God’s word says in the book of Acts 3 v. 21 that there will be a “restitution of all things.” God wants to restore in your life starting today. Even if you gave up on something taken from you in the past, God didn’t. He wants to restore it to you with His heavenly interest. In 2 Kings 5 we have a story of a military captain named Naaman who was a leper. He came to the man of God (Elisha) to get healed. The man of God told him to go to the Jordan River and dip seven times. He did and was totally healed of his leprosy (verse 14). Naaman was so grateful that he offered to give him a reward, but Elisha refused. Later on in chapter 8 it is recorded that the king of Syria ( Benhadad) sent someone to Elisha to enquire whether he would be healed of his sickness. The king sent 40 camels full of presents to Elisha and there is no record of Elisha turning this down (verse 9). You see, God restored much more than he gave up when he turned down Naaman’s offering. Sometimes the money that God gives you is supposed to be used as an offering back to Him, so He can give you a greater blessing. In this same chapter Elisha’s servant was telling the king of Israel the great things that Elisha had done, especially in raising a woman’s son from the dead. Elisha had told this woman to leave where she was living and go away for seven years as there was going to be a famine. The woman did so and when she came back she found out that her land was confiscated. As the servant of Elisha was telling the king what Elisha had done in raising the woman’s boy from the dead, the woman came before the king. Oh what timing? God’s timing is impeccable. (Please see my book “Seasons- the timing of God” on the first page of my website and click to the right of the image of the book to purchase it). It is recorded in verse 6 that the king appointed an officer to restore her land to her and in addition, all the fruits of the fields since the time that she left was restored unto her. Seven years of increase was given to her! This is the way that God restores- He gives His “interest”” on it. He is a God of interest. In His parable of the Talents one of the persons that He gave five talents to gained five more. This one who had gained the five talents received another one from the one who buried his talent. This was God’s interest. You see, God is a God of increase. He said in the Old Testament that the one who didn’t pay his tithes would have to add 20 % to the tithes as a penalty. God knows all about interest! God wants to not only restore what was taken from you but also to add His heavenly interest onto it. So don’t just be satisfied with God restoring what was lost but expect an added amount for the “trouble.” In Isaiah 61 verse 7, the LORD says that for our shame we shall have the double and for confusion we shall rejoice in our portion and possess the double. He wants to add to what He restores to “recompense” to you the pain that you had to go through. Please receive this today!

 In Acts Chapter 14 as Paul was preaching, a man who was impotent in his feet, being a cripple from his mother’s womb got healed by the Lord as Paul preached. Most of the people in the cities of Lycaonia wanted to worship him and Barnabas as gods and wanted to offer sacrifice to them. Paul quieted them down but on the other hand certain Jews from Antioch and Iconium persuade some of the people to stone Paul. They did stone him and left him for dead. God miraculously touched him and raised him up. What restoration! Paul left for Derbe and after he finished there he went back to where they stoned him. Not only did he not get stoned but God gave him much more i.e. he confirmed the souls of the disciples and exhorted them to continue in the faith (verse 22).  He also was able to ordain elders (verse 23).  So, Paul not only was raised from the dead and restored physically God also gave him more success in his ministry work. Again, God is God of the increase.

Please look at Joseph – He had a dream that his father and brothers were going to bow down to him. As you know he was thrown into prison for 13 years. One day his freedom was restored and he became the second in command to the Pharaoh in Egypt. Not only did God do this for him He brought his father and brothers to him and they did bow down to him. God also gave him Pharaoh’s daughter as a bride and blessed him with two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh. Even in prison God was preparing Joseph for his kind of restoration when he interpreted Pharaoh’s butler’s dream. He said to the butler that he would be restored to the Pharaoh in three days and he was. Little did Joseph know that God would use this same butler to recommend Joseph when the Pharaoh had a dream which nobody could interpret. God used the butler to help restore Joseph.

 In Acts 3 the word talks about a man who was lame for 38 years from his mother’s womb. God used Paul to heal him to such an extent that he leaped and walked, praising God (verse 8). He instantly knew how to walk. This was one of the greatest aspects of the miracle. As a result of this miracle 5,000 people got saved (Acts 4 verse 4).

 The word says in Isaiah 58 verse 12 that the LORD wants to build the old waste places and restore the paths. He can get you back on the right track and restore you to where you need to be. Let God’s restoration anointing that’s on this message restore you in any area of your life right now in Jesus Name!