God Wants To Stamp "Final"

God wants to “finalize” the things in your life that He has promised you, no matter who is trying to stop you. He has heard your cries and He wants to move on your behalf! The set time to favor you is now (Ps. 102 verse 13).

In Judges Chapter 3 as recorded in verse 14 the children of Israel were in bondage to their enemy for eighteen years. They had turned their backs on God and God empowered their enemies. However, God had a plan and wanted to “finalize” their deliverance from bondage. God raised up a man named Ehud to deliver His people. He was left-handed. He told the enemy king (Eglon) that he had a present from the LORD for him. The king was so overconfident that he let Ehud into his bedroom privately. Ehud had a dagger attached to his right leg. The enemy didn’t check his right leg, as he was left-handed. Ehud stabbed Eglon and left the bedroom, telling his guards that the king wanted to sleep. This gave him time to escape! God “finalized” His people’s deliverance, when they least expected it. He wants to do the same for you today.

When God spoke to Moses out of a burning bush He said that He wanted to deliver His people into a new land flowing with milk and honey. As recorded in Exodus 14, God led them to the Red Sea. There were mountains on either side, the Red Sea in front of them and the Egyptians behind them. The Egyptians wanted to take them back into slavery. God had not spoken that He would deliver them and let them go back into slavery. God hasn’t taken you this far not to take you all the way into purpose. He won’t leave you or forsake you, just because the enemy may be closing in! All God was doing here at the Red Sea was “finalizing” their complete deliverance from the Egyptians and their entrance into their new land! As you may know the LORD opened the Red Sea for His people and the Egyptians tried to follow and He closed the Red Sea on them. The deliverance of His people was now complete and finalized!  

As recorded in 1 Kings Chapter 18, Elijah was facing 850 false prophets and all of Israel was watching. The LORD was going to “finalize” in the minds of His people that He was the true and only God. Elijah challenged the false prophets to call upon their god to burn up a bullock sacrifice (verse 25). They called upon their God from noon to 3:00 P.M. and their God did not respond (verse 29). Our LORD responded and burnt up the sacrifice and the rocks around the altar! Again, God “finalized” who was the true LORD! Elijah put His God to the test and He showed His power!

In I Samuel Chapter 17, David came against Goliath who was coming against God’s people. He hit him with a stone and just to make sure that he was dead he cut off his head (verse 49-51). The whole Philistine army was beaten after this. The deliverance of God’s people was “finalized” when David cut the head of Goliath off! Whatever “Goliath” that you are facing can be defeated by the LORD today as you turn it over to Him. Your Goliath could be a drug habit, alcohol, perversion, lewdness, cursing, etc. Let Him “finalize” your deliverance today!

In 2 Kings Chapter 6 the whole city of Samaria was surrounded by the Syrian army and there was famine in the whole city. People were eating their kids! The king was blaming Elijah for the famine and wanted to kill him, but Elijah just stood still and knew that the potential killer was coming and was not harmed (verse 32-33). God finalized the end of the famine when He told Elijah to tell the people that the famine would be over the next day (7 verse 1). The next day there were four lepers outside the gate. They said that they should surrender to the enemy and at least they wouldn’t die of hunger in Samaria (verse 4). As they walked towards the enemy the LORD made their footsteps sound like an army and the Syrian ran and left all their food, clothing, gold and silver (verse 5-8). The lepers went back to Samaria and told everybody about what happened and the LORD “finalized” the end of the famine, just like He told them through Elijah (verse 9- 20)! God used the “least likely” to deliver His people! He can do the same for you. God has a plan to “finalize” blessings in you life and don’t try to anticipate who He will use!

In Joshua Chapter 6, Joshua and the children of God are faced with a big obstacle called Jericho! They need a plan and the LORD gave them one: He told them to go around the city once a day for six days and seven times on the seventh day for a total of thirteen times (verse 3-4). Thirteen is not an “unlucky” number but actually a number of deliverance! They obeyed the LORD and the wall of the city fell down flat (verse 20).

In Ezekiel Chapter 39, the LORD brings about the ultimate finalization when the armies of the world come against His people at Armageddon. God Himself will destroy 5/6 of the enemy army (verse 2) and the carnage is so great it will take seven months to bury the dead (verse 12). God calls the birds to eat the flesh and drink the blood of the dead. They have a feast (verse 17-20).


Again, let the LORD finalize your blessing today. He is the ultimate “Finalizer.”