The LORD is Moving on our Behalf #5

In continuing the message “The LORD is moving on our behalf” I want to remind you that when we see the word God in the word the original word in the Hebrew is Elohim. When we see the word LORD in all caps the original word is YAHveh. Elohim means the magnitude of God’s attributes, His majesty and all His power. Elohim in itself means that God has all this power but the fact that He has all power doesn’t mean anything to us, unless He uses His power to help us. So, God uses the word LORD or YAHveh to mean that not only does He have the power but that He is using this power for our benefit. The use of LORD or YAHveh means that He is actively working on our behalf! When you turn your flesh over to the Holy Spirit to have the deeds of the flesh mortified and want to conform to the image of Jesus as your number one prayer than He is your LORD. He then wants to take an active part in moving in your life on your behalf.

In the book of Jeremiah Chapter 1 the LORD tells Jeremiah that before he came out of the womb that He sanctified him and called him to be a Prophet in verse 5. The LORD was moving for him before he came out of the womb. The LORD then says that he must go to all that He sends him too and to speak all that He commands him. The meaning of LORD YAHveh) is so obvious when He tells him that He will be with him to deliver him and for him not to be afraid (verse 8). He also tells him that He has set him over nations and kingdoms to root out, to pull down, to destroy, to throw down, to build, and to plant. The only way that Jeremiah could do what was just mentioned is if the LORD moves and does it for him. You see the LORD just didn’t call him as a Prophet and send him to people without going with him and moving on his behalf! You can rest assured in this too. When He calls and sends, He goes ahead of you to work on our behalf. When He sends you on assignment and goes with you He can accomplish things very quickly as He says in v. 12. Let the LORD go ahead of you and move the obstacles out of the way. What He asks you to do will be accomplished quickly if you let Him go ahead of you and let the LORD be LORD. Don’t try to do His job.

In 2 Chronicles Chapter 14 there is a situation where God’s people are attacked by 1,300,000 men (verse 9). Asa the king prayed to the LORD and the first word out of his mouth was LORD! (verse 11) He knew how to get His attention. When you use YAHveh or LORD you are saying to Him that you believe that not only He is Elohim with all power but He is the LORD who wants to use that power on your behalf. The word says that after Asa prayed his prayer of God being able to destroy their enemies whether they were outnumbered or not, the first word of the next verse was “So.” The word says “So the LORD smote the Ethiopians” and gave His people their spoil (verse 12, 13). By the Holy Spirit putting the word “So” He was saying that He was obligated to move as a result of Asa’ prayer, especially since Asa started his prayer with “LORD.” He recognized the LORD’s power to move on his behalf and the LORD sure did move!

In Ezekiel Chapter 37 we see the LORD giving a vision to Ezekiel about a valley of dry bones (verse 1). He then tells Ezekiel to prophesize to the dry bones and all of a sudden there is a shaking and the bones come together bone to bone (verse 7). The LORD started moving and all of a sudden there is a shaking. You may be praying for someone to get saved and all of a sudden there is a shaking and things seem to get worst and they seem to be further away from God. The LORD is moving, as there is a change. The LORD is shaking that person up, turning their flesh upside down. Just believe that when you call on the LORD change will happen! In verse 11, The LORD said that the bones represent the whole house of Israel and He said that they have lost all hope. He then tells Ezekiel to prophesize to them that He will bring them out of their graves and bring them into their own land or purpose (verse 12, 14). You have some promises from the LORD that haven’t happened yet and you might have buried them in a grave of unbelief, but you better dig them up! The LORD is ready to move on these promises. So many people when they get a prophecy from God will just sit back and wait for it to happen. Paul told Timothy that he needs to war over the prophecies that went before him. When you receive a prophecy from the LORD you need to be ready to move when He moves. Every prophecy given by God outside of His direct prophesies in the word are conditional, they require action on your part to enable the LORD to do His part. Don’t rest after you get a prophecy from the LORD, get ready to move.

In Ezekiel Chapter 39 the LORD says that when the nations come against His people in the valley of Armageddon He will destroy 5/6ths of the enemy and feed their carcasses to the birds (verse 2, 4).  He says that it will take seven months to bury the dead and that they will have to hire people to help (verse 12, 14). The reason that He will do this is contained in verse 22 – “so the house of Israel shall know that I am the LORD their God from that day and forward.” He wants you to know that He is your LORD as well and will fight for you no matter who comes against you. Again, the Name LORD or YAHveh means that He will move for you on your behalf. 

The word says in Psalm 18 v. 2 that the LORD is your rock, fortress, deliverer, your God, your strength, in whom you can trust, your buckler, the horn of your salvation and your high tower. The LORD is ready to move in whatever capacity you need Him to. Just call upon His Name, continue to turn your flesh over to Him and watch Him move for you! Get Ready!