Are You Ready To Make A Comeback?


People may have written you off but you are about to make a “comeback.” Nehemiah was in captivity waiting upon the king in a foreign land. The wall in Jerusalem, his home, was torn down and his life was probably in disrepair too. He probably had high hopes for his life and now he was the king’s cupbearer in a foreign land. But God was about to change his life dramatically! One day as he was doing his daily work for the king, he was especially sad when thinking about his homeland and the disarray that the wall was in. The king noticed how sad he looked and offered to send him back to repair the wall and finance the whole thing. He went back to Jerusalem and gathered people to help. Enemies to the rebuilding of the wall showed up right away (Neh. 2 verse 10). They tried to hinder the work but Nehemiah rose to the occasion and led his people to defend themselves and rebuild the wall. When the enemies saw that the wall was finished they were ashamed and knew that the work was of God. (6 verse 16). They had tried with all their might to stop the rebuilding of the wall but they now realized that they were fighting against God. Look how God raised up Nehemiah out of a place of despair into a mighty leader who accomplished a God-ordained purpose. Despite all the attacks and opposition He was on a mission from God and could not be defeated. You too, may be down in your spirit and discouraged but you too will make a “comeback.” God will fit you into purpose and you will see that everything prior in your life was preparation for this “comeback.” It is not so much a “comeback” but it is just that now you are fit for the Master’s use. The time is now!

In Isaiah 44 verse 28 and 45 verse1-3 the LORD prophesized hundreds of years before Cyrus was ever born that he would finance the re-building of the temple in Jerusalem. He even mentioned his name! In the book of Ezra Chapter 1 verse 1 this prophesy was fulfilled when Cyrus issued a proclamation that a house shall be built for the LORD at Jerusalem. The adversaries were stirred up but could not stop the temple from being rebuilt. So many of the Jews in Persia had given up hope and were really in need of a “comeback.” Many of them were the Levites, priests who wanted the temple of God to be rebuilt. They needed as Levites, to be able to minister to the people in the House of God in their country and again, they needed a “comeback.” The temple was rebuilt and Ezra and the other priests read the word of God in the services and went back to following God. Do you need a “comeback” today? Believe and receive!

Look at Peter: he had denied that he knew Jesus three times and was desperately in need of a “comeback.” He was probably in great despair. After Jesus rose, the angel of the LORD, at His tomb, told the women who came to tell the apostles and Peter that He had risen and was going ahead of them to Galilee. Peter really made a “comeback” when he became the spokesman on the day of Pentecost at Jerusalem (Acts 2 verse 14). After he preached, 3,000 people got saved. Later on when people walked under the shadow of Peter they got healed! (Acts 5 verse 15).  He even raised a little girl named Tabitha from the dead! (Acts 9 verse 40). What a “comeback!”

In the book of Job, Job was afflicted with boils and lost all his wealth but he forgave his friends who blamed him for his woes (Job 42 verse 10). As a result, he then got healed and God caused people to give to him and he wound up with double what he had before (11, 12). What a “comeback!” God came through for him and He will come through for you! You may be laid up sick like Job and have spent all your money but God will give you a “comeback!” You may not have been able to do much for God because of your condition, but the LORD has need of you in this last battle of all battles!

Look at the Jews in Egypt after Joseph died. When Joseph was in command under the Pharoah the Jews prospered and had the best land of Goshen. But another Pharaoh rose up and put them into slavery after Joseph died. God raised up a deliverer by the name of Moses and he led his people out of Egypt after God unleashed His plagues on the Egyptians. The LORD opened the Red Sea for them and brought them into their own promised land, under the leadership of Joshua. In Exodus Chapter 19, God spoke to them from Mount Sinai and said that He would be their God and they would be His people if they agreed to obey His commandments (verse 5-7). They said yes (verse 8) and at that moment they were transformed from a multitude of slaves into a nation under God!  What a “comeback!”   

While in the Promised Land after God destroyed Jericho for them they didn’t consult with God and attacked a little town named Ai. They were defeated and ran away. They also discovered that there was sin in their camp because Achan had taken gold, silver and apparel from Jericho. They had been ordered by God not to touch anything in Jericho. After they killed Achan and his whole family, they consulted with God about Ai. He gave them a plan of running away from them as they did before but put men behind the city too. The plan worked, as he men of Ai left the city and ran after the Israelites. But when they looked behind them the Israelites had burnt the city and had come behind them. They were now being sandwiched and were ultimately destroyed. When they listened to God and got sin out of the camp God engineered a tremendous “comeback” for them!


Today, just make your number one prayer to be that the Father would conform you into the image of Yahshua (Jesus) and watch him engineer a “comeback” in your life. You will never have to look back at what did or didn’t happen in your life as God more than makes up for it when He gives you your “comeback!”