Compensation Time (Don't Settle For Crumbs)

God is about to compensate you for what man didn’t do for you. In Luke Chapter 16:19-21 there is a story about a man who sat at a rich man’s table waiting for the crumbs. In this message about God compensating us, don’t look to man and don't settle for crumbs. Look to your Father for His best. He is ready to give back to you what people cheated you out of, with His heavenly interest tacked on! In the book of Ezekiel chapter 29:18-21 the LORD mentions that Tyrus did not receive any wages, nor his army for what he did for God. God says that He will give him the whole land of Egypt, including all the people and all their spoils. The LORD then explains why in verse 20 when He says “they wrought for Him.” God does not forget our service for Him; man may have overlooked us, but not God. He doesn’t forget, nor does He purposely overlook like some people do. As a minister there have been times where I know that I was cheated out of an offering by a minister, but God more than made up for it or is in the process of doing so. He always supplies wages for His people. In Leviticus 19:13, God has some stern words for those who rob His people’s wages. He does this again in Jer. 22:13 when He says “woe unto them …. that useth his neighbour’s service without wages, and giveth him not for his work.” The LORD also mentions in the book of Malachi 3:5 that He will bring swift judgment on those who oppress the hireling in his wages.

In the book of Genesis chapter 29 Jacob comes to his uncle Laban’s house and sees Rachel, Laban’s daughter. He immediately falls in love with her and starts to work for his uncle. Laban asks him what his wages will be and Jacob says that he wants the hand of Rachel in marriage. Laban tells him that he needs to work for seven years for Rachel but at the end of the period Laban gives him his other daughter Leah to him instead. Laban makes him serve seven more years for a total of fourteen years for Rachel! All in all, Laban changes Jacob’s wages ten times (Gen 31:7). God saw all this and gives Jacob a plan (Gen. 31:12). God showed him a vision where rams which leaped upon the cattle were ringstraked, speckled and grisled. He made a deal with Laban that all the animals that were this color would be his at the end of a period of time. What Jacob did was have these colors where the cattle drank water and these are the colors that their young had. So God gave Jacob all that Laban took from him and more. God knows if people cheated us and blesses us accordingly.  

In Exodus chapter 2 Moses mother hides baby Moses in a little basket and sends him along the Nile River, in order to save his life, as Pharaoh wants to kill all the Israelite male children. Pharaoh’s daughter finds the baby and takes him as her own. She then hires Moses mother to wean him till he is a certain age and pays her wages to do so. Imagine getting paid to take care of your own baby? This is God’s compensation for hiding her baby and trusting Him to take care of him. She releases Moses to God’s protection and not only gets him back but gets financially compensated from the LORD! Just trust your unsaved love one to the LORD and you’ll get a saved son or daughter back and they will be on fire for the LORD!

The Shunamite lady and her husband, who took care of Elisha when he came to town, really got compensated when they couldn’t have a child (2 Kings 4:9, 10).Elisha prayed and they had a baby boy. Even when the little boy died Elisha was there to raise him from the dead (verse 34-37). In 2 Kings Chapter 8 after Elisha had told her to leave her land for seven years as there was to be a famine, she is now coming back to claim her land. At the exact time that she comes in to see the king the servant of Elisha was telling the king the story of how Elisha had raised the lady’s boy from the dead. God’s timing is impeccable! The king appointed an officer to not only give her land back to her but give her all the profit she would have made on any crops for the full seven years. Wow! When God compensates he really makes up for everything! This is the compensation that I am talking to you about today - “pressed down, shaken together, running over shall men give unto your bosom” (Luke 6:38). God likes to give “running over” blessings. Claim yours today!

In Exodus Chapter 12 v. 36 the word says that the children of Israel spoiled gold and silver from the Egyptians before they left. This was God’s compensation for all they went through as slaves in Egypt. God is getting ready to compensate some of you for the years that somebody controlled you and treated you like slaves. God sees everything!

In Matthew Chapter 25 the word talks about a lord who gives talents to his servants and one of them who he gave five talents gained five talents more. One received one talent and buries it. God turns around and gives the talent to the one who now had ten. This is God compensating a faithful servant with an unexpected blessing. It is truly rewarding in serving God!

Remember, don’t look to man to be compensated and don’t settle for crumbs!