Are You Down to Nothing?

If you are at a point where you can do nothing about the situation that you are in then congratulations you are ripe for a miracle from the LORD! If there is no way that man can help you this is just the position that God wants you to be in. He is the one that engineered the circumstances to place and maneuver you where you are. You may think that you are doing something wrong but no! He is arranging events in your life to promote you to a higher spiritual level.

In 2 Kings 4, there is a story about Elisha who was treated very nicely by a Shunamite lady and her husband as they prepared a place for him to stay every time he came to town. Her and her husband could not have children and Elisha prayed for them and she gave birth to a boy. One day the boy died and the Shunamite lady went to Elisha for help. He told his servant to lay his staff on the boy but nothing happened (verse 31). Elisha then went into the boyís room, closed the door and laid on top of the child and put his mouth to his mouth, his eyes to his eyes and his hands to his hands. A great miracle happened as the boy eventually came back from the dead. However, Elisha was down to nothing. It was just him and God, nobody could help him. If God didnít move nothing would happen and God did. Maybe this is where you are today, but the same God that moved for Elisha can move for you. Later on, in chapter 8 the same Shunamite lady had been told by Elisha to go away as there was going to be a famine for seven years. She was now back looking for her land to be returned to her. Right before she came before the king, the servant of Elisha was telling the king how Elisha had raised the Shunamite ladyís boy from the dead. Look at Godís timing! As she approached the king, he was very acceptable to help her. In fact, in verse 8 the word records that the king appointed an officer to restore all her land and all the fruits of the land from the time she left the land until now.  She was down to nothing and look at God-He not only gave her the land back but attached His heavenly interest on to it. This is Godís restoration i.e. more than you lost.

In Exodus 14, the Israelites were really down to nothing as they were facing the Red Sea in front of them, mountains on either side and the Egyptians coming behind them. God opened the Red Sea for them as Moses stretched forth his rod and they all crossed over safely. He can make a way out of nothing for you today too!

In Acts 12, Peter was really down to nothing as Herod had put him in prison and was chained, sleeping between two soldiers and guards were outside the cell. Herod wanted to kill Peter the next day, but God had other plans. God sent an angel in and led him out to safety. This was impossible to do in manís eyes but not for God.

In 1 Samuel 14, there was a situation where the Philistines had the people of Israel surrounded and Godís people only had two swords. Jonathan was not afraid even though they were all down to nothing. He and his armourbearer took the two swords and went towards the enemy. They killed twenty of the enemy and as a result there was a trembling in the army and they all started killing each other (verse 14, 15 and 20). The odds were really stacked against them but God gave a great victory out of nothing!

In Daniel 1, Daniel and the three Hebrew Children refused to eat of the kingís meat and drink of his wine. The people in authority found them 10 times wiser than all the other wise men in the land at the end of the ten days of their special diet. Their refusal to not compromise really came in handy as it is recorded in the next chapter that the king had a dream and none of the wise men could give the dream and interpret it. The king was going to kill all the wise men including Daniel and the Hebrew children. Daniel told the king to give him time to hear from God and Daniel did learn the dream from God and the interpretation that night. They were down to nothing, but God came through! They just had to not compromise by taking the kings food and drink! The king showered great gifts on Daniel and made him a great man (verse 48). God will never let you down too!

In Daniel 3, the three Hebrew Children refused to bow down to the pagan image that the king set up and were thrown into the fiery furnace. The fire didnít hurt them, Jesus showed up in there with them and the people who accused them were burnt. In the natural they were down to nothing and had no hope but Jesus showed up to deliver them. The king promoted them, as a result (verse30).

In Daniel 6, Daniel was cast into the lions den for praying to his God, but no harm came to him as God closed the mouths of the lions. The ones that accused Daniel were thrown into the lions Den and the lions devoured them before they hit the ground. Daniel was down to nothing, but he refused to compromise and God delivered him.

Please remember when you are down to nothing the LORD is up to something!