Push One More Time!

You are so close to your breakthrough! Just push through one more time. Paul said in Philippians 3 verse 13, 14 that he forgets those things which are behind, reaches forth unto those things which are before and he presses toward the mark of the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. You may have been believing God for so long for a particular miracle and may feel worn out, but extend your faith one more time.

In 1 Sam. Chapter 14 the children of Israel were surrounded by the Philistines and only had two swords. Everybody in the army was afraid except Jonathan the son of Saul. Jonathan was determined to go against the enemy by himself and his amourbearer said that he would go with him. Jonathan believed that the LORD could save by many or few. As he approached the enemy he told his armourbearer that if the enemy tells them to come up and talk with them that God will give them the victory. The enemy was overconfident and did tell them to come up. In verse 13, the word says that Jonathan and his armor bearer climbed upon their hands and feet to get up there. They had to push one more time! They killed twenty of the enemy and there was a trembling in the army and a great earthquake. The enemy was so afraid that they killed each other (verse 16 and 20).

In 1 Sam. Chapter 17 David came to the battle where Goliath was the Champion of the Philistine army. Everybody in the Israeli army was afraid of the “great words” that Goliath was speaking, except David. David had to push through all this fear to get to Goliath. Even his brother tried to discourage him, telling him that he was lifted up in pride and needed to get back to watching his few sheep (verse 28). Even Saul tried to discourage him saying that he was just a youth and Goliath was a man of war (verse 34). All this didn’t stop David. He just wanted to know what would be give to the man who killed Goliath (verse 26). He also told Saul that when a lion and a bear attacked his sheep the power of God came on him so strong that he killed them with his bare hands (verses 34-36). He also told Saul that the same God that destroyed the lion and the bear would kill Goliath (verse 37). You see, David let nothing or nobody deter him from his destiny. He pushed through all this “junk.” Even Goliath tried to deter him by cursing him by his gods and trying to speak great words of fear at him (verse 43, 44) However, David just kept on coming and coming and actually fought back with his own words saying that he was coming in the Name of the LORD and that he would destroy him and the whole Philistine army (verse 45, 46). You have to also push through people who are trying to deter you from your destiny, even if it is your own family! You have to realize that the Devil would like to use the person closest to you to stop you at the point where you are the closest to your destiny. Don’t let anybody stop you. You have come so far already. Push though to your breakthrough. God hasn’t brought you this far to fail! David did push through, destroyed Goliath and the whole Philistine army was routed and defeated!


In Acts 27 Paul was on a ship on his way to Rome as a prisoner going to Rome. He warned them about a great storm that was coming but they didn’t listen. Even though they got hit with the storm, Paul still believed God, as an angel encouraged him. He had to push through all their fear as they had to throw everything overboard; even their sails (verse 19). The rest of the people on the ship tried to escape on lifeboats but Paul stopped them and told them that God said that all who stay on board would be saved (30-32). Paul actually became the captain of the ship in a certain sense. Paul had so much favor with God that the whole boat load of people were saved because of him. God had spoken to Paul that he was being sent to Rome and Paul believed and held on to His word. The people on board believed Paul and they were saved. Just believe God and His word and ignore the circumstances. Don’t deny the circumstances, but watch for the devil and his two-legged devils to remind you of what is happening in the natural. Keep on pushing for the prize and the “super” will overtake the “natural” and “supernaturally” change your circumstances!  

Just look at all the doubt that Jesus had to push through in raising Lazarus from the dead, as recorded in John 11: Even though Jesus was there Martha said that if he was there earlier Lazarus would not have died (verse 21). He also had to push through all the weeping around the tomb of Lazarus. Also, they had rolled a great stone around the entrance of the tomb, another example of the unbelief that was coming against Jesus. But through it all He spoke “Lazarus come forth” and he did rise even though he was dead four days!


Maybe the promise that God gave to you seems to be dead but push through that doubt and get to your new level of breakthrough! Remember, ask God to strengthen you to push one more time. Go back to that company that wasn’t hiring one more time. Go lay hands on that new car or new house one more time. Act on your faith one more time!