It's Not Over Till God Wins For You!

Hang On! Help from the LORD is on the way. It is not over until God wins for you! Your circumstances may look bleak but they are about to brighten up! The word says in Psalm 110 verse 1 that the LORD wants you to sit at His right hand till He makes your enemies your footstool. The LORD is ready to move on your behalf! Don’t give up now. You have come so far!

God is not limited at all. When man says that it can’t be done, this is when He moves! Things that are impossible with man are not with God!

In 2 Kings 13 verse 20-21, there is a story about a dead man who was dropped into Elisha's sepulcher and as soon as the man’s body touched Elisha’s bones he came back to life and stood up on his feet! It sure looked like it was over for this dead man but God always has the last word. It wasn’t the bones that brought the dead man back to life but it was what those bones represented: the double anointing that Elisha received. Open up your graves of promises that you have buried. The devil recorded every promise that you confessed that God was going to do. He will try to send somebody to cause you to doubt but you need to visit the grave yard of doubt and dig these promises up!  You may have some dreams that seem to be dead, but let God’s anointing resurrect them. So many people want a “new” word because they have given up on an “old” word from God! When you give up on an “old” word from the LORD you are really calling God a liar.

In 2 Kings 4 a Shunammite lady and her husband provided a place to stay for Elisha when he passed by. Elisha was so grateful that he asked what he could do for them. They couldn’t have a child and Elisha prayed for them and they had a boy (verse 9-17). It sure looked like it was over for them but God had other ideas. Then the boy died and it looked like their blessing was taken away by God, but No! God used Elisha to lie on top of the boy and put his eyes to the boy’s eyes, his mouth to the boy’s mouth, etc. God brought the boy back from the dead and the parents blessing was restored (verse 34-35). You see, it is not over until God wins for you. Don’t give up on your dream! Having their boy back from the dead was the thing that they desired the most and God did it for them.

In 1 Kings 17 the word says that during a famine, there was a widow lady who just had enough food for her son and her to have one last meal together and die. It sure looked like it was over for them. Elisha asked her to give him a portion of the food first and as a result, the barrel of meal would not waste, neither would the cruse of oil fail until the famine was over. She obeyed the LORD talking through Elijah and she had enough food for her and her whole household for the duration of the famine (verse 1-16). She was called the “mistress of the house” and not the widow lady any more (verse 17). Because of her faith and obedience she had enough food for the whole household. Also, when her son got sick and died it looked like all hope was gone. She was rejoicing in the fact that God sent a prophet to save their lives and than the son dies anyway. When God gives you a blessing it is not the time to relax and let your faith go on vacation. Continue the cycle of faith and keep believing!

Back in 2 Kings 4 there was another widow lady that had a really serious problem, where there was no hope. She didn’t have enough money to pay off her dead husband’s debts. The creditor’s wanted to take her two sons as slaves to pay off the debt. Elijah told her to borrow many vessels and to pour her remaining vessel of oil into each vessel and as she did every vessel was filled. She had enough money to pay off the debt and to retire on the rest (verse 1-7). It really looked like it was over for her sons but God sent a prophet on the scene to help her believe for a miracle. I want to help you today to believe for a miracle. Extend your faith! What do you need God to multiply in your life?

In 2 Kings 20 Hezekiah was sick and close to death. He cried out to God and God sent Isaiah the prophet to him to say that He heard his prayer. God healed him, adding fifteen more years to his life (verse 1-7). As a prophet, I want to believe with you that even if you are facing a life-threatening situation, that God can heal you right now in Jesus’ Name! Just receive the anointing from God on this message right now! Be healed in the Name of Jesus!

In John 11 the word records that Lazarus was dead for four days and all hope was gone. Jesus came on the scene and said that He is the Resurrection and the Life and to believe on Him (verse 25).Jesus called Lazarus from the grave and he came back from the dead (verse 43-44). Let Jesus call your “dead” hopes and dreams back from the dead today!

In Joshua 5, Joshua and the other children of Israel encountered Jericho, which was big and formidable. It looked like there was no way that they could conquer and capture Jericho but God gave them a plan: go around the city once a day for six days and seven times on the seventh day for  a total of thirteen times! The number thirteen is a blessed number. It is the number of deliverance. They went around as commanded and shouted on the thirteenth time and the walls fell flat! They didn’t even have to climb over the rubble!

 Maybe God’s promises look impossible but believe that it is not over until God wins for you! If He did it for the people in the word that I mentioned in this message than He can do it for you!