Do You Want To Be Loosed? #2

I am continuing the message on “Do You Want To Be Loosed?” In John 11 verse 43 at the tomb of Lazarus, Jesus shouts “Lazarus come forth.” He came forth bound hand and foot with grave clothes and Jesus said “Loose him and let him go.”  You may have been delivered from spiritual death through the blood of Jesus but you still need to be delivered from anything that would interfere with your relationship with Jesus. In this message I want to go over some additional things that we may need to be loosed from that would hinder our walk with Jesus:

1.)   Some of us are bound by wrong alliances- In 2 Kings Chapter 3 the king of Moab rebelled against the king of Israel who was Jehoram the son of Ahab, who was very wicked. Jehoram asked Jehoshaphat the king of Judah and the king of Edom to help him in defeating the Moabites. Jehoshaphat asked the prophet Elisha if they would win (verse11). Elisha was very upset at seeing Jehoram but out of respect to Jehoshaphat who was a good king stood in the gap and enquired of the Lord for them. He told them that the Lord said that He would deliver the Moabites into their hand but that they had to finish the job and destroy all their cities (verse 18, 19). God did a great miracle for them in providing water by filling up the valley with water without rain. The Moabites as the sun shone on the water, thought that they saw blood in the water and figured that the Israelites had killed each other and came to get the spoil. They were surprised by the Israelites and were defeated. The Israelites started to go in and destroy the cities, but stopped. The king of Moabites offered his son as a sacrifice and this act loosed many demons, to such an extent that Jehoram got scared and wanted to turn back. This “unholy alliance” that Jehoshaphat entered into was his down fall as they all retreated and went home. They had all the cities and possessions of the Moabites in front of them, but this “unholy alliance” influenced Jehoshaphat to stop short of what God had promised. Jehoshaphat towards the end of his life didn’t learn his lesson as he joined with the wicked king of Israel - Ahaziah. They made ships to go to Tarshish but the Lord destroyed all their ships (2 Chronicles 20 verses 35-37). Don’t be involved with any “unholy alliances” or it could hinder your walk with the Lord. Be free from these relationships in Jesus Name!

2.)   Be free from worry when you are out-numbered and surrounded by people or circumstances – In 2 Chronicles 14 verses 9-15 the word says that God’s people were being attacked by a 1,300,000 men. Asa quickly got his eyes on the Lord and praised Him that He could save them no matter how much they were out-numbered. The Lord did just that and gave them all the spoils of the enemy. Asa knew that even though they were vastly out-numbered the enemy could never prevail against their God. Do you know that He is your God today? Gideon was another who learned that God only requires one man to be in agreement with Him to win a victory against “big odds.” Gideon only had 300 men after God whittled his 32,000 troops to the ones he could really trust. God told him earlier that he would win the victory for him with only one man (Judges 6 verse 16). God let Gideon hear how afraid the enemy was of them as recorded in Chapter 7 verses (13-14). One of the enemy had a dream that Gideon and the Sword of the Lord destroyed them. This fear spread throughout the camp. This enemy soldier only spoke of Gideon and the Sword of the Lord, nothing about the rest of Gideon’s army. The enemy was so afraid that all Gideon had to do was surround the enemy at night, break the pitchers of light and shout “the Sword of the Lord and of Gideon” (verse 20). With the help of the Lord 300 men destroyed 300,000 of the enemy who had them surrounded originally. Only God could do this! He can surely protect and win for you. Be loosed from this worry of being out-numbered in Jesus Name!

3.)   Not walking in love- Be loosed from the fact that God uses you in the Gifts (manifestations) of the Spirit and get lifted up and not walk in love. In 1 Corinthians 13 verses 2-8 Paul writes that to move in the Gifts and not have love profits nothing. He says that Love suffers long, is kind, doesn’t envy, doesn’t puff itself up, doesn’t behave itself unseemly, seeketh not it’s own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil, etc. It is very difficult to judge your relationship with the Lord based on how He uses you in His Gifts. The Gifts of the Spirit are for somebody else other than you. The Lord uses you in the Gifts to help others but as you grow in the Lord you realize you can’t please Him without walking in love. So many are blinded to this fact. Be loosed in Jesus Name!

4.)   Need money to do something for God- God says in Isaiah 55 verse 1 that you can receive without money. Be loosed from the belief that you can’t serve Jesus without a certain amount of money in the bank in Jesus Name! All He needs is you!

  As you go to the Holy Spirit He will reveal to you other things in your life that you need to be loosed from. These two messages only contain a partial list. Even though you are saved the Lord wants you loose and free to enjoy your walk with Him! Receive this today in Jesus Name!