The Time To Favor You Is Now!

 This message is for those of you who have made Yahshua(Jesus) the Lord of your life, asked the Holy Spirit to mortify the deeds of the flesh (Romans 8 verse 13) and have your number one prayer to be that the Holy Spirit will conform you into the image of Yahshua (Romans 8 verse 29). This message is not for everyone. You canít have one foot in the world and try to be in Christ at the same time. In the natural it is like a woman being with her husband and talking lovingly to an old boyfriend on the telephone at the same time.

In Ezekiel 12 verse 22 the LORD says that the people of Israel have a proverb that what God has promised is taking so long and the vision that He gave will never come to reality. Maybe this is where some of you are i.e. God has promised something to you many years ago and not only does it seem like it is never  going to happen, events are happening that seem to be in the direct opposite of what you are believing Him for!  The LORD says in verse 23 and He is saying to you today that the time is at hand for these promises to come into view and for you to receive. He says in verse 28 that none of His words will be prolonged any more but the word that He spoke to you will come to pass. The time is now! The word says in Psalm 102 verse 13 that the set time to favor you is now!

In the book of Ruth Chapter 3, Naomi the mother in law of Ruth told Ruth to go near her relative Boaz at midnight and lie at his feet and ask for him to claim to her as his kinsman redeemer. He received her and the next day he announced to the whole city that he was claiming her and they were to be married. You see Naomi had recognized from the LORD that the time had come for Ruth to be blessed. This is your time to lie at the LORDís feet and claim your blessing. Remember the set time to favor you is now! Donít let somebody else get your blessing! 

In Isaiah 66 v. 8 God says that He can raise you up and bless you within 24 hours. Can you receive this today, even though it has been so long since He promised this blessing to you?

In Genesis Chapter 38 we see that the Holy Spirit interrupts events in the life of Joseph to talk about Judah. Chapters 37-and 39-50 talk about the life of Joseph but the Holy Spirit thought that we needed to hear about Judah. In this chapter Judahís oldest son dies and leaves his wife Tamar childless. Judah asks his son Onan to marry her and bring forth a seed. He refuses and Tamar recognizes through the Spirit of the LORD that the Messiah needs to come through her line. She devises a plan where she plays the part of a harlot and Judah doesnít recognize her because she has a veil on. They have sex and Tamar conceives (verse 6- 26). There are twins in her womb and the midwife puts a scarlet thread on the hand of the one that she thinks will come out first (Zarah). However God had other plans and his brother Pharez came out first. He was the least likely to come out first. This message is for you who people have written off and it seems impossible that you can succeed. You are going to surprise so many as Godís promises are no longer prolonged but begin to manifest starting today! You will surprise so many who have written you off! Again, God interrupted His narrative about the life of Joseph (please see my message on Joseph-the Pit to the Palace) to put this narrative about Pharez in Chapter 38. He did this just for you and me!

In the life of Joseph we read in Genesis Chapter 37 that God gave him a dream about his brothers bowing down to him (verse 5-11). Later on as recorded in Chapter 43 verse 28 we see that this event actually happened as the bothers came to Joseph, needing food and had to bow down to him. You see, God is saying today that His promises to you and I are not prolonged any more but are being fulfilled right before our very eyes, starting today.

You can read the life of Joseph in Chapters 37 and 38-50 in Genesis and see the thirteen years that he was in prison. You can see that even though it took thirteen years for Joseph to be put into position, this promotion happened so suddenly. One day Joseph was in prison and the next day he is shaven and interpreting a dream for Pharaoh. As a result of interpreting his dream God promotes Joseph to be second in command in Egypt. This all happened so suddenly! God might have said to Joseph the same thing that I am telling you today i.e. that none of His promises would be prolonged any more but that they will be fulfilled starting today. You see God put Joseph into position to fulfill that dream about his brothers bowing down to him. Joseph had interpreted Pharaohís dream to mean that there would be seven years of plenty and then seven years of famine. Joseph was put in charge of storing up the grain and as a result when there was the seven years of famine his bothers were forced to come to him. You see, those people who wanted to see you fail because of jealousy and tried to write you off will have to come to you for help. They will have no other choice. God will make sure.

In Exodus Chapter 14 we can see where the children of Israel had come to the Red Sea and needed a miracle right then and there. They didnít need it tomorrow. Tomorrow would be too late. Maybe that is where you are today. He is an on-time God who opened the Red Sea for them right on time and can do the same for you. 

Just rest in God and know that He is moving today to fulfill His promises to you. He will set you up where no man can put you and where nobody can pull you down. ďThe set time to favor you is now!Ē