of my books on the first page.