God's Favor and the Anointing

I want to continue my last message on Godís favor: As I mentioned in the last message the Hebrew word for Favor is ďChenĒ which is the state of being approved or held in regard by the LORD in our lives and all our situations, apart from any merit of our own. The incredible news about favor is that it is assigned to you! When you are chosen for it, you walk in it and it follows you where ever you may be or go! We canít assume that all believers automatically walk in favor. All believers have received unmerited favor for salvation, but it is presumptuous to think that all walk in favor continually. Once you have this favor, it cannot leave you; only you can forsake it by believing more in the circumstances than Godís word!

In the previous two messages about Godís favor, we talked about what favor is and examples from the word of people who had this favor. However, in this message I want talk about the connection between Godís favor and the anointing. God gave me certain points to help you understand this connection:

1.) The anointing of God carries out and accomplishes what the favor represents.

2.) The anointing confirms the favor to others, including you, if necessary.

3.) The anointing manifests the favor in the natural.

4.) The anointing is God confirming the favor to do something in the natural that man canít      do.

5.) Only when we recognize this Divine favor and confess it is when the anointing is    released. We confess His favor when we worship and praise God.

6.) Anointing is the hammer that nails favor on the circumstances.

7.) Anointing seals and finalizes favor onto the circumstances.

8.) Favor causes the circumstances to change in our favor when the anointing touches them.

9.) Stepping out in faith, knowing you have His favor turns loose the anointing in our life.


Letís look at an example in the word to help explain the connection between favor and the anointing: In 1 Samuel Chapter 16 we can see how David got anointed with favor: The Prophet Samuel came to Jesseís house to anoint the next king. After looking at all of Jesseís other sons, Jesse mentioned that he had another son-David. Samuel said that they could not eat until David came and sat down. This was the start of his favor. Samuel then anointed him right in the midst of his family.

In Chapter 17 we can see how David stirred up the anointing of God to confirm this favor to the whole of Israel, as well as the Philistine army: When Jesse told David to bring 10 loaves and cheeses to his brothers in the battle he ran and did not hesitate (verse 17, 18, and 22). He was not afraid but excited about going into the battle. When you know you have favor with God you are excited about meeting the enemy in battle because you know that if God be for you who can be against you successfully and that no weapon formed against you can prosper. You know that you have His favor and who can stand against you with Godís anointing. Everybody heard Goliath cursing God but not everybody heard his words the same way: David heard the words as coming from one who was coming against his God and was about to get killed. The only thing that David was concerned about was what was going to be given to the man who kills Goliath (verse 26). Everybody else was terrified of the words that Goliath was speaking and ran from him (verse 24). Davidís belief in the favor of God on him enabled God to release His anointing on David. David believed in Godís favor on him so much that he didnít let Satan use his brother (verse 28) or Saul to stop him (verse 33). David told Saul that God had demonstrated the favor on his life when the anointing of God came on him when a lion and a bear tried to attack his sheep. Because David believed and acted on Godís favor, the anointing of God came on him so strong that he killed the lion and the bear with his own hands (verses 34, 35). He believed in Godís favor on his life so much that he told Saul that Godís anointing on him would destroy Goliath also. He knew that ďthe bigger they are the harder they fall.Ē David also activated Godís anointing on his life by running towards Goliath when everybody else was running away from him (verse 48). He also activated Godís anointing when he answered Goliath back and said that he was going to destroy him and the whole Philistine army (verse 46). He also recognized that Godís anointing would win for him the same day not tomorrow (verse 46). Sometimes God wants to change your circumstances immediately. When he does and you believe and act on it He moves on your circumstances.

You can see by this example that we can act on Godís favor and allow Godís anointing to change the natural in our favor. 

Please meditate on the above nine points and watch God confirm how much favor He has placed on you.

 However, if the flesh is not under the control of the Holy Spirit then the favor is hidden until we bring our flesh under His subjection. To have this favor manifested in our lives we need to allow the Holy Spirit to mortify the deeds of our flesh daily (Rom. 8 verse 14). We also need to make our number one prayer to be that the Father will conform us into the image of Jesus (Rom. 8 verse 29).